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The Icelandic film industry produced over twenty feature films in 2014. This article fully lists all non-pornographic films, including short films, that had a release date in that year and which were at least partly made by Iceland. It does not include films first released in previous years that had release dates in 2014.
Also included is an overview of the major events in Icelandic film, including film festivals and awards ceremonies, as well as lists of those films that have been particularly well received, both critically and financially.

Major Releases[edit]

Opening Title Cast and Crew Studio Genre(s) Ref.
19 Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead Director: Tommy Wirkola
Cast: Vegar Hoel, Orjan Gamst, Martin Starr, Ingrid Haas, Jocelyn DeBoer, Stig Frode Henriksen, Kristoffer Joner
Well Go USA Entertainment (US) Horror
Land Ho! Directors: Martha Stephens, Aaron Katz
Cast: Paul Eenhoorn, Earl Lynn Nelson, Karrie Crouse, Elizabeth McKee, Alice Olivia Clarke, Emmsjé Gauti
Sony Pictures Classics Adventure
16 Life in a Fishbowl Director: Baldvin Zophoníasson
Cast: Hera Hilmar
Drama [3]
State of Bacon Director: Jason Cook
Cast: David Anthony Higgins, Jim Duggan, Chuck Grassley, Terry Branstad
Comedy [4]
31 The Grump Director: Dome Karukoski
Cast: Antti Litja, Petra Frey, Mari Perankoski, Iikka Forss
Solar Films Comedy [5]
27 Eyes of a Thief Director: Najwa Najjar
Cast: Khaled Abol Naga
Drama [6]

Minor releases[edit]

Title Director Release Date Genre
Afinn (The Grandad) Bjarni Thorsson 25 September 2014 (Iceland) Comedy
Áhugamál Íslendinga Birgitta Sigursteinsdóttir 20 September 2014 (Iceland) Documentary
Biðin: The Wait Thoromar Jonsson 3 June 2014 (Iceland) Documentary
Birds Ulu Braun 7 February 2014 (Germany) Documentary
Brave Men's Blood Olaf de Fleur Johannesson 17 October 2014 (Iceland) Action
Brave Men's Blood Olaf de Fleur Johannesson Action
Brütål Mürk Bjarni Gautur Action
Decode Me! Kristján Þór Kristjánsson Documentary
Eldur Á Himni Boris Schaarschmidt 7 December 2014 (France) Documentary
End of Summer Jóhann Jóhannsson November 2014 (Denmark) Documentary
Fjallabræður Eyþór Jóvinsson 9 June 2014 (Iceland) Documentary
Grafir & Bein Anton Sigurdsson 31 October 2014 (Iceland) Drama
Harry Og Heimir Bragi Thor Hinriksson 16 April 2014 (Iceland) Comedy
Heild Petur Kristjan Gudmundsson 4 April 2014 (Iceland) Documentary
Hjörleifur Stephen Hunt Documentary
Impact Agusta Einarsdottir 28 December 2014 (Iceland) Documentary
Infrastructures Aurèle Ferrier Documentary
L for Leisure Whitney Horn 20 March 2015 (USA) Comedy
Les bones persones Jaume Benedito 3 December 2014 (Andorra) Comedy
Ndege Ndogo Little Bird Mathieu Mazza July 2014 (USA) Documentary
Oilfields Mines Hurricanes Fabian Altenried January 2014 (Netherlands) Drama
Paris of the North Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson 2014 (Iceland) Comedy
Powerwalk Wolfgang Aichner Documentary
Reykjavik Rising Danny Mitchell Documentary
Salome Yrsa Roca Fannberg June 2014 (Iceland) Documentary
Så meget godt i vente Phie Ambo January 2015 (Finland) Documentary
Song Selma Vilhunen 11 April 2014 (Finland) Documentary
SS Hangover Ragnar Kjartansson 6 March 2014 (USA) Musical
Tenebrae Lux Ryan Boran Science Fiction
The Biggest Rescue Bragi Thor Hinriksson 30 October 2014 (Iceland) Action
The Dickumentary Sofian Khan 31 March 2015 (USA) Documentary
The Island and the Whale Katy Haas Documentary
The More You Know. The More You Know. Karna Sigurdardottir Documentary
There Is No Real Way of Knowing Julia Weissenberg 4 April 2014 (UK) Documentary
Time and Time and Again Markús Þór Andrésson 13 November 2014 (Denmark) Documentary
Trend Beacons Örn Marino Arnarson November 2014 (Denmark) Documentary
Tributaries Fly-Fishing Film R.C. Cone January 2014 (USA) Documentary
Valsmaður fram í rauðan dauðann Hallur Örn Árnason 8 June 2014 (Iceland) Documentary
Vanishing World of the Sea Gypsies Johann Sigfusson Documentary
Vikingo Þorfinnur Guðnason 27 November 2014 (Iceland) Documentary
Við erum til Helga Margrét Guðmundsdóttir 31 October 2014 (Iceland) Documentary
Vive La France Helgi Felixson 31 August 2014 (Sweden) Documentary
Volcanic Planet Peter Rowe 4 January 2014 (Canada) Documentary
Zombie Island Marteinn Ibsen 14 April 2014 (Iceland) Horror

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