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Recently the number of species within the Arceuthobium has been reduced from 42 to 26.[1] The structure of the subgenera and sections follows Nickrent et al. (2004) who resolved the phylogeny of the genus using nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences and chloroplast trnT-L-F sequences.

Much of the work in Arceuthobium systematics was undertaken and compiled by Hawksworth and Wiens[2]

Subgenus Arceuthobium[edit]

Section Arceuthobium[edit]

Section Chinense Nickrent[edit]

Section Azorica[edit]

Subgenus Vaginata[edit]

Section Americana Nickrent[edit]

Section Penda Nickrent[edit]

Section Globosa Nickrent[edit]

  • Arceuthobium globosum D. Hawksw. & Wiens including: A. globosum subsp. grandicaule D. Hawksw. & Wiens, A. aureum D. Hawksw. & Wiens subsp. aureum, A. aureum subsp. petersonii D. Hawksw. & Wiens

Section Pusilla Nickrent[edit]

Section Rubra D. Hawksw. & Wiens[edit]

Section Vaginata D. Hawksw. & Wiens[edit]

This section has the broadest range of host species, parasitizing 20 species of Pinus.[1]

Section Minuta D. Hawksw. & Wiens[edit]

Section Campylopoda D. Hawksw. & Wiens[edit]


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