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Fairy Tail (season 5)
Fairy Tail DVD volume 37 cover.png
Cover of the thirty-seventh DVD volume released by Pony Canyon in Japan on February 7, 2013, featuring Midnight and Natsu Dragneel.
Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 25
Original network TV Tokyo
Original release April 14 – September 29, 2012
Season chronology
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Fairy Tail (season 4)

The fifth season of the Fairy Tail anime series is directed by Shinji Ishihira and produced by A-1 Pictures and Bridge.[1] Like the rest of the series, it follows the adventures of Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia of the fictional guild, Fairy Tail. Instead of adapting part of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail manga, it features a completely original, self-contained story arc called "Key of the Starry Heavens" (星空の鍵編, Hoshizora no Kagi-hen), and focus on Natsu and the members of Fairy Tail as they meet a relative of the Heartfilias', and face a religious sect of warriors and a revived Oración Seis as they try to find the parts to an ancient doomsday weapon.

The season initially ran from April 14 to September 29, 2012 on TV Tokyo in Japan. Seven DVD compilations were released, each containing four episodes, by Pony Canyon between September 5, 2012 and March 6, 2013, including the last episode of the fourth season and first two episodes of the sixth season.[2][3] Funimation Entertainment released the episodes with their own English-dubbed version across three Blu-ray/DVD box sets, released on July 15, September 16, and October 28 in 2014.[citation needed] The episodes were made available on Funimation's website as "Season 5".

The season makes use of 4 pieces of theme music: two opening themes and two ending themes. The first opening theme, "Hajimari no Sora" (はじまりの空, "Beginning Sky") performed by +Plus, is used for the first 12 episodes, and the second opening theme used for the remainder of the season is "Te no Hira" (テノヒラ, "Palm of the Hand") performed by Hero. The ending themes, used with the opening themes, are "Glitter (Starving Trancer Remix)" by Another Infinity, and "Yell: Kagayaku Tame no Mono" (YELL ~輝くためのもの~, "Yell: The Thing for Shining") by Sata Andagi, respectively.

Episode list[edit]

No. Official English title[a]
Original Japanese title
Original air date[b] English air date[c]
126 "True Scoundrels – The Butt Jiggle Gang"
"Shin no Waru Ketsupuri-dan" (真の悪ケツプリ団) 
April 14, 2012 May 19, 2015[4]
Natsu, Lucy, and Wendy keep watch over a gold-carrying train, which is hijacked by a trio of large-buttocked thieves called the Butt Jiggle Gang. The three use Natsu's motion sickness to their advantage to get rid of Lucy, Happy, and Carla, leaving Wendy the only one able to defend the train's cargo. She manages to impress them with her powers and tries to talk them out of their thieving ways, but once the train stops and Natsu recovers, Natsu sends them flying before she has a chance. 
127 "The Terror of Invisible Lucy!"
"Tōmei Rūshii no Kyōfu!" (透明ルーシィの恐怖!) 
April 21, 2012 June 2, 2015[5]
Lucy bathes with a magical lotion she created seven years ago, only to find that its effects have changed over the years to turn her entire body invisible. She turns to her friends for help, but their attempts to make her visible again by painting on her and masking her fail. Eventually the lotion's effects become so severe that they cause Lucy to disappear together with everyone's memories of her as if she had never existed. Fortunately, Natsu is able to remember his friendship with Lucy, allowing everyone to recall her back into existence. As Happy hugs Lucy in joy, however, she accidentally spills the lotion bottle over everyone else, turning all of them invisible. 
128 "Father's Memento"
"Chichi no Ihin" (父の遺品) 
April 28, 2012 June 9, 2015[6]
Michelle, a girl claiming to be Lucy's relative, visits Fairy Tail and gives Lucy a briefcase containing a large relic, which she says is a memento from Lucy's late father. Because Michelle is an orphan and has nowhere else to go, Lucy takes Michelle in and suggests she start working at Fairy Tail. While adjusting to life at the guild, Michelle suggests that Lucy send a request to investigate the key. After Michelle accidentally drops the relic, it levitates into the air and a set of glowing symbols appears upon it. Makarov becomes suspicious and warns Lucy not to involve herself with the relic any further, though Lucy remains determined to find out what her father asked of her. 
129 "Turbulent Showdown! Natsu vs. Laxus"
"Dotō no Taiketsu! Natsu vs. Rakusasu" (怒涛の対決! ナツ vs. ラクサス) 
May 5, 2012 June 16, 2015[7]
Natsu and Gajeel challenge the still-exiled Laxus to a fight. Wendy suggests they have a showdown the next day in the hopes that they will calm down and lose interest, but it only excites the rest of the guild, who hold a festival for it. Almost as soon as their battle starts, however, Laxus beats Natsu with a single punch and Gajeel runs away in fear. While the rest of the town searches for Gajeel, the guild is visited by three figures resembling Hughes, Sugar Boy, and Coco from Edolas. Meanwhile, Lucy decodes the writing on the relic with Levy's help and discovers that it is the hand of a legendary clock. 
130 "Target: Lucy"
"Nerawareta Rūshii" (狙われたルーシィ) 
May 12, 2012 June 23, 2015[8]
The three visiting wizards, who turn out to be the Earth-land counterparts of Hughes (a woman named Mary Hughes), Sugar Boy, and Coco, battle Fairy Tail and demand to hand Lucy over to them. Michelle passes herself off as Lucy to protect her, prompting the rest of the guild to confuse the three into thinking that all of the females at Fairy Tail are Lucy so she and Michelle can escape. However, Hughes chases the two and forces them off the edge of a cliff. 
131 "The Fury of Legion"
"Region no Mōi" (レギオンの猛威) 
May 19, 2012 June 30, 2015[9]
Byro Cracy and his team are revealed to be members of the Legion Platoon, a group of crusaders who seek the clock hand in Lucy's possession for the Archbishop of Zentopia. Gray, Erza, and Gildarts help their guildmates friends battle the Legion Platoon, but Mary Hughes manages to obtain the clock hand from Lucy and lights a signal for her team to retreat. 
132 "Key of the Starry Heavens"
"Hoshizora no Kagi" (星空の鍵) 
May 26, 2012 July 7, 2015[10]
Fairy Tail goes to the Heartfilia mansion in search of clues for what Legion wants with the clock hand. They learn that Legion is searching for pieces of the mystical clock following clues from two myths—one myth is the book from which Lucy learned about the clock hand, and the other is an enchanted picture book titled Key of the Starry Heavens. Before they can leave with the book, they are attacked by Legion's Exceed leader Samuel and his spearman Dan Straight, who shrink Natsu to minuscule size, obtain the book, and memorize its contents before leaving. Meanwhile, Lahar and his men encounter Jackpot, a serial arsonist who is burning down churches. 
133 "Travel Companions"
"Tabi no Nakama-tachi" (旅の仲間たち) 
June 2, 2012 July 14, 2015[11]
Following clues from the picture book, the members of Fairy Tail split into groups to search for the remaining pieces of the mystical clock before Legion does. Lucy's team is approached by a group of archaeologists interested in the clock, who have heard rumors of Fairy Tail's journey and try to dissuade her. Upon learning her identity and her resolution in following her father's dying wish, the head archaeologist, who is familiar with Lucy's father, has a change of heart and uses his team's magic to return Natsu to his original size. Meanwhile, Lyon also learns of Fairy Tail's exploits and joins Gray and Juvia. 
134 "Labyrinth Capriccio"
"Meikyū Kyōsōkyoku" (迷宮狂想曲) 
June 9, 2012 July 21, 2015[12]
Natsu and Lucy's team finds an underground labyrinth in the middle of the desert. They make their way past several booby traps as they descend until they reach a crypt at the bottom, where they encounter Coco and Dan. Meanwhile, Gray's team uncovers a parallel dimension where one of the clock parts is hidden. Sugar Boy appears before them to take the part, but Gray's team defeats him. 
135 "Footprints of the Myth"
"Shinwa no Ashiato" (神話の足跡) 
June 16, 2012 July 28, 2015[13]
Natsu and Lucy's team battles Dan and Coco as they search for the clock part in the underground crypt. During their fight, Lucy and Coco are separated from the others, but help each other until they reunite with their comrades. Meanwhile, Gajeel helps Levy and her team search for one of the clock parts in the mountains, while Erza's team enters an old library where they encounter the Butt Jiggle Gang. 
136 "True Scoundrels, Once Again"
"Shin no Waru, Futatabi" (真の悪、ふたたび) 
June 23, 2012 August 4, 2015[14]
Natsu has difficulty battling Dan alone due to the power and skill Dan accumulated over seven years. With the help of his friends, however, he defeats Dan and uncovers the clock part in an underground church. Meanwhile, Erza tries disciplining the Butt Jiggle Gang while her teammates find the clock part in the library, and defeats the gang after their flatulence ruins a flower she picked earlier. Concurrently, Samuel confronts Gajeel and his team as they search for the next clock part. 
137 "Defying Calculation"
"Keisan o Koeru Mono" (計算をこえるもの) 
June 30, 2012 August 11, 2015[15]
Panther Lily battles and defeats Samuel as Gajeel's team retrieves the clock part from an underground chamber. Meanwhile, the Strauss siblings find another clock part and encounter Mary Hughes, while Byro appears before Natsu's team with the clock hand in his possession. 
138 "The Course of the Holy War"
"Seisen no Yukue" (聖戦のゆくえ) 
July 7, 2012 August 18, 2015[16]
Mary Hughes uses her powers to extract Mirajane's Satan Soul transformation from her body and uses it against her siblings. However, Mirajane uses her forbidden "Halphas" transformation against Satan Soul and defeats Mary Hughes. Meanwhile, Byro reveals to Natsu's team that Legion is under orders from the archbishop of Zentopia to gather and safeguard the clock parts from a magical guild that seeks to assemble it and form the Infinity Clock. However, Natsu's team find their motives suspicious and continue to battle him. 
139 "Time Begins to Tick"
"Ugoki Hajimeta Toki" (動き始めた (とき)) 
July 14, 2012 August 25, 2015[17]
Byro overpowers Natsu with his ability to nullify all forms of magic, though Natsu and his friends' determination moves Coco into betraying Legion. Before Byro can defeat Natsu, the rest of the guild members arrive with the remaining clock parts, guided to the crypt when the parts react to each other. However, gathering all six parts in one place causes the Infinity Clock to assemble itself, with a reformed Oración Seis appearing alongside it. 
140 "Enter the Neo-Oración Seis!"
"Shinsei Orashion Seisu Arawaru!" (新生六魔将軍 (オラシオンセイス)現る!) 
July 21, 2012 September 1, 2015[18]
Led by Midnight, now calling himself Brain II, the members of the reborn Oración Seis use their new powers to defeat both Fairy Tail and Legion. Fairy Tail is rescued by Blue Pegasus while the Oración Seis disappear with the Infinity Clock. Lucy rereads Key of the Starry Heavens and realizes that her father entrusted her with the clock hand to prevent the clock from being constructed. Realizing that they were not supposed to collect the clock parts, Fairy Tail sets out to stop both the Oración Seis and the Infinity Clock. 
141 "Get the Infinity Clock!"
"Mugen Tokei o Oe" (無限時計を追え) 
July 28, 2012 September 8, 2015[19]
Fairy Tail learns that the Oración Seis are destroying churches as part of their plan to complete the Infinity Clock's power. Using Cana's divination, the members of Fairy Tail split into new groups and head out to undestroyed churches where they find members of Legion and the Oración Seis waiting for them. Meanwhile, Gildarts and Laki investigate the long-abandoned plantation of Michelle's family, Legion adds the convict Guttman to their ranks, and Lahar interrogates the Zentopia cardinal Lapointe about Oración Seis's recent escape from prison. 
142 "Dissonance of Battle"
"Tatakai no Fukyōwaon" (戦いの不協和音) 
August 4, 2012 September 15, 2015[20]
Lahar enlists the help of Doranbalt, who has retired out of depression over his inability to help Fairy Tail on Sirius Island. Meanwhile, Natsu and Wendy's teams face off against Oración Seis' Jackpot and Grim Reaper (formerly Erigor of Eisenwald), respectively, and Gajeel and Juvia find Guttman and Mary Hughes attacking a church, while Gildarts and Laki investigate a church filled with artificial priests and nuns. 
143 "Anti-Link"
"Anchi Rinku" (アンチリンク) 
August 11, 2012 September 22, 2015[21]
Lahar and Doranbalt meet Katja, one of many celestial wizards tasked with guarding an unknown force that the Oración Seis are hunting. Racer appears before them and, after fighting Doranbalt, uses a spell called "Anti-Link" to permanently sever Katja's power, weakening the seal to their target. Meanwhile, Wendy defeats the brainwashed Erigor and restores his memories, Gray and Erza's teams battle Angel and Cobra, respectively and Gildarts and Laki discover the comatose body of a girl named Michelle, bringing the identity of the "Michelle" with Natsu's group into question. 
144 "Despair Unleashed"
"Tokihanatareta Zetsubō" (解き放たれた絶望) 
August 18, 2012 September 29, 2015[22]
The members of the Oración Seis stop fighting Fairy Tail and resume their mission of casting Anti-Links on the celestial wizards hidden in churches, completely lifting the seal on the Infinity Clock's true form, a massive, clockwork dreadnought. Byro, meanwhile, tells Natsu's team of his orders from Lapointe to bring Lucy to Zentopia's archbishop. With Oración Seis's plan complete, "Michelle" reveals her true identity as a member of Oración Seis, Imitatia, who posed as Lucy's relative to manipulate Fairy Tail into helping them. She also reveals her authority as archbishop given to her by the real one, forcing Byro to follow her orders, and kidnaps Lucy. 
145 "Real Nightmare"
"Riaru Naitomea" (リアルナイトメア) 
August 25, 2012 October 6, 2015[23]
Natsu is imprisoned in Zentopia Cathedral along with the Butt Jiggle Gang, but later manages to break free and brings Coco along as well. Meanwhile, Lucy is pinned onto a device while the Oracion Seis prepare to activate Real Nightmare, the magic that the Infinity Clock contains. The group of archaeologists that Lucy previously encountered, whose leader revealed to be the descendant of Will Neville and an acquaintance of Jude Heartfilia, show up at the guild and ask Fairy Tail to stop the clock. Later, Ichiya comes with the redesigned Christina to bring Erza, Gray, Elfman, Mirajane, Wendy, and Warren to Zentopia Cathedral. Racer appears in the airship and Mirajane decides to battle him. 
146 "Time Spiral"
"Toki no Supairaru" (時のスパイラル) 
September 1, 2012 October 13, 2015[24]
The Infinity Clock turns out to be affecting the time state of humans. Mirajane defeats Racer and Ichiya fights Kanaloa, which Byro sends out just as the airship arrives at the Zentopia Cathedral. Natsu and Coco encounter Guttman, but Mary Hughes comes to aid them and decides to take him on by herself. Gildarts and Laki get to the archbishop's room first and find out that the archbishop is being controlled by Cardinal Lapointe. Byro overhears this and rushes to face off with Lapointe. 
147 "To the Infinity Castle!"
"Mugenjō e!" (無限城へ!) 
September 8, 2012 October 20, 2015[25]
The reason why Lucy is kidnapped is that since the Infinity Clock needs celestial wizards to seal it, the one that can control it should be a celestial wizard as well. Led by Coco, Natsu, Gray, Erza, Gajeel, and Elfman set off to the Infinity Castle to defeat the Oracion Seis in order to change the ownership of the clock, so they can stop it and save Lucy. However, Cobra, Angel, and Midnight interfere, causing Erza, Gray, and Gajeel take on each of them respectively. Lapointe is actually a doll created by Personification Magic using Master Zero's hair. Gildarts somehow manage to defeat Byro. 
148 "Angel Tears"
"Tenshi no Namida" (天使の涙) 
September 15, 2012 October 27, 2015[26]
As Lucy is slowly being sucked within the Infinity Clock, Imitatia faces off against Natsu, Elfman and Coco. In addition, every other member of Fairy Tail starts working to stop the Infinity Clock from bringing forth chaos and to find the runaway Kinana. Erza and Cobra continue their match. Gray and Dan Straight face off against Angel, whose self-titled Magic proves to be more dangerous for her than it is for her opponents. 
149 "I Hear the Voice of My Friend"
"Tomo no Koe ga Kikoeru" (友の声が聴こえる) 
September 22, 2012 November 3, 2015[27]
While Erza concludes her battle with Cobra, Lucy is slowly becoming part of the Infinity Clock. The process has already begun and hope is lost, until the Archbishop, who regains consciousness, comes up with a way to slow down the process: destroying the chains linking to Earth Land. Legion and Fairy Tail cooperate in order to stop Brain II and destroy the Clock's chains. Meanwhile, Brain II tells Imitatia that should Lucy be fully merged with the clock, all memory of Lucy will vanish. Horrified, Imitatia rushes to save Lucy, only to be reverted by Brain II into her true form: a doll Lucy owned as a child. 
150 "Lucy and Michelle"
"Rūshii to Missheru" (ルーシィとミッシェル) 
September 29, 2012 November 10, 2015
Natsu finally manages to defeat Midnight when the wizard overestimates his ability to control the entirety of the Infinity Clock by himself. As the dark guild's possession of the Clock is revoked, Lucy floats inside the golden liquid of the Clock, remembering her childhood and connection to her doll Michell. As she hears her friends calling her, Lucy tries to escape the Clock, and is able to do so with the help of Jean-Luc and the others at the Fairy Tail guild. Sending out blue shooting stars to find and return those affected by Anti-Link to their normal selves, Lucy is separated from the clock and falls from the sky, being caught by Natsu and reuniting with her guild at last, her adventure surrounding her father's memento at an end. 


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  2. ^ Date the episode originally aired on TV Tokyo.
  3. ^ Date the episode first aired on the Funimation Channel in an English dub.


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