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List of family Syrphidae genera, the Hoverflies of the order Diptera.

The family consists of more than 6000 living species. The internal taxonomy of the family and the number of genera varies greatly between sources leading to considerable discrepancy across the literature. This is currently in the process of reorganization on the basis of phylogenetic studies but knowledge is still incomplete, especially in light of recent studies of larval characters suggesting relationships which don't correspond with the phylogeny based solely on adult characters.

The current classification is therefore still based on the morphology of adults and basically refers to the taxonomic scheme adopted by Thompson & Rotheray in the Manual of Palaearctic Diptera (1998), which divides the family into three subfamilies and fourteen tribes.

The nomenclature given here is derived partly from the BioSystematic Database of World Diptera (BDWD), and a working classification created by a group of molecular biologists which no doubt will alter greatly in the future.[2]

The distribution of genera in traditional ecozones is derived from the biosystematics BDWD.



The subfamily Eristalinae (=Milesiinae) is subdivided into 9 tribes.

Tribe: Brachyopini[edit]

(=Chrysogasterini Shannon, 1922)

Tribe: Callicerini[edit]

(=Calliceratinae Brues & Melander, 1932)

Tribe: Cerioidini[edit]

Tribe: Eristalini[edit]

Subtribe: Helophilina[edit]

Tribe: Sericomyiini[edit]

Tribe: Eumerini[edit]

(=Merodontini, Medorontinae Edwards, 1915, Medorontinae Bezzi, 1915, Medorontidae Glumac & Vujic, 1990, Nausigasterinae Shannon, 1921)

Tribe: Milesiini[edit]


Subtribe: Criorhinina[edit]

Subtribe: Milesiina[edit]

Subtribe: Temnostomina[edit]

Subtribe: Tropidiina[edit]

Subtribe: Xylotina[edit]

Tribe: Rhingiini[edit]

(=Cheilosiini Cockerell, 1917)

Tribe: Volucellini[edit]


The arrangement of genera here follows the extensive revision carried out by Reemer & Ståhls (2013).[3]


The subfamily Syrphinae is subdivided into 4 well established tribes plus one former eristaline tribe (Pipizini).[13]

Tribe: Pipizini[edit]

Tribe: Bacchini[edit]


Tribe: Paragini[edit]

Tribe: Syrphini[edit]

(=Chrysotoxini). In Mengual et al. (2008) this tribe was resolved into two groups.

Syrphini (Group 1)[edit]

Syrphini (Group 2)[edit]

Syrphini (Group undetermined)[edit]

Tribe: Toxomerini[edit]

Genera of uncertain affinities[edit]

This section contains a list of genera for which the bibliography does not provide a clear systematic position. These genera are not intended as incertae sedis: It is likely that they have been given a formal taxonomic description or been defined in a subsequent revision, but not in the works consulted.

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  1. ^ Not to be confused with the very similar name Kerteszomyia (Diptera: Lauxaniidae)
  2. ^ With regard to the subgenus H. (Pilinasica) consisting of four species endemic to New Zealand, Thompson (2000, 2008) and Katzourakis et al. use the name Pilinascia instead. It is likely this has been the result of a spread of a misspelling as in the literature there have been no formal reviews of the name Pilinasica Malloch, 1922 with the exception of the proposal of a subgenus of Helophilus.
  3. ^ The genus was defined by Reemer (2008) to include two newly described species from Suriname, Surimyia minutula (= Paragodon minutulus) and Surimyia rolanderi. The review is quoted by Cheng & Thompson (2008) but not reported in BDWD where the species S. minutula is placed in the genus Paragodon.


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