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National service is a form of compulsory conscription in Singapore. Male citizens and second generation permanent residents are required to undergo a two-year stint to serve full-time in either the SAF, SCDF or the SPF.

Due to training safety regulations, training deaths are rare, but do occur from time to time. Below is a list of reported deaths that resulted from training incidents:

National servicemen in order of death[edit]

Order National serviceman Date Age Incident Place
1 Third Sergeant (3SG) Ronnie Tan Han Chong
Lance Corporal (LCP) Low Yin Tit
9 March 1997 - A 155mm artillery round exploded in the barrel of a FH-2000 howitzer during a live-firing exercise conducted by the 23rd Battalion, Singapore Artillery. Twelve other servicemen were injured in the incident, including a liaison officer from the New Zealand Army. The explosion was caused by a defective fuze supplied by the Chartered Ammunition Industries which failed to ensure that the fuzes procured by its contractor met military specifications.[1] Waiouru Army Camp, New ZealandMount Vernon, Virginia
2 Lance-Corporal (LCP) (NS) Mohd Shahlan bin Abdul Rahim 15 May 2002 - Collapsed while taking his Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT), and died in hospital.[2] Clementi Camp, Singapore
3 Second Sergeant (2SG) Hu Enhuai 21 August 2003 - Died from asphyxia and near drowning during a POW survival training course. Four commando officers conducting the training were jailed for carrying out an inappropriate "dunking" procedure that led to his death.[3] Unspecified
4 Special Constable Trainee (TSC) Roslan Bin Saharo 15 May 2008 - Collapsed shortly after commencing a trial IPPT conducted at the Home Team Academy on 13 May 2008. He was reported to have been unwell before the run, and died in hospital two days later due to complications caused by heat stroke. Further enquiry found that he failed to report that he had a fever, and insisted on continuing the run despite concerns from squad-mates. Home Team Academy, Singapore
5 Recruit (REC) Andrew Cheah Wei Siong 10 June 2008 - Fainted during a 2 kilometre training walk as part of the enhanced Basic Military Training (BMT) for obese recruits. He was evacuated by helicopter to Singapore General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.[4] Pulau Tekong, Singapore
6 Officer Cadet Trainee (OCT) Lam Jia Hao Clifton[a] 12 June 2008 20 Collapsed during a jungle orientation training in Brunei; died in hospital.[6] Brunei
7 Private (PTE) Foo Wei Rong Joe 1 October 2008 20 Collapsed while doing pull-ups. He was later evacuated to Tengah Medical Centre, where the doctors tried to resuscitate him. He subsequently sent to National University Hospital while the medical doctor and medic continued their resuscitation attempt en route, but was subsequently pronounced dead.[7][8] Lim Chu Kang Camp, Singapore
8 Specialist Cadet Trainee (SCT) Ee Chun Sheng 2 August 2011 21 Heart defect[9] Ama Keng Training Area, Lim Chu Kang, Singapore
9 Corporal (CPL) Li Hong Yang 10 January 2012 28 Collapsed after completing the 2 kilometre run in the IPPT.[10] Kranji Camp, Singapore
10 Private (PTE) Dominique Sarron Lee Rui Feng 17 April 2012 21 Breathing difficulties triggered by an allergic reaction to smoke grenades[11] Lim Chu Kang, Singapore
11 Third Sergeant (3SG) Tan Mou Sheng 10 May 2012 20 Found pinned to his jeep and unconscious after its driver, 3SG Cavin Tan, lost control of the vehicle.[12] Marsiling, Singapore
12 Lance Corporal (LCP) Muhammad Fahrurrazi Bin Salim 12 August 2012 20 Went missing during a jungle training exercise. He was the coxswain in a convoy of four boats meant to support water crossing segment of the exercise. His body was found three days later, 200 metres from his last known position.[13] Sungai Batu Apoi river, Temburong, Brunei
13 Third Sergeant (3SG) Chan Hiang Cheng Gavin 15 September 2017 21 His Bionix Infantry Fighting Vehicle toppled sideways while he was guiding it out of difficult terrain;[14] he was heli-evacuated to Rockhampton Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.[15] Shoalwater Bay Training Area, Queensland, Australia
14 Private (PTE) Lee Han Xuan Dave[b] 30 April 2018 19 Displayed signs of hyperthermia on 18 April after completing an 8 kilometre fast march. Lee was evacuated to the camp's medical centre and subsequently transferred to Changi General Hospital, where he was warded in an intensive care unit, but his condition only worsened.[17] Bedok Camp, Singapore
15 Private (PTE) Liu Kai[c] 3 November 2018 22 Killed when a Bionix vehicle reversed into his Land Rover during a training exercise.[19] Jalan Murai, Singapore


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