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Location of Mid West region

The Mid West region is one of the nine regions of Western Australia. It is a sparsely populated region extending from the west coast of Western Australia, about 200 km north and south of its administrative centre of Geraldton and inland to 450 km east of Wiluna in the Gibson Desert.[1]

It has a total area of 472,336 km2, and a permanent population of about 52,000 people, more than half of those in Geraldton.

The economy of the Mid West region varies with the geography and climate. Near the coast, annual rainfall of between 400 and 500 mm allows intensive agriculture. Further inland, annual rainfall decreases to less than 250 mm, and here the economy is dominated by mining of gold, nickel and other mineral resources. Geraldton is an important hub for the tourism industry.[2] The Mid West also has the highest value fishing industry in Western Australia.

Local government[edit]

The Mid West region consists of the following local government areas:


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