List of fossiliferous stratigraphic units in Namibia

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Fossiliferous stratigraphic units in Namibia are not as numerous as in neighboring South Africa, but several formations have provided unique fossil assemblages, particularly the Ediacaran fauna of the Vendian to Cambrian Nama Group, fossil fish in the Carboniferous to Permian Ganigobis Formation and Eocene Langental Formation, typical Permian Gondwanan biota in the Huab, Gai-As and Whitehill Formations, Early Triassic therapsids in the Omingonde Formation, Early Jurassic dinosaur trackways in the Etjo Sandstone and Early Miocene mammals and reptiles in the Elisabeth Bay Formation.

List of fossiliferous stratigraphic units[edit]

Group Formation Period Notes
Etosha Limestone Early Pleistocene [1]
Tsondab Sandstone Mio-Pliocene [2]
Andoni Formation Langhian [1]
Elisabeth Bay Formation Aquitanian-Burdigalian [3]
Buntfeldschuch Formation Priabonian [4]
Langental Formation Bartonian-Priabonian [5]
Eocliff Limestone Bartonian [6]
Black Crow Limestone Ypresian-Lutetian [7][8]
Etendeka Group Etjo Sandstone Early Jurassic [9]
Karoo Supergroup Omingonde Formation Anisian-Ladinian [10]
"Ecca" Group Gai-As Formation Kungurian-Wordian [11]
Huab Formation Artinskian-Kungurian [12]
Ecca Group Whitehill Formation Artinskian-Kungurian [13]
Dwyka Group Ganigobis Formation Sakmarian [14]
Gzhelian [15]
Nama Group Nomtsas Formation Ediacaran-Cambrian [16]
Urusis Formation Ediacaran-Cambrian [17]
Kuibis Quartzite Ediacaran [18]
Naldaus/Nudaus Formation Ediacaran [19]
Zaris Formation Ediacaran [20]
Dabis Formation Ediacaran [21]

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