List of radio station callsigns in Tasmania

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The following is a list of Australian radio station callsigns beginning with the number 7, indicating radio stations in the state of Tasmania.

Callsign Area served Frequency Band On-air ID Purpose Site
7ABCFM Tasmania various FM ABC Classic FM National [1]
7ABCRN Tasmania various FM ABC Radio National National [2]
7ABCRR Tasmania various FM ABC Local Radio National [3]
7AD Devonport 0900 AM 7AD Commercial [4]
7AUS Queenstown 092.1 FM 7XS Commercial [5]
7BOD Break O'Day 093.7, 98.5 & 100.3 FM Star FM Community [6]
7BU Burnie 0558 AM 7BU Commercial [7]
7DBS Wynyard 106.1 FM Coast FM Community [8]
7DDD Devonport 107.7 FM Sea FM Commercial [9]
7EDG Hobart 099.3 FM Edge Radio Community [10]
7EXX Launceston 090.1 FM Chilli FM Commercial [11]
7FG Fingal 1161 AM ABC Northern Tasmania National [12]
7HFC Hobart 106.5 FM ultra106five Community [13]
7HHO Hobart 101.7 FM 7HO Commercial [14]
7JJJ Tasmania various FM Triple J National [15]
7LAA Launceston 089.3 FM LAFM Commercial [16]
7LTN Launceston 103.7 FM City Park Radio Community [17]
7MID Oatlands 097.1 FM Mid FM Community
7NT North Eastern Tasmania 091.7 FM ABC Northern Tasmania National [18]
7PB Tasmania various AM ABC NewsRadio National [19]
7PNN Tasmania various FM ABC NewsRadio National [20]
7QN Queenstown 090.5 FM ABC Northern Tasmania National [21]
7RGS Scottsdale 099.7 FM Sea FM Commercial [22]
7RGY Huon Valley 098.5 FM Huon FM Community [23]
7RN Tasmania various AM ABC Radio National National [24]
7RPH Hobart 0864 AM RPH Community [25]
7SBSFM Hobart 105.7 FM SBS Radio National [26]
7SD Scottsdale 0540 AM 7SD Commercial [27]
7SEA Burnie 101.7 FM Sea FM Commercial [28]
7SH St. Helens 1584 AM ABC Northern Tasmania National [29]
7TAS Tasman Peninsula 097.7 FM Tasman FM Community [30]
7TFM George Town 095.3 FM Tamar FM Community
7THE Hobart 096.1 FM Hobart FM Community [31]
7TTT Hobart 100.9 FM Hit 100.9 Commercial [32]
7WAY Launceston 105.3 FM Way FM Community [33]
7XS Queenstown 0837 AM 7XS Commercial [34]
7XXX Hobart 107.3 FM Triple M Commercial [35]
7ZR Hobart 0936 AM ABC Hobart National [36]

Defunct Callsigns[edit]

Callsign Area served Frequency Band Fate Freq currently Purpose
7CAE Hobart 092.1 FM Changed call to 7THE ca. 1980 7THE Community
7DY Derby AM Moved to Scottsdale and changed call to 7SD in 1954 7SD Commercial
7EX Launceston 1008 AM Moved to FM in 2008 as 7EXX silent Commercial
7HO Hobart 0864 AM Moved to FM in 1990 as 7HHO 7RPH Commercial
7HRT Northern Midlands 095.7 FM Shut down in 2012 [37] silent Community
7HT Hobart 1080 AM Moved to FM in 1998 as 7XXX 7TAB (HPON) Commercial
7LA Launceston 1098 AM Moved to FM in 2008 as 7LAA silent Commercial
7NT Launceston 0711 AM Moved to FM in 2006, retained call silent National
7QN Queenstown 0630 AM Moved to FM in 1991, retained call 7RN National
7QT Queenstown 0837 AM Changed call to 7XS in 1988 7XS Commercial
7UV Ulverstone AM Moved to Devonport and changed call to 7AD in 1940 7AD Commercial
7ZL Hobart 0603 AM Changed call to 7RN in 1991 7RN National