List of diplomats of Great Britain to the Republic of Genoa

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List of diplomats from the Kingdom of England and Great Britain to the Republic of Genoa

Envoys Extraordinary of England (to 1707)[edit]

Envoys Extraordinary of Great Britain (from 1707)[edit]

British Representatives to Genoa since 1797[edit]

France 1797 to 1814[edit]

In 1797, the Republic passed under French control as the Ligurian Republic, and was formally annexed to France in 1805 as the département of Gênes.

Kingdom of Sardinia[edit]

At the 1814 Congress of Vienna, Genoa became part of the Kingdom of Sardinia. Britain continued to appoint Consuls to the city.

Kingdom of Italy[edit]

The Kingdom of Sardinia became the core of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861.


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