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List of people who died on the toilet where individuals have died while using a toilet facility or in the process of defecation or urination. This includes all confirmed historical figures and more modern recent notable cases of deaths.

Before 10th century[edit]

Date Location Name Age Description Source
Summer of 581 BC China Duke Jing of Jin (Ju) Unknown Died falling into a toilet pit. [1]
11 March 222 Rome Elagabalus 18 Assassinated in his personal latrine. [2]

1000 - 1500[edit]

Date Location Name Age Description Source
30 November 1016 Oxford or London, England King Edmund II of England Unknown Possibly stabbed from under a toilet seat while defecating. [3]
Circa. 26 or 27 of February 1076 Vlaardingen Godfrey IV, Duke of Lower Lorraine Unknown Was assassinated while using a toilet. [4]
4 August 1306 Olomouc Wenceslaus III of Bohemia 16 Murdered with a spear while sitting in the Garderobe. [5]

1501 - 1700[edit]

Date Location Name Age Description Source
19 April 1578 Echigo Province, Japan Uesugi Kenshin circa. 58 Allegedly assassinated while using a toilet. [6]

1701 - 1999[edit]

Date Location Name Age Description Source
25 October 1760 Kensington Palace, London,


George II of Great Britain 76 Collapsed shortly after attending to his close stool, possibly died of an Aortic aneurysm. [7]
17 November 1796 Saint Petersburg, Russia Catherine the Great 67 Died of a stroke while attending to chamber business. [8]
26 May 1908 Lahore, British India Mirza Ghulam Qadian 73 Died as a result of dysentery [9]
10 April 1966 Combe Florey, Somerset, England Evelyn Waugh 62 Died of a heart attack after attending Mass. [10]
3 August 1966 Hollywood, California Lenny Bruce 40 Died of a drug overdose [11]
22 June 1969 Chelsea, London, England Judy Garland 47 Overdosed on Barbiturates while using a toilet. [12]
16 August 1977 Memphis, Tennessee Elvis Presley 42 Cardiac arrest due to alleged drug overdose while using a toilet. [13]
19 January 1996 Bel Air, Los Angeles, California Don Simpson 52 Drug overdose. [14]

21st century[edit]

Date Location Name Age Description Source
8 March 2004 Hollywood Hills, California Robert Pastorelli 49 Overdosed on morphine while on a toilet. [15]
25 June 2011 Pilton, Somerset, United Kingdom Christopher Shale 56 Died of a heart attack on a portable toilet while at Glastonbury Festival. [16]

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