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The Almighty Johnsons is a New Zealand fantasy comedy-drama television series, which was created by James Griffin and Rachel Lang and is produced by South Pacific Pictures. It began airing its first series of ten episodes[1] in New Zealand on 7 February 2011. The second series of 13 episodes began broadcasting on 29 February 2012.[2] A third series of 13 episodes[3] premiered on 4 July 2013.[4][5]

The show follows a student named Axl Johnson, who on his 21st birthday discovers his family members are reincarnated Norse gods. The only problem is, they do not have full control of their powers and it is up to Axl (the reincarnation of Odin) to restore them and ensure the family's survival by finding the reincarnation of Odin's wife, Frigg. Matters are complicated by the presence of several antagonistic or amorously interested Norse deities, given that the Johnsons are not the only such demigods living in exile in New Zealand. At the close of the second series, it is revealed that they are not the only pantheon resident there either, as Māori deities have also reincarnated, albeit in similarly restricted circumstances.

Series overview[edit]

SeriesEpisodesOriginally airedNielsen ratings
First airedLast airedRatingAverage viewership
(in millions)
1107 February 2011 (2011-02-07)11 April 2011 (2011-04-11)9.81.64[6]
21329 February 2012 (2012-02-29)23 May 2012 (2012-05-23)N/AN/A
3134 July 2013 (2013-07-04)26 September 2013 (2013-09-26)N/AN/A


Series 1 (2011)[edit]

The series premiered in the U.S. on 11 July 2014 and was watched 1.01 million viewers.[7]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
11"It's a Kind of a Birthday Present"Mark BeesleyJames Griffin7 February 2011 (2011-02-07)
In New Zealand, Axl Johnson turns 21, and is informed by his three brothers that he must take part in a traditional ceremony in a forest. After he is struck by lightning, it is revealed to him that they are all reincarnated Norse gods; Mikkel is Ullr the god of the hunt and games, Anders is Bragi the god of poetry and eloquence, and Ty is Hodr the god of darkness and cold. Their grandfather Olaf, Baldr the oracle and god of longevity, proclaims Axl as Odin, the most powerful of the gods, which prophesy says will restore them to their full powers. These powers had been lost centuries ago when Odin and his beloved wife, the goddess Frigg broke up, sundering Asgard and dooming the gods to walk diminished amongst mortals. Axl also learns that his mother had not died in a traffic accident when he was a child. Overwhelmed after his father walked out, she had gone into the forest and put her spirit into a tree. Several mortals are also introduced: Valerie who is Mikkel's wife is on hormones trying to conceive a baby, Dawn is Ander's overworked secretary, Zeb and Gaia are Axl's housemates. The prophesied signs of Odin's return have also been seen by a mysterious group of women, who make several attempts on Axl's life. Having survived an arrow wound, Axl learns that it is now his quest to find and reunite with Frigg. However, if he dies before completing this quest, then a natural disaster will likely kill not only his close relations, but everyone else in the area.
22"This Is Where Duty Starts"Mark BeesleyJames Griffin14 February 2011 (2011-02-14)
Anders Johnson starts researching, for women born of Scandinavian descent, in order to find the reincarnated goddess Frigg, his brother Axl's destined wife. Meanwhile, Mikkel fears that he and his wife Valerie's continued inability to conceive through IVF maybe because she is mortal and he is a god. We learn that at 21, when he inherited his powers, he arrogantly started a barfight which resulted in his best friend Rob, who at the time was Valerie's lover, being left in a coma due to a blow to the head. Hence, he decided to live life without using his god powers, but now Rob, after 15 years, has started babbling in Norse in his sleep. Anders convinces Axl to become romantic with one of his Frigg candidates, a professional athlete and party girl named Karla, even though Axl doesn't want his first time to be with a stranger. Axl loses his virginity, but has a scare when Karla passes out, and Ty must revive her. Worse yet, Jaime, a girl that Axl really likes, sees him out on a date with Karla and later rejects him.
33"God's Gift to Zebras"Murray KeaneJames Griffin21 February 2011 (2011-02-21)
Axl notices that women are starting to notice him. Olaf calls it the "zebra effect", they can sense that there is something different about Axl. The mysterious group of women that tried to kill Axl are revealed to be reincarnations of Norse goddesses that are also searching for Frigg. Having failed to kill Axl on the day of Odin's rebirth, they cannot now kill Axl, as the natural disaster this could provoke would likely kill them as well. Thus, they have determined to find Frigg first and prevent her and Axl from ever meeting. Their leader Agnetha tasks their Oracle Ingrid with finding Frigg, while bike courier Stacey is sent to follow Axl. He meets and woos a librarian while returning library books about Norse gods. When he impulsively tells her that he is Odin, she shocks him by claiming to be Frigg; then she invites him to a party for the gods at her house. The other Johnsons are sceptical that the quest could so easily be fulfilled, as are the goddesses when Stacey relays this overheard conversation. The goddess Michelle is sent to the party. However, at the party Axl not only finds people in costumes, but also another girl claiming to be Frigg. He realizes that they are cosplayers of an online roleplaying game. He recognizes Michele as the one that tried to kill him with an arrow, and they have a sword fight that amazes the party guests. During the fight, she reveals the goddesses plans to Axl. They do not want the Johnsons to have their full powers restored (when Odin and Frigg reunite), as then they will then be able to overpower the goddesses and rule them. Meanwhile, Ty Johnson the god of cold is infatuated with Helen, a nightclub owner whose refrigerator he is called out to repair. He is immediately drawn to her, feels warmth around her, and thinks that it could be love. Later, when they make love it begins to snow in Helen's apartment. Ty is horrified to have revealed his powers, but Helen shocks him by not only realizing immediately that he is a god, but also revealing that she is the goddess Iðunn. Unfortunately for lovestruck Ty, Olaf when informed, tells him that Iðunn's destiny in all of her incarnations is to be with Bragi (Ty's brother Anders), that she will love Bragi at first sight, and that it never ends well for her. Ty decides to cut off his connections with her, as they can have no future and to prevent her from meeting Anders, who is fated to bring her nothing but grief. But then, heartbroken Ty meets Dawn, Anders' long suffering secretary.
44"You Gotta Love Life, Baby"Murray KeaneRachel Lang28 February 2011 (2011-02-28)
A former flame of Olaf's shows up pregnant, he has no plans to raise a child and Axl tries to manipulate the situation so that the baby might be adopted by Mike and Val, but his good intentions fall flat. Anders' manipulation of a scandal between two celebrities disgusts Dawn and Ty. Ty tries to break Anders' hold over Dawn, but Anders won't allow it.
55"This Is Not Washing Powder, My Friend"Mark BeesleyMaxine Fleming & James Griffin7 March 2011 (2011-03-07)
Michele plants cocaine in Axl's car, and the police turn up on her anonymous tip. However, somewhat luckily, Zeb has already removed the drug, and Axl tries to prove his innocence to the still suspicious police officers. Meanwhile, the flatmates are visited by Gaia's gay dad, Bryn, from Waiheke Island, who is far from approving of Axl and is insistent that Gaia return home. Anders and Ty set out to clear Axl's name, and learn of Michele's identity and manipulate her into making everything alright for Axl.
66"Goddesses, Axl, Come in All Forms"Mark BeesleyJames Griffin14 March 2011 (2011-03-14)
The paths of the gods and goddesses cross at a rural funeral and both groups encounter Derrick, the current incarnation of Thor. Derrick is under the impression his daughter, Delphine, is Frigg, though she isn't a goddess. Meanwhile relationships begin to form, as Olaf and Ingrid bond, Anders and Michele indulge in a little verbal sparring, and Ty and Dawn explore their feelings for each other.
77"Bad Things Happen"Murray KeaneTim Balme & James Griffin21 March 2011 (2011-03-21)
With ever-increasing financial problems and fights with Val, Mike decides to use his powers to alleviate the pressure a little and realises that their side-effects are not always bad, particularly when it results in the long-comatose Rob regaining consciousness. Anders' past returns to haunt him as three of his previous conquests seek revenge, and Axl has an opportunity to assert his authority by sorting the situation, though it results in Zeb finding out about Axl's identity as Odin.
88"I Can Give You Frigg"Murray KeaneRachel Lang28 March 2011 (2011-03-28)
It seems that the goddesses have finally found the lost goddess Frigg, in the form of a gothic singing butcher, Eva. However, Michele, Ingrid and Stacey and do not inform Agnetha of their find, who later finds out about Eva. Michele makes a blood oath with Anders and tells him about Eva. Mike and Val's marriage has become rocky after the sudden revival of Rob, Val's former fiancé, who was comatose, and Anders tries to convince Mike that Val is still in love with Rob. Anders brings Axl to Eva, and the literal sparks seem to indicate that they have at last found Frigg.
99"Hunting Reindeer on Slippery Rocks"Mark BeesleyJames Griffin4 April 2011 (2011-04-04)
Axl and Eva begin a hesitant relationship, which rapidly leads to an impetuous engagement. Colin Gundersen, Eva's estranged father and also the god Loki, is strangely supportive, and arranges a ceremony for the union of the God clans whereon he, Mike, Axl and Eva sign a contract written in Norse runes. Zeb and Dawn suffer the consequences of being too close to Gods as one burns and the other freezes. Ty suffers a broken heart as he realises he can never be with Dawn.
1010"Every Good Quest Has a Sacrifice"
"Like Jesus, Only Cooler"[8]
Mark BeesleyJames Griffin11 April 2011 (2011-04-11)
Axl starts having second thoughts about marrying Eva as he realises that he loves his flatmate, Gaia, instead. However his decision to end the engagement is hampered by Colin's revelation that the nuptial contract, given that it was signed in blood, will result in Mike's death if Axl backs out, even though Eva is actually the goddess Hel, goddess of the dead and the underworld. To fulfill the contract and allow Axl to continue the quest, Ty marries Eva after breaking up with Dawn. However, Gaia leaves for Waiheke Island after believing that Axl just used her. Meanwhile, Val is now pregnant to Rob, so Mike and Val's marriage ends. Anders makes overtures to Agnetha, who reveals that she is the long-lost mother of the Johnson brothers.

Series 2 (2012)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
111"And Then She Will Come to You"Simon BennettJames Griffin29 February 2012 (2012-02-29)
Several months have passed and Mike is living with Axl and Zeb. Having multiple one-night stands and using his powers to settle scores, Mike tries to deal with the end of his marriage. Ty and Eva have a dangerous and passionate relationship. Agnetha sends Anders off to Norway to secure a mysterious object. Axl expresses frustration that his brothers appear to have abandoned the quest for Frigg, while Anders and Michele form an alliance. Agnetha discloses her real identity as their mother to Axl, Mike and Ty, the former two of whom are less than thrilled with the revelation. An old acquaintance of Olaf, who is the reincarnation of Kvasir, prophesies that Axl must become a man before he can be a god; and then Frigg will come to him.
122"Frigg Magnet"Simon BennettJames Griffin7 March 2012 (2012-03-07)
Agnetha tries to get Axl to give up his quest. After addressing Axl's building law class, Colin takes Axl out drinking with the promise of assisting him in the quest, which ends with Axl accused of rape. Mike settles the false charges by winning a fiery wager with Colin and, in the process, takes ownership of a bar, which will mean that he can move out of Zeb and Axl's house. Ty is thrown together with Dawn, who still pines for Ty, drinking three wine bottles provided by Agnetha, who disapproves of the increasingly erratic Eva. Later Ty and Eva experience a mutual branding session at their apartment. Axl finds Gaia hiding in a closet, and she asks to move back in.
133"Charlie Truman"Murray KeaneJames Griffin14 March 2012 (2012-03-14)
Bryn and Jacob try to force Gaia to return to Waiheke Island, while Axl is bent on trying to figure out what is going on with the new party-loving Gaia. While Mike has a party to christen his new bar, Axl catches Ty and Eva freezing a masochist in the pub toilets. The brothers call a thing to get Ty to pull out of his and Eva's death games. Eva decides she wants to have children with Ty. Ty asks Agnetha's advice, who tells him to leave Eva and join Anders on his quest, but he cannot bring himself to leave. Dawn visits Ty's home to check on his welfare, and Eva locks her in Ty's freezer, who rescues her and takes her home. Ty returns to their home to find Eva at the point of death.
144"Death's Cleansing Embrace"Murray KeaneRoss Hastings and James Griffin21 March 2012 (2012-03-21)
Agnetha admits to Ty that she killed Eva, saying she was going to eventually be the death of him, and insists he help make the death look like an accident or suicide, to which he reluctantly agrees. Colin, however, believes Ty is responsible and threatens revenge, while Dawn is suspicious of the circumstances. Colin steals Eva's body from the coffin and invites the gods to a Norse funeral on a hilltop, where he demands Ty throw himself on the pyre. Ty refuses, and Colin ignites the pyre with a flamethrower, still intent on vengeance.
155"A Damn Fine Woman"Charlie HaskellJames Griffin28 March 2012 (2012-03-28)
After a party, Axl falls asleep drunk while wearing a dress, and wakes up as a woman. Olaf tells him this is one of Odin's powers, which he uses to spy on people. Axl learns that Dawn is trying to find evidence that Ty killed Eva, and tells Colin not to blame Ty for Eva's death. Ty tries to convince Dawn he didn't kill Eva, and Agnetha plans to send her on a holiday to get her away from him, though Dawn grows more suspicious when she sees Ty and Agnetha together. Believing her to be one of Axl's girlfriends, Gaia warns Axl that Axl hurts all the women he is involved with, in spite of Axl's attempts to redeem himself. Mike asks Michele to show Axl what women need, and when she does so, Axl reverts back into a man.
166"Folkmoot"Charlie HaskellTim Balme4 April 2012 (2012-04-04)
Colin attempts to kill Ty, setting a fire while he is asleep, but is foiled by Ty's power of cold. Failing to dissuade Colin from his path, Agnetha calls upon Axl to summon the gods and goddesses together for a folkmoot, a court where Odin rules on disputes between the Æsir. Mike enters into a game of seduction with Michelle, who has decided to leave Colin, on the condition that she use her powers to help Zeb lose his virginity. Michele manipulates Stacey, who becomes heavily infatuated with Zeb, leading to a closer bond between Mike and Michelle – much to the horror of Gaia and Axl. To protect the still suspicious Dawn from Agnetha, Ty confesses the truth of Eva's death to Colin. At the folkmoot, Colin accuses Agnetha of Eva's murder, so Axl decides that Agnetha must shapeshift back into a tree for the duration of a mortal's life, but this punishment doesn't satisfy Colin, who tries to kill her with a sword but is stopped by Axl. Agnetha departs into the forest, which Colin later sets ablaze, presumably consuming her.
177"Effortless Manly Coolness"Geoffrey CawthornFiona Samuel11 April 2012 (2012-04-11)
Ingrid picks up a former lover, Danny, who was in prison for selling stolen drugs. He was a nurse at the mental health facility where she was a patient. Axl and Ty are both disapproving of Danny, but Ingrid is devoted to him. Mike finds that Agnetha has nominated him to handle her estate, and must divide it between the goddesses. Ingrid wants to start a magic mushroom farm with Danny. Axl decides he and the other gods must protect Ingrid from Danny, and convinces her she is loved and needed by her fellow gods and goddesses. Ty wants to find a way to lose his godhood, so he can be with Dawn without killing her and asks Ingrid to help him attain mortality. Anders returns from his mission.
188"Man-Flu"Geoffrey CawthornRoss Hastings and James Griffin18 April 2012 (2012-04-18)
As a consequence of his mission, Anders has acquired a branch from Yggdrasil, the tree of life. Michelle, Axl, Olaf and Ty are infected with a virus. While Michelle recovers, Axl becomes increasingly ill and slips into a coma, frightening Gaia. Olaf ages rapidly. Meanwhile, Ty is relishing his new freedom as his icy powers have gone. Mike is anxious about what could happen if Axl dies, given that a previous incarnation's death was responsible for New Zealand's Napier earthquake. Anders and Stacey steal the Yggdrasil branch back from New Zealand Customs, where it was impounded, hoping to use it to heal Axl and Olaf. Touching it gives Michelle a healing power and Axl regains consciousness. Stacey and Olaf bond and have sex, after he recovers. Mike, without his ability, has squandered Agnetha's inheritance in stock speculation and Stacey buys a courier business.
199"Everything Starts with Gaia"Charlie HaskellTiffany Zehnal and James Griffin25 April 2012 (2012-04-25)
Gaia is having strange dreams and behaving erratically. Bryn and Jacob arrive, frantic that Gaia must leave with them. Eggthér, a jötunn, is also looking for Gaia, Axl manages to knock him out. Axl, Gaia and the others escape to Mike's bar where Olaf senses that Bryn and Jacob are, respectively, in reality a (short) giant and a (tall) dwarf. They admit they had been sent to kill Gaia as an infant, to avert disaster that would befall their races should she become Frigg. But instead they chose to adopt and protect her. Eggthér takes Zeb hostage and demands Axl to hand over Frigg, or he will kill his best friend. The gods prepare for battle and call on Derrick, the giant killer, Thor, to help. Meanwhile, a disgruntled Anders and Ty opt out of the action to bar hop, but in the process, Anders meets his preordained soul mate, Helen (Iðunn).
2010"Magical Fluffy Bunny World"Charlie HaskellJames Griffin2 May 2012 (2012-05-02)
Axl and Bryn inform Gaia that she will become a goddess, though she believes neither of them. She confronts the other Johnson brothers, and the goddesses explain the Norse pantheon's rules to her. Eggther threatens to kill Zeb unless Gaia is delivered to him and, as a consequence, Mike, Olaf and Axl join her in facing the surly giant. However, events take an unexpected turn, given that Zeb has used amateur psychology on the giant and convinces him not to kill her. Meanwhile, Anders and Helen get acquainted.
2111"The House of Jerome"Murray KeaneRoss Hastings, Tim Balme & James Griffin9 May 2012 (2012-05-09)
The Johnsons discover that they're not the only gods resident in New Zealand – several Maori deities have abducted Gaia and claimed her as one of their own. Moreover, there is a rival prophecy that the reincarnation of Papatuanuku, the Māori goddess of the earth and fertility, will wed the Māori god Māui and that Gaia will be the child of a mixed-pantheon union. Olaf gets drunk, and makes a startling discovery, while Anders and Helen try to cope with Natalie – a new, conservative, germaphobic client from Norway – who may have ulterior motives for her business contact. Michelle, Stacey and Ingrid experiment with Anders' Yggdrasil branch, finding it responsive to their goddess energies.
2212"You Call This the Real World?"Murray KeaneJames Griffin16 May 2012 (2012-05-16)
Axl and Gaia find "Brigadoon", a sanctuary away from the complexities of the debate over whose prophecy Gaia will fulfill. The two of them gradually acknowledge that they care for one another. Meanwhile, back in Auckland, Anders and Helen are growing closer – and concern is growing over the influence that she has over him, while his public relations business is also experiencing difficulties. As a result of Helen's influence, Anders fires Dawn. Olaf finds Kvasir, and forces him to tell Ty about how he can relinquish his god abilities so that he can pursue a romantic relationship with Dawn. This is accomplished by use of Yggdrasil bark, made into a tea and ingested by Ty. Meanwhile, an angry Mike discovers that his bar was bugged by Colin. In addition to this, members of the Māori pantheon camp out in the bar, awaiting Gaia's return. Eventually, Mike tracks Axl and Gaia down, leading Gaia to dismiss the Māori squatters until it is certain which deity she will become.
2313"Does This Look Like Asgard?"Murray KeaneJames Griffin23 May 2012 (2012-05-23)
Gaia turns 21 and her goddess powers awaken. The Māori pantheon, goddesses, Axl and his brothers await the outcome, while the goddesses take Gaia for a rest and relaxation session at a local spa and prepare her for her reincarnation. Meanwhile, Ty is horrified to learn that losing his godhood has caused every mortal he had met to forget him. This means Dawn no longer recognises him when he tries to restart their relationship. Meanwhile, Anders is becoming increasingly concerned with intensity of his relationship with Helen, leading him to attempt ending their relationship. However, they are interrupted by the sudden intrusion of Norse fundamentalist Christian 'god-hunter' Natalie, who threatens them both with her crossbow and shoots and kills Helen. Stalked by Natalie, Anders flees to the goddess rebirthing site, where Gaia's goddess identity is about to be discerned. Colin appears and incinerates Natalie. Due to Iðunn's death, her goddess soul reincarnates within Gaia, much to the anger of Axl.

Series 3 (2013)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
241"An Orchard of Trees"Murray KeaneJames Griffin4 July 2013 (2013-07-04)
After becoming Iðunn, Gaia realizes that she is still in love with Axl, and decides that to combat her godly pull towards Anders, she and Axl must get married. However, after Axl proposes, Olaf and Ingrid go out of their way to convince Axl and Gaia that because Bragi exists in this world, Gaia will always go for him, not Axl, regardless of what she actually feels. Gaia later has sex with Anders.
252"This Thing Inside"Murray KeaneJames Griffin11 July 2013 (2013-07-11)
After Gaia has sex with Anders again, she becomes depressed, and tells Axl, who wants to kill Anders, but he has wisely gone into hiding. Mike refuses to help Axl, but finds Anders on his own. Realising Bragi and Iðunn's connection will always pull Anders and Gaia together, Mike tries to make peace by bringing the family together at the partly renovated bar. In a rage, Axl throws Anders into a pile of rubble and he is mortally wounded. Axl flees while Michelle reveals Yggdrasil and uses her powers to save Anders's life. Mike finds Axl and tells him that Anders is fine, then convinces him to forgive Gaia. Gaia, knowing she can't avoid betraying Axl, tells him she is leaving and goes to London on her own.
263"Bergerbar"Geoffrey CawthornTim Balme18 July 2013 (2013-07-18)
Axl, depressed after Gaia's departure, starts drinking heavily and making it difficult for Zeb to find a replacement flatmate. Ty decides to get a fresh start by quitting fridge repair and selling his house; the latter angers Colin, who first tries to claim ownership, and then burns it down while Ty watches, revealing that it is uninsured – Ty will be wiped out financially. Ty maintains a surprisingly positive attitude and takes a job at Stacey's cycle courier company. Axl reveals to Mike that he failed his building course for non-attendance; Mike tries to help only to find that Anders has already used his Bragi powers on Axl's teacher to convince him to pass Axl. Mike calls for a Bergerbar, a traditional meeting of brothers, to resolve their difficulties. This seems to mostly work, but when they leave a very drunk Axl stands on the ledge of a parking garage and tells a group of onlookers about his troubles as Odin, seemingly intent on jumping off the edge. Ty talks him down, while Anders discovers he can now use his Bragi powers on groups of people, getting the crowd to forget what they saw. The next day Mike gives Axl a job helping Mike with the renovations; working alone he puts a nail gun to his head, but decides against killing himself.
274"Like the Berserkers of Old"Geoffrey CawthornNatalie Medlock and James Griffin25 July 2013 (2013-07-25)
Axl causes major damage to Mike's bar, forcing Mike and Michelle to move back into Michelle's place with her mother, Karen. Anders is tempted by a substantial monetary offer from Colin to help him run for mayor of Auckland using Anders' recently expanded Bragi powers. Olaf and Stacey have discovered that the Christian fundamentalist god-hunters are not from Norway, but the other side of Auckland, operating like a small terrorist cell within a larger church group. They warn the others and argue over the best way to deal with them; Axl tries to assert his position as Odin, agreeing with Mike that they shouldn't involve Colin and suggesting they deal with the problem themselves. Mike agrees, but tells Axl he can't come as his is too valuable to risk. They collect Anders and confront the group at prayer; Michelle shows her power by breaking and then healing the arm of Bevan Mather, Nathalie's husband. Bevan explains the pagan gods were thought to have fled to America 150 years ago, but during his trip to Norway Anders gave away his identity and the family's location. Anders uses his powers to make the group forget all about god-hunting. Meanwhile Axl is bunking off with Tanzie, a young woman who accidentally came into the bar, and ends up saving her from drowning when the sea attacks them by zapping him with miniature lightning. Ingrid realises they missed a member of the god-hunters' cell who had gone out that day to kill a god and warns Mike, who confirms the other gods are safe except for Axl. He rushes over to the flat to finds Axl being gently dumped by Tanzie. Axl reminds Mike that the god-hunters don't know Ty isn't a god, and Mike calls Ty just as the god-hunter tries to run him over. Ty fights and subdues him, with the late assistance of Lance, and assures them he is okay. Anders accepts Colin's job offer, with the condition that he leaves the Johnsons alone. Later, Mike and Michelle are shocked to discover that Karen's one-night stand is Mike's long-absent father Johan.
285"Unleash the Kraken!"Mike SmithNick Ward and James Griffin1 August 2013 (2013-08-01)
On discovering Johan Johnson is not only the Johnson brothers' long absent father but the vessel of Njoror, a god of the sea, Karen throws a fancy dress Johnson family reunion party. Her power as the 'social organiser' of the gods leaves them powerless to resist the invitation. Olaf advises Mike not to speak to Johan, as his power is to temporarily calm agitated emotions in others through his voice – but after he leaves those problems return and get worse. Now that Mike knows about Johan's power, however, it no longer works on him, but they continue to talk. Johan becomes slyly scheming when Mike admits Axl is Odin. Ty has moved out of Axl's flat, and with Ingrid unable to pay rent, Zeb suggests inviting Amelia, an old schoolfriend of theirs who has returned from Australia. Axl is against it as she was manipulative and dismissive of Zeb, though he was never able to see that. When Amelia arrives at the flat, Axl sees that she hasn't changed and goes to the party. At the party old wounds are reopened: Ty attempts to rebuke Johan, but is deflected by his power; Olaf punches Johan for breaking his one rule of never hitting a woman; and Mike and Johan argue over what leaving Mike in charge of the family has done to Mike's life. Johan distracts the older brothers by prompting them to play background cricket, but the game ends in a brawl until Olaf breaks it up and explains that this is all part of Johan's nature, and that he will never truly return to them. Meanwhile Johan tells Axl he has been drawn back to New Zealand by Odin's presence, and encourages his youngest son to face up to Amelia. They leave together to sort it out, Johan stirring up the existing tension between Mike and Axl. At the flat, Axl tells Zeb the truth about Amelia, but Zeb doesn't want to believe him and angrily tells him to leave. Amelia shows her true colours by stabbing Axl in the back, but Axl, his Odin powers growing, doesn't notice. Johan takes Axl to hospital before playing on his insecurities and suggesting a roadtrip to Norsewood, the Johnson family homestead. As they drive off, a mysterious man watches and writes "Odin – to Norsewood" in a notebook.
296"And Then on to Norsewood"Mike SmithRoss Hastings8 August 2013 (2013-08-08)
Axl has been on a trip with Johan for a few days without yet getting to Norsewood, enjoying some relaxation. In his absence and with Amelia having left, Zeb has been dealing with Ingrid as his only roommate. Anders, to Dawn's frustration, begins his work as Colin's campaign manager. Anders and Dawn butt heads over Anders treating a political election as a joke. Karen and Mike talk, revealing that Karen's father was the previous Ullr. Axl and Johan continue to bond, but Johan keeps coming up with activities to keep them from getting to Norsewood. Eventually, Johan tries to convince Axl to join a Korean fishing boat crew, but Axl refuses and confronts Johan about Norsewood. Johan departs, and Axl gets picked up by Martin, the man who was following them in the prior episode. Martin abandons him at a bar saying that he "needs to be there." Axl discovers that Derrick is there, and his hammer is missing. Michelle finds out that one of the God-killers thinks that she's a divine healer because of a sarcastic remark by Anders. Meeting with a member of the church, she is convinced to heal a young girl. Colin and Anders fight over how to run the campaign, with Colin revealing that it's funded by the money he stole from the Johnsons. In response, Anders starts billing everything to the campaign fund while Dawn becomes the de facto head of policy. Olaf and Mike go to a private club to get money to pay for the bar, but he ends up almost being killed after he gets caught up in being Ullr.
307"Typical Auckland God"Michael HurstJames Griffin15 August 2013 (2013-08-15)
After an evening involving lots of beer, Axl wakes up in bed with a gorgeous barmaid, Suzie, after having sent Derrick home with his neighbor Thom, and spending the night drinking and sleeping with her. He then drives out to Derrick's farm to return his ute. Derrick is enraged to learn Axl allowed his enemies to drive him home, since he blames his neighbors, Thom and Kerry, for stealing his hammer. Derrick pleads for Axl's help to retrieve it back, so Axl goes to them to ask for it back. Kerry reveals that Derrick tried to kill them with it after a disagreement about the music they were playing (and because they are homosexuals). They agree to return it if Derrick apologizes to them directly, and returns their land. Axl starts to believe that Suzie is actually Frigg since they fit together and are drawn to each other, but Olaf tells him otherwise. Suzie doesn't know that she is a goddess but Axl realizes that she is able to boor booze never ending. Olaf reveals that the Goddess she is is Sága, not Frigg, who is Odin's best friend. To get Derrick his hammer back, Axl must convince him to wear the wedding dress that Derrick keeps in his closet because Kerry and Thom propose that if Derrick comes to their engagement party in the dress that they will return his hammer. This is most likely referencing how there is a Norse myth about Loki convincing Thor to wear a wedding dress while in disguise as a woman so that he may get his hammer back from someone who has stolen it. For anyone who knows Norse mythology this is a great nod. Derrick gets his hammer back but under the condition that Axl is his bridesmaid meaning he has to wear a dress to the party as well. Axl leaves the town and heads to Norsewood and finds a mysterious note that is only meant for Odin. Mike shows up and says he only came because he got a text from Axl that he was ready to leave and that he is broke and without clothes in Norsewood which is weird since Axl threw and lost his phone by the beach so who is this mysterious person who texted Mike?
318"The Asparagus Is Kicking In"Michael HurstTim Balme22 August 2013 (2013-08-22)
329"Mike in the Mirror"Geoffrey CawthornMichael Bennett and James Griffin29 August 2013 (2013-08-29)
Zeb awakens from a dream with a brilliant idea: He and Axl will put out a casting call for actresses to play Frigg in a beer commercial. Axl quickly warms to the idea: this way, the Frigg will come to Axl. The boys hold the auditions, and they go badly; not only does Axl doubt that any of the girls are Frigg, but he receives a black eye from a jealous boyfriend of one of the actresses. Though blinded in one eye, Axl seems to have granted extraordinary insight. He has a conversation with Mike in his bathroom mirror in which Mike cryptically hints that Ullr can become Odin, and therefore he can be with Frigg. Zeb explains that this has a parallel in myth. Michelle, with Ingrid's help, holds healing sessions in order to make a bit of cash. When Anders finds out, he blackmails Michelle into letting him join their venture with the threat of revealing everything to Mike. He goes on to outline a much more profitable and safe business plan. Dawn is having flashbacks to her forgotten relationship with Ty. At his house, she shares her thoughts, and Ty, following advice given in an anonymous note from Martin, admits that they were previously in love. He also explains everything about his family and gods. Axl goes to see Mike, who is livid that Axl, Ty and the goddesses are risking giving away the secret that gods walk among mortals in Auckland.
3310"Playing God"Geoffrey CawthornNatalie Medlock and James Griffin5 September 2013 (2013-09-05)
Michelle continues her healing sessions, but this time without Ingrid. Mike is suspicious of her constant disappearances and probes her for the truth. After finally getting the truth out of Anders, he and Michelle argue. Ty and Dawn have resumed their relationship and moved in together. Olaf warns Ty against getting too close to a mortal. Olaf pays Dawn a visit at the office and accidentally gets her stoned just before a meeting with the company's only client. Paranoid, she confesses to Olaf that she is also worried about getting close to Ty for fear of getting hurt again, or even killed. The goddesses have discovered great potential in the branch from Yggdrasil. For one thing, the oracle Ingrid receives wisdom from it. Axl hits on the idea of using her to find Frigg. Ingrid is reluctant but eventually uses her insight to guide Axl to a care home, where they find a mute man (Hœnir) whom they believe to be Frigg's father. As Axl calls the others to the scene to begin the hunt for Frigg proper, Mike decides the stick from Yggdrasil has caused enough problems, and throws it into a wood chipper.
3411"A Bit Like Buses Really"Murray KeaneRoss Hastings and James Griffin12 September 2013 (2013-09-12)
For Axl, time is running out. Mike has received enough clues to hunt down Frigg for himself, and he intends to become Odin. Axl tries to unite the other Johnsons behind him. Michelle is determined to sabotage the meeting of Odin and Frigg, as she believes when the gods get their powers, she will be relegated to the status of a minor goddess. Dawn is also reluctant to see the quest end. Meanwhile, Mike's sense leads him to look for Frigg at Martin's house. Martin, it turns out, is the god Heimdall and has the power to teleport himself and others through doorways – and so, despite Olaf's warning that he could be dangerous, Mike endeavours to trick him into leading him to Frigg. Axl and Anders find Martin's room in a home for the mentally disturbed. Though Martin is not there, there are Norse runes on the wall and Scrabble tiles on a dresser. With Stacy's help, they work out that the tiles can be arranged to spell out "VILIVE" – a bridalwear shop that is one of Stacy's clients. Axl and Mike arrive at the shop at almost the same time, and meet Hanna, who is undoubtedly the Frigg. She is pressured to choose between her two Odins.
3512"Late to the Point of Knowledge"Murray KeaneJames Griffin19 September 2013 (2013-09-19)
Axl, Mike and Ty reveal to Olaf and Anders that they have found the Frigg, with the rivalry between Axl and Mike heating up. Both try to get close to her, even though they have agreed to wait for her to make the choice, and Mike succeeds first by bringing Ingrid to Martin to help him deal with his godly knowledge driving him insane – something she knows about firsthand. Mike and Hanna have lunch, to their surprise getting along very well, and have sex – Michelle discovering them asleep in bed afterwards, thanks to information from Stacey. Axl gets Hanna and Martin's address from Ty, but doesn't find her until after her date with Mike. He spends a fun afternoon with her, but fails to make a connection with her as Mike did. Meanwhile Ingrid tries to help Martin, and learns that he has orchestrated many events – including Gaia sleeping with Anders so she wouldn't end up with Axl, and providing the wood chipper that Mike used to destroy the Yggdrasil stick. He also reveals that the union of Odin and Frigg will happen at the Ga, a special ceremony of which neither oracle were aware – and the outcome will not be what they have assumed all this time. Ingrid and Olaf call everyone together to discuss this, but in the meantime Michelle has decided to go back to the plan to prevent the union of Odin and Frigg, and has gone to visit Hanna, threatening to kill her with a knife. While Ingrid and Olaf begin to explain the Ga, Martin suddenly senses his sister is in danger, takes one of Mike's hammers and steps through a door to return home, killing Michelle with a blow to the back of the head.
3613"The End of the World as We Know It"Mike SmithJames Griffin26 September 2013 (2013-09-26)
Michelle has been brought back to life by Hanna, but it's not all good news: the gods have discovered that when Odin and Frigg are reunited at the Ga, their godly selves will ascend to Asgard, leaving their mortal vessels powerless on Earth – and forgotten by all who once knew them. Worse, Michelle will die when this happens, as Frigg's energies on Earth are all that are keeping her mortal body alive. Major disasters rock the planet as Jormungandr stirs, and the gods and goddesses realise the end is near. They each prepare in their own way: Michelle spends up big on her credit card with Ingrid and Stacey; Mike and Hanna sleep together again, though she leaves before he wakes; and Axl again pursues Hanna, wanting her to make her choice so Ragnarok can be averted. Eventually Hanna makes her choice, telling Mike first that she has chosen Axl, and then announcing that the Ga will be held the next morning. Michelle, Anders and Mike spend a last night gambling big at the casino; Axl plays videogames with Zeb; Olaf, Stacey and Ingrid carouse on the beach; and Ty and Dawn finalise their preparations for what will come after. The next morning they meet and enact the ritual, Axl promising that the first thing he will do as Odin is restore Michelle to life. Their godly essences all leave them – leaving Michelle dead, and Martin vanished, taking up his role as guardian between the realms. Odin keeps his promise, and Michelle is returned to life, while Axl realises that he and Hanna don't have to stay together now that Odin and Frigg are reunited in Asgard – leaving him free to reunite with Gaia, and Mike and Hanna to be together. Ty delivers a package to Dawn, who has forgotten him, containing a video Dawn made earlier to remind herself that Ty is the man she loves, and she remembers. Axl, having made up with Mike, returns to his flat to reintroduce himself to Zeb and take over the room vacated by himself.


Gods Among Us (2013)[edit]

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1"Episode 1"28 August 2013 (2013-08-28)
2"Episode 2"5 September 2013 (2013-09-05)
3"Episode 3"12 September 2013 (2013-09-12)
4"Episode 4"19 September 2013 (2013-09-19)
5"Episode 5"25 September 2013 (2013-09-25)
6"Episode 6"2 October 2013 (2013-10-02)
7"Episode 7"10 October 2013 (2013-10-10)
8"Episode 8"16 October 2013 (2013-10-16)
9"Episode 9"24 October 2013 (2013-10-24)
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