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This is a list of Nortel people, a defunct Canadian telecommunications manufacturer



People connected with Nortel[edit]

  • Julian Assange,Australian editor-in-chief and founder of WikiLeaks, who was involved in extensive hacking using Nortel hardware. See Mendax
  • Anthony M. Townsend, American researcher who specializes in research of implications of technology on cities and public institutions. Worked as consultant for Nortel.
  • Diane Urquhart, Canadian financial analyst and senior securities industry executive who testified before a parliamentary committee when in regards to the $100 million missing from the Nortel Health and Welfare Trust. Ms. Urquhart was instrumental in helping Nortel's laid off employees, pensioners, and the disabled collect some of benefits that were owed to them when the company went under.
  • J Robert Verdun, Canadian shareholder activist who was instrumental in making Nortel Networks board of directors more accountable to the small investors.
  • Kim Vicente, Canadian professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto, who worked as consultant for Nortel.