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An electronic lab notebook (also known as electronic laboratory notebook, or ELN) is a computer program designed to replace paper laboratory notebooks. Lab notebooks in general are used by scientists, engineers, and technicians to document research, experiments, and procedures performed in a laboratory. A lab notebook is often maintained to be a legal document and may be used in a court of law as evidence. Similar to an inventor's notebook, the lab notebook is also often referred to in patent prosecution and intellectual property litigation.

Electronic lab notebooks are a fairly new technology and offer many benefits to the user as well as organizations. For example: electronic lab notebooks are easier to search upon, simplify data copying and backups, and support collaboration amongst many users.[1] ELNs can have fine-grained access controls, and can be more secure than their paper counterparts.[2] They also allow the direct incorporation of data from instruments, replacing the practice of printing out data to be stapled into a paper notebook.[3] This is a list of ELN software packages.

Web-based ELN[edit]

Name Price Features
Arxspan[4] Academic and enterprise ELN and productivity suite for life science research
Benchling[5] Free and enterprise Notebook for life science research
Chemia ELN Enterprise ELN for Chemistry and Pharma R&D with features for Sample tracking, Routine Analysis and Method development.
Docollab Free and enterprise A way to take notes and organize projects
eLabJournal Classroom, academic and enterprise electronic lab notebook with sample tracking and SOP integration
Elements Free $9.99-$720/seat/month
Exemplar ELN starter and enterprise editions includes complete LIMS functionality
FindMolecule Free for academic. chemical inventory management software
hivebench Free and enterprise Plan. Experiment. Publish.
IDBS E-WorkBook ELN [6] Enterprise Enterprise, cloud based, cross-displicinary ELN for scientific R&D data management
LabArchives Free, classroom, academic, $99–$198/seat/year and Enterprise Organize and manage all laboratory data safely
labfolder Free and enterprise An electronic lab notebook that optimizes life science research
Labguru ELN Enterprise & Academic Electronic Lab notebook and Lab Inventory Management Platform. Run your lab more efficiently and maximize your research output. Plan and document experiments, track progress, streamline lab logistics, and share results.
Labii ELN & LIMS[7] $0.1/record, or $80/seat/month, 50% off for academic 1) The only Pay-Per-Use ELN, start documenting for as low as pennies per record;[8] 2) Customizable to meet your specific requirement;[9] 3) Extend the functionality in your ELN & LIMS by adding widgets.[10]
Labstep[11] Free and enterprise Cloud-based and mobile-optimised electronic lab book. Includes experimental audit trails, inventory management, project management, group collaboration and more. Free for academic researchers.[12]
LLMS ELN and LIMS from Lyons Information Systems Record AATCC and ASTM test results that automatically determines pass/fail test status of jobs within a testing laboratory.
Jawslab Free, $10/month and enterprise Secured cloud-based Electronic laboratory assistant
Riffyn SDE[13] Small Business/Lab & Enterprise Alternative to ELN and LIMS. The cloud-based Riffyn Scientific Development Environment provides experimental design, lab execution, sample tracking, and realtime data shaping for multivariate analysis and integration with both cloud and local data pipelines.
RSpace[14] Per user/year - list price
  • Community - $0
  • Academic - $100
  • Industry - $200
Supports all disciplines including life science, chemistry, toxicology, pharmacology etc. Has the ability to set up connections with institutional and lab filesystems, which enable discovery of and linking to data on external files (e.g. large microscopy files) from inside the ELN. Connects to several external research data repositories and supports research data management (RDM). Integration of a bunch of other research tools (e.g. chemical editor,, buffer calculator, pubmed etc.) and to several communication tools (e.g. Slack, Google Hangouts etc.). Comprehensive export capabilities (PDF/A, XML, DOC etc).
SciCord [15] Per user/year
  • GxP - $2,500
  • non-GxP - $1,500
  • Academic - $750
Intuitive ELN/LIMS hybrid design to handle lab needs. cloud based system. Configurable settings to fit user requirements. Direct instrument connectivity to ensure data integrity. Flexible ability to extract results/metadata/variables for statistical data analysis and trending. Sample/Chemical/Equipment inventory and management capabilities.
ScienceDesk[16] Free, academic and enterprise Smart ELN, sample management, and scientific data management with integrated data analysis.
Scilligence[17] Software Solution for Industry and Academia Cross-platform electronic lab notebook for chemistry and biology supporting all disciplines of research including medicinal chemistry, process chemistry, bioassays, HTS, in vivo pharmacology, and toxicology.
sciNote Free and Enterprise Open source.

Free and open-source ELN software[edit]

ELN software Language base License Hosted on Other info
OpenWetWare PHP GPL v2 MIT Based on MediaWiki
sciNote[18] Ruby on Rails 4.2.3 MPL 2.0 Amazon JS Framework: Bootstrap 3, jQuery, DB: PostgreSQL 9.4
ELOG C GPL v3 or later Install on a personal computer or server Developed at PSI for the MEG experiment. It can be used to create both personal and common logbooks.
Electronic Collaboration Logbook (ECL) python 2.7 apache PostgreSQL Django BSD? install on a server Developed at Fermilab
Jupyter Python plus over 40 supported languages BSD Install on a personal computer or server As opposed to the experiment documentation of an ELN, the pages created in the Jupyter Notebook act as a "computational record of [an interactive computing] session, interleaving executable code with explanatory text, mathematics, and rich representations of resulting objects."[19]

Proprietary ELN software[edit]

  • Labstep - Cloud-based and mobile-optimised electronic lab book. Includes experimental audit trails, inventory management, project management, group collaboration and more. Free for academic researchers.[12]
  • iLES from iVention - Cloud Based LIMS
  • Arxspan[20] – ELN, Registration, Inventory, LIMS
  • Benchling[5] – ELN, LIMS, and DNA Analysis
  • Biovia - Unified Lab Management: Notebook Cloud (formerly Contour), Workbook (formerly Symyx), Record (mobile app), LES, CisPro, LIMS, EBR
  • CERF ELN[21] - High compliance, semantic Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and SDMS / EDMS for commercial life science labs
  • Chemia ELN from Laurus Infosystems India Pvt Ltd
  • Dotmatics Studies – ELN, LIMS
  • ELM
  • elucidaid – Cloud mobile app ELN [22]
  • LabArchives – ELN from LabArchives, LLC[23]
  • E-WorkBook from IDBS[24] - Cloud Based
  • Exemplar ELN from Sapio Sciences[25]
  • FindMolecule
  • LabCollector - Cloud/VPS/Private Host from AgileBio
  • labfolder[26] – ELN from labfolder GmbH
  • Labguru[27] – ELN and LIMS from BioData
  • Labii ELN & LIMS[7] – ELN & LIMS that is Pay-Per-Use, Customizable, and Extendable with widgets.
  • LogiLab from Agaram Technologies
  • Mbook[28] - Cloud/Private Host from Mestrelab[29]
  • OpenLAB from Agilent (formerly Genohm)
  • Riffyn SDE - Cloud Based "Scientific Development Environment"
  • ScienceDesk[16] – Smart ELN, SDMS from ScienceDesk GmbH
  • Scilligence[17] – Cross-platform electronic lab notebook for chemistry and biology (Supports both small molecules and biologics in one platform)
  • Signals Notebook (Cloud) / E-Notebook (Local) - Perkin Elmer
  • StarLIMS from Abbott Informatics Corp
  • quattro/LJ from quattro Research[30] – An electronic lab notebook solution designed for multiple scientific disciplines

Other overviews[edit]

  • Electronic Lab Notebooks at Harvard University


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