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The following list of FarmHouse memberss includes notable initiated brothers of FarmHouse fraternity.


Name Original chapter Notability References
Henry Beachell University of Nebraska–Lincoln Plant breeder whose research led to the development of hybrid rice cultivars that saved millions of people from starvation [1]
D. Howard Doane University of Missouri Founder of Doane Agricultural Services, served on an agriculture task force to reorganize the U.S. Department of Agriculture under President Herbert Hoover, co-founder of FarmHouse fraternity [1]
Orville Vogel University of Nebraska–Lincoln Scientist and wheat breeder whose research led to the "Green Revolution" in world food production [1]

Athletics and entertainment[edit]

Name Original chapter Notability References
Don Faurot University of Missouri Head football coach for various schools including the University of Missouri (1926–1956), invented the Split-T formation, inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame as a coach in 1961 [1]
Pat Green Texas Tech University Texas country music artist best known for "Wave on Wave" (2003) [1]
Michael Martin Murphey Honorary Member Western music artist who has recorded six gold albums including Cowboy Songs (1990) [1]
Leroy Van Dyke University of Missouri Country music artist best known for "The Auctioneer" (1956) and "Walk On By" (1961) [1]
Michael Martin Murphey


Name Original chapter Notability References
Jim Fitterling University of Missouri Chairman and CEO of Dow Inc. (2018–present) [1]
Roy Reiman Iowa State University Founder of Reiman Publications [2]
Evan Williams University of Nebraska–Lincoln Co-founder and CEO of Twitter (2008–2010) [3]
Evan Williams


Name Original chapter Notability References
George Beadle University of Nebraska–Lincoln President of the University of Chicago (1961–1968), known for the one gene–one enzyme hypothesis, awarded the 1958 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine [1]
Steven C. Beering Purdue University President of Purdue University (1983–2000) [1]
Hilton Briggs Iowa State University President of South Dakota State University (1958–1975), Dean of Agriculture and Director of Agricultural Experiment Station at the University of Wyoming (1950–1958) [1]
John R. Campbell University of Missouri President of Oklahoma State University (1988–1993) [1]
William L. Giles Honorary Member President of Mississippi State University (1966–1976) [1]
Robert F. Howard University of Missouri Chairman of the Department of Horticulture at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (1914–1924), co-founder of FarmHouse fraternity [1]
Henry H. Krusekopf University of Missouri Professor and researcher in the College of Agriculture at the University of Missouri for 48 years, co-founder of FarmHouse fraternity [1]
M. Peter McPherson Michigan State University President of Michigan State University (1993–2004), Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (1981–1987) [1]
C. Brice Ratchford Honorary Member President of the University of Missouri System (1970–1976) [1]
Henry P. Rusk University of Missouri Chair of the Department of Animal Husbandry at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (1922–1939), chair of the Commission on Agriculture under President Herbert Hoover (1948–1954), co-founder of FarmHouse fraternity [1]
Melvin E. Sherwin University of Missouri Chair of the Soils Department at North Carolina State University (1910–1924), co-founder of FarmHouse fraternity [1]
George Beadle
Robert F. Howard


Name Original chapter Notability References
Rick Berg North Dakota State University U.S. Representative from North Dakota (2011–2013), Majority Leader of the North Dakota House of Representatives (2003–2009), member of the North Dakota House of Representatives (1985–2011) [1]
John W. Carlin Kansas State University Archivist of the United States (1995–2005), 40th Governor of Kansas (1979–1987), chair of the National Governors Association (1984–1985) [1]
Reid W. Crawford Iowa State University Member of the Iowa House of Representatives (1973–1981) [4]
Cory Gardner Colorado State University U.S. Senator from Colorado (2015–2021), chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (2017–2019), U.S. Representative from Colorado (2011–2015), member of the Colorado House of Representatives (2005–2011) [5]
L. Steven Grasz University of Nebraska–Lincoln U.S. circuit judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit (2018–present) [1]
Clifford R. Hope Honorary Member U.S. Representative from Kansas (1927–1957) [1]
Kenny Hulshof University of Missouri U.S. Representative from Missouri (1997–2009) [1]
Claude B. Hutchison University of Missouri Mayor of Berkeley, California (1955–1963), Dean of Agriculture at the University of Nevada, Reno (1952–1954), co-founder of FarmHouse fraternity [1]
Bill Northey Iowa State University 4th United States Under Secretary of Agriculture for Farm Production and Conservation at USDA (2018–Present), Iowa Secretary of Agriculture (2007–2018) [6]
Steve Pearce New Mexico State University U.S. Representative from New Mexico (2003–2009, 2011–2019), chair of the Republican Party of New Mexico (2018–present) [1]
Mike Revis University of Missouri Member of the Missouri House of Representatives (2018–2019) [7]
Don Stenberg University of Nebraska–Lincoln Treasurer of Nebraska (2011–2019), 30th Nebraska Attorney General (1991–2003) [8]
Dale E. Wolf University of Nebraska–Lincoln 70th Governor of Delaware (1992–1993), 22nd Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1989–1992) [9]
Clayton Yeutter University of Nebraska–Lincoln Counselor to the President (1992–1993), chair of the Republican National Committee (1991–1992), United States Secretary of Agriculture (1989–1991), U.S. Trade Representative (1985–1989) [1]
John W. Carlin
Cory Gardner
Clayton Yeutter


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