List of captains of Portuguese Ceylon

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The following is a list of Portuguese captains of Portuguese Ceylon. The Portuguese arrived in the Kingdom of Kotte in 1505. By 1518, they had appointed a Captain to control the Portuguese occupied territory called Ceylon on the island of modern day Sri Lanka. In that time, there were numerous Captains until 1551. The post of Captain was succeeded by that of the Captain-majors in 1551 and by the Governor in 1594.

List of Captains[edit]

Portrait Name Birth Death Captain From Captain Until Sovereign
João da Silveira - - 1518 1518 Manuel I
Lopo de Brito - - 1518 1522 Manuel I
John III
Fernão Gomes de Lemos - - 1522 1524 John III
Vacant - - 1524 1551 John III

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