List of prototype World War II combat vehicles

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This list contains combat vehicles which never left the design phase or had an extremely limited production (usually < 10).






  • Type 95 Heavy Tank, 4 built in 1934
  • ATG Carrier So-To. A light armored transport with a AT Gun in Type 97 Te-Ke tankette structure
  • Type 97 Chi-Ni medium tank
  • O-I, super-heavy tank design in the 120-ton range. Only one supposedly built
  • Ji-Ro-Sha 105 mm self-propelled gun on Type 95 Heavy Tank chassis
  • Hiro-sha 150 mm self-propelled gun on Type 95 Heavy Tank chassis
  • Type 98 Ta-Se self-propelled anti-aircraft gun
  • Type 98 Ho-Ki self-propelled anti-aircraft gun
  • Type 4 Chi-To medium tank; two completed and four chassis
  • Type 5 Chi-Ri medium tank
  • Type 5 Ke-Ho light tank
  • Type 5 Na-To tank destroyer; two built
  • Type 5 To-Ku amphibious tank
  • Type 97 Naval 12 cm self-propelled gun
  • Type 5 Ho-Ru 47 mm self-propelled gun. A light tank destroyer akin to the German Hetzer
  • Type 5 Ho-Ri tank destroyer with a 105 mm cannon and an additional 37 mm gun; paper project
  • Ka-To or Ka-To Sha 105 mm SP AT Gun. Ka-To's development was ordered in 1943, but the actual process of development is unknown. Ka-To's hull was to be similar to the Type 4 Chi-To or Type 5 Chi-Ri




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