List of seaports in Mexico

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This is a list of seaports in Mexico.

Atlantic Ocean (Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea)[edit]

Port of Veracruz

Pacific Ocean (including the Gulf of California)[edit]

Port of Ensenada

This is a list of Mexico's 10 busiest freight ports by total cargo tonnage.

Port Total Cargo (Metric Tons) - 2013
Lazaro Cardenas 30,781,903
Manzanillo 25,923,821
Veracruz 20,530,234
Altamira 15,333,440
Isla de Cedros 15,234,436
Punta Venado 9,064,845
Guerrero Negro 7,573,513
Coatzacoalcos 7,052,059
Guaymas 5,832,015