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The United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) is a national organization and sanctioning body for amateur soccer in the United States. It consists of 54 state organizations as well as regional and national leagues.

There are numerous adult leagues that are affiliated with the USASA. These leagues are mostly independent of each other, and the division rankings cannot be reliably compared between state or local organizations. There are affiliated leagues and national leagues, in which the national leagues are seen as the fourth or fifth tier, while the affiliated leagues could technically be seen as the sixth tier. USASA has over 250,000 adult members within its leagues and teams.

National affiliates[edit]

Elite amateur leagues[edit]

The elite league membership program is for the promotion of the top USASA leagues across the country. These leagues are part of the USASA structure as national leagues, regional leagues or members of a USASA state association.[1][2]

League Region
American Premier Soccer League Florida
Buffalo & District Soccer League[3] Western New York
Central Florida Soccer League Florida
Cosmopolitan Soccer League New York City
Evergreen Premier League Washington
Florida Suncoast Soccer League Florida
Gulf Coast Premier League Region III
Long Island Soccer Football League Long Island
Maryland Major Soccer League Central Maryland
Michigan Premier Soccer League Michigan
Rochester District Soccer League Upstate New York
San Francisco Soccer Football League Northern California
SoCal Premier League Southern California
United Premier Soccer League[4] national
United Soccer League of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Washington Premier League Washington metropolitan area

Regional leagues[edit]

Region I[edit]

The first region of the four USASA regions are teams located in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. The region includes the following state soccer associations:

  • Connecticut State Soccer Association
  • Delaware Soccer Association
  • Eastern New York State Soccer Association
  • Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Association
  • Maryland State Soccer Association
  • Massachusetts Adult State Soccer Association
  • Metropolitan DC-VA Soccer Association
  • New Hampshire Soccer Association
  • New Jersey Soccer Association
  • Pennsylvania West Soccer Association
  • Rhode Island Soccer Association
  • Vermont State Soccer Association
  • West Virginia Soccer Association
  • Western New York Soccer Association

Region II[edit]


  • Central Illinois Soccer League
  • Chicago Champions SL
  • Chicago SL
  • Illinois Women's SL
  • Kankakee Premier SL
  • Metropolitan AH SL
  • Metropolitan SL
  • National Soccer League
  • Polish Highlanders SL
  • Polish SL
  • Premier SL Chicagoland
  • Recreational Adult and Youth Soccer Association
  • Southern Illinois Adult Soccer League
  • Tricounty SL O40
  • Westside Premier SL
  • Windy City Wanderers FC
  • World Soccer League


  • Central Indiana Adult Soccer League
  • Central Indiana Women's Soccer League
  • Ft. Wayne Adult Soccer League
  • Latino Americana Sport Club
  • Northwest Indiana Women's League
  • Northwest Old Boys League
  • Premier Soccer League
  • Lafayette Soccer League


  • Cedar Valley Adult Soccer Association
  • Central Iowa Co-ed Soccer League
  • Dubuque Soccer Club
  • Latin America Soccer League
  • Latino Unidos
  • Liga Latina de Futbol



  • Greater Louisville Soccer League
  • Kentucky Amateur Soccer League
  • Latino's Soccer League
  • Lexington Amateur
  • Lexington Women's Soccer League
  • Louisville Soccer Amateur League
  • Organization de Futbol Independent Soccer League
  • Woodford Adult Soccer League




  • Nebraska Men's Soccer League
  • Omaha Latino Soccer League
  • South Omaha Soccer League




  • WSL Majors
  • WSL U23
  • WSL First Division

Region III[edit]


  • BASL Soccer
  • Central Florida Soccer League
  • Florida East Coast Soccer League
  • Florida Suncoast Soccer League


  • ISLANO (International Soccer League Association New Orleans)

North Carolina[edit]

  • Triangle Adult Soccer League
  • Metrolina Adult Soccer League- Charlotte

South Carolina[edit]

  • Charleston Soccer League


Region IV[edit]

Alaska State Soccer Association[edit]

  • Soccer Alaska (Anchorage)
  • Fairbanks Soccer Association (Fairbanks)
  • Capital City Soccer League (Juneau)

Arizona State Soccer Association[edit]

  • Sierra Vista Soccer League
  • Sierra Vista Women's Soccer League
  • Tucson Metro Soccer League
  • Tucson Women's Soccer League

California Soccer Association - North[edit]

California Soccer Association - South[edit]

  • Adult Soccer League of Simi Valley
  • City of Hawaiian Gardens Soccer League
  • City of Victorville Adult Soccer League
  • Coachella Valley Premier Soccer League
  • Coast Soccer League
  • La Gran Liga de Oxnard
  • Laguna Niguel Football Association
  • Los Angeles City Municipal Sports League
  • Los Angeles Premier League
  • Orcutt United Adult Soccer League
  • San Diego County Soccer League
  • So Cal Premier League
  • South Western Adult Soccer League
  • Tri Counties Soccer League
  • United Premier Soccer League
  • United Premier Veterans Soccer League

Colorado State Soccer Association[edit]

  • Colorado Mountain United Soccer League
  • Denver Kickers Sport Club League
  • High Plains Coed Soccer League

Hawaii Soccer Association[edit]

  • Co-ed Soccer Association of Hawaii
  • Hawaii Ranger Soccer League
  • Major Island Soccer Organization
  • Men's Island Soccer Organization
  • Kauai COED
  • Kauai Soccer Association
  • Maui Soccer Association
  • Valley Isle COED Soccer League

Idaho State Soccer Association[edit]

  • Idaho Falls Adult Soccer Association
  • Lega Azteca
  • Liga de Fot-Bol Valle Magico
  • Primetime Co-Ed Soccer League
  • Southern Idaho Soccer League

Utah Soccer Association[edit]

  • Co-ed
  • Men's Open (GSLSL)
  • Men's Over-30 (FSL)
  • Men's Over-35 (VSL)
  • Men's Over-40 (OHSL)


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