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This is a list of characters/actors featured in the S4C / BBC soap opera Pobol y Cwm.

Present characters[edit]

This includes characters who have been in the habit of returning after a long absence.[1]

Current characters[edit]

Character Current Actor Character Duration Information
Diane Ashurst (née Francis) Victoria Plucknett 1998- Wife of Dai and co-owner of the builders, APD.
David 'Dai Sgaffalde' Ashurst Emyr Wyn 1978-1984, 2001- Dai is the husband of Diane and co-owns APD.
Richard 'DJ' Ashurst Junior Carwyn Glyn 2014- Son of Dai (as revealed in 2016) whose wife Diane has a soft spot for him. Works at Penrhewl and Y Deri.
Sioned Charles (née Rees) Emily Tucker 1994-1996, 2007- Daughter to Eileen Markham, half-sister of Angela, great-niece of Marian and distant cousin of Cadno. In 2016 married Ed Charles.
Ed Charles Geraint Todd 2012- Previously landlord of 'Y Deri', in 2016 he married Sioned Rees. Ex-boyfriend of Angela Probert and uncle of Gemma Charles.
Debbie Collins Maria Pride 2005-2006, 2008- Café owner who is the current partner of Mark Jones and mother to Liam, Vicky and Ricky.
Dolores (Dol) Alvarez Collins Lynn Hunter 2015- Wenglish -speaking character. Mother to Debbie Collins, grandmother to Vicky and Ricky Collins, and great-grandmother to vicky's son Nicky.
Vicky Collins Carli De'La Hughes 2005-2006, 2015- Single mother who works part time in the salon with Sheryl and Dani and part time in Awyr Iach with Sarah and Jason; daughter of Debbie Collins; mother of Nicky (born 2015). Granddaughter of Dolores (Dol).
Iolo Davies-White (né White) Dyfan Rees 2002-2005, 2007, 2009- Married to Tyler, son of Siôn, brother to Macs and Huw.
Tyler Davies-White (né Davies) Aled Llyr Thomas 2016- Married to Iolo, half-brother to Dani and Gethin, half-uncle to Daniel Thomas.
Kelly Evans Lauren Phillips 2003-2007, 2015- The village's news reporter. Niece of Anita Pierce.
Colin Evans Jonathan Nefydd 2008- Often a comedy figure (see also Mark Jones) as a result of his unwise decisions and disappointing love life, Colin is the ex-husband of Gaynor, father of Izzy and Lois, and brother of Yvonne.
Sara Francis (née Thomas) Helen Rosser Davies 2000-2007, 2015- Wife of Jason Francis, co-owner of Awyr Iach.
Jason Francis Rhys Ap Hywel 1998-2007, 2015 Husband of Sara Francis, son of Diane and stepson of Dai, co-owner of Awyr Iach.
Megan Harries Lisabeth Miles 1974-1995, 1996, 2011- The village's oldest character, Megan lives on her own and is the proud owner of Apêl Maenan.
Arwen Hedd Eevie 2012- Daughter of Ffion Llywelyn and Macs White. Living with Gethin, Ffion, and Daniel Thomas.
Sheryl Hughes Lisa Victoria 2001- Mother of Wil, who lives in Canada with his father. Wife of Hywel Llywelyn; she and Hywel live with their adopted daughter.
Hannah Humphries Ella Peel 2001-2006, 2017- Diane's granddaughter, recently moved to the village from Australia. Daughter of Emma Francis and Steffan Humphries
Gwyneth Jones Llinor ap Gwynedd 2003- Ex-partner of Colin's sister, ex-girlfriend to Britt Monk, ex-girlfriend of Garry Monk; mother of Gary's son, dating and living with Siôn White.
Kathleen 'Kath' Pearl Jones Siw Hughes 1993-2007, 2014, 2017- Jones family matriarch, mother of Mark and Stacey.
Mark Jones Arwyn Davies 1993- Cwmderi's postman. Father of Debi's son, Ricky.
Ricky Jones Tomos West 2005- Son of Debbie Collins and Mark Jones. Brother of Vicky, grandson to Dol.
Gwern Harley Jones 2010- Son of Gwyneth Jones and Garry Monk
Ffion Llywelyn (née Roberts) Bethan Ellis Owen 2004- Deputy headteacher of Ysgol y Mynach; widow of Owen, ex-wife of Hywel Llywelyn. Current partner of Gethin. Mother of Macs White's daughter, Arwen Hedd. Recovering alcoholic.
Gaynor Llywelyn Sharon Roberts 2008- Headteacher at Ysgol y Mynach. Mother of Izzy and Lois, ex-wife of Colin Evans, ex-wife of Hywel Llywelyn, stepmother of Rhys.
Hywel Llywelyn Andrew Teilo 1991- Ex-husband (from late 2015/early 2016) of Gaynor; ex-husband of Ffion; married Sheryl Hughes in 2016; father of Rhys; the village "Casanova".
Aaron Dafydd Monk 2006- Britt Monk's son with Owen Morgan. Originally concieved as a surrogate baby for Owen and Ffion.
Catrin Monk 2003- Daughter of Britt Monk and Teg Morris
Chester Monk James King 2002- Son of Britt Monk, nephew of Gary Monk.
Dani Monk (née Thomas) Elin Harries 2007- Beautician ex-wife of Mark Jones, sister of Gethin Thomas, half-sister to Tyler Davies, auntie to Daniel Thomas, and wife to Garry Monk.
Garry Monk Richard Lynch 2002- Half-brother of Britt and husband of Dani. Former stepfather of Wil. Took over Y Deri in Jan 2016.
Anita Pierce Nia Caron 2001- Anita is the ex-wife of late Meic Pierce and aunty to Kelly.
Dr Elgan Pritchard Bryn Fôn 2017- The village GP
Eileen Probert (née Walters) Sera Cracroft 1989-1996, 1998, 2007- Newsagent wife of Jim Probert and mother of Sioned and Angela.
Jim Probert Alun ap Brinley 2011- Husband of Eileen Markham, father of Courtney Probert, works in APD with Dai and Diane. Co-owner of Penrhewl with Eileen and Cadno.
Cadno (Cathryn) Richards Catrin Powell 2006- Runs Penrhewl Farm, alongside her ex, Eifion Rowlands. A distant cousin of Sioned Rees, ex-girlfriend of DJ and current girlfriend (again) of Eifion.
Eifion Rowlands Arwel Davies 2007, 2008- Former owner of Penrhewl Farm, ex-boyfriend of Cadno Richards and father to Bobi Rowlands.
Josh Smith John Ogwen 2017- Debbie's scrap collecting father.
Daniel Thomas Luke Jeremy 2015- Son of Gethin Thomas, but lives with his mother Natalie. Nephew of Dani and Grandson of Moc.
Gethin Thomas Simon Watts 2010- Half-brother of Dani. Son of Moc. Ffion Llywelyn's partner and father to Daniel.
Britt White (née Monk) Donna Edwards 2002- Half-sister of Garry Monk, widow of Teg, separated from Siôn White. She runs the chippy and also does a few shifts in Y Deri. Current girlfriend to Colin Evans.
Siôn White Jeremi Cockram 2002- Father of Iolo, Macs and Huw, ex-husband of Britt. Lives in Y Felin and works as a Welsh translator.

Past characters[edit]

Character Actor Character Duration
Dic 'Deryn' Ashurst Ifan Huw Dafydd[2] 1982-1992, 1995, 1999
Mansel Bennett Brinley Jenkins 1991, 1993
Doreen Bevan Marion Fenner 1982-1996, 1999-2001
Stan Bevan Phylip Hughes 1984-1994
Sylvia Bevan Sharon Morgan 1984-1987
J Wyndham Bowen Dafydd Aeron 1985-1988
Tristan Bowen Griff Williams 1990-1991
Cyrnol Buckley Meredith Edwards 1978
Sharon Burgess Sian Naiomi 1993-1996
Nerys Cadwaladr Gaynor Morgan Rees 1974-1976, 1979-1980, 1982-1986, 1988-1991
Ken Coslett Phyl Harries 1988-1991
Linda Coslett Delyth Wyn 1988-1991
Metron Coslett Anwen Williams 1980-1982
Ellen Cullen Nia Medi 1990, 1993-1994
Jack Daniels Dafydd Hywel 1976-1984
Robart Dilwyn Daniels Gruffudd Ifan 1983-1984, 2002, 2007
Sabrina Daniels (née Harries) Gillian Elisa[3] 1974-1984, 1999-2010
Angie Davies Catherine Ayres 1999-2000
Bella Davies Rachel Thomas 1974-1992
Bethan Davies Catrin Brooks 1999-2002
Jacob Ellis Dillwyn Owen 1974-1993
Meira Ellis Sara McGaughey 1988-1994
Menna Evans Sara Harries Davies 1995-1996
Parch. Eleri Evans Hazel Wyn Williams 1989-1991
Nuala Flynn Bethan Jones 1980, 1982
Pat Flynn Iestyn Garlick 1980
Sean Flynn Glyn Pensarn 1980-1981
Norman Foulkes Roberts Glyn Pritchard 1991-1992, 2011-2012
Emma Francis Catrin Arwel 1998-2005
Terry Francis Huw Emlyn 1998-1999
Nansi Furlong Marged Esli 1977, 1980-1989, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016
Gwyneth Gregory Nicola Beddoe 1988
Beti Griffiths Margaret Williams 1981-1986
Cathryn Griffiths Mari Emlyn 1981-1982
Colin Griffiths David Lyn 1975-1976, 1981-1982
Dr Annest Griffiths Dilys Price 1975-1976
Hazel Griffiths Jennifer Lewis 1996, 1999-2002, 2007
Ieuan Griffiths Iestyn Jones 1988-1991, 1995, 2000-2011
Iolo Griffiths Terry Dyddgen-Jones 1975-1976
Melanie Griffiths Elin Jones 2000
Carol Gwyther Rhian Morgan 1984-1992
Herbert Gwyther Alwyn Jones 1977-1987
Sandra Gwyther Sian Meredydd 1982-1984
Beti Harries Buddyg Williams 1974-1975
Dillwyn Harries Haydn Edwards 1974-1991
Gareth Wyn Harries Jonathan Morgan / Ioan Gruffudd / Rhodri Wyn Miles 1975-1993, 1996-1997, 2000
Reg Harries Huw Ceredig 1974-2003
Rhian Haf Harries Rhian Samuel / Catherine Jones / Debbie Jones 1979-1995, 1997-2004
Wayne Harries Dewi 'Pws' Morris 1974-1987
Cadi Harries (née Morris) Betsan Jones 1974-1976
Jordan Hill Robert Marrable 1999-2000
Paul Hill Ali Yassine 1999-2000
Darren Howarth Huw Euron 1999-2007, 2013, 2014
Matron Howells Dilys Davis 1974-1980
Julie Hughes Grug Maria 2002-2007, 2015, 2016
Mr Hughes Gareth Morris 1993-1996
Rhiannon Hughes Heledd Owen 2002-2003, 2007
Huw Humphries Dyfan Roberts 1998-1999
Steffan Humphries Huw Garmon 1997-2004
Cliff James Clive Roberts 1974-1979
Glyn James Ieuan Rhys 1983-1996
Gwenllian James Megan Soffia Evans 1989-1994
Beth James (née Leyshon) Eirlys Britton 1977-1994
Delme Jenkins Geraint Eckley / Gwyn Vaughan 1993, 1996, 2001
Dora Jenkins Olive Michael 1984-1996
Gareth Jenkins Iwan Tudor 1999-2000
Lowri Jenkins Meleri Bryn 1996, 1999-2001
Rita Jenkins Olwen Medi 1976,1985-1993
Tal Jenkins Ernest Evans 1975-1996
Nyrs Jenni Menna Gwyn 1974-1975
Derek Jones Hywel Emrys 1988-2006, 2009, 2012
Dyfan 'Dyff' Jones Dewi Rhys 1993-2000
Sian Jones Sharon Morgan 1978
Stacey Jones Shelley Rees 1993-2007, 2014, 2016, 2017
Gladys Ceridwen Lake Iona Banks 1976-1989, 1991
Idwal Lake Stan Hughes 1986, 1989
Jinnie Lake Catrin Dafydd 1986
Jane Leonard Nia Caron 1990
Colin Lewis Dyfed Thomas 1989-1990
Eddie Lewis Meic Povey 1991-1994, 1996
Hywel Lewis Glyn Nicholas 1977
Laura Lewis Beryl Williams 1977
Clare Leyshon Margaret John 1977-1978
Gwyn Leyshon Gareth Bebb 1977-1978
Viv Leyshon Geraint David 1977-1978
Mr Lloyd Martin Hill Jones 1988-1990
Mrs Lloyd Katel Keineg 1988-1990
Sister MacGregor Iris Jones 1978-1979
Jon Markham Steffan Rhodri 1995-1996, 1998
Llew Matthews Rhys Parry Jones 1989-2001
Nia Matthews Meleri Evans 1996-1999
Charles McGurk Mei Jones 1997
Jean McGurk Iola Gregory 1987-1997, 1999, 2002
Kirstie McGurk Catherine Treganna 1988-1990, 1993, 1997
Sean McGurk Gwyn Derfel 1991-1993
Fiona Metcalfe Lydia Lloyd Parry 1992-1999
Jamie Metcalfe Rhys Bleddyn 1994
Laura Metcalfe Christine Pritchard 1994, 1999
Oliver Metcalfe Geoffrey Morgan 1994
Brandon Monk Nic McGaughey 2002-2011
Gill Morgan Mair Rowlands 1996-1998
Lisa Morgan Beth Robert 1989-1991, 1996-1999
Owen Morgan Ioan Evans 2004-2006
Tony Morgan Danny Grehan 1994-1996
Morgan Morgans Rhys Devlin 1978-1979
Parch. Alun Morris Dorien Thomas 1983-1984
Glan Morris Cadfan Roberts 1989-1996
Teg Morris Yoland Williams 1991,1994-2004
Cassie Morris (née Nicholas) Sue Roderick 1991, 1994-2004
Beryl Nicholas Iris Jones 1997-2004
Alison Owen Manon Prysor 2001-2002
Olwen Owen Nesta Harris 1977, 1978, 1981, 1984, 1986-1989
Rob Owen Rolant Prys 2000-2002
Harri Parri Charles Williams 1974-1989
Alex Parry Ian Saynor 1994, 1997
Karen Parry Rhian Jones 1992-2002
Olwen Parry Toni Carrol 1989, 1992-1995, 1997, 2000
Rod Phillips Geraint Owen 1991-1996, 1998, 1999
Gina Phillips (née Walters) Catrin Fychan 1991-1998
Meic Pierce Gareth Lewis[4] 1975-1994, 1999-2015
Dr Powell Conrad Evans 1987-1991
John Powell Dennis Birch 1987-1989
Kevin Powell Iwan "Iwcs" Roberts 1988, 2007-2014, 2015, 2016
Meinir Powell Ruth Lloyd 1997-1998
Alan Price Meredudd Jones 2000
Ceridwen Price 1989
Dr Rachel Price Judith Humphreys 1995-1998
Tom Price Eric Wyn 1996
Arwel Pritchard Gwyn Parry 1989, 1996
Nellie Pritchard Beti Jones 1980
Barry John Probert Aled Rhydian Lloyd / Geraint Morgan 1982-1993
Kevin Probert Wyn Bowen Harries 1982-1986
Dr Gwyn Prosser Eryl Huw Phillips 1989-1991
Ted Prosser Stewart Jones 1990-1991
Dr Gareth Protheroe Edward Thomas 1986-1990
D.I Rees David Coslett 1978-1979
Denzil Rees Gwyn Elfyn 1984-2012
Marian Rees Buddyg Williams 2001-2016
Ann Rhys Nia Ceidiog 1983-1984
Dwayne Richards Darryl Shute / Paul Morgans 2000, 2005-2007, 2013
Dewi Roderick William Thomas 1974-1977, 1980-1984
Rhydian Samuel Aneirin Hughes 1991-1993
Rhian Roderick 1975-1977
Cai Rossiter Rhys ap William 1996, 2002-2010
Ivor Charles Seymore Elwyn Williams 1983-1988
Agnes Spotelli Sian Owen 1978-1982
Ron Steadman Wayne Carter 1996-1997
Dr Geraint Stephens Phil Reid 1997-2002
Edgar Sutton Gari Williams 1979-1985
Eifion Thomas 1977-1979
Parch. T L Thomas Dic Hughes 1974-1992
David Tushingham Islwyn Morris 1974-1996, 1999-2002
Maggie Tushingham (née Matthias) Harriet Lewis[5] 1974-1996
Billy Unsworth John Biggins[6] 1990, 1996
Marlene Unsworth Ella Hood 1990
Ron Unsworth Bernard Latham 1989, 1996, 2001
Maureen Walters Rebecca Harries 1996-1999, 2012
Neville Walters Aled Rhys Jones 1986-1988
Clem Watkins Glan Davies 1988-1997
D.S Watkins Emlyn Gomer 2001-2002
David White Ian Staples 2003
Gwen White Betsan Llwyd[7] 2002-2003
Huw White Rhys Hartley 2002-2014
Macs White Iwan Rheon / Rhys Bidder 2002-2004, 2008-2013
Brian Wilcox Ioan Hefin 1996-1997
Delyth Wilcox Nia Samuel 1996-1997
Alun Arwel Davies 1996-1997
Anna Gwenno Dafydd 1999, 2001
Barry Simon Fisher 2002
Beca Sarra Elgan Rees 1999
Dave Robert David 1996-1997
Dyl Craig Ryder 2001-2002
Fferat Alun ap Brinley 1984, 1991
Gavin Meilyr Sion 1996-2000
Graham Dorien Jones 1999-2000
Hayden Morgan Hopkins 1998-2000
Hedd Martyn Geraint 1990
Helen Lowri Steffan 1999
Hetty Margaret Williams 2000
J.J Llion Williams 2000
Madoc Iestyn Jones 1999
Mandy Eiry Thomas 1996-1997
Moggs Owen Morgan Jones 2001-2002
Pat Sioned Jones Williams 1996
Sally Llio Milward 2004
Sandra Buddyg Morgan 1989-1990
Shirl Cecily Rhys Jones 1990-1991
Steve Geraint Bevan 1997
Tony Jon Treganna 1989
Wendy Janet Aethwy 1990
Parch. William George Owen 2000-2003

Places in and around Cwmderi[edit]

Building Information-
APD Builders' merchants
Apêl Maenan Charity shop
Bethania Chapel
Bryn Tirion Dai and Diane's home
Caffi Meic Café
Cwm Delhi Indian restaurant
Cwm FM Radio station
Cysgod y Glyn Gethin, Ffion, Arwen, and Daniel's home
Deri Deithio Taxi service
Fferm Pen-rhewl DJ, Bobby, Arthur, and Cadno's home
Fflat Siop Sioned Eileen and Jim's home
Fflat y Caffi Sioned and Ed's home
Fflat y Deri Dani and Gary's home
Fflat y Salon Sheryl and Hywel's home
Fflat y Siop Chips Britt, Colin, Chester, and Catrin's home
21 Heol Llanarthur Hywel, Sheryl and Esther's home
39 Maes y Deri Current home of Kath, Mark, Debbie, Vicky, Ricky and Nicky
Moduron Monk Garage
Rhif 7 Iolo and Tyler's home
Rhif 9 Sara and Jason's home
Rhif 10 Anita and Kelly's home
Siop Sioned General store
Y Deri Pub
Y Felin Sion White's home
Y Salon Hairdressing salon
Ysgol Y Mynach Comprehensive school