List of heritage places in the Shire of Toodyay

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The following list of heritage places in the Shire of Toodyay is based on information from the Western Australian State Heritage Office.[1]

Name Street Town
Coondle Post Office & Store (Site of Mrs Fawell's place) Church Gully Rd Coondle
Coondle Homestead - Site of Lot 1 Coondle West Rd Coondle
Shops & Dwelling (fmr) ("Shoemaker's House", Ellery's shop and dwelling) 102 &106 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Durley Hill (Stevens' Cottage) Folewood Rd Toodyay
Connor's House (fmr) 133 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Newcastle Hospital (fmr) (Residence) 7 Henry St Toodyay
Toodyay Public Library (Mechanics' Institute (fmr), Road Board Office) 96 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Rock Cairn Chittering Rd Moondyne
Maisemore Lot 11 Dumbarton Rd Toodyay
Urwin's Store (fmr) (Toodyay Bakery & Tearooms, Unwin's Store, Caddy & Wiltshire's Drapery store) 123 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Newcastle Police Stables (fmr) 15-17 Clinton St Toodyay
Anglican Rectory (fmr) (The Cascades, Spion Kop) 61 Folewood Rd Toodyay
Toodyay Railway Station - Site of (Newcastle Railway Station, Alma Beard Medical Centre) 61-65 Stirling Tce Toodyay
St Stephen's Anglican Church 132 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Victoria Hotel (Toodyay) 114-116 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Toodyay Wine Saloon & Sanderson's Veges (fmr) (Ray White Real Estate) 109 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Rockhaven (Loviebond & Howies) 9 Clarke St West Toodyay
Deepdale Deepdale Rd West Toodyay
St Aloysius Convent of Mercy (fmr) (Mercy House, Dormitory block) 34-38 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Mountain Park (Sinclairs Crossing, Nairn Cottage, Dumbarton, Homestead) Dumbarton Rd Toodyay
Toodyay Police Station & Courthouse (Toodyay Police Station) Stirling Tce Toodyay
Bejoording Siding - Site of Western Rd Bejoording
Joe's Cage off Sapper Rd Moondyne
Coondle Hall Dewars Pool Rd Coondle
Pensioner Guard Cottage (Jas Smith's) (fmr) (Beardman's Store & Dining Room, Scharf's Store) 92 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Nunile Hall - Site of Cnr Woodindale & Hall Rds Nunile
Bejoording Homestead Complex and Central Square (Syred's Cottage) 34 Second Rd Bejoording
Tipperary Ruin (Whitfields, part of original Wicklow Hills) Goomalling-Toodyay Rd Toodyay
Connor House (fmr) 9 Telegraph Rd Toodyay
Victoria Hotel & Fmr Billiard Saloon 114-116 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Demasson's House and Shop (fmr) (Toodyay Historical Society, The Herald, Mrs, O'Reilly's) 96 Stirling Tce Toodyay
CWA Rooms (Coondle Hall) 101 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Green's Cottage (fmr) (Warden's Cottage, Burnside Cottage) 8 Fiennes St Toodyay
10 Mile Hill School - Site of Toodyay-Perth Rd Toodyay
Shop & Residence (fmr) (St Johns Ambulance, Toodyay Hair Studio, Toodyay Beauty Salon) 126 Stirling Tce Toodyay
House 37 Telegraph Rd Toodyay
Lunn's Landing Siding - Site of (Chinese Market Gardens) S of Culham
School Master's house (fmr) (Toodyay community Resource Centre) 2 Duke St North Toodyay
Newcastle School (fmr) (Toodyay Uniting Church (Methodist), Toodyay Repertory Club, Toodyay School) 6 Duke St North Toodyay
Culham Cricket Ground - Site of Cnr Telegraph & Toodyay-Bindi Bindi Rd Culham
Toodyay War Memorial 6509074 Anzac Av Toodyay
Butterly House (fmr Mongers House) 1 Harper Rd Toodyay
Shepherd's Rock Dumbarton Rd Dumbarton
Bindoon Defence Training Area Bindoon
The Cascades 50 Folewood Rd Toodyay
Toodyay Memorial Hall (fmr) (Municipal Chambers, Shire Hall) 117 Stirling Tce Toodyay
James Cottage (Fingerpost) 6390 Toodyay Rd Toodyay
Coondle School - Site of Coondle
Key Farm 6177 Toodyay Rd Toodyay
House 39 Telegraph Rd Toodyay
Jane Clarkson's Cottage (fmr) (Jain Clarkson) 46 Telegraph Rd Toodyay
The Range (Mt Anderson Homestead (fmr), Clarkson's) 326 Goomalling - Toodyay Rd Dumbarton
The Herald (fmr) (Seil Constructions) 100 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Toodyay Police Lock-up (fmr) Clinton St Toodyay
Toodyay Court House (fmr) and former Convict Depot Archaeological Sites (Toodyay Court House (fmr), Convict Hiring Depot & Hospital sites) 13-14 Fiennes St Toodyay
Ted Chapman's Cottage (fmr) (Connor's Restaurant), Connor's Cottage 5 Piesse St Toodyay
Avondale Railway Rd Toodyay
Cottage 7 Telegraph Rd Toodyay
Kirk's (Pensioner) Cottage (fmr) 68 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Toodyay Public Cemetery Telegraph Rd Toodyay
Coorinja Winery 5989 Toodyay Rd Toodyay
House 33 Telegraph Rd Toodyay
Pelham Reserve Pelham St Toodyay
Jimperding Gold Mine - Site of (Jimperding Hill descent) Jingaling Brook Rd Morangup
James Martin's Cottage (fmr) 95 Stirling Tce Toodyay
House 48 Stirling Tce Toodyay
House 3 Arthur St Toodyay
Newgain Granary 389 Dumbarton Rd Toodyay
Cottage 4 Telegraph Rd Toodyay
Monger's Store - Site, Duidgee Park (Nottingham House) Railway, Harper & Telegraph Rds Toodyay
Charlie Syred's house (fmr) 3260 Toodyay-Bindi Bindi Rd Wattening
Alex Ferguson's Smithy - Site of (Barn Elms, Water's) West Toodyay
Leeder's House & Shop fmr (Roman Catholic School Fmr) 94 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Ringa Railway Bridge (Ringa-Ringa Creek & Clackline-Toodyay Road) Toodyay-Clackline Rd Hoddy's Well
Vetter Cottage & Winery Ruins Toodyay-Bindi Bindi Rd Coondle
Extracts Factory (fmr) Northam-Toodyay Rd Nardie
Foggarthorpe (Mt Anderson, Clarkson's) Goomalling Rd Toodyay
Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows Hall (fmr) (Toodyay Newsagency, Markets, Drapery & Craft, Jager Stores) 111-113 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Glen Craigie 14 Duke St Toodyay
Bank Of New South Wales (NSW) (fmr) (Challenge Bank, Westpac Bank (fmr), Bank of W.A. - (Western Australian Bank, Newcastle Branch) (fmr)) 108 Stirling Tce Toodyay
West Toodyay School - Site of Julimar Rd West Toodyay
Rose Cottage 20 Clinton St Toodyay
Knockdomony Cottage ((Whitfields) Lavender Cottage) 3-5 Duke St Toodyay
Malkup Brook Farm Julimar Rd Julimar
Hasell House (fmr) 12 Drummond St Toodyay
Glendearg (Erandyne Springs) Toodyay-Bindi Bindi Rd Bejoording
Group of 4 cottages 39-45 Telegraph Rd Toodyay
Bejoording Townsite Spring-Reserve - Site of Bejoording
Cottage 4 Jubilee St Toodyay
St Aloysius Convent of Mercy classrooms and girls dormitory (fmr) (O'Connor House) 34-38 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Calbaline 2675 Toodyay Rd Toodyay
Toodyay Post Office and Residence (Newcastle Post & Telegraph Office) 115 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Toodyay Fire Station 105-107 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Viewlands 7-11 Duke St Toodyay
Victoria Billiard Saloon 114-116 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Hawthornden Farm Precinct 310 Toodyay-Bindi Bindi Rd 5k N of Toodyay
Coondle Siding - Site of Coondle
Haseley (Cowardine) 1910 Toodyay-Bindi Bindi Rd Culham
Key Farm Siding - Site of Toodyay Rd Toodyay
Hoddy Well & Cottage (Chrimes Cottage) Clackline Rd Toodyay
Connor House (fmr) 13-15 Telegraph Rd Toodyay
Anglican Rectory (fmr) (Whitfield House, Lee Steere Home) 7 Fiennes St Toodyay
Mayfield 230 Toodyay Rd West Toodyay
Donegan's Cottage 20 Toodyay St Toodyay
Community Sheep Dip 55 Bindoon - Dewars Pool Rd Coondle, Dewars Pool
Hasell's Cottage (ruin) (Dawson's Cottage, Monkey Cottage) 396 Julimar Rd Toodyay
House 45 Telegraph Rd Toodyay
Cook's House (fmr) (G Hassell's House) 3 Folewood Rd Toodyay
Toodyay Fire Station (fmr) (Newcastle Fire Station (fmr)) Toodyay
Hasson House (fmr) 310 Toodyay Rd West Toodyay
Culham Hall - Site of Culham
House 2 Jubilee St North Toodyay
Hackett's (Pensioner) Cottage (fmr) 80 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Neugin Homestead 466 Dumbarton Rd Toodyay
Ellery's Arcade 123 Stirling Tce Toodyay
The Byeen Lot 21 Telegraph Rd Bolgart
Royd Nook Cottage 26 Alan Twine Rd Royd Nook
Thomas Whittle's Cottage (fmr) 28-30 Clinton St Toodyay
Yandee Homestead (Mt Anderson, Clarkson's) Hall Rd Toodyay
Windmill Hill Railway Cutting Windmill Hill Dumbarton
LJ Hooker, Toodyay Bookery & Toodyay's Something Different Shops (Brian Buzzard & Co, Manuels Agencies, Clarke, & Doig, Lollipop Shop (fmr)) 112 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Parker's Cottage 7 Toodyay Rd Toodyay
Newcastle Gaol, Lock-up and Stables Group, Toodyay (Old Toodyay Gaol and Police Station Complex, Old Gaol Museum) 14 & 17 Clinton St Toodyay
St Phillip's Anglican Church (Culham Church, �) Toodyay-Bindi Bindi Rd Culham
Roman Catholic Church Group, Toodyay (Franciscan Monastery; St Aloysius Convent, Sisters of Mercy Convent School; Avondown) 32-34 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Toodyay Federation Square Stirling Tce Toodyay
Stirling Terrace Streetscape Group Stirling Tce Toodyay
Knockdomony (Whitfields, part of original) 76 Goomalling-Toodyay Rd Toodyay
Jimperding Cemetery - Site of Cobbler Pool Rd Jimperding
Cottage (Mary Lees', Donnelly's) 4-6 Mt Anderson St Toodyay
Wattening Temperance Hall - Site of (Templar Hall) Wattening
White Lakes Ruins (Wicklow Hills, Whitfields) off Goomalling-Toodyay Rd Nardie
Morangup Spring - Site of Morangup
Culham Homestead Toodyay-Bindi Bindi Rd Culham
Oddfellows House (fmr) 3 Oddfellow St Toodyay
Drummond's Mill - Site of (Mill Farm & Vine Cottage, Grove's Dairy) 141 Toodyay-Bindi Bindi Rd Toodyay
Wendouree Tearooms (Hames Tearooms, Whitfield's Store) 110 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Dr Growse's House 34-38 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Factory Management Houses (fmr) Northam-Toodyay Rd Nardie
Original Toodyay Townsite Precinct West Toodyay
Toodyay Tavern (Newcastle Hotel (fmr), Newcastle Tavern, Lavender Cafe) 82-86 Stirling Tce Toodyay
D Leeder's House (fmr) 10-12 Telegraph Rd Toodyay
Royd Nook Cottage & Wool Shed Alan Twine Rd Royd Nook
W.G. Leeder's house (fmr) 74-76 Stirling Tce Toodyay
House 78 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Seven Factory Houses (fmr) Toodyay Rd Toodyay
Catholic Presbytery, Toodyay (fmr) (Earth Craft Nursery) 32 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Toodyay Towing Service (Prince Bros, Toodyay Garage & Passenger, Service) 97-99 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Freemason's Hall (Toodyay) (Templar's Hall (fmr), Temperance Hall), 19 Fiennes St Toodyay
Connors Mill (fmr), Toodyay (Museum) 129 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Rose Valley Cottage 17 Harper Rd Toodyay
Nardie Homestead 2325 Northam-Toodyay Rd Nardie
St Aloysius Convent of Mercy classrooms and boys boarders dormitory (fmr) (Avondown Centre) 34-38 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Recreation Ground, Grandstand & Pavilion (Donegan's Cottage, Parker's Cottage) Jubilee St Toodyay
Newcastle Hotel (fmr) (Freemasons' Hotel) 125 Stirling Tce Toodyay
House (fmr) (Angus James Real Estate) 124 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Julia Harper's Cottage (fmr) (Griffin's Cottage) 11-13 Harper Rd Toodyay
St John the Baptist Church fmr (St. John the Baptist Church (RC), Residence) 32-34 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Cottage Coondle
Blinkbonny Toodyay Rd Toodyay
Stationmaster's House 61 Stirling Tce Toodyay
Nardie Cemetery Northam-Toodyay Rd Nardie
Clackline To Toodyay Railway Line Toodyay - Clackline
Britt's House (fmr) (Waylen) Bindoon - Dewars Pool Rd Coondle, Dewar's Pool
Royd Nook Wool Shed 30 Alan Twine Rd Royd Nook
Stirling House (Toodyay Gentlemen's Club (fmr)) 122 B Stirling Tce Toodyay


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