List of terrorist incidents in Denmark

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List of major incidents in Denmark where an organized group attempts an act of violence targeting innocents.

Date Type Dead Injured Location and description
22 July 1985 Terror bombing 1 26 1985 Copenhagen bombings - Main synagogue in Copenhagen and airline office were hit by a bomb placed by Hezbollah terrorists. While no people were injured in the attack on the synagogue, a second bomb placed by the same group destroyed the Copenhagen offices of the American Northwest Orient Airlines, killing one person and injuring 26.[1][2] Several Arabs residing in Europe, among them Mohammed Abu Talb, were later convicted for these and other attacks.
5 September 2006 Terror plot 0 0 Vollsmose terrorists - The suspected Vollsmose terrorists were nine people arrested on charges of terrorism by the Danish police in the Vollsmose neighbourhood of Odense on September 5, 2006. The Danish Minister of Justice, called the terrorist plot the most severe in the history of Denmark and said the group were planning several terrorist attacks against political targets in Denmark.[3]
4 September 2007 Terror plot 0 0 2007 Al Qaeda Plot in Copenhagen - armed Danish police officers and Security Intelligence Service agents arrested 8 Islamic militants with ties to Al Qaeda. 6 were released but 2 were convicted (21 Oct 2008) in court on terror charges and sentenced to 12 and 7 years in prison.[4][5]
29 December 2010 Shooting plot 0 0 2010 Copenhagen terror plot - Security services in Denmark and Sweden thwarted a terrorist plot against Jyllands-Posten, the publisher of the controversial cartoons of Muhammad in 2005. In several raids they detained five men, who were described as militant islamists. Automatic weapons, together with ammunition and silencers, were seized by the police.[6]
May 2012 Unspecified 0 0 Two Somali brothers residing in Denmark were arrested in May 2012 on suspicion of preparring a terrorist acts and the elder was alleged to have undergone training by al-Shabaab. In February 2013 they are charged with financing terrorism and terrorist training. The younger brother admitted to supporting al-Shabaab in the district court. Upon appeal, both brothers were sentenced for attempted terrorist training in the appeals court.[7]
14 February 2015 Shooting 2 (+1 perp.) 5 2015 Copenhagen shootings - 2 days of shooting attacks in Copenhagen beginning at a public event called "Art, Blasphemy and Freedom of Expression" at Krudttønden cultural centre and ending at the Great Synagogue. Two victims and the suspected perpetrator were killed, while five police officers were wounded.[8]
13 January 2016 Explosive plot 0 0 The Kundby case - The Kundby case was a 2016 plan to bomb 2 schools in Denmark, including a Jewish school in Copenhagen.[9]
November 2016 Bombs and knives plot 0 0 2016 Copenhagen terror plot - an attempted attack on Copenhagen with bombs and knives by two Syrian refugees under direction of Islamic State instructions.[10]
21 October 2018 Attempted terror plot 0 0 Ringsted terror plot - A Norwegian-Iranian was arrested and suspected of having planned Iranian intelligence operations in Denmark. Both Norwegian PST and Danish PET also suspected the man to take part in the planning of an assassination against the leader of the Iranian group Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz. He was arrested in Gothenburg the 21st of October.[11]


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