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The following is a list of the buildings on the campus of Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.

Academic Buildings[edit]

Atherton Union
Irwin Library
Fairbanks Center
Robertson Hall
Davey Track and Field
  • Arthur Jordan Memorial Hall-Known on campus as "Jordan Hall," built in honor of Arthur Jordan.[1]
  • Fairbanks Center-Named in honor of Richard M. Fairbanks; houses the College of Communication.
  • Gallahue Hall-Named in honor of Edward and Dorothy Gallahue; houses all science classes.
  • Holcomb Building-Named in honor of James Irving Holcomb. Houses college of Business and the Science Library.
  • Irwin Library-Named in honor of the Irwin family, long-time contributors to the Butler Community.
  • Lilly Hall-Named in honor of the Lilly family, houses the School of Music.
  • Pharmacy and Health Sciences Building-Houses the College of Pharmacy.

Administrative Buildings[edit]

  • Atherton Union-Named in honor of John W. Atherton; houses numerous offices, as well as a dining court, and the bookstore.
  • Butler University Police Department
  • Robertson Hall-Built in honor of Alexander and Carrie Robinson, houses the Office of Admissions.

Arts and Entertainment Buildings[edit]

  • Eidson-Duckwell Recital Hall-Named in honor of Paul Duckwell and Iva Eidson Duckwell.
  • Clowes Memorial Hall-Not owned by Butler University, but on the University property.[2]

Athletic Buildings[edit]

Religious Buildings[edit]

  • Center for Faith and Vocation

Residence Halls[edit]

  • Apartment Village
  • Residential College
  • Ross Residence Hall-Named in honor Maurice Ross, a former Butler President.
  • Schwitzer Hall-Named in honor of Louis Schwitzer, a University Donor.
  • University Terrace

Fraternity Houses[edit]

Sorority Houses[edit]

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