Governors of Skåne County

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This is a list of Governors for Skåne County in Sweden. The County was recreated in 1997 by a merger of Malmöhus County and Kristianstad County. For the period 1719–1996 see Malmöhus County and Kristianstad County.

  1. Bengt Holgersson (1997–2005)
  2. Göran Tunhammar (2006–2012)
  3. Margareta Pålsson (2012–-2016)
  4. Anneli Hulthén (2016– )

List of county governors of Helsingborg County, Landskrona County, and Malmöhus County[edit]

Before 1719, Scania was divided into counties with different borders from those in effect for Kristianstad County and Malmöhus County between 1719 and 1996. During 1658–1719, and again 1801–1809, the province was included in the Scanian Dominion (Skånska Generalguvernementet in Swedish). For the Governors-General during these periods, see List of Governors-General of Scania. During the period 1670–1675, the Scanian Dominion was suspended and three County Governors administered the counties in the area, answering directly to the Swedish king: one governor for Malmöhus County, one for Kristianstad County (which included Blekinge), and one for Halland County. During the rest of the period, the county governors in Scania answered to the Governor-General and different county divisions were in place.

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