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The cover of the first DVD compilation for season six of Detective Conan released by Shogakukan

The sixth season of the Case Closed anime was directed by Kenji Kodama and Yasuichiro Yamamoto and produced by TMS Entertainment and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation.[1] The series is based on Gosho Aoyama's Case Closed manga series. In Japan, the series is titled Detective Conan (名探偵コナン Meitantei Conan?) but was changed due to legal issues with the title Detective Conan.[2] The episodes' plot follows the adventures of Conan Edogawa.

The episodes use four pieces of theme music: two opening themes and two closing themes. The first opening theme is "Truth ~Great Detective of Love~" by Two-Mix until episode 142.[3] The second opening theme is "Giri Giri Chop" (ギリギリ Chop?, lit. "Barely Chop") by B'z and is used for the rest of the season.[3] The first ending theme is "Still for your love" by Rumania Monte Vide until episode 152. It is followed by "Free Magic" by Wag for the rest of the season.[3]

The season initially ran from February 15, 1999 through September 27, 1999 on Nippon Television Network System in Japan.[3] Episodes 135 to 162 were later collected into seven DVD compilations by Shogakukan. They were released between October 25, 2000 and December 15, 2000 in Japan.[4][5]

Episode list[edit]

Ep no. Title Original Airdate
135 "The Disappearing Weapon Case"
"Kieta Kyōki Sousaku Jiken" (消えた凶器捜索事件) 
February 15, 1999
The Junior Detective League accompanies Amy Yoshida to Mitsue Mika's, her barber, apartment for a haircut. They discover that Mika died after being strangled by an unknown culprit. While the police investigate, Conan notices the blue plastic on Mika's neck and realizes she was strangled with a clothes hanger. Conan is certain Mika's boss, Futou Midori, is the murderer but lacks the evidence to prove it. The Detective Boys search for the hanger and find out that a crow has taken it to make a nest. The police then convict Midori for Mika's murder. Midori reveals that Mika was going to abandon her to pursue a higher career even though Midori was the one who trained her to be a barber. Later that day, the Junior Detective League are attacked by crows who seek revenge for the stolen hanger. 
136 "The Old Blue Castle Investigation Case (Part 1)"
"Ao no Kojō Tansaku Jiken (Zenpen)" (青の古城探索事件(前編)) 
February 22, 1999
The Junior Detective League is on a camping trip but Professor Agasa forgot the tent. They then wander to a castle owned by an old mistress and learn that there's a secret treasure in the castle. Conan finds a clue to the treasure and enters a secret passage but is attacked by an unknown assailant. Agasa and Vi realize that something has happened to Conan. Agasa is about to phone the police to investigate but upon seeing a secret agent, is knocked out by the same culprit. 
137 "The Old Blue Castle Investigation Case (Part 2)"
"Ao no Kojō Tansaku Jiken (Kōhen)" (青の古城探索事件(後編)) 
March 1, 1999
When nighttime comes, Vi investigates freely and is accompanied by the Junior Detective League. They enter the same secret passage as Conan did and wander out of another secret entrance. George remains trapped in the passage and captured by the culprit. Mitch investigates the doorway to the castle's tower and disappears. Viand Amy investigate the abandoned tower of the castle and find the culprit using a secret entrance connected to the castle. They find a corpse and realize who the culprit is pretending to be, the mistress. When Vi and Amy were coming out from under a floor tile, the culprit grabs on and tries to kill them. Then Conan, Mitch, and George appear. After re-uniting with the everyone, Conan reveals the location of the treasure. The treasure was the castle, and a beautiful scene. The culprit breaks down realizing that they wasted 10 years and killed a huge number of people just for this. The culprit is captured. 
138 "The Final Screening Murder Case (Part 1)"
"Saigo no Jouei Satsujin Jiken (Zenpen)" (最後の上映殺人事件(前編)) 
March 8, 1999
The Junior Detective League attend the final opening day of a theatre as it is about to be demolished. They plan to watch three films of Gomera, a parody of Godzilla. During the second film, the man who bought and planned the demolishing of the theatre is found hanged. The four suspects are the theatre clerk, a photographer, theatre manager, and projector technician. The episode ends with Mitch proclaiming he saw the theatre clerk looking at herself in the mirror. 
139 "The Final Screening Murder Case (Part 2)"
"Saigo no Jouei Satsujin Jiken (Kōhen)" (最後の上映殺人事件(後編)) 
March 15, 1999
After continuing the investigation, Conan finds out the clue to this murder is the mirrors. After solving the case, the culprit is taken away. The culprit before he leaves asks to finish the final screening of the theatre for the Junior Detective League. In the end, the director decides not to sell the theatre, as the children reminded him the magic of theatres. 
140 "SOS! Message from Amy!"
"SOS! Ayumi Kara no Messeiji" (SOS!歩美からのメッセージ) 
April 12, 1999
There is a burglar on the loose! But Amy is sick so she stays home. When a burglar invades her house, she tries using the detective badge to call for help. Amy uses her alarmclock to communicate a code to the Junior Detective League. Conan realizes that a burglar is in her home and Conan manages to stop him with the Junior Detective League. 
141 "The Night Before the Wedding Locked Room Case (Part 1)"
"Kekkon Zenya no Misshitsu Jiken (Zenpen)" (結婚前夜の密室事件(前編)) 
April 19, 1999
Harley and Kirsten visit Tokyo accompanied by Moore, Rachel, and Conan. They run into Harley's father's friend and are invited to their mansion. There a murder occurs and his father's friend is found dead in a locked room. It seems he was dragged to another room after being stabbed in the heart. 
142 "The Night Before the Wedding Locked Room Case (Part 2)"
"Kekkon Zenya no Misshitsu Jiken (Kōhen)" (結婚前夜の密室事件(後編)) 
April 26, 1999
Continuing the investigation, Harley proclaims the butler was the murderer and he is taken away, screaming his innocence. Late that night, an unknown man takes the murder weapon and tries to place it in a bag, but is caught by Harley and Conan who reveal that they placed the blame on the butler to lure out the true culprit. The culprit reveals that he murdered the man because he tried to cancel the wedding and take his love away from him. 
143 "The Suspicious Astronomical Observation"
"Giwaku no Tentaikansoku" (疑惑の天体観測) 
May 3, 1999
Rachel , Serena, and Conan go to watch the stars. Serena is especially hoping that she will see a shooting star. Rachel has a friend at the observatory that helps her use a telescope; he introduces his senpais that work at the observatory. One of them just one an award known as the "Star Pioneer". However, that same night, that same person falls from the higher level of the observatory. Conan knows that this isn't an accident - but how can he prove it? 
144 "The North Star No. 3 Express Leaving Ueno (Part 1)"
"Ueno-hatsu Hokutosei Sango (Zenpen)" (上野発北斗星3号(前編)) 
May 10, 1999
Conan, Richard , and Rachel take the overnight North Star Express to Hokkaido to meet a former client. On the train, they meet up with a series of people. However, in the night, a murder case occurs when a burglar seemingly kills a jewelry trader, and escapes through the window. The train stops to find his dead body outside. Conan noticed that the plot is very similar to an unpublished novel written by his father that had been stolen ten years before. However, unable to contact Booker Kudo, Conan takes the case into his own hands, and finds his mother on the train. 
145 "The North Star No. 3 Express Leaving Ueno (Part 2)"
"Ueno-hatsu Hokutosei Sango (Kōhen)" (上野発北斗星3号(後編)) 
May 17, 1999
Conan reveals to the suspicious woman that he knows her identity - it is Vivian Kudo, his mother, in disguise. As they discuss the case, Richard calls all the passengers to witness his inaccurate deduction, enabling Conan to figure out the trick. However, a worried Conan recalls that in the novel, the detective boy who solved the case was murdered by the trap he set for the criminal. Vivian volunteers to act as a decoy to help him find the proof. When the train lands at Sapporo Station, however, Conan and Vivian are separated and the criminal moves, intending to push her onto the tracks. Booker appears just in time and reveals the trick and his own identity to the criminal, who had idolized his work. 
146 "Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story (Part 1)"
"Honchō no Keiji Koi Monogatari (Zenpen)" (本庁の刑事恋物語(前編)) 
May 24, 1999
The Junior Detective League go to the police station who are trying to figure out who robbed a nearby bank. The man who owns the bank phones his wife, then gives the phone to one of the officers. Suddenly, the woman screams and she is then found dead in her house with a wound from a knife. Conan thinks that these two cases are related - did the robbers kill the wife because she recognized one of them? He sees the man smiling at his wife's dead body. 
147 "Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story (Part 2)"
"Honchō no Keiji Koi Monogatari (Kōhen)" (本庁の刑事恋物語(後編)) 
May 30, 1999
Since the man who owns the bank was smiling at his wife's dead body, Conan gives close look of keen eye at the Crime Scene. He ask himself - how did Banker kill his wife while he phoned her? Then Conan realized the hidden truth of a case, and he decide to let them recognize it. Closely took part in the Scene, Conan gives the police small clues and they eventually find out that the man killed his own wife and staged the robbery to his own bank. 
148 "The Sudden Street Car Stopping Case"
"Rōmen Densha Kyūteishi Jiken" (路面電車急停止事件) 
June 7, 1999
Conan and the Junior Detective League wake up at 5:30 in the morning to go get in line for a roller coaster ride. There are only three other people on the train at that time, and they plan on going there in order to take pictures of the train. One of the photographers waits outside so he can take pictures of the train coming towards him; suddenly, the ladder underneath him tips over and he falls onto the track. The train conductor quickly applies the emergency brakes, and everybody rushes out of the train to find him unhurt. However, when Conan comes back into the train to continue their journey, they find one of the other photographers dead. How can Conan make the officer in charge of the case see sense that this was a murder, not an accident? 
149 "The Amusement Park Bungee Jumping Case"
"Yūenchi Banjii Jiken" (遊園地パンジー事件) 
June 21, 1999
At an amusement park, an accident occurs during a Kamen Yaiba playing. As Yaiba jumped from a bungee cord, the cord burns and he falls into the water. 20 minutes later, he is found dead. Conan realizes that the Yaiba who jumped was the criminal who killed the Yaiba actor beforehand. The culprit reveals he did so because he was told he could not act as Yaiba. 
150 "The Truth of the Exploding Car Case (Part 1)"
"Jidōsha Bakuhatsu Jiken no Shinsō (Zenpen)" (自動車爆発事件の真相(前編)) 
June 28, 1999
Moore reveals that he tutored in his youth, and resolves to meet up with one of his students. However, when they go see her, her car suddenly explodes as her sister drives it out of the driveway. Moore is determined to solve the case and find the murderer as soon as possible. At the end, he appears to solve the case, but Conan believes there is a little more to it than the simple explanation he gives. 
151 "The Truth of the Exploding Car Case (Part 2)"
"Jidōsha Bakuhatsu Jiken no Shinsō (Kōhen)" (自動車爆発事件の真相(後編)) 
July 5, 1999
With some prodding by Conan, Moore surprisingly finds the truth of the case himself. He confronts the criminal, and with some help from Conan, he overcomes his ideals and gets to the heart of the matter. 
152 "The Mysterious Old Man Disappearance Case"
"Nazo no Rōjin Shissō Jiken" (謎の老人失踪事件) 
July 12, 1999
While on the bus home, Rachel meets an old man who later disappears. Later she finds a MO disk in her purse with secret information about fraud involving several companies. Conan realizes the old man must've been followed and captured. After Serena is kidnapped, Conan manages to find out where the culprits are hiding, and saves her and the old man. 
153 "Sonoko's Dangerous Summer Story (Part 1)"
"Sonoko no Abunai Natsumonogatari (Zenpen)" (園子のアブない夏物語(前編)) 
July 19, 1999
Rachel, Conan and Serena are at the beach and they run into 3 men. One was a seemingly rude waiter, Kyogoku Makoto, a fat man who has been following Serena, Terabayashi Shouji, and a man who wants to date her. However, Serena is targeted by a serial killer who attacks brown-haired girls. She was attacked in the hotel by the serial killer and remembers only biting something similar to a hairy arm. Later, the four visit a restaurant and Serena is saved from crashing into the ocean with an operating car. 
154 "Sonoko's Dangerous Summer Story (Part 2)"
"Sonoko no Abunai Natsumonogatari (Kōhen)" (園子のアブない夏物語(後編)) 
July 26, 1999
Serena falls asleep in the car, and someone puts it in drive. Conan and Rachel rescue her from going off the cliff with the car. Later, they encounter the mysterious fat man who chases them in the woods. They end up splitting up. Conan goes with Rachel, and Serena goes with her boyfriend who turns out to be the killer! While trying to save Serena from the serial killer, who attacks brown-haired girls because his girlfriend dumped him in a horrible way who also has brown hair, Kyogoku Makoto suddenly appears and saves her, and Rachel remembers that he was at a karate competition, who was known as The Prince of Attack. 
155 "The Key in the Water Locked Room Case"
"Suichū no Kagi Misshitsu Jiken" (水中の鍵密室事件) 
August 2, 1999
Detective Moore, Rachel, and Conan pay a visit to an old woman. She decides to take them to her grandson, but he's found dead when they get into the house. The bathroom door is locked however. How could this have happened? Rather than use detective Moore for the case, Conan solves this one as himself. 
156 "Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 2 (Part 1)"
"Honchō no Keiji Koi Monogatari 2 (Zenpen)" (本庁の刑事恋物語2(前編)) 
August 9, 1999
Detective Sato is chasing a murderer through the school building where Conan, Haibara, Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta happen to be in.After cornering him, she accidentally handcuffs him to her between a toilet handle, trapping them. The man proclaims he is innocent and that needs to get on a plane tomorrow to attend his daughter's wedding. She tells Takagi to solve the case before the time and not to inform the police. The Tokyo police department send out a massive manhunt for the suspect, Sato, and Takagi. 
157 "Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 2 (Part 2)"
"Honchō no Keiji Koi Monogatari 2 (Kōhen)" (本庁の刑事恋物語2(後編)) 
August 16, 1999
With the help of Conan, Haibara, Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta, the case is solved. However, the building Sato and the suspect is trapped in is about to be blown up. With all the ruckus of the people, they are unable to warn Agasa who created a special bomb called Tropical Rainbow, a bomb that explodes with all the colors of the rainbow. Conan manages to knock Agasa out before he pushes the button to demolish the building. Takagi is also extremely relieved when he finds out that Sato only sees Inspector Megure as a fatherly figure. 
158 "The Silent Ring Line"
"Chinmoku no Kanjosen" (沈黙の環状線) 
August 23, 1999
Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are waiting for the train when they notice a group of people leaving work on a Sunday. Once they boarded the train the group finds their co-worker dead in an empty train car. After all three are presented as possible suspects Conan notices a couple of clues, there is a mark on her ear and a line on her arm. Before long Conan stuns Kogoro and reveals who did it and the evidence used to prove their guilt, 
159 "The Bizarre Legend of the Five Storied Pagoda (Part 1)"
"Kaiki Gojūnotō Densetsu (Zenpen)" (怪奇五重塔伝説(前編)) 
September 6, 1999
Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are visitors at the 5 story pagoda. After running into the manager, they are invited out to dinner as guest of the temple on him, thanks to the Great Detective Moore. The morning after hearing the legend of 5 story pagoda, the manager (who was planning on turning it into a tourist attraction) turns up dead, hanging from the top floor, in a fashion mimicing the legend. Suspicions point to suicide as the means of death. Conan spots the manager's tie clip at the end of the episode and knows it was murder, and only one of four people could be responsible. 
160 "The Bizarre Legend of the Five Storied Pagoda (Part 2)"
"Kaiki Gojūnotō Densetsu (Kōhen)" (怪奇五重塔伝説(後編)) 
September 13, 1999
More evidence presents itself as Conan notices there are burn marks on the rope used to hang him, and also a slip knot tied. In addition, there was not enough length in the rope meaning, he would have needed to jump into the noose to commit suicide. Right before the police detective was going to call it a suicide case, Conan stuns Kogoro and reveals the method in which the murder was committed, followed by the key piece of evidence to prove who the murderer was. 
161 "The Murder Floating in Ryusuitei"
"Ryūsuitei ni Nagareru Satsui" (流水亭に流れる殺意) 
September 20, 1999
Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are at a fancy traditional Japanese restaurant where food is delivered on a small computer controlled boat that navigates over a running stream around the restaurant. Later, a murder occurs and Conan realizes the only way it could have been possible was for a person to be alone, and to use the stream to access the room. Conan later reveals that the murderer hid in the boats and came out to murder the victim. The culprit explained how he was blackmailed by the victim who demanded a large payment from him. 
162 "The Sealed Chamber in the Sky! Jimmy Kudo's First Case1 hr."
"Sora Tobu Misshitsu Kudō Shinichi Saisho no Jiken" (空飛ぶ密室 工藤新一最初の事件) 
September 27, 1999
Agasa wins a trip to a beach resort and gives the tickets to Kogoro, Ran, and the Junior Detective League. On the plane, Ran falls asleep and dreams about a murder that occurred on an Airliner. In the past, a photographer named Kazuhiro Ootaka is found dead in the bathroom. Shinichi reveals that Ootaka was put to sleep and was killed by having a thin metal object dipped in poison and having it injected into the back of his head. Megure gathers four people who have entered the bathroom during that time and search them for a weapon but to no avail. After a thorough investigation, Shinichi reveals Tsugumi Amano, Ootaka's girlfriend to be the murderer. Shinichi reveals that Amano used a sharpened brassiere wire to commit the murder. Amano confesses and reveals that Ootaka set a building on fire for pictures which inadvertently caused her brother's death. 


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