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  • Original line-up formed in 1978. Chambers was the last to join, and did not appear on the band's first single ("Stop Your Sobbing"), which features session drummer Gerry Mcilduff.
  • This line-up records band's first two albums, Pretenders and Pretenders II.
  • In June 1982, Farndon was fired and Honeyman-Scott died two days later, bringing this line-up to an end. Farndon later died in April 1983.
  • Studio-only "caretaker" line-up until permanent replacements for Farndon and Honeyman-Scott could be found.
  • Records 1982 single "Back on the Chain Gang"/"My City Was Gone". (Both tracks are later included on Learning To Crawl.)
  • Very brief second "caretaker" incarnation. Convened after the "Chain Gang" single had been recorded and released, and the band began work on the remainder of the Learning To Crawl album.
  • This line-up records the track "Thin Line Between Love And Hate", later issued as a single and included on Learning To Crawl.
  • McIntosh and Foster joined Hynde and Chambers to create the new permanent line-up. Recorded remainder of 1984 album Learning To Crawl, began work on 1986 album Get Close.
  • Rupert Black was added for the Learning to Crawl tour and their Live Aid performance in 1985.
  • Foster and Chambers played on one track of 1986 album Get Close before being dropped. Hynde and McIntosh played with a variety of session musicians before hiring Stevens and Cunningham towards the end of the album sessions.
  • This line-up records about half of Get Close.
  • Worrell added for tour.
  • Still on tour, Worrell and Stevens were dropped. Foster rejoins.
  • McIntosh leaves, and Marr joined briefly from The Smiths. This line up issued one single ("Windows Of The World" b/w "1969") before Marr left to join The The. The group thereafter essentially dissolved.


  • Hynde was now the only permanent member, backed by session musicians for 1990 album Packed!.
  • Hynde begins working with Seymour and Rourke.
  • This line-up, augmented by session drummers, recorded most of 1994's Last of The Independents,
  • Chambers returned, and Hobson replaced Rourke.
  • This line-up finished Last of the Independents, stayed together for the next 13 years. Recorded Viva El Amor (1999) and Loose Screw (2002).
  • After Andy Hobson quit, Nick Wilkinson was chosen by Adam Seymour to play bass guitar on the band's Pirate Radio Tour.
  • Seymour left, and was replaced by two guitarists (Walbourne and Heywood).
  • Purportedly with Chambers' blessing (reports vary), Jim Keltner played drums on the 2008 studio album Break Up The Concrete. Chambers was still an official member of the band, and played on all live dates.
  • Band was inactive during much of 2010, as Hynde issued an album and toured with J.P. Jones (credited as "J.P., Chrissie and the Fairground Boys".)
  • Live dates resumed in 2011 and 2012.


Hiatus. Hynde issued a solo album in 2014.
  • The 2016 album Alone is recorded as a second Hynde solo effort, but is issued under the banner of The Pretenders. None of the other Pretenders play on the album.
  • The Pretenders reconvene with the same line-up as before the hiatus (Hynde, Chambers, Wilkinson, Walbourne, and Heywood). The band tour in support of the album Alone beginning in September 2016.