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This is a list of Tensou Sentai Goseiger episodes. Each episode is referred to as an "epic".


Epic # Title Writer Original airdate

The Gosei Angels Descend[edit]

1 "The Gosei Angels Descend"
"Gosei Tenshi, Kōrin" (護星天使、降臨) 
Michiko YokoteFebruary 14, 2010

Prior to invading the Earth, the Universal Annihilation Army Warstar's leader Monsu Doreiku deploys Dereputa of the Meteor to destroy the Heaven's Tower, the only way that the Gosei Angels can travel between Earth and the Gosei World. Once the tower is destroyed, Dereputa is attacked by one of the Gosei Angels who had been on Earth at the time: Gosei Red.

Ten days later, a boy named Nozomu is being teased by some of his peers for apparently stealing a journal. Though it was an honest mistake, Nozomu thinks he shouldn't apologize as a voice in his head said otherwise. He then watches a baby stroller begin to roll down a flight of stairs until it is stopped by the owner of the voice: a young man who appeared inside a whirlwind. After he notices that a curious Nozomu saw him, the young man simply tells Nozomu to believe in himself pretend to ignore him. Before Nozomu can ask how the young man knows his name, he disappears, leaving behind a strange blank card. Elsewhere, a group of Demon Bug Soldiers Bibi start attacking until four Gosei Angels in black, yellow, blue, and pink fight them as the young man, Alata, joins them. However, he finds out he lost his Change Card as the others berate him while the blue Gosei Angel disperses the Bibi Soldiers with a Splash Card. Nozomu arrives to see the other four transform back into humans. While Alata is chewed out by Hyde, Agri, and Moune that without the card he can't use his power to fight as they are only Gosei Angels on Earth regardless of being apprentices, Eri then realizes they are being watched and uses a Gosei Card to bring Nozomu down to them as he gets the idea of who they are and what they are doing. Hyde prepares to erase Nozomu's memory of them to ensure their existence is not publicly revealed when Alata stops him, saying the boy is his friend and he can be trusted. The five leave Nozomu, who thinks about what he has been told when he realizes he still has the card with him. Sent to Earth by Monsu Doreiku, Mizogu of the Clump begins his attack by forming giant balls of rubble to attack humans with. The Gosei Angels arrive to stop him, but all but Alata are trapped in smaller balls of rubble as he frees his friends. Witnessing Alata in action, Nozomu gives him back his card. With the Change Card back in Alata's possession, all five Gosei Angels transform into the Goseigers. Using their Gosei Blasters and Headders to destroy the Bibi Soldiers, they call upon their Gosei Weapons to attack Mizogu, forming the Gosei Buster to finish off the Universal Insect Monster. After the fight, Alata finds Nozomu apologizing to Yuuta for the journal incident. However, the Gosei Angels' good mood is ruined by the arrival of Dereputa.[1] 

The Fantastic Goseigers[edit]

2 "The Fantastic Goseigers"
"Fantasutikku Goseijā" (ファンタスティック・ゴセイジャー) 
Michiko YokoteFebruary 21, 2010
After formally introducing himself and revealing Warstar's existence, Dereputa leaves, much to Alata's dismay. After Alata reveals that he has fought Dereputa, the Gosei Angels reflect on the legend of the Gosei Machines. Walking Nozomu home, Alata meets the boy's father Professor Shuichirou Amachi. As Eri and Hyde arrive to the site of Heaven's Tower, the Master Head attempts to contact them with a means to return to the Gosei World. Elsewhere, the Landick siblings battle the Universal Insect Monster Zaruwaku of the UFO and the Bibi Soldiers after they discover that Nozomu and several other people have been abducted. Contacting the other Gosei Angels, the Skick Goseigers arrive to aid them while Hyde manages to receive the Master Head's message. A solar flare that occurs once every 200 years will allow them to return to the Gosei World without the Heaven's Tower. Hyde arrives at the battle, finding the Landick siblings fighting with each other instead of fighting Warstar with the Goseigers of the Skick Tribe. He notifies the other Goseigers of the Master Head's message and then transforms to fight Zaruwaku. After Gosei Blue weakens Zaruwaku, he contacts the Master Head to say that they are staying on Earth. The Goseigers use the Gosei Buster to destroy Zaruwaku, freeing everyone. However, Buredoran of the Comet sends his Bibi Bugs to revive and enlarge Zaruwaku. The Goseigers' refusal to run away enables them to summon the Gosei Machines and battle Zaruwaku's UFO clones before forming Gosei Great to finish the monster off. After the fight, Hyde uses the Memorywash Card to erase the memories of everyone that was abducted to make sure that their mission remains secret. The Master Head watches on from the Gosei World, ruminating that things will not be easy for the Goseigers.[2] 

Landick Power Divided[edit]

3 "Landick Power Divided"
"Randikku Pawā, Bunretsu" (ランディックパワー、分裂) 
Michiko YokoteFebruary 28, 2010
As the Skick Gosei Angels move in with Nozomu as his dad's astronomy assistants, the Landick siblings finish setting up camp in the mountainside before training. However, in the middle of training, the siblings get into an argument over Moune's fighting skills before sensing the attack from Yuzeikusu of the Ice & Snow. Gosei Yellow battles the Universal Insect Monster on her own before Gosei Black intervenes as the Skick Gosei Angels and Hyde arrive to fight the Bibi Soldiers. But after Gosei Yellow gets hurt when her Rockrush Card is deflected back at her, Gosei Black forces Yuzeikusu to fall back as the male Goseigers pursue before the Bibi Soldiers interfere. Later, Agri and Moune get into another argument over her using an imperfect Tensou Skill. In retrospect to what Nozomu's father said to him earlier, Alata suggests to the others that they move in with them at the Amachi Astronomical Institute. The Landick Goseigers refuse before Moune runs off to fight Yuzeikusu make herself look better to her brother. By the time she finds Yuzeikusu, she fights him in a battle she cannot win. Elsewhere, Agri looks for Moune as Alata offers his aid and helps him realize the importance of friends as they find Gosei Yellow. After Gosei Black convinces her to let them help, the Goseigers battle Yuzeikusu together by cutting off the Universal Insect Monster's wings. Gosei Yellow wounds him before the team forms the Gosei Buster to finish the fight. The Bibi Bugs enlarge Yuzeikusu, and the Goseigers form Gosei Great to fight the Universal Insect Monster with the Snake and Tiger Headders before finishing him. Soon after, Hyde and the Landick Gosei Angels move into the Amachi Astronomical Institute.[3] 

Play the Angel's Song[edit]

4 "Play the Angel's Song"
"Hibike, Tenshi no Uta" (響け、天使の歌) 
Michiko YokoteMarch 7, 2010
While cleaning up the Amachi Astronomical Institute, the Landick siblings find an arcade machine. The Skick Gosei Angels work vigorously with Eri planting seeds and singing a song to them to help them grow. By then, the Teckric Alien Mazuarta of the Music arrives to play his ideal music to the people: pain-inducing rock music. As the Skick Gosei Angels are more sensitive to the sound then the others, Gosei Red and Gosei Pink are unable to fight as Mazuarta walks off after beating them. After returning from school, Nozomu learns what has happened as Alata and Eri attempt to cheer the others up despite their injuries. The others decide to fight without the Skick Gosei Angels are when the arcade machine comes to life, introducing himself as Datas from the Gosei World who the Master Head has sent to help in Warstar detection. With the Skick Angels left behind, the Goseigers head to the concert were Mazuarta is as Buredoran personally fights them while Mazuarta continues to play rock music amplified across the planet to subject the people of Earth to his song. However, Eri's singing voice is heard as Alata brings her to concert, negating Mazuarta's music as the broadcasting machine is destroyed. After Buredoran is driven off by the other Goseigers' Landsea Buster, the Skick Gosei Angels join them in using the Gosei Super Sonic attack before using the Gosei Buster to defeat Mazuarta. After the Bibi Bugs enlarge Mazuarta, Gosei Great is formed and they destroy him. Later, as the other Gosei Angels lose contact the Master Head through a sleeping Datas, the Skick Gosei Angels arrive with the flowers which they are more concerned with.[4] 

Magical Hyde[edit]

5 "Magical Hyde"
"Majikaru Haido" (マジカル・ハイド) 
Naruhisa ArakawaMarch 14, 2010
As Nozomu arrives in the middle of their meeting with the Master Head about other Headders on Earth, the Gosei Angels lose the reception as they were about to know how to summon them. After Hyde convinces the team they'll find the Headders eventually, Nozomu reveals a "Genius Cold" epidemic at his school as the gang decide who gets to train and who goes grocery shopping. Losing to the others, Hyde and Agri head off with the former running the later dragged across every grocery store to pick the best food from each. Hyde hears a female voice. Becoming Gosei Blue, he saves her from the Bugntes Alien Ucyuseruzo of the Influenza as he attacks her for following him. Though his Seaick Bowgun had no effect, Gosei Black's arrival forces the Universal Insect Monster to retreat while the woman comes to and sees the two Goseigers revert in front of her as Hyde asks why she was following Ucyuseruzo. Introducing herself as Dr. Renko Shikishima, she takes Hyde and Agri to her son Kenichi before he transforms into a Bibi Soldier as a side effect of the Genius Cold. While Alata and the girls are holding off the student-turned-Bibi Soldiers, after running off, Agri watches a broadcast of Renko announcing the creation of an antidote. Arriving as she is attacked by Ucyuseruzo, Agri realizes "Renko" is actually Hyde in disguise as Gosei Blue musters enough strength to use the Landick Ax to weaken Universal Insect Monster before using the Seaick Bowgun to take enough of his hemolymph for Renko to develop the antidote. The others arrive after holding the confining the converted Bibi Soldiers, forming the Gosei Buster to defeat Ucyuseruzo. After being enlarged by the Bibi Bugs, Ucyuseruzo overpowers Gosei Great with its own sword until Gosei Blue calls in the Seaick Brother Headders as they combine unto Gosei Great to form Seaick Gosei Great and destroy Ucyuseruzo. Later, as every child is cured to the Genius Virus and Renko, Hyde and Agri nearly reached an understanding until the former opens his mouth about the latter's weapon needing maintenance.[5] 

The Breakout Goseigers[edit]

6 "The Breakout Goseigers"
"Bureikuauto Goseijā" (ブレイクアウト・ゴセイジャー) 
Naruhisa ArakawaMarch 21, 2010
Finding Nozomu in the dumps about being teased for not being able to do pull-ups, Alata help him out by attempting it himself. But the boy runs off before Alata arrives to the others' aid against the super-fast Ylabungora Alien Hidou of the Swift Runner. Though Gosei Red manages to cripple Hidou with his ability to feel the wind, Dereputa intervenes and overpowers him before he leaves as the others join in. Later, as the obthers train to master Alata's ability so they can counter Hidou's speed, they learn from Nozomu that Alata is attempting pull-ups despite his injuries before Datas contacts them concerning Warstar activity. While the others fight Hidou, Gosei Red battles Dereputa and manages a pull-up to catch the villain off guard and defeat him before Dereputa escapes. Returning to the others after they use the Seaick Headders to defeat Hidou, Gosei Great is formed to fight the enlarged Universal Insect Monster. But overwhelmed by his speed, and Gosei Red unable to fight any further, the Landick siblings take control to chase down Hidou. Refusing to give up, the Landick siblings gain the Landick Brothers who combine unto to Gosei Great to form Landick Gosei Great who catches up to Hidou and defeats him. Later, vowing to train harder to defeat Dereputa as he finds Nozomu attempting pull-ups, Alata and the Gosei Angels cheer him on from afar.[6] 

Protect the Land![edit]

7 "Protect the Land!"
"Daichi o Mamore!" (大地を護れ!) 
Akatsuki YamatoyaMarch 28, 2010
After shopping, Eri and Agri help an old man named Jotaro who is kind to the former and mean to the latter to the point of challenging him to a sumo match with Eri on the line. Beating Agri easily, Jotaro takes Eri away as the others decide to sit this out and have Agri get Eri out of the predicament. To get her back, Agri finds himself doing manual labor and gardening for Jotaro. While taking a break, Agri and Eri learn of an attack by Warstar's Zuteramedorop Alien Abauta of Research. While fighting the Goseigers, Abauta purposely allows himself to be attacked before taking his leave with the fighting data he receives. Forced to return with Eri to his dismay, Agri resumes working the garden in full force while Eri notices a photo of Jotaro with his wife Sachiko. The next day, after Eri talks to Agri about Sachiko possibly being the man's deceased wife, Agri learns that the area of land he was not allowed to work on is a cabbage garden that was planted by Jotaro and Sachiko that Jotaro vowed to protect. By then, Abauta arrives to destroy all oxygen-producing plant life as Goseigers arrive to stop him. However, using the data he amassed from their previous fight, Abauta systematically defeats the Goseigers before flying towards the man's cabbage garden. Refusing to let Abauta destroy the cabbages, Gosei Black fights him with the new techniques he learned from the gardening. Once enlarged by the Bibi Bugs, after attempting to destroy the Snake Header until the Landick Brothers arrive to its aid, Abauta battles Landick Gosei Great before being destroyed. Later, after enjoying the vegetables Agri worked so hard on, the Goseigers are shocked to see Sachiko, explaining that she has just returned from a vacation, and Jotaro reveals that he has a thing for cute girls. This in turn causes a distraught Eri and Agri to beg Hyde to use his Memorywash Card on them.[7] 

Out of Control Gosei Power[edit]

8 "Out of Control Gosei Power"
"Gosei Pawā, Bōsō" (ゴセイパワー、暴走) 
Akatsuki YamatoyaApril 4, 2010
Nozomu is doing his homework by drawing a still life of a fruit bowl. When Alata takes a shot at it, he turns it down. However, before Eri reveals the reason for it, the Goseigers are alerted to an attack and run off to face the childish Totsneho Alien Fandaho of the Nonsense. Gosei Red is struck by Fandaho's attack while his guard is down. After the others manage to drive Fandaho off, the Goseigers revert while Alata remains as Gosei Red to everyone's shock. Eri and the Landick siblings attempt to get the suit off of Alata with Nozomu joining in after thinking of what may happen if people see Alata as Gosei Red. After Hyde realizes that Fandaho is the cause of this, Agri attempts to have Alata use his Tensou Techniques in hopes of restoring himself to normal. Both attempts fail with Professor Amachi getting hit by a lightning bolt and the trees around the institute catching fire. The next day, the Goseigers run off to face Fandaho, believing that if they defeat him it will help Alata. Using Fandaho's method against him, the other four Gosei Angels sucker punch him after tricking the monster for the means to restore their friend. But when they assume their Goseiger forms, Gosei Red reverts to Alata as Buredoran arrives to protect Fandaho. The four Goseigers lose to the more experienced Buredoran as Alata attempts to use his Tensou Techniques to break Fandaho's antenna. Deciding not to take chance, Buredoran uses the Bibi Bugs to enlarge Fandaho. Alata attempts to call Gosei Dragon, but cannot. Refusing to give up, Alata is forced to draw a very poor (but multi-colored) image on a blank Gosei Card and manages to summon the Exotic Brother Headders who attack Fandaho and break the antennae, thereby restoring Alata's Tensou Techniques. Forming Exotic Gosei Great, the Goseigers defeat Fandaho. Later, Alata joins Nozomu in drawing Professor Amachi while the others try to figure out Alata's summoning of the Exotic Brothers was a fluke.[8] 

Gotcha☆Gosei Girls[edit]

9 "Gotcha☆Gosei Girls"
"Gatcha Gosei Gāruzu" (ガッチャ☆ゴセイガールズ) 
Michiko YokoteApril 11, 2010
After returning from jogging, and setting up a meeting to set up some house rules, Moune gets into a fight with Eri over the girl's laziness and sweet tooth. The two argue as they draft Alata to get some ice cream with them, until they learn of an attack by the Bswa Alien Irian of the Queen Bee as she has Bibi Soldiers capture men that she paralyzes with her poison. The others arrive as Gosei Blue and Gosei Black are defeated by Irian. Red is soon also paralyzed, leaving Yellow and Pink to be overpowered by the Universal Insect Monster. After coming to, with Eri following after her, Moune contacts Datas who cannot find their allies' location. Using male trees, Moune uses her Landick abilities to track down Irian's location as she begins converting her male victims into her personal furniture. Once Moune and Eri find her, Gosei Yellow fights Irian after using a Gosei Card that bind Gosei Pink to prevent her rom becoming part of the fight for her own good. Gosei Pink, wanting to save Moune soon breaks free, gaining the Skick Brothers Card and using the Crow Headder to free Gosei Yellow, then the Taka Headder to weaken Irian. The two female Goseigers then defeat Irian with their Ultimate Dinosaur Trick attack, freeing the Universal Insect Monster's victims. After Irian grows to gigantic proportions, the Goseigers form Gosei Great to battle Irian before using the Skick Brothers to form Skick Gosei Great to destroy the Universal Insect Monster. Later, the girls berate Alata for comparing them to dinosaurs as they drag him off to get some ice cream with the other male Gosei Angels and Nozomu watching from a safe distance.[9] 

Hyde's Partner[edit]

10 "Hyde's Partner"
"Haido no Aibō" (ハイドの相棒) 
Michiko YokoteApril 18, 2010
As Nozomu leaves for a friend's birthday party, Hyde leaves to pay his respects to a fallen Seaick Gosei Angel until he sees the last person he ever expected to see: Luview Alien Kurasuniigo of the 5000°C. Losing his cool at the sight of the monster, Gosei Blue battles Kurasuniigo and loses to the stronger opponent as the other Goseigers arrive. Gosei Blue tells them not to interfere with this fight, surprising the others. When Kurasuniigo takes his leave, the others demand an explanation for Hyde's sudden change of behavior as the Master Head appears on Datas's screen and asks Hyde if he has forgotten his mission as a Gosei Angel. Hyde leaves as the Master Head reveals that Hyde had a partner as a Seaick Gosei Angel whom he fought alongside with named Magis until they both fought Kurasuniigo. In that fight, Magis as Gosei Green sacrificed himself to save Hyde, and Hyde blames himself for his best friend's death at the hands of Kurasuniigo. The next day, Hyde uses Datas to find clues about Kurasuniigo, until he overloads Datas's processors. By then, Professor Amachi arrives with a friend of his, Professor Sakana-kun, who is as much of a fish fanatic as Amachi is into the stars. The others have Hyde help out the young professor, seeing the man's aquarium which reminds him of his duty as a Gosei Angel. Elsewhere, the other Goseigers fight Kurasuniigo as he is evaporating the sea with his heat powers. The four lose until Hyde arrives with the intent to protect the sea rather than take revenge. Gosei Blue manages to defeat Kurasuniigo before the Gosei Buster is formed to take the monster out. Gosei Great is then formed to fight the enlarged Kurasuniigo, overcoming his heat attack with the Seaick Brothers before becoming Seaick Gosei Great to destroy Kurasuniigo. Later, Hyde returns to pay his final respects to Magis and ask him to wish him luck in fulfilling his mission before the others arrive to cheer him up.[10] 

Spark, Landick Power[edit]

11 "Spark, Landick Power"
"Supāku Randikku Pawā" (スパーク・ランディックパワー) 
Naruhisa ArakawaApril 25, 2010
Annoyed with the Goseigers' interference, Monsu Doreiku sends Yokubabanger of the Electric Shock to deal with them. With the others curious about where Moune's been going for days, they find her at a General Hospital in a cheerleader outfit as she and other girls are cheering up a hospitalized girl named Miku who is about to be operated on. After Moune reveals that she secretly used her Sparkquake Gosei Card to make an encouraging message for Miku, the Gosei Angels then respond to Yokubabanger's attack as he absorbs electric energy and uses it to blow things up. Though Goseigers get the upper hand while he was low on energy, Yokubabanger wounds are healed as he starts absorbing all electric energy in the city district to easily defeat the Goseigers. After learning of the more harmful indirect damage caused by the Universal Insect Monster, finding the emergency power in Miku's operating room out, Gosei Yellow leads the second attack. By then, Monsu Doreiku reveals himself as he heals Yokubabanger again to defeat the Goseigers. Unable to stand by anymore, Datas runs towards the hospital with a plan to save Miku while telling Gosei Yellow to use the Sparkquake and dance up enough electricity for Datas to amplify. Gosei Yellow manages to overload Yokubabanger while Datas restores the operating room's power. Enlarged after taking the Landick Bullet, Gosei Great is formed to fight Yokubabanger. However, Yokubabanger drains the giant robot of its power to get the upper hand as Datas feels powerless to do anything about it until he conjured the Hyper Change Headder Card. Giving it to Gosei Yellow as he enlarges, Datas becomes Datas Hyper and destroys Yokubabanger. As Monsu Doreiku is angered from the outcome and vows to put the Goseigers in their place, Moune thanks Datas for his help before she checks on Miku as she just came out from her operation.[11] 

The Miraculous Gosei Headder Great Assembly[edit]

12 "The Miraculous Gosei Headder Great Assembly"
"Mirakuru Gosei Heddā Daishūgō" (ミラクル・ゴセイヘッダー大集合) 
Naruhisa ArakawaMay 2, 2010
Refusing to waste more of his time with the Goseigers, Monsu Doreiku decides to go to Earth personally to use technique he and Dereputa used on to destroy countless worlds before. Reflecting on how he joined Warstar's high-ranking members, Dereputa proceeds to set up the area for Monsu Doreiku's plan. Arriving, the Gosei Angels transform and battle Dereputa but he separates Gosei Red from the others for Monsu Doreiku to fight. With the Goseigers defeated, and unable to use their Gosei Power after Dereputa tells them off for being out of their league, the Master Head intervenes and spirits the Goseigers off. Ending up back at the Amachi Astronomical Institute, after Datas snaps them out of their confusion, he presents the Goseigers a message from the Master Head about combining all of their powers to save the Earth and regain their Gosei Powers. By then, Monsu Doreiku has Dereputa stab him in order perform the Gravity Fall ceremony to pull the Moon closer into Earth's gravity, threatening all life on the planet. After communing with their respective elements to regain their Gosei Power from the Earth itself by remembering their purpose, the Gosei Angels regroup to seal Monsu Doreiku's powers to save the Earth before joining Gosei Red in defeating Dereputa. By the time Monsu Doreiku breaks free from the attack, Dereputa is hit by a Gosei Dynamic and is forced to fallback. Enraged by his defeat, Dereputa loses his composure and demands that Buredoran send Bibi Bugs to make him become a giant in size. The Goseigers form Gosei Great, with Datas Hyper arriving to help, but the robots cannot defeat Dereputa. Remembering the Master Head's message, Gosei Red summons the Skick, Landick, and Seaick Brothers to combine with Gosei Great and Datas Hyper to form Hyper Gosei Great. With their combined powers, Hyper Gosei Great performs the Hyper Headder Strike and destroys Dereputa. With the Earth safe from the Warstar forces once more, the Goseigers rest under the shade of a tree, thanking the Earth for helping return their powers.[12] 

Run! The Mystic Runner[edit]

13 "Run! The Mystic Runner"
"Hashire! Misutikku Rannā" (走れ!ミスティックランナー) 
Akatsuki YamatoyaMay 9, 2010
Finding Buredoran with the Hognlo Alien Powereddark of Mutation, Monsu Dorieku gives him the task to succeed to avenge Dereputa and rid them of the Goseigers. At the Amachi Astronomical Institute, Alata gets chewed up by Eri for getting his Gosei Cards mixed in with some playing cards until Datas alerts the Gosei Angels to Powereddark's assault. However, Powereddark uses the Power Seeds Buredoran gave him to counter all of the Goseigers' attack until Alata uses the Comprethunder Card which the monster has no counter for, before he retreats when the others learn that Gosei Pink cannot use the attack. Deciding to train herself to perform the execution of Comprethunder, Eri takes Alata to the mountainside in order to help her master it as the others watch from a distance. But instead of training her, Alata treats to a strawberry parfait before taking her to see a good view of Shinjuku's skyline. Annoyed with him, Eri ditches him to train on her own before he arrives to support her. By then, Eri realizes that Alata's lessons are the same ones she taught him to master his Gosei Techniques when they were children and her desire to protect what she likes would master Comprethunder. But though Eri is able to use the Comprethunder Card, Powereddark resumes his attack with his own Comprethunder counter. Joined by Buredoran, who reveals that any attack the Goseigers have will have no effect on Powereddark. But the Skick Gosei Angels' refusal to give up allows them to use modified versions of their Comprethunder Cards to overpower Powereddark's counter. As Buredoran stops them from using the Gosei Blaster, the Goseigers' refusal to give up gains them a new Gosei Card to summon the Mystic Brothers: the Mystic Runner and the Egg Headder. After the Mystic Runner kicks Buredoran off the distance, it kicks the Egg Headder at Powereddark to finish him off. Enlarged by the Bibi Bugs, Gosei Great is formed to fight Powereddark as the Mystic Brothers enlarge as well and combine with Gosei Great to form Mystic Gosei Great, who destroys Powereddark. Later, at the Amachi Astronomical Institute, Eri starts developing feelings for Alata as she watches him play cards with the others.[13] 

Birth of the Ultimate Tag Team![edit]

14 "Birth of the Ultimate Tag Team!"
"Saikyō Taggu Tanjō!" (最強タッグ誕生!) 
Akatsuki YamatoyaMay 16, 2010
Arriving to the Indevader, Targate of the Satellite learns of Dereputa death's and decides to provide his services to become Monsu Doreiku's right hand man. Datas detects the monster's arrival as Moune and Hyde were in the middle of an argument. Arriving to the scene of Targate's attack, they witness the buildings sinking down via space distortion. Splitting up, Hyde and Moune confront Targate as he takes advantage of their arguing to suck them into a space distortion. As the other Goseigers are forced to fall back, Hyde and Moune find themselves in a dimensional prison as the latter attempts to break them out before the former finds the portal from her attempts. Working together, Gosei Blue and Gosei Yellow return to their space as Targate overpowers the other Goseigers. After they defeat Targate, with the Gosei Buster ineffective against him, the Goseigers use execute Sky-Land-Sea Bullet to defeat him. However, Targate enlarges as Gosei Great is formed and Datas Hyper arrives for support. After they take out his left hand gauntlet, Mystic Gosei Great is formed and finishes Targate off with a Mystic Strike/Datas Dynamic Crush combo with the buildings restored. Unable to take another failure, Monsu Doreiku decides to personally destroy the Goseigers.[14] 

Countdown! The Life of the Earth[edit]

15 "Countdown! The Life of the Earth"
"Kauntodaun! Hoshi no Inochi" (カウントダウン!地球の命) 
Michiko YokoteMay 23, 2010
With Dereputa and Targate dead, Monsu Doreiku decides put an end to the Gosei Angels' interference once and for all by removing all the oxygen from the planet before telling the residents of Earth they have a day until they are exterminated. After Datas pinpoints his location, the Gosei Angels confront Monsu Doreiku and unable to defeat him he spares them to live long enough to see the end of the world. Overhearing them as they learn about Monsu Doreiku, Nozomu starts to lose hope as Alata tells him that it will all work out before the Gosei Angel head to Monsu Doreiku's location. Though having troubles breathing, the Goseigers battle Monsu Doreiku while Nozomu gets Yuuta and the others to continue their soccer practice. Unfazed by the Gosei Dynamic, Monsu Doreiku eats a Bibi Bug to assume a giant form and reveals the rest of his plan: Having Buredoran pilot the Indevader, storing Earth's oxygen in it, on a direct course with the planet to cause a massive explosion. The Goseigers form Gosei Great to fight Monsu Doreiku while Mystic Datas Hyper tries to stop the Indevader, both having zero success as Monsu Doreiku removes the Headders from the fight. All seemed hopeless until the Goseigers summon all the Headders, disabling Monsu Doreiku as Hyper Gosei Great is formed and destroy both him and the Indevader in one hit. Soon after, with Earth's oxygen level restored and everyone's memory of the catastrophe erased, the Gosei Angels return home.[15] 

Dynamic Alata[edit]

16 "Dynamic Alata"
"Dainamikku Arata" (ダイナミックアラタ) 
Michiko YokoteMay 30, 2010
With Warstar defeated, the Goseigers celebrate their victory with Alata the only one not enjoying himself. Datas gets a message from the Master Head congratulating them and allowing them to finally take a break from saving the world and for them to ponder their future as Gosei Angels. While Alata remains behind with feelings of dread, he senses that Eri is in danger as she is attacked by an unknown assailant. This attacker then goes after the Landick siblings during their work out while Hyde returns to the Amachi Astronomical Institute. Eri reveals that her attacker is none other than Dereputa. Though his opponents tell him that Warstar's no more, Dereputa defeats the Landick siblings as Alata and Hyde find them with Datas's help. Learning that Dereputa is bent on revenge against Alata for having his honor strained by taking out their friends, Hyde decides to face Dereputa as he conjures a meteor shower to call out the remaining two Gosei Angels. Arriving to his location, the Gosei Angels learn from Dereputa on how he survived Hyper Gosei Great's attack and came to the realization that he had to discard everything and everyone to prove his superiority. After taking Gosei Blue out of the fight when he takes a hit meant for Gosei Red, Dereputa focuses his attention on Alata after Hyde gives him encouragement. With the others arriving to cheer him on, Gosei Red defeats Dereputa for good. However, as a resting Alata is finally able to move on and the Gosei Angels' battle with the Universal Annihilation Army Warstar is finally over, a new evil emerges from a container unearthed by Dereputa's meteors.[16] 

A New Enemy! The Yuumajuu[edit]

17 "A New Enemy! The Yuumajuu"
"Aratana Teki! Yūmajū" (新たな敵!幽魔獣) 
Naruhisa ArakawaJune 6, 2010
Two days after Warstar has been finally defeated, the Gosei Angels follow Alata when he senses an evil presence. This leads them back to the area where he recently defeated Dereputa and they find footprints and a hole. They are then contacted by Datas of weird occurrences in the city; several people have been dissolved into piles of sludge by a strange slime. Among the victims is the Prime Minister. As the Landick siblings follow the tunnel, Hyde analyzes the slime for Datas while the Skick Angels watch the news of mysterious deaths and realize a pattern. Once contacted by the Landick siblings and Hyde confirming the sludge remains would harm the planet, the Gosei Angels set up a trap to confront the monster responsible: Tomarezu of the Tsuchinoko who is a member of the Earth Condemnation Group Yuumajuu. The group's leaders, Makuin of the Blob and Kinggon of the Bigfoot, appear and explain that they were sealed away ten millennia ago before being released back into the world to once more turn it into a poisoned world. While Gosei Blue battles Tomarezu, the Landick siblings fight Kinggon and the Skick Gosei Angels deal with Makuin, but none of them are able to hurt their opponents as the powers of the Yuumajuu have been enhanced by today's pollution. Tomarezu manages to spray the Goseigers with his slime as Datas comes to their aid. Overpowered by the Yuumajuu, it seems hopeless for the Goseigers when a new figure joins the fight: Gosei Knight. While Gosei Knight destroys Tomarezu, restoring his victims to normal, the reinvigorated Goseigers battle Makuin and Kinggon before the two Yuumajuu escape. After Tomarezu revives as giant vehicle, Gosei Knight turns himself into the Groundion Headder as he becomes Groundion and destroys the Yuumajuu. After assuming his usual form, Gosei Knight leaves the Gosei Angels without a word to their shock. In their base, Makuin and Kinggon wonder why Tomarezu was able to enlarge until they are joined by the one responsible: their old ally Buredoran.[17] 

The Earth Purifying Knight of Destiny[edit]

18 "The Earth Purifying Knight of Destiny"
"Hoshi o Kiyomeru Shukumei no Kishi" (地球を浄める宿命の騎士) 
Naruhisa ArakawaJune 13, 2010
After learning more about the Yuumajuu from the Master Head and that Gosei Knight is an evolved Headder, the Gosei Angels learn that Gosei Knight is attack an industrial plant. As they confront Gosei Knight in an attempted to stop him from destroying the building, they learn more about how he gained his current form by making a pact with the planet as its protector after losing contact with his Gosei Angel allies in the past. While this occurs, Makuin revives Zeibu of the Mummy as he turns the staff of TV Azuma into his mummified slaves to air his deadly Yuumajuu channel. Nozomu brings it to their attention as the Gosei Angels arrive to the TV studio. But they are halted by the Bibi Soldiers under Buredoran, reintroducing himself as the Yuumajuu Buredoran of the Chupacabra, while Zeibu barricades the building with a barrier. As Buredoran leaves, Groundion arrives to destroy the building. Assuming his humanoid form, Gosei Knight gives the Goseigers five minutes to save the humans inside with Gosei Red reasoning with him. Managing to get in through the basement, the Goseigers fight their way through Bibi Soldiers as time runs out before the Landick siblings are forced out while covering their allies. As the Landick siblings try to keep Gosei Knight at bay after time is up, the others battle Zeibu in a televised fight. Bringing Zeibu outside, the Goseigers stand aside as Gosei Knight defeats Zeibu and breaks his hold over the people. But when the Bibi Bugs revive Zeibu, Gosei Knight sees him no longer a threat to the world as he accepts Gosei Red's offer to watch them fight in Gosei Great, using alternate formations to weaken Zeibu before forming Hyper Gosei Great to destroy him. As Gosei Knight takes his leave, still seeing the Gosei Angels' intent on saving people to have no meaning in saving the Earth, Buredoran thinks up a scheme to make use of him.[18] 

Gosei Knight Will Not Allow It[edit]

19 "Gosei Knight Will Not Allow It"
"Gosei Naito wa Yurusanai" (ゴセイナイトは許さない) 
Saburo YatsudeJune 20, 2010
As the Gosei Angels talk about the turn of events with Gosei Knight with the intent to grant his trust much to Agri's dismay, Buredoran finds Giemurou of the Kappa to use in his own plan for Gosei Knight. After using his ticks to capture several people, Giemurou battles the Goseigers before Gosei Knight arrive. Overpowering the Yuumajuu at first, nearly getting some people caught in the crossfire as Gosei Black is unable to save a little girl named Kanako from a tick, Gosei Knight is captured with Buredoran's aid. Later, as they try to make amends with Kanako's father, the Gosei Angels reveal their identities while promising to save the girl before others leave to find her as Moune consoles her brother. After hearing the man telling his wife to believe in them, Agri gains the strength to join his team. While this occurred, finding himself trapped and his Leon Cellular taken, Gosei Knight's power is siphoned by the tick and transferred to the hostages, turning them into Kappas and have them covert other humans while they suck up Earth's waters. As Gosei Blue and Pink fight Giemurou with the Landick siblings arriving for support, Gosei Knight is horrified to learn of Buredoran's scheme as Gosei Red battles him. As the two fights collide, Gosei Knight grieves about being used to kill the planet until the Landick siblings snap him of it before they attempt to free him to his shock. Seeing the Goseigers' determination to save the world, Gosei Knight breaks free from his cage and battles Buredoran and Giemurou, defeating the latter as Buredoran summons the Bibi Bugs to enlarge Giemurou. Stopping the Goseigers from summoning their Headders, Gosei Knight summons the Knight Brothers into battle as he becomes Groundion, combining with them to become Gosei Ground and destroy Giemurou. Later, as Kanako is reunited with her parents as Agri erases their memories of the incident, Gosei Knight turns down their offer of joining them before he takes his leave as Alata tells him their missions are the same.[19] 

Fall In Love Goseigers[edit]

20 "Fall In Love Goseigers"
"Fōrin Rabu Goseijā" (フォーリンラブ・ゴセイジャー) 
Kento ShimoyamaJune 27, 2010
Meeting a lovesick high school student named Takuya, the Gosei Angels are drafted by Nozomu to aid the high school boy in winning the love of Mizuki Takazaki, a girl in his school. While that occurs, Makuin revives Pesaranza of the Keseran-Pasaran, whose specialty is devouring the persistent love in human hearts. The next day, as Takuya tries to win Mizuki's heart with the Gosei Angels' aid, Pesaranza starts feeding off of the love of people by making them love crazy. Finding Gosei Knight as he confronts Pesaranza, the Goseigers stop him as he sucks the lives out of his victims and dodges the Goseigers' attacks before escaping sensing Takuya's love and going after him while destroying his chances with Mizuki. After finding Takuya and convincing him not to give up, he battles Pesaranza. Once the others arrive, the Goseigers and Gosei Knight freeze the Yuumajuu to defeat him with their Dynamic attack combo. Forming Gosei Great and Gosei Ground to battle the enlarged Pesaranza, the Goseigers form Skick Gosei Great to execute a Skick Strike/GrounDrastic combo to destroy the Yuumajuu. Later, as everyone is restored to normal, Takuya manages to become Mizuki's friend as the Gosei Angels watch from afar.[20] 

Elegant Eri[edit]

21 "Elegant Eri"
"Ereganto Eri" (エレガント・エリ) 
Michiko YokoteJuly 4, 2010
After having a breakfast made by Eri, the Gosei Angels respond to the chaos caused Waraikozou of the Gremlin as Gosei Knight saves a truck driver. During the attempt to catch up to Waraikozou, a baker gets hurt in the process. Feeling bad about it, Eri takes over his bakery to bake a birthday cake he was hired for, regardless of her lack of cooking skills. While Eri explains the baker's condition to a mother and vows to her son to make the birthday cake, the others and Gosei Knight confront Waraikozou. While gathering ingredients, Eri confronts Gosei Knight who is disgusted by her actions as Hyde defends her while taking Gosei Knight to the battle. After finishing the cake, Eri arrives to help the others with flour to hamper Waraikozou's movement while using a bowl to beat him before the Goseigers execute the Skick Bullet attack to defeat Waraikozou. Forming Gosei Great and Gosei Ground, they destroy the enlarged Waraikozou with a Great Strike/GrounDrastic combination attack. Soon after, as everyone at the Amachi Astronomical Institute enjoy Eri's cake, Gosei Knight questions the Gosei Angels' intent to make people smile. While this occurs, Makuin enlists the aid of a Yuumajuu who battled Groundion in the past.[21] 

Over the Rainbow[edit]

22 "Over the Rainbow"
"Ōbā Za Reinbō" (オーバー・ザ・レインボー) 
Michiko YokoteJuly 18, 2010
After accepting Makuin's offer to finish things with Groundion, Uobouzu of the Nessie starts attacking humans by going on a shadow-eating spree. When the Goseigers arrive, Gosei Knight recognizes the attacks to be Uobouzu's work as the Yuumajuu reveals himself. With the Goseigers unable to fight back, Gosei Knight tries to fight Uobouzu, but Uobouzu takes his leave when a cloud blocks the sunlight. Later, as Gosei Knight feels that the current Gosei Angels are weak compared to their predecessors, the Master Head describes to the others Groundion's fight with Uobouzu in the past, but this is cut short as Datas reveals that they need to destroy the Yuumajuu to save his victims. The next day, Uobouzu resumes his attack before the Goseigers intervene and attempt to use their Tensou Techniques to create a rain storm, preventing Uobouzu from eating any more shadows. Gosei Knight arrives as the plan fails and fights Uobouzu himself until the Goseigers come to his aid. Understanding that the Goseigers' intent to help him and using their shadows as bait to trap Uobouzu, Gosei Knight assumes his Headder form to rip the Yuumajuu's tongue off before using the Knight Dynamic attack to defeat Uobouzu. When Uobouzu is revived through the Bibi Bugs, the Goseigers form Gosei Great and Gosei Knight becomes Gosei Ground to fight the enlarged Uobouzu. The two formations are not strong enough to defeat the Yuumajuu and are broken up. While things look grim, the Goseigers and Gosei Knight decide to combine their Gosei Machines to form Ground Gosei Great. Together, they destroy Uobouzu before it starts raining. Soon after, Gosei Knight finally accepts the Gosei Angels but he feels they need a bit more training. He takes his leave, as a rainbow forms in the sky after the rain stops.[22] 

Burn! Goseigers[edit]

23 "Burn! Goseigers"
"Moero! Goseijā" (燃えろ!ゴセイジャー) 
Naruhisa ArakawaJuly 25, 2010
Hyde and Agri find Alata drawing Gosei Knight as the girls are about to head out with Nozomu and Professor Amachi to go to the beach to watch some fireworks. But while at the beach, Kinggon sends Zaigo of the Skyfish to carry out a scheme to cause global warming by causing his victims to feel hot on the inside and turn on their air conditioners. The girls find Zaigo and transform, but soon find themselves at a disadvantage by feeling overheated in their own suits until the male Goseigers arrive. However, they are no match for Zaigo's super speed as Hyde too becomes affected by Zaigo's attack as he uncovers the Yuumajuu's weakness shortly before Zaigo escapes. As Zaigo continues his attack, he discovers that the village he is attacking is ecologically-minded, setting back his plan. An enraged Kinggon kidnaps the female Gosei Angels in blind retaliation. Learning of the kidnapping, Alata and Agri head out to the cape with Hyde joining them, as his Tensou Techniques are needed to deal with Zaigo, while trying to keep himself cool along the way. They arrive as Zaigo lights the fuses on several fireworks to send the girls to a firework-themed death. Gosei Black fights Zaigo while Gosei Red tries to keep Hyde cool as he fights off the Bibi Soldiers. Using the Istop Card, Gosei Blue freezes Zaigo for the others to smash him to bits as Mystic Datas Hyper saves the girls, though losing their bikini tops in the process. They quickly transform to angrily attack the now giant Zaigo. As Gosei Knight arrives to help out, the Goseigers form Ground Gosei Great. With Mystic Datas Hyper, Ground Gosei Great is able to finally defeat Zaigo. Later that night as everyone watches the fireworks, Hyde catches a cold and the others decide to take him home. Meanwhile Buredoran hears a distant roar, which also catches the attention of Gosei Knight, and immediately recognizes it.[23] 

The Miracle Attack Goseigers[edit]

24 "The Miracle Attack Goseigers"
"Mirakuru Atakku Goseijā" (ミラクルアタック・ゴセイジャー) 
Naruhisa ArakawaAugust 1, 2010
Sensing it earlier, Buredoran unearths the site of the Abare Headder. However, he cannot reach the Abare Headder due to a barrier and sends the giant Semattarei of the Brocken Spectre to force the Goseigers into the open so they can retrieve it for him. When the Goseigers find Semattarei and form Gosei Great to fight him, they are caught off guard by the Yuumajuu as he resurrects several other members of the Yuumajuu that the Goseigers destroyed. The revived monsters overpower Gosei Great before a giant Gosei Knight intervenes, revealing that the Goseigers' opponents are nothing but illusions. The Goseigers exit Gosei Great to find Gosei Knight fighting Semattarei, as Gosei Knight reveals that the Yuumajuu are after the Abare Headder and tells the Goseigers to go find it first. As they arrive to the site of the Abare Headder, they find Buredoran and seemingly drive him off after an attack. The Goseigers are able to get through the barrier to the Abare Headder when Buredoran returns and steals it away, revealing that he had used them to break through the barrier. The Master Head explains that the Abare Headder has vast dangerous powers that makes Alata curious, but Datas interrupts the message to tell the Gosei Angels that Buredoran and Semattarei have returned and are attacking. As the Goseigers and Gosei Knight arrive to fight, Buredoran uses the Abare Headder to power up Semattarei and make his illusions real. As the revived Yuumajuu overpower the Goseigers, Gosei Red realizes that the Abare Headder is fighting against Buredoran. Gosei Red grabs the Abare Headder and senses that it is only angry and dangerous because it fears its own power. Gosei Red offers his friendship to the Abare Headder which causes it to transform into the Miracle Dragon Headder. It summons its companions and the five Miracle Gosei Headders conjure up the Gosei Tenswords for each of the Goseigers, transforming them into the Super Goseigers. With their new powers, the Goseigers force Buredoran to retreat and destroy Semattarei and his mirage Yuumajuu. The Gosei Angels thank the Miracle Gosei Headders for their help as the Headders become Miracle Gosei Power Cards to summon them later. Elsewhere, Buredoran is confronted by Makuin and Kinggon who express their disappointment in his actions and failure.[24] 

Nostalgic Moune[edit]

25 "Nostalgic Moune"
"Nosutarujikku Mone" (ノスタルジック・モネ) 
Kento ShimoyamaAugust 8, 2010
After placing Buredoran in a cell for indirectly helping the Goseigers get a new power, Makuin ensures Kinggon that he has a plan to remedy this turn of events. At the Amachi Astronomical Institute, having recurring dreams of a woman calling out for her, Moune is overconfident about having the Miracle Gosei Headders. Taking her leave as the others wish to uncover more about Buredoran, Moune hears the voice from her dream and finds the woman to be her mother who has her promise not to tell anyone about her, not even Agri. But when Datas contacts, Moune is forced to leave her as she joins the Goseigers as the others assume their Super forms to fight Makuin with Gosei Knight aiding them. By the time Gosei Yellow arrives, Makuin takes his leave. As Moune returns to her mother, who would like to take her back to Gosei World. Given time to decide, Moune asks Eri for advice before Agri confronts her about her sudden behavior, driving her off. The next day, Moune meets with her mother and accepts the offer as Makuin resumes his attack. Realizing Moune's being targeted, yet conflicted, Agri tells the others that she would. But as Moune realizes her "mother" is an impostor, Gosei Knight exposes the fake as Sarawareteil of the Yōsei. Becoming Gosei Yellow, she and Gosei Knight battle Sarawareteil as the others deal with Makuin before he takes his leave after a Bibi Soldier tells him his scheme has failed. Once the others arrive, the Super Goseigers and Gosei Knight defeat Sarawareteil before forming Ground Gosei Great to destroy her. Later that night, Moune and Agri make up as the latter recognizes his little sister to have matured a bit.[25] 

The Laughing Gosei Angels[edit]

26 "The Laughing Gosei Angels"
"Gosei Tenshi, Bakushō!" (護星天使、爆笑!) 
Kento ShimoyamaAugust 15, 2010
Attending the Summer Festival comedy show with the other Gosei Angels, Hyde cannot get the punch lines of an owarai duo to the others' dismay as they tell him to loosen up and enjoy the show. However, Moune and the others in the audience are captured by Hit of the Tengu. The Goseigers run after him as Gosei Knight arrives to fight the Yuumajuu. Upon learning that he has a Goseiger in his gourd, Hit decides to make the others laugh to make his job easier. Though the serious Gosei Blue and Gosei Knight fight him, the two are unable to work together as Hit tickles Gosei Pink and Gosei Black with his attack to suck them into the gourd before flying off. Gosei Knight decides to handle things by himself, angered that Gosei Blue got in his way. At the Amachi Astronomical Institute, Hyde sets a plan to make Alata laugh in order to draw Hit into a trap. After Alata attempts to give Hyde ideas by impersonating various comedians (such as Louis Yamada LIII), Hyde manages to laugh after hearing simple word puns, attracting Hit's attention. With Gosei Knight tracking him down to the fight with Gosei Red and Gosei Blue, Hit uses comedic flatulence to capture a laughing Gosei Red before he battles Gosei Blue and Gosei Knight once more. Gosei Blue gets an idea and talks Gosei Knight into defeating Hit with a word pun that forces Hit to destroy the gourd to save himself from being trapped within it. Becoming Super Gosei Blue with the other Goseigers, they and Gosei Knight defeat Hit with a Super Sky-Land-Sea/Knight Dynamic combo. When Hit enlarges, Gosei Ground holds him off so Seaick Gosei Great can disable him before Gosei Ground uses the GrounDrastic to destroy the Yuumajuu. Soon after thanking Gosei Knight for his help, Hyde makes himself laugh with his unintentional word pun, much to everyone's dismay.[26] 

Wake Up Agri![edit]

27 "Wake Up Agri!"
"Mezamero, Aguri!" (目覚めろ、アグリ!) 
Michiko YokoteAugust 22, 2010
After being released with a warning, Buredoran learns that Kinggon is intending to replace him with his old friend Jogon of the Ningyo, who plants his seashells on people to deceive them into thinking people are talking behind their backs. The Goseigers fight him, with Gosei Black hit by the monster as he escapes when Gosei Knight arrives. Later, after Agri takes a shower, he begins to feel Jogon's effects as he believes that the other Gosei Angels are talking about him behind his back. As the others are forced to deal with the Bibi Soldiers, Agri becomes depressed as Gosei Knight arrives and forces Agri to attack him before he exposes Jogon from his hiding spot. By then, Kinggon arrives after being unknowingly put under Jogon's spell thanks to Buredoran's scheme to put him out of Makuin's favor. When the others arrive, they are powerless against Kinggon as Gosei Knight gives Agri the will to fight and break Jogon's spell. Becoming Super Gosei Black, Agri overpowers Kinggon as the other Goseigers assume their Super forms and combine their Tensouders with the Gosei Tensword to form the Super Tensword, which they use to execute their Miracle Gosei Dynamic attack to defeat him and Jogon. After Jogon is enlarged by a contented Buredoran, the Yuumajuu falls to the teamwork of Landick Gosei Great and Gosei Ground. As Agri is relieved that his friends never really talked behind his back, Buredoran delights over messing with a battered Kinggon.[27] 

A Father's Treasure[edit]

28 "A Father's Treasure"
"Otōsan no Takaramono" (おとうさんの宝物) 
Michiko YokoteAugust 29, 2010
After calming down an enraged Makuin about Kinggon's recent actions, Buredoran's plan to gain Makuin's favor is halted due to Makuin's pride as he willing welcomes the aide of Pikarime of the Shakōkidogū. Pikarime proceeds to put the city's residents under her mind-control spell, with Nozomu among them. When he arrives to the Amachi Astronomical Institute, Nozomu is unresponsive to everyone for accidentally destroying his father's wine glass, causing Professor Amachi to fall into a deep depression that he failed his son as a father to keep him from becoming a bad seed. Alata tries to comfort Professor Amachi by assuring him that Nozomu is a good kid because of him raising while the other Gosei Angels head to fight Pikarime. They find her in battle with Gosei Knight before she has her victims cover her escape. Though Alata gives Professor Amachi the strength to reach through to his son as a parent, Nozomu is nowhere to be found, as the boy has been ordered by Pikarime to lead the rest of her victims to their deaths by jumping off of a cliff. As Professor Amachi attempts to reach through to his son, the Goseigers find Pikarime as Gosei Knight fights her and Makuin. Though Pikarime gets the upper hand in the fight, the tables are turned when Nozomu is freed from Pikarime's control by his father's love for him. The Super Goseigers use their Miracle Gosei Dynamic on Pikarime and Makuin, defeating the former while the latter is saved from the attack by Buredoran. After being enlarged by Buredoran, Pikarime is destroyed by Ground Gosei Great using the Taka Headder's power with her spell completely brolen. Soon after, as the Gosei Angels welcome Nozomu and his father home, Buredoran succeeds in becoming Makuin's right hand man as he reveals that he has a plan for the Goseigers and needs the Erurei Box for it to work.[28] 

The Goseigers are Sealed![edit]

29 "The Goseigers are Sealed!"
"Goseijā o Fūin seyo!" (ゴセイジャーを封印せよ!) 
Michiko YokoteSeptember 5, 2010
Buredoran succeeds in becoming Makuin's right hand man as he reveals that he has a plan for the Goseigers and needs the Erurei Box for it to work. Though Makuin worries about what could happen, Buredoran convinces him to give him the Erurei Box. Using the Bibi Soldiers to force the Goseigers to appear and assume their Super forms, Buredoran manages to use Erurei Box to seal the Miracle Gosei Headders before he leaves. Though depressed, the Gosei Angels regain their conviction when the Master Head reveals a new Heaven's Tower is almost finished. Finding Buredoran and Makuin, the Goseigers and GoseiKnight battle the Yuumajuu to save the Miracle Gosei Headders. However, Kinggon suddenly arrives to take the Erurei Box from Makuin. As the two leading Yuumajuu battle each other and the Goseigers, Buredoran takes a seat before getting the Erurei Box and attempt to seal everyone in it. However, the "Erurei Box" turns out to be a fake as Makuin and Kinggon reveal that they were playing Buredoran. When Makuin reveals the real Erurei Box, Gosei Knight releases the Miracle Gosei Headders for the Goseigers to assume their Super forms to use Miracle Gosei Dynamic on the leading Yuumajuu before Kinggon uses Buredoran a shield against the attack. Revealing that he took his Bibi Bug Hive, Kinggon uses the Bibi Bugs to enlarge Buredoran. Gosei Great, Gosei Ground, and Mystic Datas Hyper are formed to fight Buredoran. Though he overpowers them, Gosei Great turns the tables before forming Ground Gosei Great to finish him off. Soon after, tired from finally defeating Buredoran, Gosei Knight reminds the Goseigers that their fight is not over before taking his leave. Alata agrees as they must continue until the new Heaven's Tower is built.[29] 

Romantic Eri[edit]

30 "Romantic Eri"
"Romantikku Eri" (ロマンティック・エリ) 
Junko KōmuraSeptember 12, 2010
A week after Buredoran's defeat, the Gosei Angels worry about the Yuumajuu as Eri prepares for the Gosei Festival with the traditional Expandream Cards. Meanwhile, Makuin & Kinggon find Elmgaim of the Baku who eats the dreams of people in their sleep. They use the Erurei Box on him to test its powers, strengthening him and allowing him to attack people while they are awake, eating their souls to cause their comatose bodies to grow roots of despair that rot the planet. When the Goseigers discover his appearance, they and Gosei Knight fight Elmgaim until he attacks Gosei Pink, devouring her soul and trapping her in his stomach. While inside, however, Eri has a dream within Elmgaim, saving her from falling into a deep despair. The other Goseigers allow Eri to save Elmgaim's victims from within him, leaving Gosei Knight confused on the nature of dreams, while they gather up her spare Expandream Cards to attempt to lure Elmgaim into a trap. The other Goseigers transform into the Super Goseigers as Eri manages to save everyone inside Elmgaim, giving the Yuumajuu indigestion as all of his victims are expelled from his body. Eri transforms into Super Gosei Pink and with Gosei Knight they defeat the Yuumajuu with a Super Sky/Knight Dynamic combo. The Yuumajuu revives and the Goseigers form Skick Gosei Great and Gosei Ground to fight him at his larger size. They overwhelm the Yuumajuu before combining into Ground Gosei Great to destroy him. The Gosei Angels begin their Gosei Festival celebrations, and Eri makes a wish for Gosei Knight to finally discover what a dream is. Elsewhere, Makuin and Kinggon proceed to take their studies on the Erurei Box to the next level.[30] 

Never Give Up, Goseigers![edit]

31 "Never Give Up, Goseigers!"
"Nebā Gibu Appu! Goseijā" (ネバーギブアップ!ゴセイジャー) 
Naruhisa ArakawaSeptember 19, 2010
After succeeding in their research on the Erurei Box, Makuin and Kinggon prepare for their master plan. At the Amachi Astronomical Institute, the Gosei Angels wonder when the new Heaven's Tower will be finished as Nozomu arrives and reveals that his birthday is tomorrow. The five then respond to the Yumajuu's attack as Makuin finished spreading his mold across the city via Nekin Mail. The Goseigers battle the leading Yuumajuu, managing to overwhelm the two before using the Gosei Buster on them. However, the Yuumajuu turned out to have been faking their defeat as Makuin reveals his plan to use fear to further his Erurei Box-empowered mold. By then, Gosei Knight reveals he already dealt with all traces of the mold as the leading Yuumajuu weaken him with their Yuuma Buster attack before leaving. Before limping off, Gosei Knight reveals he only halted the mold spreading by freezing it. While the Gosei Angels learning the mold could be destroyed when Makuin is defeated, the mold thaws as it makes people sick. Arriving to find the leading Yuumajuu after refreezing the mold themselves, the Goseigers assume their super forms to battle them. After the Landick siblings destroy Makuin's staff to disable the Yuuma Buster, the Goseigers use Miracle Gosei Dynamic to finish the fight. However, the two Yuumajuu endured as Makuin enlarges with Gosei Great formed to battle him. However, none of Gosei Great's equip forms have any effect as it is overpowered. Though Makuin messes with their heads by telling them of the horrors of humanity, Nozomu reminds the Goseigers not all humans are bad as Gosei Knight arrives and tells them to summon the Mystic Brothers. Forming Mystic Gosei Great, they manage to weaken Makuin before Ground Gosei Great freezes the Yuumajuu and uses Ground Great Strike to finish him off. With Makuin dead, his mold fades as the Goseigers thank Gosei Knight, who reminds them that Kinggon is still on the loose before taking his leave. Later, as the Gosei Angels go to prepare for Nozomu's birthday, Kinggon finishes his own plans for tomorrow by implanting the enlarged Erurei Box onto the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building to continue what he and Makuin started.[31] 

Perform the Ultimate Miracle![edit]

32 "Perform the Ultimate Miracle!"
"Kyūkyoku no Kiseki o Okose!" (究極の奇跡を起こせ!) 
Naruhisa ArakawaSeptember 26, 2010
The Gosei Angels finish preparing for Nozomu's birthday party when Datas stops them by revealing that the Erurei Box is on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. With Nozomu understanding, the Gosei Angels head to the building where Kinggon is waiting for them. By then, it is revealed out that the Yuumajuu's previous plan was actually a lure for Makuin to absorb their Super Gosei Power, regenerating himself within the Erurei Box in order to create the Yuuma Hole to destroy the entire planet. With Gosei Knight holding Kinggon off, the Gosei Angels enter the Yuuma Hole as they tell Nozomu that they must risk not coming back if it means saving the boy and everyone on Earth. Fighting through the Bibi Soldiers, the Goseigers assume their Super Forms to fight illusions of Makuin within the Yuuma Hole. They eventually find the real Makuin and destroy him with their Miracle Gosei Dynamic. However, the Goseigers are trapped inside the Yuuma Hole as it closes around them. Outside, after being defeated by Gosei Knight, Kinggon uses the Bibi Bugs to enlarge and overpowers Gosei Ground to avenge Makuin. However, after being contacted by Datas, the Master Head sends the Goseigers to the core of the new Heaven's Tower. Their Miracle Gosei Headders attach to the core to create Gosei Ultimate. Using Gosei Ultimate to return to their dimension, the Super Goseigers convert it into its robot mode to battle Kinggon before destroying him. Soon after, the Gosei Angels learn from Datas that the Master Head is gone and the new Heaven's Tower cannot be built, stranding them on Earth and on their own. But, as they decide to celebrate Nozomu's birthday regardless, the discarded Bibi Bugs' hive sinks into the water.[32] 

The Dreadful Matrintis Empire[edit]

33 "The Dreadful Matrintis Empire"
"Kyōfu no Matorintisu Teikoku" (恐怖のマトリンティス帝国) 
Saburo YatsudeOctober 3, 2010
After being told by Datas that the Master Head is truly gone along with any chance for the Gosei Angels to get home, Nozomu draws a picture of each Gosei Angel as Hyde and the Landick siblings each provide a cheerful outlook. Aware of Nozomu's worry, Alata assures him that everything is alright and they will find another means to return to the Gosei World. Eri also admits that she wants to return to the Gosei World, but only to share her experiences on Earth with the other Gosei Angels. Finding Alata later, Nozomu is shocked by Alata's reason for wanting to return to the Gosei World. Before he can explain what he means, Alata responds to an explosion as the Goseigers encounter Zan-KT of the Shield who announces himself to be of the Matrintis Empire. He overpowers them while Gosei Knight arrives and is perplexed by the new foe before being hit as Nozomu is caught in the crossfire. After learning that Nozomu and Gosei Knight are all right, Gosei Red counters Zan-KT before he and the others assume their Super Goseiger forms. They overwhelm Zan-KT before scrapping him with the Super Gosei Dynamic. As Alata explains to Nozomu that they can only protect the Earth and nothing more, and Gosei Knight takes his leave. However, the Emperor of Matrintis, Robogorg of the 10-sai, arrives with his aid Metal-A of the Agent. Using the Bibi Bugs they obtained, Metal-A recreates Zan-KT into a giant which the Super Goseigers destroy with Gosei Ultimate as Robogorg takes his leave. Later, Nozomu presents his finished drawing of the Gosei Angels to them as he intends to keep helping them as a confused Gosei Knight takes Alata's words to heart.[33] 

Gosei Knight Justice[edit]

34 "Gosei Knight Justice"
"Gosei Naito Jasutisu" (ゴセイナイト・ジャスティス) 
Michiko YokoteOctober 10, 2010
After being updated on the Matrintis Empire and learning that they were being watched all this time, the Gosei Angels assure Nozomu that they'll stop them. At the Terminel, Metal-A presents the battle data on Zan-KT to Robogorg as he uses her design modifications on the Matroid to rebuild Zan-KT as Zan-KT2 of the Shoot. The Goseigers confront Zan-KT2 as their Gosei Buster has no effect on him. Arriving, Gosei Knight is confronted by Metal-A as she assures him that enslaving humans is all the Matrintis Empire desires. Taking her leave, Gosei Knight walks off to ponder what he can do now that the Yuumajuu have been destroyed before Alata and Nozomu find him. Presenting his drawing of Gosei Knight to him, Nozomu shocks him by calling him kind-hearted. Then Gosei Knight asks if they should protect humans, admitting that he monitors them as they too pollute the planet. Before Alata explains the flaws behind that way of thinking, Datas contacts them about Zan-KT2's resurfacing he runs off to join the others while leaving Nozomu in Gosei Knight's care. As the Super Goseigers battle Metal-A and Zan-KT2 in a losing battle, Nozomu manages to convince Gosei Knight that humans are worth protecting as he remembers that the boy tried to save him in their last meeting. Arriving in time as the Gosei Angels refuse to give up as they believe there is good in humanity in restoring the planet, Gosei Knight joins the fray. Together with Gosei Knight, the Super Goseigers execute a Miracle Gosei Knight Dynamic to take out Zan-KT2. Annoyed that Gosei Knight made the choice of fighting against them, Metal-A teleports as she has Zan-KT2 enlarged. Gosei Ultimate is summoned as it and the formed Gosei Ground battle the Matroid before the former destroys Zan-KT2. Later, after thanking Nozomu for opening his eyes, Gosei Knight takes the boy's drawing as he vows to continuing his mission in protecting the planet as the Goseigers' support.[34] 

Find the Perfect Leader![edit]

35 "Find the Perfect Leader!"
"Pāfekuto Rīdā o Sagase!" (パーフェクトリーダーを探せ!) 
Junko KōmuraOctober 17, 2010
At the Amachi Astronomical Institute, Nozomu find Alata bored while waiting for the others are agree over what he pick up until Datas alert them to a Matrintis attack led by Zuteru-S of the Mach. Reveals his plan to take the humans to a labor camp, Zuteru-S overpowers the Goseigers due to their lack of a leader before teleporting away. Later, with the Master Head gone, the Gosei Angels decide select a leader among them before Gosei Knight contacts them about finding the labor camp. With Hyde elected leader, the Gosei Angels infiltrate the labor camp while Gosei Knight battles Zuteru-S as a distraction. Though his plan to free the prisoners was a success, Hyde passes leadership to Agri after being impressed with his skills. As the Gosei Angels commit hit and run attacks to save the other prisoners, finding Professor Amachi and somehow managing to keep him in the dark with Eri elected leader, they return to the entrance to find Zuteru-S, after Metal-A takes over fighting Gosei Knight. With Eri tagging Moune to lead, the Goseigers are still no match for the Matroid before resort to their usual fighting method to defeat the Matroid. Assuming their Super forms, the Goseigers finish him off with Miracle Gosei Dynamic. With Zuteru-S is enlarged, the Goseigers form Skick Gosei Great to battle the Matroid. But when the Skick Brothers are driven off, Alata summons Gosei Ultimate to combine it with Gosei Great to form Ultimate Gosei Great. Despite his attempts to break the formation, Gosei Great lands on Gosei Ultimate to fire the Ultimate Great Strike at Zuteru-S. Later, when the others resume their arguing over what to eat, Alata decides to pool everyone's food together.[35] 

Run, Agri![edit]

36 "Run, Agri!"
"Hashire, Aguri!" (走れ、アグリ!) 
Daisuke IshibashiOctober 24, 2010
While on a jog, Agri ends up meeting a 100m runner named Naoto Nakamura who wishes to be member of Team Meteor to achieve his dream. When alerted to a Matrintis attack, Agri joins the others in fighting Bazaruso-LJ of the Scan who is capturing physically fit humans for conversion into cyborg soldiers. Unable to catch him, the Gosei Angels decide to train, learning of Team Meteor's try outs within five days. Hearing it, Agri decides to enter the contest in hopes of winning under his own power so Bazaruso-LJ could capture him and lead the others to his hideout. Going through a rigorous and painful training with Tensou Techniques for a few days, with Gosei Knight increasing the danger, Agri refused to take a break. The next day, Agri ends up being tied with Naoto in the race as Bazaruso-LJ captures them. Coming to, Agri stops Bazaruso-LJ from turning Naoto into a cyborg soldier, assuming his Super Goseiger form as the others arrive. Fighting Bazaruso-LJ on his own, driven by his feelings that dreams and hopes are important, Super Gosei Black defeats as Gosei Knight arrives so they can use Miracle Gosei Knight Dynamic on the Matroid. When Bazaruso-LJ enlarges, Gosei Great is formed as it fights Bazaruso-LJ with Gosei Ultimate before they form Ultimate Gosei Great to destroy the Matroid. Later, Agri's coping with the muscle pain he got from the ordeal as he learns that Naoto got into Team Meteor.[36] 

Excited Moune[edit]

37 "Excited Moune"
"Ekisaito Mone" (エキサイト・モネ) 
Michiko YokoteOctober 31, 2010
On her way back from picking up supplies, Moune buys a health checking watch that is a new fad in town, called a Diet Meter. Arriving to the Amachi Astronomical Institute to show up her Diet Meter to the other Gosei Angels, Moune finds that she can not remove it from her wrist just as Datas detects a Matrintis attack. The Gosei Angels find humans being turned into limestone statues as Gosei Knight reveals that Adoborute-G of the Vital is to blame. Adoborute-G says that it is an experiment to ensure that the Matrintis Empire will not have defiant human slaves. During the fight, Adoburute-G notices the Diet Meter on Gosei Yellow, revealing that it is one of his Vital Meters which releases a petrification gas once its wearer's aggression reaches its maximum. As she is too close to the red, the Goseigers are forced to knock Gosei Yellow out before running off. When she comes to, a frustrated Moune is forced to keep her temper in check with Nozomu and Datas looking after her. As the other Gosei Angels and Gosei Knight go looking for Adoborute-G, believing that his defeat will undo the Vital Meters' effects, Nozomu's attempts to have Moune stay calm. But when Datas is forced to reveal that her teammates are being unsuccessful in their fight with the Matroid, the gag Professor Amachi had devised for a stand up comedy contest he is participating in gives her an idea. Arriving as the Super Goseigers and Gosei Knight get Vital Meters placed on them, with the latter unaffected due to his unchanging state of mind, Super Gosei Yellow calmly overpowers Adoborute-G with a similar mindset. However, he uses one of his victims to break Super Gosei Yellow's calmness just as she manages to use her Tensou Techniques to get him out of the way so she can defeat Adoborute-G. As Adoborute-G enlarges after his victims are no longer statues, the Super Goseigers summon Gosei Ultimate and Gosei Knight forms Gosei Ground to fight the Matroid before destroying him. Soon after, Moune cheers Professor Amachi up after his gag fails to impress the judges at the stand up contest.[37] 

Alice vs. Gosei Knight[edit]

38 "Alice vs. Gosei Knight"
"Arisu Bāsasu Gosei Naito" (アリスVSゴセイナイト) 
Michiko YokoteNovember 7, 2010
At the Terminel, Robogorg is perplexed as to why his Matroids are failing him as Metal-A offers to handle the next mission herself. Meanwhile, Nozomu is excited to hear that his mother Yuko is coming back from her extensive work, and later meets Gosei Knight as Hyde arrives with the information he requested so he can learn more about humans. As Nozomu and Professor Amachi get ready, Metal-A causes a mass panic in the subway system, causing Yuko's train to go out of service. Nozomu goes with his father to the station to find out more about the delay, he is relieved that train is still going to arrive. The Goseigers go to battle Metal-A just as Gosei Knight takes over. However, Metal-A teleports away after destroying the station terminal. With Datas analyzing all of the mass transportation sites that Metal-A can target, Gosei Knight checks the train station as Nozomu sees him and overhears that Metal-A has placed a bomb on Kamaya Bridge: the bridge the train will have to cross. Gosei Knight assures Nozomu that they will save his mother before he heads to the bridge to battle Metal-A on his own, with the Super Goseigers joining the fray later. Damaged by Gosei Knight's sword, Metal-A detonates the bomb. Refusing to give up, the Goseigers receive the Gosei Wonder card as they summon Gosei Wonder's Headders to form a makeshift bridge for the train. Enraged, Metal-A uses the Bibi Nails on herself as Gosei Ground and Wonder Gosei Great are formed to battle her. She is eventually destroyed by Wonder Gosei Great's Wonderful Strike. Later, as Gosei Knight watches from afar, Nozomu and the others discover that Yuko never made it to her train, and was never in danger. Elsewhere, Metal-A has been rebuilt by Robogorg, whose favor she lost as he has installed a bomb in her to serve as punishment should she ever fail him, again.[38] 

Epic Zero[edit]

39 "Epic Zero"
"Epikku Zero" (エピック・ゼロ) 
Michiko YokoteNovember 14, 2010
At the Amachi Astronomical Institute, Eri and Moune find Nozomu working on his homework of what he would be doing when he grows up. The Gosei Angels tell their own childhood dreams before they realize that Alata is nowhere to be found. Eri finds Alata using one of his Tensou Techniques to help a couple become closer, but before she and Nozomu can say anything to him, they are interrupted by Datas reporting that the Bibi Soldiers are attacking near by. Gosei Red and Gosei Pink blast the Bibi Soldiers, only for the grunts' defeat to be negated by a Matroid. Cornering him with the others and Gosei Knight, the Matroid introduces himself Bakutofuji-ER of the Timer and uses his ability to turn back time 10 seconds against them. Though the Goseigers get an advantage with Gosei Knight holding the Matroid so they can use the Gosei Buster on him, Metal-A interferes as she reveals the attack to actually be a debut for their newest member: Buredoran. Rebuilt by Robogorg and renamed Bred-RUN of the Cyborg, the Goseigers are shocked to hear that their old foe's memory has been wiped clean, save for his name and his hatred for them. Super Gosei Red battles Bred-RUN as the other Super Goseigers and Gosei Knight join in, managing to injure Bred-RUN until Bakutofuji-ER enlarges to cover Metal-A and Bred-RUN from further damage. Gosei Ultimate is summoned and Gosei Ground is formed to battle Bakutofuji-ER. When Gosei Ultimate's Ultimate Strike attack collides with the Matroid's Time Reverse, Bred-RUN secretly fires at the two conflicting energies, causing a time rip that inadvertently sends Alata back in time to before Warstar invaded Earth and destroyed Heaven's Tower. After saving the Nozomu of that time, before realizing his situation, Alata decides to use this opportunity to prevent Heaven's Tower's destruction by summoning the Gosei Angels of that time. Back in the present, the Matrintis Empire members now have an advantage against Gosei Knight and the other four Goseigers. However, Bred-RUN suddenly malfunctions and Metal-A spirits him away to fine-tune him, much to Robogorg's dismay. Robogorg subjects her to his Punishment Bomb, while a seemingly inactive Bred-RUN watches.[39] 

Strong Alata[edit]

40 "Strong Alata"
"Sutorongu Arata" (ストロング・アラタ) 
Michiko YokoteNovember 21, 2010
At the Amachi Astronomical Institute, the Gosei Angels are shocked with the turn of events as Nozomu tells them and Gosei Knight that Alata is still alive and that they have to work harder until he gets back. While having lunch, Datas reveals that Alata is in the past, much to everyone's shock, as he then alerts them to a Matrintis attack. In the past, Alata has trouble getting Hyde and the Landick siblings to help him protect Heaven's Tower from the upcoming Warstar invasion. He goes alone, only to find Bakutofuji-ER is also trapped in the past, and he overpowers Alata in battle. After meeting Nozomu as he wants to thank Alata for his help, the other Gosei Angels arrive to his aid. Though inexperienced, Gosei Red encourages his teammates as they manage to damage Bakutofuji-ER's clock, forcing the Matroid and Alata back into their original time with their actions in the past undone. Back in the present, the Gosei Angels are astonished to find Robogorg with Metal-A and a repaired Bred-RUN as they assume their Super Goseiger forms. Much to Metal-A's shock, Robogorg battles the Super Goseigers and Gosei Knight himself with the intent on getting more data on them. In the middle of the fight, Alata returns along with Bakutofuji-ER. As the other Goseigers battle Bred-RUN and Gosei Knight fights Metal-A, Super Gosei Red battles Robogorg one-on-one physically and morally. The fight ends in a stalemate and a satisfied Robogorg takes his leave as Metal-A enlarges Bakutofuji-ER, again. Ground Gosei Great is formed and together they destroy the Matroid. Later, Nozomu welcomes Alata back before learning that Alata's childhood dream is to protect the world and now he dreams that everyone is doing the same.[40] 

Exploding Bonds of Friendship![edit]

41 "Exploding Bonds of Friendship!"
"Bakuhatsu! Nakama no Kizuna" (爆発!仲間の絆) 
Kento ShimoyamaNovember 28, 2010
At, the Gosei Angels worry bout Bred-RUN's return as Alata is confident that they'll prevail before Datas alerts to a Matrintis attack. Arriving to find Metal-A and Bibi Soldiers, the Goseigers and Gosei Knight fight he before she calls out Ain-I of the Neutral to attack the Goseigers, but he instead does nothing as she uses him to take an attack from the Gosei Buster meant for her before falling back. When Ain-I comes to his senses, Gosei Pink realizes something's different about him as she befriends the Matroid to everyone's shock as Alata asks for Eri to look after him. In the process, feeling obligated for the Matroid losing his memory, Eri renames Ain-I "Koro" as she teaches him many things such as friendship. However, while confirming that Koro had truly lost his memory, Hyde and Agri learn that he has a bomb implanted in his body to Eri's horror as the Matroid runs off after overhearing. Finding Koro, Eri promises him they'll find a way to get it out of him before taking him to the others to safely dispose of the bomb. But after Gosei Pink is unable to go through with the plan, Metal-A arrives to reveal that Ain-I's purpose was to study friendship before wiping out the Matroid's memory and activating his battle mode to hold the Super Goseigers and Gosei Knight at bay. Mustering the courage Super Gosei Pink uses her Comprethunder Card to damage his artificial brain and deactivate him as a result. However, Metal-A has the Bibi Bugs enlarge Ain-I before activating the bomb. Though Gosei Great is formed, Super Gosei Pink summons Gosei Ultimate to personally take Ain-I to space in an act of self-sacrifice. But at the last second, Ain-I reactivates and sends Gosei Ultimate back to Earth as he explodes. Soon after, the Goseigers erect a marker for Koro, with Eri taking his death hard before Alata gives her a surviving part of the Matroid. At the Terminel, after being tortured for acting on her own whim, Metal-A reached the conclusion from her experiment that she might be able to break free from Robogorg's control someday.[41] 

Passionate Hyde[edit]

42 "Passionate Hyde"
"Jōnetsu Teki Haido" (情熱的ハイド) 
Junko KōmuraDecember 5, 2010
At the Amachi Astronomical Institute, Hyde and Datas are doing research on the Matrintis Empire in light of the Ain-I incident. As they research, Hyde calls Datas a machine, which Moune takes offense to, before Datas detects a Matrintis attack. After stopping the Bibi Soldiers, the Goseigers and Gosei Knight are stopped in their tracks when Metal-A and Bred-RUN present a missile directed towards the International Conference Center. The two villains offer to give the Goseigers the missile if they get Datas, who accepts the demands to the Goseigers' dismay as he reminds them that he is just a machine. However, Bred-RUN activates the missile as he and Metal-A take their leave while the Goseigers barely manage to destroy the missile. Later, the Gosei Angels take the loss of their friend hard as an upset Hyde attempts to track Datas via his energy signature. The next day, as Hyde goes to the cape after finding a signal, Alata and the other Gosei Angels arrive to the scene of a disturbance caused by Saroge-DT of Imitation who reveals himself to be based on Datas in form and data, revealing Datas is to be thrown into the sea by Metal-A. Using the data extracted from Datas, Saroge-DT manages to overwhelm the Goseigers and Gosei Knight until Super Gosei Blue arrives with the real Datas, having survived Metal-A's attack that knocked him into the water. With the others assuming their Super Goseiger forms, Super Gosei Blue uses his Camoumirage Card to change his teammates and Gosei Knight into each other to catch Saroge-DT off guard. After Datas manages to get some hits in disguised as a second Super Gosei Blue, Saroge-DT is blasted to bits by the Super Gosei Knight Dynamic. However, Metal-A recreates Saroge-DT as a giant with Datas enlarging into Datas Hyper to fight with Gosei Ground's support before Gosei Ultimate joins Datas in a Datas Dynamic Crush/Ultimate Strike combo that destroys the Matroid while an astonished Metal-A leaves. Later, Alata feels that their group has gotten closer as Datas laments losing his memory files on the enemy's base.[42] 

The Empire's All-Out Attack[edit]

43 "The Empire's All-Out Attack"
"Teikoku Sōkōgeki" (帝国総攻撃) 
Kento ShimoyamaDecember 12, 2010
After analyzing all the data on the Goseigers, Robogorg decides it is time for a direct attack against the Goseigers and Gosei Knight, giving Bred-RUN a special role in it. When Metal-A ask for her part on his plan, Robogorg explains that he has no more need of her as she fulfilled her purpose by making Bred-RUN an ideal servant through fear of his Punishment Bomb. He then hijacks all communication to state his war declaration against the Goseigers that would start the following day. Later that night, with Nozomu, the Gosei Angels refuse to falter to Robogorg as they and Gosei Knight make preparations for tomorrow. The next day, Robogorg begins his attack with three Zan-KT3s of the Short and Bibi Soldiers. After the Goseigers defeat the grunts and the Matroids, Bred-RUN appears as they assume their Super Goseiger forms. But when they and Gosei Knight are about to finish Bred-RUN off with their signature moves, Bred-RUN used all his energy to counter the attacks, forcing the Goseigers to their basic forms with their Tensouders and Gosei Knight's Leon Cellular rusted. By then,Robogorg appears as he reveals that he used Bred-RUN's memory to seal the means they use for their Tensou Techniques before overpowering the weaker Goseigers and Gosei Knight. With their transformation cancelled, the Gosei Angels are powerless as Robogorg tires of them as he powers up his one-time only Misfortune Destruction while they run at him. However, finding his Leon Cellular still functional, Gosei Knight uses a Gosei Card to hold off the attack. Though he cancels the attack, Gosei Knight uses the last of his power to restore the Tensouders and gives Alata his Leon Laser before collapsing from massive energy loss. After Robogorg tortures the damaged Bred-RUN for screwing up, he decides to kill the Gosei Angels by himself as they assume their Super Goseiger forms for the final battle.[43] 

The Ultimate Final Battle[edit]

44 "The Ultimate Final Battle"
"Kyūkyoku no Saishū Kessen" (究極の最終決戦) 
Kento ShimoyamaDecember 19, 2010
After Gosei Knight's sacrifice to restore their Tensouders, with him taken to the Amachi Astronomical Institute to recuperate, the Super Goseigers battle Robogorg as he sics Bred-RUN on them to use him as a suicide bomber. However, Metal-A appears and convinces Robogorg to use her instead as she grabs Super Gosei Red, only to let him go as her Punishment Bomb detonates and she goes offline. Disgusted with Robogorg as his reveals his past and ideals to them, the Gosei Angels refuse to accept defeat as Super Gosei Red uses the Leon Laser with the Gosei Tenswords in a Super Sky-Land-Sea-Knight Dynamic attack. Forced to enlarge himself, Robogorg battles Gosei Ultimate as Datas Hyper arrives with the Brother Headders summoned for support. Though Super Gosei Red offers him a chance to stop, it only strengthens Robogorg's resolve as he decides to activate his Suicide Crusher self-destruct attack to destroy the Goseigers and a tenth of the planet in the process. However, somehow regaining his strength, Gosei Knight arrives and forms Gosei Ground as he and other Tensou Giants execute their signature moves to stop Robogorg. With Robogorg's attack canceled, the Goseigers form Ultimate Gosei Great to destroy him. But the Gosei Angels' victory is premature as Robogorg's head is revealed to be still active and he attempts to rebuild himself with Bred-RUN's help in activating his Salvation Cell component. However, Bred-RUN crushes the item and reveals that he has regained his memory prior to the battle with Metal-A's help. Furthermore, revealing he intentionally failed to seal the Leon Cellular, Bred-RUN only kept up the charade so the Goseigers can damage Robogorg to the point where he can not fight back. With Robogorg realizing who he truly is, Bred-RUN throws the head into the air and blasts it to bits with his missiles. After looking to a partially active Metal-A and destroying her mercilessly, Bred-RUN takes his leave while telling the Goseigers that they will meet again.[44] 

The Messiah is Born[edit]

45 "The Messiah is Born"
"Kyūseishu, Tanjō" (救星主、誕生) 
Michiko YokoteDecember 26, 2010
While the other Gosei Angels are preparing for New Year's at the Amachi Astronomical Institute, Alata arrives with a whiteboard to review every thing about this year, namely their nemesis Buredoran and what his goal is. After covering his Bred-RUN of the Cyborg incarnation and the Matrintis Empire, along with both his ability to seal Tensouders and his part in sending Alata in time, Nozomu brings up the Yuumajuu as the Goseigers remember the Buredoran of the Chupacabra incarnation. By then, Gosei Knight arrives to bring up Buredoran's knowledge of the Abare Headder and his strange ability to control it which a Yuumajuu could never achieve. When the Gosei Angels figure that he may have freed Makuin and Kinggon from their prison, they remember that Buredoran was also a member of Warstar as they recap their battles with the Buredoran of the Comet incarnation and realize Buredoran knew about the Gosei Angels along with being the only Yuumajuu to go to space. However, Alata add more worry to the group upon realizing that Buredoran may not be a Yuumajuu but something else. By then, Professor Amachi arrives to the others' shock as they try to hide Datas and Gosei Knight from his view. However, they learn Amachi is being momentarily possessed by the Master Head, whose spirit ended up in another dimension after Goseigers' final battle with the Yuumajuu, with Gosei Knight realizing he was the one who gave him the power to continue in the last fight. The Master Head then proceeds to reveal that the Yuumajuu were sealed by an ancient Gosei Angel of great power who mysteriously disappeared soon after, the figure himself troubling Gosei Knight. At the Terminel, renamed Labyrindel, Bred-RUN conducts his own research on the Goseigers through the data Matrintis gathered. Soon after, thinking about what he gained from the three organizations and added to his arsenal, Bred-RUN finally makes his move. After asking the Master Head not to reveal any more information about the mysterious Gosei Angel, and after saying his goodbyes to Nozomu, Gosei Knight joins the Gosei Angels as they arrive to Bred-RUN's location to unmask him. Unfortunately, Bred-RUN uses Tensou Techniques much to everyone's shock as the villain reveals he used the Camoumirage Tensou Technique to create his other forms in order to mask his true identity: the Fallen Gosei Angel Brajira of the Messiah.[45] 

Gosei Knight is Targeted[edit]

46 "Gosei Knight is Targeted"
"Nerawareta Gosei Naito" (狙われたゴセイナイト) 
Michiko YokoteJanuary 9, 2011
With Buredoran revealing himself as the fallen Gosei Angel Brajira, Alata demands why he is destroying the world. Brajira answers that he is wiping the slate clean because the Master Head and the other Gosei Angels had failed to protect the world from even itself, revealing he sealed the Yuumajuu and was betrayed by his own people before he used the forbidden Timetrouble Tensou Technique to arrive to the present at the cost of his humanity, joining the organizations only to destroy them from the inside-out once they rid him of the Gosei Angels' interference for his Earth Salvation Plan. As he summons the two-headed Dark Headder Namono-Gatari of Orthaurus Headder to overpower the Goseigers with his strength and regenerative horns, Brajira battles Gosei Knight and reveals himself to be the Groundion Headder's master. Brajira defeats Gosei Knight before using the Knightick Orb to capture him as he and Namono-Gatari depart. At the Amachi Astronomical Institute, the Gosei Angels are confused about what just happened as the Master Head appears in Professor Amachi and reveals that Gosei Knight is dying and gave his remaining power to them during the final fight with the Matrintis Empire. This troubles them as the Master Head reveals Brajira captured Gosei Knight for his Final Power. As the other Gosei Angels look for Gosei Knight, the Landick siblings have Datas replay the fight with Namono-Gatari to find a way to defeat the Dark Headder before Nozomu gave them an idea when they mention their sibling bond. By then, Namono-Gatari appears and the Landick siblings arrive as the Dark Headder overpowers their teammates. Assuming their Super Goseinger forms so they can strike both horns at the same time to defeat Namono-Gatari with the Super Land Dynamic. With the hornless Namon-Gatari revived by the Bibi Bugs, the Goseigers form Landick Gosei Great to destroy the Dark Headder. As the Gosei Angels know that they have to be alert and rely more on their teamwork to win against him, Brajira begins setting up the Earth Salvation Plan.[46] 

The Trap of the Earth Salvation Plan[edit]

47 "The Trap of the Earth Salvation Plan"
"Chikyū Kyūsei Keikaku no Wana" (地球救星計画の罠) 
Michiko YokoteJanuary 16, 2011
At the Amachi Astronomical Institute, after reviewing their fight with Brajira with the Master Head, revealing that his Tensou Techniques are primitive to theirs, Nozomu leaves thinking that Gosei Knight left with Brajira willingly before Datas detects the villain. Confronted by the Gosei Angels, Brajira reveals more of his plan to blow up the planet and create a new one from the debris. Transforming to fight him, the Goseigers are blocked by Bari-Boru-Dara of the Uniberus Headder and Lo-O-Za-Ri of the Hydrapan Headder. Taking the Dark Headders as gauntlets, Brajira summons his right hand servant: Dark Gosei Knight of the Groundion Headder. Though the Goseigers try to snap him out of it, Dark Gosei Knight proves to be too powerful for them as Brajira orders him to spare them as they leave. Though the others are dismayed by the turn of events, Alata believes that Gosei Knight may still have memories of them. However, Nozomu thinks that Gosei Knight does not intend to return as he finds a drawing he made of him. But Hyde explains that it is the opposite, saying Gosei Knight wants to return before Datas senses Gosei Knight's energy with an evil one. Finding Brajira, the Super Goseigers find themselves fighting Dark Gosei Knight, once more, before going after Super Gosei Blue after he lunges at Brajira, as Nozomu suddenly appears. The other Super Goseigers try to get to their teammate as Bari-Boru-Dara fights them. Overhearing Brajira's intent for the Super Goseigers to win the fight, Nozomu tries to warn the others not to destroy the Dark Headder before the villain blasts him. Seeing the boy injured, the others run to him while Super Gosei Blue charges at Brajira before being knocked down. Disgusted with their concern for the boy, Brajira reveals that he gained his power from killing his Gosei Angel teammates and converted their power into his Orbs so he could seal the Yuumajuu. Furious with his ideals, Super Gosei Blue challenges Brajira in a one-on-one fight. Brajira enlarges Bari-Boru-Dara as he and Dark Gosei Knight taking their leave. With Datas arriving to look, the Goseigers form Gosei Great to battle Bari-Boru-Dara, forming Seaick Gosei Great to destroy him. However, the essence of the Dark Headder reforms into a wedge in the sea as the Goseigers learn that Namono-Gatari became a wedge on land. Furthermore, Brajira needs to use the death of another minion to begin the Nega End ceremony so he can destroy the world.[47] 

The Fighting Gosei Power[edit]

48 "The Fighting Gosei Power"
"Tatakau Gosei Pawā" (闘うゴセイパワー) 
Michiko YokoteJanuary 23, 2011
At the Amachi Astronomical Institute, as Alata and Eri look over the unconscious Nozomu, the Master Head reveals that the Nega End is a modified version of Brajira's End Tensou Technique that takes life instead of its intended purpose to restore life. As Eri stays with Datas to look after Nozomu, using her singing to heal Nozomu from the residual energy from Brajira's attack on him, the others head to the Land Wedge where the Gosei Angels realize that Brajira needs their Gosei Power before he arrives with Dark Gosei Knight. Having no choice, the four Goseigers transform until Alata stops them upon realizing that Brajira intends to sacrifice Dark Gosei Knight to complete the final wedge. As a result, the four Goseigers find that they are unable to defeat Dark Gosei Knight with brute force as they try to snap him out of his brainwashing before Gosei Red assumes his super form. The others assume their Super Goseiger forms to fight Lo-O-Za-Ri of the Hydrapan Headder, who keeps them from meddling in Super Gosei Red's fight with Dark Gosei Knight, as Super Gosei Pink arrives to aid them before the Dark Headder enlarges and attacks the city. Nozomu wakes up as Professor Amachi reveals that he knew about Datas as he tells Datas to help the others. As Super Gosei Red is knocked out of his form by Dark Gosei Knight, the others use Gosei Ultimate to destroy Lo-O-Za-Ri with Datas Hyper's help. The others arrive just as Alata manages to purge Gosei Knight of the Dark Gosei Power and revitalize him with his own Gosei Power, taking Gosei Knight to the Amachi Astronomical Institute. Once at the Institute, Nozomu presents Gosei Knight's drawing to him as his father reveals to the others that he learned the truth about the Gosei Angels from the Master Head prior to his possession. But the reunion is short lived as Lo-O-Za-Ri's remains become the Sky Wedge, Gosei Knight actually serving as a decoy to ensure the Dark Headder's intended destruction, thus completing the arrangements for Brajira's Nega End.[48] 

Fight Towards the Future[edit]

49 "Fight Towards the Future"
"Mirai e no Tatakai" (未来への戦い) 
Michiko YokoteJanuary 30, 2011
With the Wedge of the Sky set up, Brajira is now ready for the Nega End as the ghosts of Monsu Drake, Makuin, Kinggon, and Robogorg appear with utter disdain towards him. Brajira mocks the spirits for foolishly trusting him before sending them away as Gosei Knight then appears, with Brajira destroying Labyrindel to rid himself of the Headder. At the Amachi Astronomical Institute, Nozomu goes to ask Alata if he is afraid of what is going to happen next, but Alata assures him that only he and humanity can choose the future before Eri calls them back up stairs to think up a plan. However, upon realizing he is nowhere to be found, the Gosei Angels find Gosei Knight washed up on the shore as he reveals that Brajira is about to execute the Nega End, which is confirmed by the Master Head and Professor Amachi to be in one hour during a solar eclipse. The Gosei Angels find Brajira as he sends out countless waves of Bibi Soldiers to hold them back. They reach him and assume their Super Goseiger forms to fight him directly. Elsewhere, the Master Head possesses Gosei Ultimate so he, Gosei Ground, and Datas Hyper can take out the Wedges. However, Brajira overpowers the Super Goseigers and reverts them to their normal forms. Declaring them to be devils for standing against him, Brajira mortally wounds each of the Gosei Angels while negating their transformations as the solar eclipse begins. Refusing to give up, Alata is shocked when the others offer to give him their Gosei Power so he can fight Brajira on equal terms. Though the four are intent to sacrifice themselves if it meant saving the world, Alata refuses to accept their power, saying he would rather they work together. The four Gosei Angels rejoin Alata as the final battle reaches its climax.[49] 

Protecting the Planet is an Angel's Duty[edit]

50 "Protecting the Planet is an Angel's Duty"
"Hoshi o Mamoru wa Tenshi no Shimei" (地球を護るは天使の使命) 
Michiko YokoteFebruary 6, 2011
After turning down the others' attempt to sacrifice themselves to give him the power to stop Brajira, Alata reinvigorates the Gosei Angels' hopes as they resume their Goseiger forms and continue the fight as the eclipse is at its peak. Though the Goseigers use the Gosei Buster to knock down Brajira with their Gosei Blasters boosting it, he refuses to let them ruin his plans as he uses a Bibi Bug to enlarge himself, with the Goseigers forming Gosei Great to fight him. Although they are overpowered, the Goseigers summon the Brother Headders to form Sky-Land-Sea Gosei Great to hold Brajira off until the eclipse passes with a nearly suicidal Sky-Land-Sea Strike. However, though he is reduced back to normal size, Brajira prepares to begin the Nega End before Gosei Red executes the Red Dynamic to kill him. Though the eclipse ends, it is revealed that Brajira actually needs to sacrifice himself to begin the process, as his body dissolves into Dark Gosei Power and enters the Wedges. With Datas Hyper, Gosei Ground, and Gosei Ultimate unable to stop the Wedges, Alata becomes focused on the reason behind Brajira's madness before the Master Head tells them that they have ten minutes to stop the Nega End. As Nozomu protects an apple tree Alata planted, Alata arrives to the Sky Wedge while Hyde and Eri head to the Sea Wedge and the Landick siblings to the Land Wedge to attempt to stop them with their Tensou Techniques, but are not successful. Then, Alata realizes that they have Gosei Power because they are immature and desire to see everything the planet has to offer. The Gosei Angels unleash their full Gosei Power to regroup and use the Gosei Global technique to negate the Nega End while restoring the Heaven's Tower in the process. Later, as full-fledged Gosei Angels, the Master Head tells them that they can now return to the Gosei World. However, Alata asks if he and the others can stay on Earth to see more of the planet has to offer while living out their dreams. The Master Head accepts their request, with Nozomu elated before he realizes that they are leaving the Institute. After assuring a heartbroken Nozomu that they will be friends forever, Alata and others say their good-byes to him and his father. As Gosei Knight leaves to enter a deep sleep to restore his Gosei Power, the Gosei Angels part ways to watch over everyone while Nozomu thanks them for everything they have done for him.[50] 


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