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This is a list of chapters of the defunct Sigma Tau (ΣΤ) engineering honor society.[1][2] Shown for each ΣΤ chapter are: chapter name, college or university (as named in 1974), ΣΤ charter year, campus location and, as applicable, the Tau Beta Pi (ΤΒΠ) chapter that merged with the ΣΤ chapter or the name of the new TBP chapter. In the 1974 merger of ΣΤ and ΤΒΠ, twelve (12) ΣΤ chapters were absorbed into ΤΒΠ chapters existing on the same campuses. Twenty-two (22) ΣΤ chapters were re-chartered as new ΤΒΠ Chapters at campuses where ΤΒΠ chapters did not exist.[3]

Sigma Tau (ΣΤ) Chapter School (as known in 1974) ΣΤ Charter Year Location Merged with this existing Tau Beta Pi Chapter (Charter Year) New Tau Beta Pi Chapter (1974) Notes
Alpha University of Nebraska–Lincoln 1904 Lincoln NE Nebraska Alpha
Beta University of Iowa 1908 Iowa City IA No record found of merger with Iowa Beta (1909) The Sigma Tau Chapter was inactive after 1911
Gamma University of Pennsylvania 1911 Philadelphia PA Pennsylvania Delta (1921)
Delta South Dakota State University[4] 1912 Brookings SD South Dakota Beta
Epsilon Kansas State University 1912 Manhattan KS Kansas Gamma (1974)
Zeta Oregon State University 1913 Corvallis OR Oregon Alpha (1924)
Eta Washington State University 1913 Pullman WA Washington Beta (1923)
Theta University of Illinois 1914 Urbana-Champaign IL No record found of merger with Illinois Alpha (1897) Theta Chapter may have been inactive before 1974
Iota University of Colorado 1914 Boulder CO Colorado Beta (1905)
Kappa Pennsylvania State University 1915 State College PA Pennsylvania Beta (1912)
Lambda University of Kansas 1915 Lawrence KS Kansas Alpha (1914)
Mu University of Oklahoma 1916 Norman OK Oklahoma Alpha (1926)
Nu Swarthmore College 1916 Swarthmore PA Pennsylvania Kappa
Xi George Washington University 1921 Washington, D.C. District of Columbia Gamma (1963)
Omicron University of Louisville 192x Louisville KY Kentucky Beta
Pi University of North Dakota 1922 Grand Forks ND North Dakota Beta
Rho University of Idaho 1922 Moscow ID Idaho Alpha
Sigma Oklahoma State University 1923 Stillwater OK Oklahoma Gamma
Tau South Dakota School of Mines and Technology 1923 Rapid City SD Soith Dakota Alpha
Upsilon University of Florida 1923 Gainesville FL Florida Alpha (1961)
Phi University of Akron 1925 Akron OH Ohio Kappa
Chi University of New Mexico 1928 Albuquerque NM New Mexico Beta
Psi University of Pittsburgh 1930 Pittsburgh PA Pennsylvania Lambda
Omega University of Wyoming 1932 Laramie WY Wyoming Alpha
Alpha Alpha Colorado State University 1936 Fort Collins CO Colorado Delta
Alpha Beta Southern Methodist University 1943 Dallas TX Texas Iota
Alpha Gamma New Mexico State University 1949 Las Cruces NM New Mexico Alpha
Alpha Delta Utah State University 1951 Logan UT [2] Utah Gamma
Alpha Epsilon University of Nevada, Reno 1952 Reno NV Nevada Alpha
Alpha Zeta Rice University 1953 Houston TX Texas Gamma (1940)
Alpha Eta Texas A&I University 1955 Kingsville TX Texas Lambda
Alpha Theta Youngstown State University 1955 Youngstown OH Ohio Lambda
Alpha Iota Bradley University 1955 Peoria IL Illinois Delta (1964)
Alpha Kappa Fresno State University 1968 Fresno CA California Rho
Alpha Lambda Prairie View A&M University 1971 Prairie View TX Texas Epsilon
Alpha Mu Christian Brothers College 1973 Memphis TN Tennessee Delta
Alpha Nu Trinity College (?) unknown Hartford CT (?) No record found of a TBP chapter
Omega Alpha National Chapter, possibly located at California State Technical College 1955? Unknown n/a


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