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This is a complete episode list for the NBC Saturday morning series Land of the Lost.

Season one[edit]

Number Title Air date Writer(s) Director Summary
First season (1974)
1 Cha-Ka September 7, 1974 David Gerrold Dennis Steinmetz The Marshall family comes to the aid of an injured "missing link" named Cha-Ka
2 The Sleestak God September 14, 1974 David Gerrold Dennis Steinmetz Will and Holly run afoul of hostile lizard-men known as Sleestaks.
3 Dopey September 21, 1974 Margaret Armen Dennis Steinmetz Holly adopts a newly hatched brontosaurus as the family's pet and attempts to train him.
4 Downstream September 28, 1974 Larry Niven Dennis Steinmetz Attempting to escape the Land via the river, the Marshalls reach a vast cavern in which lives an elderly Confederate soldier.
5 Tag-Team October 5, 1974 Norman Spinrad Dennis Steinmetz The Marshalls and Pakuni must work together when a prolonged pursuit leaves Will, Holly, and Cha-Ka trapped between the Land's ruling tyrannosaur and its arch-enemy allosaur
6 The Stranger October 12, 1974 Walter Koenig Bob Lally The Marshalls meet another time-traveler known as Enik (Walker Edmiston) who possesses the means to return the Marshalls home.
7 Album October 19, 1974 Dick Morgan Bob Lally The Sleestak use mind-control to manipulate the Marshall children via an image of their deceased mother (Erica Hagen)
8 Skylons October 26, 1974 Dick Morgan Bob Lally After entering one of the mysterious pylons, Will and Holly find that their actions have messed with the weather and created a terrible storm that is dealt with by three mysterious flying objects.
9 The Hole November 2, 1974 Wina Sturgeon Dennis Steinmetz Rick must work with an outcast Sleestak named S'latch (voice by Ralph James) in order to climb out of the pit in which they've been left to die.
10 The Paku who Came to Dinner November 9, 1974 Barry Blitzer Bob Lally Cha-Ka is invited to dinner by the Marshalls, but when Holly dabs on some perfume she has (leading Rick to mutter, "Our little girl is growing up to be a lady") it causes the other Pakuni to capture Holly - and draws out the land's ruling tyrannosaur.
11 The Search November 16, 1974 Ben Bova Dennis Steinmetz When Rick is electrocuted by crystals, Will must convince Enik to save his life but finds that his time doorway has settled on Earth leaving him with a bitter choice
12 The Possession November 23, 1974 David Gerrold Dennis Steinmetz Cha-Ka and Holly come under the control of a malevolent being that is seeking more power for one of the pylons.
13 Follow That Dinosaur November 30, 1974 Dick Morgan Dennis Steinmetz Grumpy's attraction to ground-hugging ferns Holly has nicknamed "dinosaur nip" causes the Marshall children to dump it over a cliff, where they discover a mysterious diary that holds clues to a possible escape from the Land.
14 Stone Soup December 7, 1974 Joyce Perry Bob Lally A devastating drought brings the Marshalls into conflict with the Pakuni over food so Rick teaches them the importance of cooperation.
15 Elsewhen December 14, 1974 D.C. Fontana Dennis Steinmetz After her family is captured by Sleestak, Holly meets a mysterious woman named Rani in Enik's cave who helps her overcome her fears.
16 Hurricane December 21, 1974 David Gerrold and Larry Niven Bob Lally Will messes with another pylon and opens a time doorway stranding an Earth astronaut (Ron Masak), but creates a violent hurricane in the process.
17 Circle December 28, 1974 Larry Niven and David Gerrold Dennis Steinmetz The Marshalls discover that their friend, Enik, has been unable to return to his own time and that they themselves might be the cause.

Season two[edit]

Number Title Air date Writer(s) Director Summary
Second season (1975)
18 Tar Pit September 6, 1975 Margaret Armen Gordon Wiles Dopey falls into a tarpit and the Marshalls work to rescue him.
19 The Zarn September 13, 1975 Dick Morgan Bob Lally While exploring the Mist Marsh, Rick and Will come across an alien ship and a woman from Rick's hometown.
20 Fair Trade September 20, 1975 Bill Keenan Bob Lally Rick falls into a Sleestak trap forcing Will and Holly to appeal to Enik for help.
21 One of Our Pylons Is Missing September 27, 1975 Bill Keenan Gordon Wiles Cha-Ka and the Marshalls discover a huge power source beneath the Land of the Lost.
22 The Test October 4, 1975 Tom Swale Bob Lally Cha-Ka undergoes a rite of passage, with help from Will and Holly.
23 Gravity Storm October 11, 1975 Dick Morgan Bob Lally Rick and Will must stop the Zarn before his ship's gravity drive tears apart the Land.
24 The Longest Day October 18, 1975 Joyce Perry Gordon Wiles Rick is captured by the Sleestak and blamed for a malfunctioning pylon which prevents the sun from setting.
25 The Pylon Express October 25, 1975 Theodore Sturgeon Gordon Wiles Rick and Will follow the Pakuni to a special pylon that seems to be linked to Earth. Holly enters the pylon searching for her family and discovers that the pylon is a portal rapidly shifting between times and worlds.
26 Nice Day[1] November 1, 1975 Dick Morgan Gordon Wiles Will and Cha-Ka go fishing while Holly prepares a special meal. When Holly runs afoul of a noxious plant the Marshalls appeal to Ta for help.
27 Baby Sitter November 8, 1975 Bill Keenan Gordon Wiles Holly has an encounter with the stranded Zarn.
28 The Musician November 15, 1975 Dick Morgan and Tom Swale Gordon Wiles Exploring ruins left by an advanced humanoid civilization the Marshalls and Cha-Ka find an artifact that has a special impact on one of their party.
29 Split Personality November 22, 1975 Dick Morgan Gordon Wiles When quakes rattle the land, the Marshalls encounter mirror images of themselves who need their help.
30 Blackout[2] November 29, 1975 Donald F. Glut and Dick Morgan Bob Lally The Sleestak tamper with a pylon in order to create eternal darkness, forcing Rick and Enik to consult the Library of Skulls in order to find a way to set things right.

Season three[edit]

Number Title Air date Writer(s) Director Summary
Third season (1976)
31 After-Shock September 11, 1976 Jon Kubichan Joe Scanlan A mammoth earthquake shatters the land, opens a temporal pathway in which Rick Marshall falls and thus returns home, and brings to the land Will and Holly's uncle, Jack
32 Survival Kit September 18, 1976 Sam Roeca Rick Bennewitz After Holly falls ill, Jack bargains with the barbarian Malak (Richard Kiel) for the medicine that was stolen from them.
33 The Orb September 25, 1976 Jon Kubichan Rick Bennewitz After a new pylon turns Will invisible, he is persuaded by a captured Enik to use this ability to retrieve a sacred orb and exchange it with the Sleestak for the Altrusian's freedom.
34 Repairman October 2, 1976 Jon Kubichan Joe Scanlan The Sleestak remove a vital crystal from the sun pylon and a strange man (Laurie Main) appears and convinces the Marshalls to help him get it back.
35 Medusa October 9, 1976 Greg Strangis Rick Bennewitz A runaway river carries Holly to a strange garden adorned with numerous statues and inhabited by a peculiar woman (Marian Thompson) who won't let her leave.
36 Cornered October 16, 1976 Sam Roeca Rick Bennewitz Jack, Holly and Cha-Ka work to rid the valley of a fire breathing dimetrodon while Will recovers from the creature's venom.
37 Flying Dutchman October 23, 1976 John Cutts Joe Scanlan The lone captain of a sailing ship (Rex Holman) offers the Marshalls a way home but harbors a terrible secret.
38 Hot-Air Artist October 30, 1976 Jon Kubichan Rick Bennewitz Showman/explorer "Colonel" Roscoe T Post (David Healy) arrives in a balloon from 1920. While the Marshalls work to repair his craft the Colonel has designs on Cha-Ka.
39 Abominable Snowman November 6, 1976 Sam Roeca Joe Scanlan The Marshalls rescue a unicorn given to Holly as a birthday gift from the clutches of the Yeti-like Tapa. (John Locke).
40 Timestop November 13, 1976 Tom Swale Joe Scanlan The Marshalls find a temporal key that Enik believes will take him home, but the Marshalls use it instead to save one of their own.
41 Ancient Guardian November 20, 1976 Peter Germano Joe Scanlan The Sleestak are enraged after the Marshalls accidentally release a menace from the high country.
42 Scarab November 27, 1976 Ian Martin Rick Bennewitz Cha-Ka suddenly becomes hostile towards his friends after being bitten by a powerful beetle, steals the Skull of Wisdom, and frames the Marshalls for the theft.
43 Medicine Man December 4, 1976 Jon Kubichan Joe Scanlan The Marshalls convince Lone Wolf (Ned Romero) of the Nez Perce tribe and Captain Diggs (Gregory Walcott) of the US Cavalry that the two must learn to work together if they hope to survive and possibly return to 1877. Although this was the last episode aired, it was not an official one, and therefore Will and Holly Marshall never got to escape from the Land of the Lost, although an alternate version of them and their father did return to Earth in the final episode of Season One. The series finale.

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  1. ^ "Nice Day" is misrepresented as "A Nice Day" on the DVD packaging.
  2. ^ "Blackout" is misspelled "Black Out" on the DVD root menu and packaging.