List of students' unions in the United Kingdom not affiliated with the NUS

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This article lists some of the students' unions in the United Kingdom that are not affiliated to the National Union of Students. Some of the institutions have disaffiliated from the NUS, whereas others such as those in the previous Scottish Ancients Group (see: Coalition of Higher Education Students in Scotland) have never been affiliated.[1] Durham Students' Union voted to disaffiliate in March 2010[2] but subsequently voted to reaffiliate in January 2011.[3] Oxford University Student Union was reported as having voted to disafilliate in 2014,[4] but this was overturned after voting irregularities were uncovered.[5] The University of Lincoln Students' Union[6] became the first of four unions to vote leave the national body in 2016, however, following a re-run of the referendum, the decision was overturned.[7]

Non-affiliated students' unions[edit]

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