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This is a list of named regions on Jupiter's moon Io. These names have been approved for use by the International Astronomical Union. The features listed below represent a subset of the total known bright regions on Io's surface with many currently not having an officially approved name. These areas are large-scale regions on Io's surface that are notable for their difference in brightness or color from their surroundings. In most cases, these areas are bright terrains, consisting of sulfur dioxide frost/ice fields, suggesting that they are colder than their surroundings.[1]

The names of regions on Io use a combination of a name derived from locations in Greek mythology associated with the nymph Io or Dante's Inferno, or from the name of a nearby feature on Io's surface and the descriptor term, regio, Latin for region. Coordinate, diameter, and name source below come from the IAU's Solar System Nomenclature Website.[2]

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Map of Io's surface with named regions labeled
Regio Named after Coordinates Size
Bactria Regio Bactria 47°36′S 123°46′W / 47.6°S 123.77°W / -47.6; -123.77 (Bactria Regio) 665.68 km
Bosphorus Regio Bosphorus 1°35′S 120°30′W / 1.58°S 120.5°W / -1.58; -120.5 (Bosphorus Regio) 1,615.15 km
Bulicame Regio Bulicame (The Divine Comedy) 34°51′N 190°49′W / 34.85°N 190.82°W / 34.85; -190.82 (Bulicame Regio) 498.0 km
Chalybes Regio Chalybes 57°30′N 86°13′W / 57.5°N 86.21°W / 57.5; -86.21 (Chalybes Regio) 760.56 km
Colchis Regio Colchis 1°38′N 205°01′W / 1.63°N 205.01°W / 1.63; -205.01 (Colchis Regio) 2,373.09 km
Illyrikon Regio Illyria 69°51′S 169°02′W / 69.85°S 169.04°W / -69.85; -169.04 (Illyrikon Regio) 750.0 km
Lerna Regio Lerna 62°21′S 291°52′W / 62.35°S 291.86°W / -62.35; -291.86 (Lerna Regio) 581.26 km
Media Regio Media 8°39′N 59°26′W / 8.65°N 59.43°W / 8.65; -59.43 (Media Regio) 2,654.02 km
Mycenae Regio Mycenae 36°04′S 165°23′W / 36.07°S 165.39°W / -36.07; -165.39 (Mycenae Regio) 600.16 km
Tarsus Regio Tarsus 39°41′S 55°08′W / 39.69°S 55.14°W / -39.69; -55.14 (Tarsus Regio) 1,520.93 km

Other regions on Io[edit]

Region Named after Coordinates Size
Chaac-Camaxtli Region Chaac Camaxtli 12°30′N 145°00′W / 12.5°N 145°W / 12.5; -145 (Chaac-Camaxtli Region)


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