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List of people with the surname Hull.

  • Alan Hull, English musician and songwriter
  • Blair Hull, an American businessman and politician
  • Bobby Hull (born 1939), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Brett Hull (born 1964), Canadian–American ice hockey player; son of Bobby Hull
  • Charles Henry Hull (born 1864), American economist and historian
  • Chuck Hull (born 1939) inventor of stereolithography
  • Caesar Barrand Hull (born 1914) Squadron Leader of the Royal Airforce
  • Clark L. Hull (1884–1952), an American psychologist
  • Cordell Hull (1871–1955), United States Secretary of State from 1933-1944 under Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1945
  • Dennis Hull (born 1944), Canadian ice hockey player; brother of Bobby Hull
  • Edith Maude Hull (1880–1947), British writer, author of the novel The Sheik
  • Edgar Hull (1904–1984), Louisiana physician
  • Emmett J. Hull (1882-1957), American architect
  • Francesca Hull, in Made in Chelsea
  • Gertrude Hull (1866–1947), American educator
  • Gordon Ferrie Hull, American physicist
  • Greig Hull, Corporal of the PPCLI, recipient of the SWASM and Commander-In-Chief Unit Commendation
  • Henry Hull (1890–1977), American actor
  • Isaac Hull, early United States Naval officer, Captain of the USS Constitution during the battle with HMS Guerriere
  • James L. Hull, American Medal of Honor recipient
  • John C. Hull, a Professor of Derivatives and Risk Management at the University of Toronto
  • John M. Hull, Emeritus Professor of Religious Education at the University of Birmingham
  • Josephine Hull, an American stage and film actress
  • Katherine Hull (born 1982), Australian golfer
  • Kay Hull, Australian politician
  • Laurens Hull (1779–1865), New York politician
  • Merlin Hull, U.S. Congressman from Wisconsin
  • Rae Hull, Canadian journalist
  • Rod Hull (1935–1999), English entertainer
  • Ross Hull Canadian actor and TV personality
  • Ross A. Hull Australian/American radio engineer
  • Stephen A. Hull, American politician
  • Tom Hull, mathematical origamist
  • Warren Hull (1903–1974), film actor and TV personality
  • William Hull, an American general during the American Revolutionary War and War of 1812