List of Ambassadors of Morocco to the United Kingdom

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The Ambassador of Morocco to the United Kingdom is the highest diplomatic representative of Morocco in the United Kingdom.

Heads of Mission[edit]

Abd el-Ouahed ben Messaoud Anoun was a possible inspiration of Shakespeare's Othello character
Ambassador Jawdar Ben Abdellah, 1637
Ambassador Admiral Abdelkader Perez was sent by Ismail Ibn Sharif to England in 1723.
Ambassador Mohammed Ben Ali Abgali, 1725
# Ambassador Title Date of appointment Moroccan Monarch British Monarch
1 Rais Merzouk Ahmed Benkacem Ambassador 1588 Ahmad al-Mansur Elizabeth I
2 Caid Ahmed ben Adel Ambassador 1595 Ahmad al-Mansur Elizabeth I
3 Abd el-Ouahed ben Messaoud Anoun Ambassador 1600 Ahmad al-Mansur Elizabeth I
4 Pasha Ahmed Benabdellah Envoy 1628 Abu Marwan Abd al-Malik II Charles I
5 General Jawdar ben Abdellah Ambassador 1637 Mohammed esh-Sheikh es-Seghir Charles I
6 Caid Mohamed Benaskar Ambassador 1638 Mohammed esh-Sheikh es-Seghir Charles I
7 Robert Blake Envoy 1639 Mohammed esh-Sheikh es-Seghir Charles I
8 Abdelkrim Annaksis Envoy 1657 Mohamed El Haj Dilai Charles II
9 Mohammed Ben Haddu Attar Ambassador 1681 Ismail Charles II
10 Abdallah ben Aisha Ambassador 1685 Ismail Charles II
11 Haim Toladano Ambassador 1691 Ismail William III & Mary II
12 Mohamed Cardenas Envoy 1700 Ismail William III
13 Haj Ali Saban Envoy 1700 Ismail William III
14 Joseph Diaz Ambassador 1700 Ismail Anne
15 Ahmed ben Ahmed Cardenas Ambassador 1706 Ismail Anne
16 Bentura de Zarl Envoy 1710 Ismail Anne
17 Abdelkader Perez Ambassador 1723 Ismail George I
18 Mohammed Ben Ali Abgali Ambassador 1725 Ismail George I
19 Abdelkader Perez Ambassador 1737 Mohammed II George I
20 Abdekader Adiel Ambassador 1762 Mohammed III George III
21 Admiral el-Arbi ben Abdellah ben Abu Yahya al-Mestiri Ambassador 1766 Mohammed III George III
22 Jacob Benider Ambassador 1772 Mohammed III George III
23 Sidi Taher ben Abdelhaq Fennish Ambassador 1773 Mohammed III George III
24 Mas'ud de la Mar Envoy 1781 Mohammed III George III
25 Meir ben Maqnin Ambassador 1827 Abderrahmane George IV
26 al-Amin Said Mohammed ash-Shami Ambassador 1860 Mohammed IV Victoria
27 Haj Mohammed Zebdi Ambassador 1876 Hassan I Victoria
28 Mohammed Ben Abdellah Ben Abdelkrim as-Saffar Ambassador 1880 Hassan I Victoria
29 Prince Moulay Mohammed Ambassador 1897 Abdelaziz Victoria
30 al-Mehdi el-Mnebhi Ambassador 1901 Abdelaziz Edward VII
31 Pasha Abderrahmane Ben Abdessadek Errifi Ambassador 1902 Abdelaziz Edward VII
32 Tahar ben al-Amine Ambassador 1909 Abdelhafid Edward VII
33 Prince Moulay Hassan ben Mehdi Alaoui Ambassador 1957 Mohammed V Elizabeth II
34 Princess Lalla Aicha Ambassador 1965 Hassan II Elizabeth II
35 Mohammed Laghzaoui Ambassador 1969 Hassan II Elizabeth II
36 Thami Ouazzani Ambassador 1971 Hassan II Elizabeth II
37 Abdallah Chorfi Ambassador 1973 Hassan II Elizabeth II
38 Badreddine Senoussi Ambassador 1976 Hassan II Elizabeth II
39 Abdellatif Filali Ambassador 1980 Hassan II Elizabeth II
40 Mehdi Benabdeljalil Ambassador 1981 Hassan II Elizabeth II
41 Abdeslam Zenined Ambassador 1987 Hassan II Elizabeth II
42 Khalid Haddaoui Ambassador 1991 Hassan II Elizabeth II
43 Mohammed Belmahi Ambassador 1999 Mohammed VI Elizabeth II
44 Princess Lalla Joumala Alaoui Ambassador 2009 Mohammed VI Elizabeth II

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