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List of townlands of County Limerick

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This is a sortable table of the approximately 2,068 townlands in County Limerick, Ireland.[1][2]

Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the county. Names marked in bold typeface are towns and villages, and the word Town appears for those entries in the Acres column.

Townland list[edit]

Townland Acres Barony Civil parish Poor law union
Abbey 222 Coshlea Kilflyn Kilmallock
Abbeyfarm 55 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Abbeyfeale Town Glenquin Abbeyfeale Newcastle
Abbeyfeale East 1,350 Glenquin Abbeyfeale Newcastle
Abbeyfeale West 718 Glenquin Abbeyfeale Newcastle
Abbeylands 105 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Abington 380 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Acres 162 Glenquin Killeedy Kanturk
Adamstown 219 Smallcounty Athneasy Kilmallock
Adamswood 302 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Adare Town Coshma Adare Croom
Adare 856 Coshma Adare Croom
Aghalacka 358 Connello Lower Askeaton Rathkeale
Ahabeg 123 Clanwilliam Carrigparson Limerick
Ahabeg (Rose) 80 Clanwilliam Carrigparson Limerick
Ahacore 164 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Ahadagh 438 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Ahaveheen 399 Connello Upper Cloncrew Newcastle
Ahawilk 1,010 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Ahnagurra 398 Coshlea Ballingarry Kilmallock
Altavilla 274 Connello Lower Lismakeery Rathkeale
Altavilla 55 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Amogan Beg 227 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Amogan More 511 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Anglesborough 1,253 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Anglesborough 709 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Anglode 62 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Anhid East 119 Coshma Anhid Croom
AnhidWest 378 Coshma Anhid Croom
Annagh 859 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Annagh 519 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Appletown 713 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Ardagh Town Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Ardagh 75 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Ardaneer 250 Shanid Shanagolden Rathkeale
Ardanreagh 85 Coshma Tullabracky Kilmallock
Ardbohil 266 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Arddrine 330 Glenquin Grange Newcastle
Ardgoul North 192 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Ardgoul South 176 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Ardgoulbeg 180 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Ardkilmartin 409 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Ardlahan 275 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Ardlaman 238 Shanid Kilbradran Rathkeale
Ardmore 41 Coshlea Ballyscaddan Kilmallock
Ardnacrohy 243 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Ardnamoher 597 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Ardnanean 114 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Ardnapreaghaun 91 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Ardnaveagh 182 Connello Lower Doondonnell Rathkeale
Ardpatrick 154 Coshlea Ardpatrick Kilmallock
Ardrahin 305 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Ardroe 221 Clanwilliam Grean Limerick
Ardshanbally 179 Coshma Adare Croom
Ardtomin 94 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Ardvarna 172 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Ardvone 56 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Ardykeohane 139 Coshma Bruff Kilmallock
Ardyoul 67 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Arranagh 235 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Arrybreaga 167 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Arywee 144 Clanwilliam Fedamore Limerick
Ash Hill 257 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Ashfort 315 Pubblebrien Crecora Limerick
Ashgrove 455 Glenquin Newcastle Newcastle
Ashroe 802 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Askeaton Town Connello Lower Askeaton Rathkeale
Askeaton 640 Connello Lower Askeaton Rathkeale
Athea Town Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Athea Lower 552 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Athea Upper 1,986 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Athlacca North 492 Coshma Athlacca Kilmallock
Athlacca South 314 Coshma Athlacca Kilmallock
Attyflin 440 Pubblebrien Killonahan Limerick
Aughalin 565 Glenquin Clonelty Newcastle
Aughinish East 563 Shanid Robertstown Rathkeale
Aughinish West 502 Shanid Robertstown Rathkeale
Badgerfort 110 Smallcounty Kilpeacon Croom
Baggotstown 387 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Baggotstown East 457 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Baggotstown West 460 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Ballagh 329 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Ballaghbehy 1,438 Glenquin Abbeyfeale Newcastle
Ballaghbehy North 1,152 Glenquin Abbeyfeale Newcastle
Ballaghbehy South 521 Glenquin Abbeyfeale Newcastle
Ballinacarroona 63 Coshlea Kilquane Kilmallock
Ballinacurra (Bowman) 119 Pubblebrien St. Michael's Limerick
Ballinacurra (Hart) 196 Pubblebrien St. Michael's Limerick
Ballinacurra (Weston) 290 Pubblebrien St. Michael's Limerick
Ballinanima (Brew) 203 Coshlea Kilfinnane Kilmallock
Ballinanima (D'Arcy) 378 Coshlea Kilfinnane Kilmallock
Ballinanima (Massy) 178 Coshlea Kilfinnane Kilmallock
Ballinard 505 Smallcounty Ballinard Kilmallock
Ballincarroona 610 Smallcounty Kilfrush Kilmallock
Ballincarroona 96 Coshlea Effin Kilmallock
Ballincassa 67 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Ballincolloo 387 Smallcounty Uregare Kilmallock
Ballincolly 312 Coshma Hackmys Kilmallock
Ballincrana 172 Coshlea Particles Kilmallock
Ballinculloo 207 Coshma Athlacca Kilmallock
Ballincurra 412 Coshma Athlacca Kilmallock
Ballincurra 310 Smallcounty Ballynamona Kilmallock
Ballincurra 285 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Ballincurra 163 Coshlea Kilbreedy Major Kilmallock
Balline 323 Coshlea Emlygrennan Kilmallock
Balline 212 Smallcounty Athneasy Kilmallock
Ballinfreera 86 Coshma Croom Croom
Ballingaddy North 361 Coshlea Ballingaddy Kilmallock
Ballingaddy South 129 Coshlea Ballingaddy Kilmallock
Ballingarrane 724 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Ballingarry Town Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Ballingarry 630 Coshlea Ballingarry Kilmallock
Ballingayrour 468 Coshma Dromin Kilmallock
Ballingoola 394 Smallcounty Cahercorney Kilmallock
Ballingowan 216 Glenquin Grange Newcastle
Ballinina 369 Glenquin Newcastle Newcastle
Balliniska 673 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Ballinknockane 169 Shanid Kilmoylan Rathkeale
Ballinlee 6 Coshma Uregare Kilmallock
Ballinlee North 233 Coshma Dromin Kilmallock
Ballinlee South 145 Coshma Dromin Kilmallock
Ballinlongig 664 Connello Upper Dromcolliher Newcastle
Ballinlough 856 Smallcounty Ballinlough Kilmallock
Ballinloughane 195 Shanid Dunmoylan Rathkeale
Ballinloughare 1,998 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Ballinlyna Lower 343 Coshlea Kilfinnane Kilmallock
Ballinlyny 266 Connello Lower Kilscannell Rathkeale
Ballinoran 178 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Ballinrea 212 Coshma Dromin Kilmallock
Ballinree 43 Shanid Shanagolden Glin
Ballinroche East 114 Pubblebrien Crecora Croom
Ballinroche North 120 Pubblebrien Crecora Croom
Ballinruane 1,560 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Croom
Ballinscaula 677 Coshlea Athneasy Kilmallock
Ballinscoola 265 Smallcounty Kilcullane Kilmallock
Ballinscoola 63 Smallcounty Ballynamona Kilmallock
Ballinstona North 418 Coshma Uregare Kilmallock
Ballinstona South 141 Smallcounty Uregare Kilmallock
Ballintaw 449 Coshma Croom Croom
Ballintober 1,633 Coshlea Darragh Kilmallock
Ballintober East 349 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Ballintober South 132 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Ballintober West 121 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Ballintredida 141 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Ballintubbrid 375 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Ballinvallig 112 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Ballinvana 369 Coshlea Athneasy Kilmallock
Ballinvana 126 Coshlea Emlygrennan Kilmallock
Ballinveala 352 Pubblebrien Crecora Croom
Ballinvira 413 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Ballinvira 26 Connello Lower Cappagh Rathkeale
Ballinvirick 278 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Ballinvoher 367 Kenry Iveruss Rathkeale
Ballinvreena 752 Coshlea Ballingarry Kilmallock
Ballinvreena 154 Coshlea Emlygrennan Kilmallock
Ballinvulla 59 Connello Lower Clonagh Rathkeale
Ballinvulla 45 Connello Lower Kilbradran Rathkeale
Ballinvullin 382 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Ballinwillin 179 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Ballinyna Upper 417 Coshlea Kilfinnane Kilmallock
Ballyadam 197 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Ballyadam 75 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Ballyaglish 259 Kenry Iveruss Rathkeale
Ballyagran Town Connello Upper Corcomohide Croom
Ballyagran 321 Connello Upper Corcomohide Croom
Ballyallinan North 619 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Ballyallinan South 666 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Ballyan 396 Shanid Kilbradran Rathkeale
Ballyane 184 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Ballyania 356 Coshma Uregare Kilmallock
Ballyanrahan East 316 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Ballyanrahan West 105 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Ballyart 320 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Ballyashea 210 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Ballybane 405 Connello Upper Corcomohide Croom
Ballybane 87 Coshma Tullabracky Kilmallock
Ballybaun 115 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Ballybeg 162 Smallcounty Uregare Kilmallock
Ballybeg 158 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Ballybeg 114 Clanwilliam Dromkeen Limerick
Ballybeggane 283 Connello Upper Cloncagh Newcastle
Ballyblake 179 Clanwilliam Caherelly Limerick
Ballybrennan 58 Clanwilliam Cahernarry Limerick
Ballybricken East 185 Clanwilliam Inch St. Lawrence Limerick
Ballybricken East 31 Clanwilliam Caherelly Limerick
Ballybricken North 167 Clanwilliam Caherelly Limerick
Ballybricken South 345 Clanwilliam Caherelly Limerick
Ballybricken West 321 Clanwilliam Inch St. Lawrence Limerick
Ballybrien 519 Coshlea Ballylanders Mitchelstown
Ballybronoge North 92 Pubblebrien Killonahan Limerick
Ballybronoge South 167 Pubblebrien Killonahan Limerick
Ballybrood 357 Clanwilliam Ballybrood Limerick
Ballybrown 325 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Ballybrown 138 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Ballybrown 136 Glenquin Clonelty Rathkeale
Ballycahane 254 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Ballycahane Lower 255 Pubblebrien Ballycahane Croom
Ballycahane Middle 247 Pubblebrien Ballycahane Croom
Ballycahane Upper 418 Pubblebrien Ballycahane Croom
Ballycahill 596 Smallcounty Hospital Kilmallock
Ballycampion 148 Coshma Bruff Kilmallock
Ballycanauna 273 Kenry Iveruss Rathkeale
Ballycannon 252 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Ballycarney 139 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Ballycarrane 274 Pubblebrien Croom Limerick
Ballycasey 631 Kenry Kildimo Croom
Ballyclogh 490 Connello Lower Lismakeery Rathkeale
Ballyclogh 361 Pubblebrien Knocknagaul Limerick
Ballyclogh 203 Clanwilliam Kilmurry Limerick
Ballyclogh Lower 37 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Ballyclogh Upper 174 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Ballycluvane 131 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Ballyconway 162 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Ballycormick 446 Shanid Shanagolden Glin
Ballycoshown 208 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Ballyculhane 382 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Ballycullane 736 Smallcounty Glenogra Croom
Ballycullane 346 Coshlea Kilbreedy Major Kilmallock
Ballycullane 286 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Ballycullane Lower 163 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Ballycullane Upper 324 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Ballyculleen 429 Coshma Croom Croom
Ballycullen 263 Connello Lower Lismakeery Rathkeale
Ballycummin 697 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Ballydaheen 195 Coshma Bruff Kilmallock
Ballydaly 69 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Ballydonnell 350 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Ballydonohoe 403 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Ballydonohoe 207 Coshlea Kilflyn Kilmallock
Ballydoole 464 Kenry Ardcanny Rathkeale
Ballydoole 46 Kenry Chapelrussell Rathkeale
Ballydoorlis 141 Shanid Kilcolman Glin
Ballydoorty 415 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Ballyduane 127 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Ballyduff 506 Coshlea Ballylanders Mitchelstown
Ballyduhig 237 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Ballyea 541 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Ballyea 476 Smallcounty Fedamore Croom
Ballyea 140 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Ballyeawood 246 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Ballyegny 168 Shanid Rathronan Glin
Ballyegny Beg 116 Connello Lower Clonagh Glin
Ballyegny More 240 Connello Lower Clonagh Glin
Ballyelan 532 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Ballyellinan 229 Connello Lower Lismakeery Rathkeale
Ballyengland Lower 450 Connello Lower Askeaton Rathkeale
Ballyengland Upper 461 Connello Lower Askeaton Rathkeale
Ballyfauskeen 679 Coshlea Ballylanders Mitchelstown
Ballyfauskeen 156 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Ballyfeerode 493 Coshlea Darragh Kilmallock
Ballyfirreen North 44 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Ballyfirreen South 13 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Ballyfoleen North 232 Connello Upper Kilfinny Croom
Ballyfoleen North 201 Connello Upper Kilfinny Croom
Ballyfookeen 604 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Ballyfookoon 157 Coshma Killonahan Croom
Ballyfraley 257 Glenquin Grange Newcastle
Ballyfroota 486 Coshlea Ballingarry Kilmallock
Ballygeagoge 349 Coshlea Particles Kilmallock
Ballygeale 206 Coshma Adare Croom
Ballygeale 201 Coshma Killonahan Croom
Ballygeana 643 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Ballygeel 365 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Ballygillane 327 Coshlea Ballingaddy Kilmallock
Ballygiltenan Lower 490 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Ballygiltenan North 135 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Ballygiltenan Upper 1,110 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Ballygoghlan 893 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Ballygrennan 950 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Ballygrennan 698 Coshma Uregare Kilmallock
Ballygrennan 437 Coshlea Kilbreedy Major Kilmallock
Ballygrennan 309 Pubblebrien St. Munchin's Limerick
Ballygrennan 267 Coshma Croom Croom
Ballygriffin 103 Coshma Killeenoghty Croom
Ballygubba North 247 Coshma Tankardstown Kilmallock
Ballygubba South 389 Coshma Tankardstown Kilmallock
Ballyguileataggle 483 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Ballyguilebeg 95 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Ballygulleen 422 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Ballyguy 199 Clanwilliam Abington Limerick
Ballyguy 29 Clanwilliam Clonkeen Limerick
Ballyhaght 401 Coshlea Kilquane Kilmallock
Ballyhahil 497 Connello Upper Cloncagh Newcastle
Ballyhahill Town Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Ballyhahill 605 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Ballyhaukish 110 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Ballyhibbin 108 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Ballyhinnaught 455 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Ballyhobin 265 Clanwilliam Ballybrood Limerick
Ballyhomin 345 Connello Lower Askeaton Rathkeale
Ballyhomock 223 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Ballyhoodane 305 Clanwilliam Inch St. Lawrence Limerick
Ballyhoolahan 106 Shanid Loghill Glin
Ballyhurst 51 Coonagh Ballynaclogh Tipperary
Ballyine 874 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Ballykealy 83 Shanid Rathronan Glin
Ballykeefe 546 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Ballykennedy North 130 Connello Upper Cloncagh Newcastle
Ballykennedy South 324 Connello Upper Cloncagh Newcastle
Ballykenny 463 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Ballykenry 197 Connello Lower Clonagh Rathkeale
Ballykevan East 147 Connello Upper Ballingarry Newcastle
Ballykevan West 194 Connello Upper Ballingarry Newcastle
Ballyknockane 145 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Ballylahiff 294 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Ballylahiff 147 Glenquin Newcastle Newcastle
Ballylanders Town Coshlea Ballylanders Mitchelstown
Ballylanders 755 Coshlea Ballylanders Mitchelstown
Ballylanigan 99 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Ballylin 483 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Ballylin 328 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Ballylin 197 Shanid Kilmoylan Rathkeale
Ballylin 108 Shanid Kilbradran Rathkeale
Ballylinane 198 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Ballylongford 282 Kenry Adare Croom
Ballylooby 446 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Ballyloughnaan 263 Pubblebrien Croom Croom
Ballyloundash 316 Smallcounty Ballinard Kilmallock
Ballyluddy 141 Coonagh Ballynaclogh Tipperary
Ballylusky 142 Coshma Killonahan Croom
Ballylusky 26 Coshma Croom Croom
Ballymacashel 90 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Ballymacave 264 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Ballymacdonagh 143 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Ballymackeamore 535 Connello Upper Kilfinny Croom
Ballymackesy 182 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Ballymacreese 455 Clanwilliam Ludden Limerick
Ballymacrory 237 Coshma Croom Croom
Ballymacrory 145 Coshma Anhid Croom
Ballymacshaneboy 706 Coshlea Kilquane Kilmallock
Ballymacshaneboy 51 Coshlea Effin Kilmallock
Ballymacsradeen East 268 Coshma Monasteranenagh Croom
Ballymacsradeen West 345 Pubblebrien Monasteranenagh Croom
Ballymakeery 92 Shanid Rathronan Glin
Ballymartin 390 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Ballymartin 250 Pubblebrien Monasteranenagh Croom
Ballymongaun 86 Connello Upper Cloncrew Newcastle
Ballymongaun 68 Connello Upper Dromcolliher Newcastle
Ballymorrisheen 144 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Ballymorrisheen 126 Glenquin Grange Newcastle
Ballymurphy 118 Pubblebrien Crecora Croom
Ballymurragh East 824 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Ballymurragh West 385 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Ballynabanoge 412 Coshma Croom Croom
Ballynabearna 352 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Ballynacaheragh 350 Connello Lower Askeaton Rathkeale
Ballynacally 89 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Ballynacarriga 845 Kenry Ardcanny Rathkeale
Ballynaclogh 290 Coonagh Ballynaclogh Tipperary
Ballynacourty 1,035 Coshlea Darragh Kilmallock
Ballynacourty 410 Kenry Iveruss Rathkeale
Ballynacourty 109 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Ballynacragga 229 Shanid Shanagolden Glin
Ballynacragga North 51 Shanid Robertstown Glin
Ballynacragga South 31 Shanid Robertstown Glin
Ballynagallagh 475 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Ballynagally 424 Coonagh Aglishcormick Tipperary
Ballynagally 81 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Ballynagarde 368 Clanwilliam Cahernarry Limerick
Ballynagarde 156 Clanwilliam Fedamore Limerick
Ballynagarde 134 Clanwilliam Caheravally Limerick
Ballynagaul 573 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Ballynagool 350 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Ballynagoul 963 Coshma Hackmys Kilmallock
Ballynagowan 80 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Ballynagowan 14 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Ballynagranagh 414 Smallcounty Ballinlough Kilmallock
Ballynagreanagh 362 Coonagh Kilteely Tipperary
Ballynaguila 459 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Ballynahaha 462 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Ballynahallee 168 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Ballynahinch 962 Coshlea Knocklong Kilmallock
Ballynahown 343 Coshlea Ballingaddy Kilmallock
Ballynahown 132 Coshma Croom Croom
Ballynahown 131 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Ballynakill 467 Connello Upper Kilfinny Croom
Ballynakill Beg 147 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Ballynakill More 405 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Ballynalacken 312 Coshlea Ballingarry Kilmallock
Ballynalahagh 31 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Ballynamoloogh 220 Coshlea Ballingaddy Kilmallock
Ballynamona 844 Smallcounty Ballynamona Kilmallock
Ballynamona 565 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Ballynamona 438 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Ballynamona 267 Smallcounty Uregare Kilmallock
Ballynamucky 389 Connello Lower Rathkeale Croom
Ballynamuddagh 619 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Ballynamuddagh 476 Coshma Dromin Kilmallock
Ballynamuddagh 221 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Ballynamuddagh 103 Connello Lower Clonagh Rathkeale
Ballynanty 404 Coshma Tullabracky Kilmallock
Ballynanty Beg 68 Pubblebrien Killeely Limerick
Ballynanty More 121 Pubblebrien Killeely Limerick
Ballynarooga Beg 72 Connello Upper Cloncagh Newcastle
Ballynarooga Beg (East) 131 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Ballynarooga Beg (West) 209 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Ballynarooga More (North) 117 Connello Upper Cloncagh Newcastle
Ballynarooga More (South) 427 Connello Upper Cloncagh Newcastle
Ballynash 80 Connello Lower Askeaton Rathkeale
Ballynash (Bishop) 417 Shanid Shanagolden Glin
Ballynash (Clare) 381 Shanid Shanagolden Glin
Ballynashig 149 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Ballynatona 309 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Ballynatona 251 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Ballyneale 656 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Ballyneety Town Clanwilliam Cahernarry Limerick
Ballyneety 295 Shanid Kilbradran Rathkeale
Ballyneety 105 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Ballyneety 94 Clanwilliam Cahernarry Limerick
Ballyneety North 164 Coonagh Templebredon Tipperary
Ballyneety South 228 Coonagh Templebredon Tipperary
Ballynisky 213 Connello Lower Clonagh Rathkeale
Ballynoe 666 Glenquin Clonelty Newcastle
Ballynoe 661 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Ballynoe 158 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Ballynoe 126 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Ballynoe 118 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Ballynolan 119 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Ballynort 657 Connello Lower Askeaton Rathkeale
Ballyogartha 66 Clanwilliam Cahernarry Limerick
Ballyorgan Town Coshlea Kilflyn Kilmallock
Ballyorgan 356 Coshlea Kilflyn Kilmallock
Ballyouragan 236 Coshma Dysert Croom
Ballyowen 175 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Ballyphilip 644 Coshma Croom Croom
Ballyphilip 299 Clanwilliam Aglishcormick Limerick
Ballypierce 333 Glenquin Newcastle Newcastle
Ballyquirk 260 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Ballyreesode 140 Coshma Bruff Kilmallock
Ballyregan 457 Pubblebrien Ballycahane Croom
Ballyregan 104 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Ballyriggin 336 Coshlea Kilfinnane Kilmallock
Ballyrobin 244 Connello Lower Kilscannell Rathkeale
Ballyroe 132 Shanid Loghill Glin
Ballyroe East 169 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Ballyroe Lower 343 Coshlea Kilfinnane Kilmallock
Ballyroe Upper 351 Coshlea Kilfinnane Kilmallock
Ballyroe West 99 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Ballyrune 187 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Ballysalla 294 Connello Upper Corcomohide Croom
Ballysallagh 274 Clanwilliam Caherelly Limerick
Ballyshane 489 Coshlea Darragh Kilmallock
Ballyshane 137 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Ballyshane 71 Pubblebrien Kilpeacon Croom
Ballyshanedehey 341 Coshlea Kilquane Kilmallock
Ballysheedy East 180 Clanwilliam St. Nicholas Limerick
Ballysheedy West 120 Clanwilliam St. Nicholas Limerick
Ballyshoneen 23 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Ballyshonickbane 275 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Ballyshonikin 453 Coshlea Effin Kilmallock
Ballysimon 166 Clanwilliam Kilmurry Limerick
Ballysimon (Dickson) 24 Clanwilliam Derrygalvin Limerick
Ballysimon (Staunton) 123 Clanwilliam Derrygalvin Limerick
Ballysimon Commons 38 Clanwilliam Derrygalvin Limerick
Ballysteen 307 Kenry Iveruss Rathkeale
Ballysteen 220 Shanid Kilbradran Glin
Ballyteige Lower 339 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Ballyteige Upper 404 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Ballytrasna 342 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Ballyvadddock 70 Connello Lower Askeaton Rathkeale
Ballyvaddock 117 Kenry Iveruss Rathkeale
Ballyvalode 249 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Ballyvalode 152 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Ballyvareen 314 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Ballyvarra 478 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Ballyvarra Wood 206 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Ballyveelish 160 Pubblebrien Crecora Croom
Ballyveloge 354 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Ballyvockoge 357 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Ballyvoghan 459 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Ballyvogue 224 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Ballyvollane 318 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Ballyvologe 282 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Ballyvoneen 170 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Ballyvoodane 275 Coshlea Ballingaddy Kilmallock
Ballyvoodane 48 Coshlea Effin Kilmallock
Ballyvorheen 832 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Ballyvorneen 337 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Ballyvouden 225 Coonagh Kilteely Kilmallock
Ballyvulhane 315 Coshma Uregare Kilmallock
Ballywilliam Demesne 212 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Ballywilliam North 150 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Ballywilliam South 259 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Ballywinterrourke 478 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Ballywinterrourkewood 348 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Banemore 402 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Banemore 74 Clanwilliam St. Nicholas Limerick
Bansha 104 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Barna 970 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Barnagarrane 495 Glenquin Killagholehane Newcastle
Barnakyle 394 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Barrysfarm 99 Smallcounty Hospital Kilmallock
Baskethill 226 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Baunacloka 124 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Baunatlea 59 Coshlea Ballingaddy Kilmallock
Baunmore 494 Coshlea Ballingaddy Kilmallock
Baunnageeragh 159 Smallcounty Uregare Kilmallock
Baunreagh 117 Connello Lower Askeaton Rathkeale
Baunteen 431 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Bauraneag 691 Shanid Dunmoylan Newcastle
Baurnagurrahy 398 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Baurnalicka 449 Connello Upper Adare Rathkeale
Bawnacouma 227 Smallcounty Kilpeacon Croom
Bawnagh 140 Coshlea Kilbreedy Major Kilmallock
Bawntard North 205 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Bawntard South 142 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Beabus 270 Coshma Drehidtarsna Croom
Beagh 256 Kenry Iveruss Rathkeale
Bealduvroga 477 Connello Lower Rathkeale Croom
Beechmount Demesne 249 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Behanagh 320 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Biddyford 241 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Bilboa 847 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Bishopsfield 21 Coshlea Emlygrennan Kilmallock
Blackabbey 103 Coshma Adare Croom
Blossomhill 296 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Blossomhill 164 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Boarheeny 103 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Boarmanshill 569 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Bohard 434 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Boher 308 Clanwilliam Abington Limerick
Boher 208 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Boherboy 78 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Boherbraddagh 156 Connello Lower Clonshire Rathkeale
Bohercarron 317 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Boherdotia 169 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Boherduff 164 Clanwilliam Caherelly Limerick
Bohereen 101 Clanwilliam Donaghmore Limerick
Bohereen 40 Clanwilliam St. Nicholas Limerick
Bohereenkyle 190 Coshlea Ballingarry Kilmallock
Bohergar 280 Clanwilliam Abington Limerick
Boherload 394 Clanwilliam Caheravally Limerick
Bohernagore 629 Coshlea Ballingaddy Kilmallock
Bohernagraga 185 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Boherroe 242 Clanwilliam Aglishcormick Limerick
Boherroe 121 Clanwilliam Grean Limerick
Boherygeela 352 Smallcounty Glenogra Croom
Boherygeela 248 Smallcounty Tullabracky Croom
Bolane 281 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Boola 408 Glenquin Killagholehane Newcastle
Boolaglass 464 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Boolanlisheen 742 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Boolavoord 205 Smallcounty Fedamore Croom
Boskill 280 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Bosnetstown 784 Coshlea Kilfinnane Kilmallock
Bottomstown 773 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Boughilbo 505 Shanid Kilcolman Glin
Boulabally 211 Coshma Adare Croom
Brackbaun 351 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Brackloon 66 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Brackloon 66 Coonagh Tuoghcluggin Tipperary
Brackvoan 118 Coshma Bruff Kilmallock
Brackyle 487 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Breesheen North 116 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Breesheen South 191 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Brickfield 423 Coshlea Effin Kilmallock
Briska Beg 267 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Briska More 264 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Briskagh 462 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Brittas 274 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Broadford Town Glenquin Killagholehane Newcastle
Brufea 49 Clanwilliam Inch St. Lawrence Limerick
Bruff Town Coshma Bruff Kilmallock
Bruff 398 Coshma Bruff Kilmallock
Bruree Town Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Bruree 142 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Buffanoky 852 Owneybeg Doon Limerick
Bulgaden 139 Coshlea Kilbreedy Major Kilmallock
Bulgaden Eady 372 Coshlea Kilbreedy Major Kilmallock
Bulgadenhall 223 Smallcounty Uregare Kilmallock
Bullaun 70 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Bunavie 253 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Bunkey 112 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Bunkey 88 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Bunlicky 169 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Bushyisland 153 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Caher (Connell) 943 Glenquin Abbeyfeale Newcastle
Caher (Hayes) 716 Glenquin Abbeyfeale Newcastle
Caher (Lane) 885 Glenquin Abbeyfeale Newcastle
Caheragh 461 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Caheranardrish 124 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Caherass 268 Coshma Croom Croom
Caherclogh 199 Connello Upper Corcomohide Croom
Caherconlish Town Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Caherconlish 209 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Caherconreafy 70 Clanwilliam Aglishcormick Limerick
Cahercorney 719 Smallcounty Cahercorney Kilmallock
Caherdavin 94 Pubblebrien St. Munchin's Limerick
Caherelly East 724 Clanwilliam Caherelly Limerick
Caherelly West 419 Clanwilliam Caherelly Limerick
Caherhenesy 235 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Caherlevoy 1,715 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Caherline 354 Clanwilliam Ballybrood Limerick
Cahermoyle 457 Shanid Rathronan Rathkeale
Cahernagh 475 Shanid Dunmoylan Glin
Cahernarry (Cripps) 218 Clanwilliam Cahernarry Limerick
Cahernarry (Keane) 259 Clanwilliam Cahernarry Limerick
Cahervally 60 Pubblebrien Knocknagaul Limerick
Cahirduff 388 Pubblebrien Monasteranenagh Croom
Cahirguillamore 427 Smallcounty Glenogra Croom
Cahirguillamore 238 Coshma Tullabracky Croom
Callahow 260 Connello Upper Cloncrew Newcastle
Callow 450 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Camas 670 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Camas 398 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Camas North 704 Smallcounty Monasteranenagh Croom
Camas South 438 Smallcounty Monasteranenagh Kilmallock
Camheen 185 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Cantogher 150 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Cappagh Town Connello Lower Cappagh Rathkeale
Cappagh 786 Connello Lower Cappagh Rathkeale
Cappamore Town Owneybeg Tuogh Limerick
Cappamore 190 Coonagh Doon Limerick
Cappanafaraha 244 Coshma Bruree Kilmallock
Cappanahanagh 648 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Cappananty 529 Connello Upper Corcomohide Croom
Cappanihane 770 Connello Upper Corcomohide Croom
Cappanouk 983 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Capparoe 55 Kenry Adare Croom
Cappercullen 358 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Carheeny 228 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Carnane 455 Smallcounty Fedamore Croom
Carrickittle 525 Smallcounty Kilteely Kilmallock
Carrig Beg 403 Coonagh Castletown Tipperary
Carrig East 135 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Carrig More 363 Coonagh Castletown Tipperary
Carrig West 612 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Carriganattin 134 Clanwilliam Rochestown Limerick
Carrigarreely 214 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Carrigeen 673 Coshma Dysert Croom
Carrigeen 602 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Carrigeen 307 Smallcounty Monasteranenagh Croom
Carrigeen Mountain 2,082 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Carrigkerry 722 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Carrigmartin 195 Clanwilliam Cahernarry Limerick
Carrigogunnel 136 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Carrigparson 283 Clanwilliam Carrigparson Limerick
Carrons 316 Shanid Kilcolman Glin
Carrow 501 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Carrow 278 Coshma Croom Croom
Carroward East 224 Connello Upper Dromcolliher Newcastle
Carroward West 420 Connello Upper Dromcolliher Newcastle
Carrowbane Beg 135 Shanid Loghill Glin
Carrowbane More 337 Shanid Loghill Glin
Carrowbreedoge 28 Shanid Kilmoylan Rathkeale
Carrowclogh 105 Shanid Kilmoylan Rathkeale
Carrowgar 127 Glenquin Grange Newcastle
Carrowkeel 21 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Carrowkeel 18 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Carrowmore 330 Connello Upper Cloncagh Newcastle
Cartown 170 Kenry Ardcanny Rathkeale
Castle Demesne 96 Glenquin Newcastle Newcastle
Castlecluggin 127 Coonagh Tuoghcluggin Tipperary
Castleconnell Town Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Castlecreagh 250 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Castle-erkin North 287 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Castle-erkin South 246 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Castlefarm 595 Smallcounty Hospital Kilmallock
Castlefarm 142 Smallcounty Ballynamona Kilmallock
Castlegarde 500 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Castlegrey 129 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Castlelloyd 95 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Castlematrix 228 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Castlemungret 327 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Castleoliver 786 Coshlea Particles Kilmallock
Castlequarter 254 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Castlequarter 197 Smallcounty Fedamore Croom
Castleroberts 783 Coshma Adare Croom
Castletown 1,472 Connello Upper Corcomohide Croom
Castletown 433 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Castletroy 293 Clanwilliam Kilmurry Limerick
Churchfield 100 Shanid Shanagolden Rathkeale
Churchquarter 99 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Churchtown Town Glenquin Newcastle Newcastle
Churchtown 560 Glenquin Newcastle Newcastle
Clash North 810 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Clash South 584 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Clashanea 90 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Clashbane 210 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Clashganniff 281 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Clashganniff 57 Shanid Shanagolden Glin
Clashgortmore 279 Connello Upper Corcomohide Kilmallock
Cleanglass North 1,120 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Cleanglass South 691 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Clogh East 233 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Clogh West 298 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Cloghacloka 339 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Cloghadalton 62 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Cloghaderreen 402 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Cloghadoolarty North 297 Smallcounty Fedamore Croom
Cloghadoolarty South 104 Smallcounty Fedamore Croom
Cloghanarold 244 Connello Lower Doondonnell Rathkeale
Cloghaready North 14 Coonagh Templebredon Tipperary
Cloghaready South 13 Coonagh Templebredon Tipperary
Cloghast 336 Coshlea Ballingarry Kilmallock
Cloghatacka 190 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Cloghatrida 313 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Cloghaviller 345 Smallcounty Ballinard Kilmallock
Clogher 88 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Clogher East 695 Coshma Dromin Kilmallock
Clogher West 369 Coshma Dromin Kilmallock
Cloghilawarreela 153 Coonagh Templebredon Tipperary
Cloghkeating 456 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Cloghnadromin 554 Clanwilliam Abington Limerick
Cloghnamanagh 94 Smallcounty Fedamore Croom
Clonagh 353 Connello Lower Clonagh Rathkeale
Cloncagh 306 Connello Upper Cloncagh Newcastle
Clonconane 300 Pubblebrien St. Munchin's Limerick
Cloncrew 166 Connello Upper Cloncrew Newcastle
Clondrinagh 331 Pubblebrien Killeely Limerick
Clonkeen (Barrington) 290 Clanwilliam Clonkeen Limerick
Clonkeen (Molyneux) 214 Clanwilliam Clonkeen Limerick
Clonlong 36 Clanwilliam St. Nicholas Limerick
Clonloughna 119 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Clonmacken 227 Pubblebrien St. Munchin's Limerick
Clonshavoy 24 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Clonshire Beg 270 Connello Lower Clonshire Rathkeale
Clonshire More 218 Connello Lower Clonshire Rathkeale
Cloon and Commons 222 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Cloonaduff 50 Pubblebrien Croom Limerick
Cloonanna 661 Pubblebrien Croom Limerick
Cloonbrien 398 Coshma Athlacca Kilmallock
Clooncaura 51 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Clooncon 371 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Clooncon 77 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Clooncooravane North 145 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Clooncooravane South 141 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Clooncrippa 593 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Clooncunna North 220 Clanwilliam Abington Limerick
Clooncunna South 29 Clanwilliam Abington Limerick
Cloonee 435 Connello Upper Corcomohide Croom
Cloongownagh 460 Kenry Adare Croom
Cloonlahard East 802 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Cloonlahard West 728 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Cloonlara 180 Connello Upper Cloncrew Newcastle
Cloonlogue 178 Coshma Kilbreedy Minor Kilmallock
Cloonlusk 354 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Cloonmore 731 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Cloonnagalleen 313 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Cloonoughter 636 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Cloonoul 181 Connello Lower Cappagh Rathkeale
Cloonpasteen 419 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Cloonreask 245 Connello Lower Askeaton Rathkeale
Cloonreask 128 Connello Lower Tomdeely Rathkeale
Cloonregan 119 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Cloonroosk 287 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Cloonsherick 166 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Cloonsherick 108 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Cloonteen 357 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Cloontemple 72 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Cloonty 458 Shanid Shanagolden Glin
Cloonty 401 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Cloonyclohassy 170 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Cloonygarra 238 Coshma Dromin Kilmallock
Cloonyscrehane 196 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Cloonyscrehane 102 Glenquin Grange Newcastle
Clorane 347 Coshma Croom Croom
Clorhane 470 Kenry Adare Croom
Cloverfield 171 Clanwilliam Aglishcormick Limerick
Clovers 309 Coshlea Kilflyn Kilmallock
Cluggin 115 Coonagh Tuoghcluggin Tipperary
Clyduff East 66 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Clyduff West 32 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Clynabroga 26 Coonagh Templebredon Tipperary
Common 653 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Commons 97 Connello Upper Kilfinny Rathkeale
Commons 89 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Commons 17 Connello Upper Adare Rathkeale
Commons 16 Connello Upper Drehidtarsna Rathkeale
Commons 15 Coshma Effin Kilmallock
Commons and Cloon 222 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Conigar 513 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Conigar 267 Connello Lower Lismakeery Rathkeale
Cooga Lower 541 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Cooga Upper 307 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Cool 116 Coonagh Kilteely Kilmallock
Cool East 713 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Cool West 643 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Coolaboy 304 Connello Upper Dromcolliher Newcastle
Coolacokery 440 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Coolagowan 323 Connello Upper Corcomohide Croom
Coolaleen 450 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Coolalough 454 Smallcounty Hospital Kilmallock
Coolanoran 805 Connello Lower Kilscannell Rathkeale
Coolatin 198 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Coolavehy 569 Coshlea Kilflyn Kilmallock
Coolballyshane 292 Connello Lower Clonshire Rathkeale
Coolbane 94 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Coolbaun 458 Coonagh Castletown Tipperary
Coolbaun 61 Kenry Adare Croom
Coolbeg 181 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Coolboy 650 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Coolboy 222 Coshlea Athlacca Kilmallock
Coolbreedeen 258 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Coolcappagh 159 Connello Lower Clonagh Rathkeale
Coolcronoge 56 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Cooleen 88 Coshma Bruree Kilmallock
Coolfree 1,018 Coshlea Kilflyn Kilmallock
Coolfune 144 Smallcounty Glenogra Croom
Coolishal 61 Clanwilliam Carrigparson Limerick
Cooliska 287 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Coolnadown 145 Coonagh Templebredon Tipperary
Coolnahila (Palmer) 271 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Coolnahila (Powell) 199 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Coolnaknockane 155 Connello Upper Cloncrew Newcastle
Coolnamohoge 517 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Coolnamona 363 Coonagh Castletown Tipperary
Coolnanoglagh 289 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Coolnapisha 357 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Coolnapisha 130 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Coolnashamroge 196 Clanwilliam Aglishcormick Limerick
Coologe 231 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Coologe 23 Pubblebrien Croom Croom
Coolrahnee 208 Connello Lower Askeaton Rathkeale
Coolraine 216 Pubblebrien St. Munchin's Limerick
Coolready 383 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Coolreagh 306 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Coolreagh 60 Clanwilliam Cahernarry Limerick
Coolreiry 149 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Coolroe 115 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Coolrus 1,030 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Coolscart 175 Smallcounty Hospital Kilmallock
Cooltomin 567 Shanid Kilbradran Rathkeale
Coolybrown 177 Connello Lower Kilscannell Rathkeale
Coolygorman 227 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Coolyhenan 347 Clanwilliam Derrygalvin Limerick
Coolyroe 168 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Coombs 780 Coshlea Ballingaddy Kilmallock
Coonagh East 270 Pubblebrien Killeely Limerick
Coonagh West 548 Pubblebrien Killeely Limerick
Cooperhill 524 Pubblebrien Killeely Limerick
Copay 27 Kenry Adare Croom
Corbally 321 Limerick, Muni. Borough of St. Patrick's Limerick
Corbally 156 Shanid Shanagolden Glin
Corbally 122 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Corbally 39 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Corcamore 1,346 Pubblebrien Killeedy Limerick
Corelish East 169 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Corelish West 266 Clanwilliam Grean Tipperary
Corgrig 357 Shanid Robertstown Glin
Corkanree 124 Pubblebrien St. Michael's Limerick
Corrabul 139 Pubblebrien Croom Croom
Corrabulbeg 60 Pubblebrien Croom Croom
Correenfeeradda 32 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Cottage 137 Smallcounty Uregare Kilmallock
Court 697 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Court 98 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Courtbrack 264 Pubblebrien St. Michael's Limerick
Courtbrown 596 Connello Lower Askeaton Rathkeale
Courtmatrix 390 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Cowpark 188 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Crabbs-land 34 Clanwilliam St. Nicholas Limerick
Crag 672 Glenquin Abbeyfeale Newcastle
Cragbeg 261 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Cragganacree 129 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Craggard 180 Shanid Kilmoylan Rathkeale
Craggs 383 Shanid Kilmoylan Rathkeale
Craggs 141 Shanid Robertstown Rathkeale
Cragmore 623 Connello Lower Askeaton Rathkeale
Cragreagh 90 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Crataloe East 783 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Crataloe West 777 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Crean 777 Smallcounty Glenogra Croom
Crean 619 Smallcounty Tullabracky Croom
Crean 202 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Creevebeg 81 Coshma Croom Croom
Creeves 259 Connello Lower Lismakeery Rathkeale
Creeves 241 Shanid Dunmoylan Rathkeale
Creggane 972 Coshma Hackmys Kilmallock
Crehaun 206 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Croagh Town Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Croagh 684 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Croagh Commons 50 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Croaghane 94 Shanid Robertstown Glin
Croaghane 73 Shanid Shanagolden Glin
Croghteen 257 Connello Upper Corcomohide Croom
Crokerspark 205 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Cromwell 733 Smallcounty Ballinlough Kilmallock
Croom 900 Coshma Croom Croom
Cross 353 Coonagh Tuoghcluggin Tipperary
Cross 45 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Crossagalla 243 Clanwilliam St. Nicholas Limerick
Crusheenkeenoge 39 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Cullamus 85 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Cullane Middle 491 Coshlea Ballylanders Mitchelstown
Cullane North 638 Coshlea Ballylanders Mitchelstown
Cullane South 747 Coshlea Ballylanders Mitchelstown
Cullenagh 330 Owneybeg Doon Limerick
Cullenagh 265 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Cummeen 109 Coshma Adare Croom
Cunnagavale 235 Owneybeg Tuogh Limerick
Cunnihee 132 Clanwilliam Carrigparson Limerick
Curmweela 1 Connello Lower Morgans Rathkeale
Curra Beg 133 Shanid Loghill Glin
Curra More 332 Shanid Loghill Glin
Curragh 566 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Curragh 97 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Curraghafoil 947 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Curraghakimikeen 563 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Curraghaveara 67 Clanwilliam Grean Limerick
Curraghbeg 121 Kenry Adare Croom
Curraghbridge 435 Kenry Adare Croom
Curraghkilbran 282 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Curraghlahan 516 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Curraghnaboul 83 Clanwilliam Dromkeen Limerick
Curraghnadeely 48 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Curraghroche 396 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Curraghturk 794 Coshlea Ballylanders Mitchelstown
Currahchase 593 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Currahchase 512 Kenry Adare Rathkeale
Currahchase North 283 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Curraheen 158 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Curraheen North 166 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Curraheen South 100 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Cush 795 Coshlea Emlygrennan Kilmallock
Danganbeg 211 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Darkisland 70 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Darragh Beg 336 Coshlea Darragh Kilmallock
Darragh More 485 Coshlea Darragh Kilmallock
Darranstown 733 Coshlea Emlygrennan Kilmallock
Darrery 426 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Deanery-land 16 Limerick, Muni. Borough of St. Nicholas Limerick
Deanstown 116 Connello Lower Cappagh Rathkeale
Deebert 129 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Deegerty 215 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Deelish 140 Shanid Kilmoylan Rathkeale
Deelish 49 Connello Lower Clonagh Rathkeale
Deerpark 317 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Deerpark 75 Clanwilliam Dromkeen Limerick
Deerpark 44 Clanwilliam Grean Limerick
Derk 372 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Derraulin 597 Connello Upper Corcomohide Croom
Derreen 1,330 Shanid Nantinan Glin
Derreen 184 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Derreen 82 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Derry 147 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Derrybeg 152 Pubblebrien Knocknagaul Limerick
Derryhasna 204 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Derryknockane 349 Pubblebrien Knocknagaul Limerick
Derrylusk 114 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Derryvinnane 163 Coshma Adare Croom
Dohora 558 Coshma Croom Croom
Dohora 236 Coshma Anhid Croom
Dollas 126 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Dollas Lower 245 Coshma Croom Croom
Dollas Upper 466 Coshma Croom Croom
Dooally 399 Glenquin Newcastle Newcastle
Doocatteen 200 Glenquin Newcastle Newcastle
Doohyle Beg 188 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Doohyle More 159 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Doon Town Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Doon 41 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Doon North 888 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Doon South 873 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Doonakenna 418 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Doonbeirne 217 Connello Lower Rathkeale Croom
Dooncaha 611 Shanid Dunmoylan Glin
Dooneen 376 Pubblebrien Crecora Croom
Dooneen Upper 60 Pubblebrien Crecora Croom
Doonmoon 205 Coshlea Knocklong Kilmallock
Doonskerdeen 125 Shanid Robertstown Glin
Doonvullen Lower 256 Clanwilliam Ballybrood Limerick
Doonvullen Upper 350 Clanwilliam Ballybrood Limerick
Dooradoyle 467 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Doorlus 172 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Downs 174 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Dreenaan 64 Connello Upper Corcomohide Croom
Drehidtarsna 244 Coshma Drehidtarsna Rathkeale
Drewscourt East 991 Connello Upper Corcomohide Croom
Drewscourt West 627 Connello Upper Corcomohide Croom
Dromacummer East 220 Coshma Bruree Kilmallock
Dromacummer West 193 Coshma Bruree Kilmallock
Dromada 185 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Dromagarraun 281 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Dromalta 322 Owneybeg Tuogh Limerick
Dromard Demesne 713 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Drombane 229 Clanwilliam Grean Limerick
Drombanny 560 Clanwilliam Caheravally Limerick
Drombanny 483 Clanwilliam Cahernarry Limerick
Drombanny 355 Clanwilliam Donaghmore Limerick
Drombeg 574 Smallcounty Glenogra Croom
Dromcluher 292 Owneybeg Tuogh Limerick
Dromcolliher Town Connello Upper Dromcolliher Newcastle
Dromdarrig 146 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Dromdeeveen 982 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Dromeenboy 152 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Dromeliagh 671 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Dromin 378 Glenquin Grange Newcastle
Dromin (Beeson) 303 Glenquin Newcastle Newcastle
Dromin (Macturlogh) 369 Glenquin Newcastle Newcastle
Dromin North 175 Coshma Dromin Kilmallock
Dromin South 247 Coshma Dromin Kilmallock
Drominaclara 106 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Drominacreen 425 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Drominboy 91 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Drominboy Lower 162 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Drominboy Upper 90 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Drominoona 109 Kenry Iveruss Rathkeale
Drominycarra 201 Smallcounty Fedamore Croom
Drominycullane 51 Kenry Iveruss Rathkeale
Dromkeen 112 Clanwilliam Grean Limerick
Dromkeen North 164 Clanwilliam Dromkeen Limerick
Dromkeen South 152 Clanwilliam Dromkeen Limerick
Dromlara 352 Coonagh Grean Limerick
Dromlohan 375 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Dromloughan north 142 Pubblebrien Killeenoghty Croom
Dromloughan South 68 Pubblebrien Killeenoghty Croom
Drommoher 129 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Dromore 48 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Dromrahnee 105 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Dromreask 775 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Dromroe 729 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Dromroe 151 Clanwilliam Kilmurry Limerick
Dromsallagh 851 Owneybeg Tuogh Limerick
Dromtrasna (Collins) 1,610 Glenquin Abbeyfeale Newcastle
Dromtrasna (Hartnett) 865 Glenquin Abbeyfeale Newcastle
Dromtrasna North 656 Glenquin Abbeyfeale Newcastle
Dromtrasna South 967 Glenquin Abbeyfeale Newcastle
Dromturk 72 Connello Lower Kilbradran Rathkeale
Duckstown 788 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Dunganville Lower 137 Glenquin Newcastle Newcastle
Dunganville Upper 241 Glenquin Newcastle Newcastle
Dungeeha 173 Glenquin Newcastle Newcastle
Dungeeha 130 Glenquin Grange Newcastle
Dunkip 574 Coshma Croom Croom
Dunmoylan 433 Shanid Dunmoylan Glin
Dunmoylan 180 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Dunnaman 1,521 Coshma Croom Croom
Duntryleague 764 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Durnish 181 Shanid Robertstown Glin
Durraclogh 443 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Dysert 84 Shanid Robertstown Rathkeale
Edwardstown 103 Clanwilliam Cahernarry Limerick
Effin 737 Coshma Effin Kilmallock
Ellaha 100 Shanid Robertstown Rathkeale
Elmpark Demesne 318 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Elton 739 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Enaghgare 96 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Enaghroe 223 Smallcounty Fedamore Croom
Englishtenements 81 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Englishtown 34 Borough of Limerick St. Mary's Limerick
Enniscoush 344 Connello Upper Rathkeale Rathkeale
Enniscoush 57 Connello Upper Nantinan Rathkeale
Evegallahoo 211 Glenquin Grange Newcastle
Eyon 542 Clanwilliam Abington Limerick
Faha 228 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Faha Demense 428 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Fahanasoodry 411 Coshlea Ballylanders Mitchelstown
Fairhall 105 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Fairyfield Glebe 55 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Falleenadatha 332 Owneybeg Doon Limerick
Fanningstown 1,049 Smallcounty Fedamore Croom
Fanningstown 604 Coshlea Particles Kilmallock
Fanningstown 544 Coshma Adare Croom
Fantstown 366 Coshlea Kilbreedy Major Kilmallock
Farnane 431 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Farnanefranklin 605 Owneybeg Doon Limerick
Farranafina 74 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Farranatlaba 197 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Farranmiller 106 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Farranshone Beg 34 Pubblebrien and Muni. Borough St. Nicholas Limerick
Farranshone More 232 Pubblebrien and Muni. Borough St. Nicholas Limerick
Farrihy 1,030 Glenquin Killagholehane Newcastle
Fawnamore 209 Shanid Robertstown Rathkeale
Fawnlehane 464 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Fearoe 146 Pubblebrien Killeenoghty Croom
Fedamore Town Smallcounty Fedamore Croom
Fedamore 188 Smallcounty Fedamore Croom
Feeagh 103 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Feenagh Town Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Feenagh 455 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Feloree 70 Clanwilliam Aglishcormick Limerick
Feohanagh 1,196 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Fihidy 368 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Finniterstown 536 Connello Upper Adare Rathkeale
Finniterstown 438 Connello Upper Drehidtarsna Rathkeale
Finnoo 671 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Flankerhouse 14 Clanwilliam St. Nicholas Limerick
Flean Beg 112 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Flean More 1,031 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Flemingstown 284 Coshlea Ballingaddy Kilmallock
Foilycleara 408 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Forkeala 1,090 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Fort East 570 Connello Upper Colmanswell Kilmallock
Fort Middle 836 Connello Upper Colmanswell Kilmallock
Fort West 474 Connello Upper Colmanswell Kilmallock
Fortetna 175 Pubblebrien Killonahan Croom
Fortyacres 66 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Foxhall East 289 Connello Upper Colmanswell Kilmallock
Foxhall West 316 Connello Upper Colmanswell Kilmallock
Foyle 115 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Foynes Town Shanid Robertstown Glin
Foynes Island 293 Shanid Robertstown Glin
Frankfort 518 Connello Upper Ballingarry Newcastle
Friarstown 512 Clanwilliam Rochestown Limerick
Friarstown 415 Clanwilliam Caheravally Limerick
Friarstown 166 Clanwilliam Caherelly Limerick
Friarstown 70 Clanwilliam Fedamore Limerick
Friarstown North 314 Smallcounty Fedamore Croom
Friarstown South 65 Smallcounty Fedamore Limerick
Galbally Town Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Galbally 240 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Galboola 250 Clanwilliam Rathjordan Limerick
Galvone 48 Clanwilliam St. Nicholas Limerick
Galway 183 Connello Lower Askeaton Rathkeale
Gannavane 378 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Gannavane Upper 528 Owneybeg Doon Limerick
Garbally 429 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Garbally 171 Coshma Dromin Kilmallock
Garbally 73 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Garbally 46 Coshma Bruff Kilmallock
Gardenfield 429 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Gardenfield East 157 Connello Upper Dromcolliher Newcastle
Gardenfield South 329 Connello Upper Dromcolliher Newcastle
Gardenfield West 159 Connello Upper Dromcolliher Newcastle
Gardenhill 538 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Gardenhill 5 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Garranard 167 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Garranbane 927 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Garranboy 258 Connello Lower Clonshire Rathkeale
Garrane 657 Pubblebrien Monasteranenagh Croom
Garrane 506 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Garrane 504 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Garrane Beg 32 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Garrane More 198 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Garranekeagh 270 Coshma Effin Kilmallock
Garranekeevan 180 Glenquin Newcastle Newcastle
Garranroe 370 Coshma Killonahan Croom
Garraun 67 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Garraunykee 90 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Garraunykee 88 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Garravin 268 Coonagh Tuoghcluggin Tipperary
Garrison 147 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Garroose 773 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Garryarthur 625 Coshlea Kilflyn Kilmallock
Garrydoolis 355 Coonagh Templebredon Tipperary
Garryduff 1,083 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Garryduff 133 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Garryduff 93 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Garryduff 59 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Garryellen 304 Smallcounty Fedamore Croom
Garryfine 1,024 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Garryfrask 151 Coonagh Tuoghcluggin Tipperary
Garryglass 120 Clanwilliam Derrygalvin Limerick
Garryheakin 222 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Garrymore 163 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Garrynagoord 90 Clanwilliam Aglishcormick Limerick
Garrynalyna 284 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Garryncahera 334 Smallcounty Ballinlough Kilmallock
Garryncoonagh North 612 Coshlea Effin Kilmallock
Garryncoonagh South 155 Coshlea Effin Kilmallock
Garrynderk North 501 Coshma Effin Kilmallock
Garrynderk South 358 Coshma Effin Kilmallock
Garrynlease 124 Coshlea Kilfinnane Kilmallock
Garrynoe 109 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Garryspellane Town Coshlea Ballyscaddan Kilmallock
Garryvurragha 272 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Geeragh 423 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Gibbonstown 465 Coshlea Kilbreedy Major Kilmallock
Gibbonstown 91 Coshlea Athneasy Kilmallock
Glascurram 213 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Glashapullagh 490 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Glebe 86 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Glebe 70 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Glebe 44 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Glebe 41 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Glebe 30 Coshma Drehidtarsna Croom
Glebe 29 Pubblebrien Crecora Croom
Glebe 20 Limerick, Muni. Borough of Killeely Limerick
Glen 249 Clanwilliam Cahernarry Limerick
Glen 128 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Glenacurrane 422 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Glenagower 809 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Glenagragara 1,125 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Glenanair East 1,322 Coshlea Particles Kilmallock
Glenanair West 1,151 Coshlea Particles Kilmallock
Glenaree 360 Coshlea Ballingarry Kilmallock
Glenastar 788 Glenquin Newcastle Newcastle
Glenbane East 260 Shanid Shanagolden Rathkeale
Glenbane West 73 Shanid Shanagolden Rathkeale
Glenbaun 1,424 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Glenbevan 173 Coshma Croom Croom
Glenbrohane 230 Coshlea Ballingarry Kilmallock
Glendarragh 1,042 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Glendiheen 199 Shanid Rathronan Glin
Glenduff 879 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Glenfield 428 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Glengort North 697 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Glengort South 1,507 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Glenlary 813 Coshlea Ballingarry Kilmallock
Glenma 154 Coshma Athlacca Kilmallock
Glenmore 86 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Glenmore East 731 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Glenmore West 320 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Glennagowan 271 Glenquin Newcastle Newcastle
Glennahaglish 427 Coshlea Ballylanders Mitchelstown
Glennameade 483 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Gleno 760 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Gleno Knocklatteragh 144 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Gleno Newtown 194 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Glenogra 409 Smallcounty Glenogra Croom
Glenosheen 773 Coshlea Particles Kilmallock
Glenquin 712 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Glenquin 203 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Glenquin South 332 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Glensharrold 1,220 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Glensharrold 996 Shanid Kilcolman Newcastle
Glenstal 1,084 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Glenville 235 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Glenwilliam 552 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Glin Town Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Glin Demesne 406 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Goat Island 161 Coshma Uregare Kilmallock
Gooig 573 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Gormanstown 51 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Gormanstown 48 Smallcounty Uregare Kilmallock
Gormanstown (Grady) 238 Smallcounty Athneasy Kilmallock
Gormanstown (Phillips) 292 Smallcounty Athneasy Kilmallock
Gortaclareen 173 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Gortacloona 374 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Gortacrank 27 Coshma Effin Kilmallock
Gortadroma 385 Shanid Dunmoylan Glin
Gortaganniff 62 Coshma Adare Croom
Gortakilleen 127 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Gortalassa 282 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Gortavacoosh 127 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Gortavalla East 318 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Gortavalla North 310 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Gortavalla South 561 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Gortboy 163 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Gortboy 114 Clanwilliam Caherelly Limerick
Gortboy 87 Glenquin Grange Newcastle
Gortboy 87 Glenquin Newcastle Newcastle
Gortbrien 85 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Gorteen 533 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Gorteen 111 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Gorteen 85 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Gorteen 82 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Gorteen 27 Pubblebrien Croom Limerick
Gorteen East 178 Connello Upper Cloncagh Newcastle
Gorteen West 119 Connello Upper Cloncagh Newcastle
Gorteennacreeagh 68 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Gorteennamrock 85 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Gorteennaskagh 296 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Gorteenreynard 130 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Gorteens 129 Connello Upper Kilbolane Newcastle
Gortfadda 186 Connello Upper Kilfinny Croom
Gortgarralt 241 Smallcounty Fedamore Croom
Gortmanna 37 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Gortmore 178 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Gortmore 133 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Gortnaboola 18 Coonagh Tuoghcluggin Tipperary
Gortnaboola 8 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Gortnaclohy 752 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Gortnacoolagh 44 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Gortnacreha Lower 509 Connello Upper Cloncagh Newcastle
Gortnacreha Upper 445 Connello Upper Cloncagh Newcastle
Gortnadromin 119 Clanwilliam Dromkeen Limerick
Gortnagarde 153 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Gortnaglogh 6 Shanid Newcastle Newcastle
Gortnagluggin 235 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Gortnagross 870 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Gortnagrour 100 Connello Lower Clonshire Rathkeale
Gortnakistin 227 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Gortnalahagh 24 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Gortnanuv 67 Coonagh Ballynaclogh Tipperary
Gortnascarry 197 Coonagh Doon Limerick
Gortnaskagh 72 Smallcounty Kilcullane Kilmallock
Gortnaskehy 262 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Gortreagh 109 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Gortroe 565 Connello Upper Corcomohide Croom
Gortroe 323 Connello Upper Colmanswell Kilmallock
Gortroe 174 Glenquin Grange Newcastle
Gortroe 133 Connello Lower Clonagh Rathkeale
Gortskagh 347 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Gortyknaveen 70 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Gortyvahane 181 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Gotoon 279 Smallcounty Hospital Kilmallock
Gotoon 84 Coshlea Ballingaddy Kilmallock
Gouldavoher 211 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Gragane 372 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Graig 487 Connello Upper Corcomohide Croom
Graigacurragh 609 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Graiganster 191 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Graiganster 89 Coshma Effin Kilmallock
Graigbeg 219 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Graigeen 122 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Graigoor 178 Shanid Kilbradran Rathkeale
Graigue 296 Coshma Adare Croom
Graigue 118 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Graigue 71 Connello Lower Clonshire Rathkeale
Graigue 54 Connello Lower Cappagh Rathkeale
Graigues 232 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Graigues 69 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Graiguesparling 137 Coshma Adare Croom
Granagh 366 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Granard 140 Connello Upper Croom Croom
Grange 1,097 Smallcounty Monasteranenagh Croom
Grange 331 Coshlea Knocklong Kilmallock
Grange 296 Smallcounty Tullabracky Croom
Grange 111 Clanwilliam Fedamore Limerick
Grange East 200 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Grange Lower 126 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Grange Upper 288 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Grange Upper 260 Glenquin Grange Newcastle
Grange West 157 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Grass Island 2 Kenry Ardcanny Rathkeale
Greenane 236 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Greenhills 574 Pubblebrien Knocknagaul Limerick
Greenish Island 46 Connello Lower Tomdeely Rathkeale
Greenmount 301 Pubblebrien Crecora Croom
Grillagh 281 Coshma Tullabracky Kilmallock
Griston East 233 Coshlea Ballingarry Kilmallock
Griston West 197 Coshlea Ballingarry Kilmallock
Grouselodge 363 Shanid Kilcolman Glin
Grove Island 3 Limerick, Muni. Borough of St. Patrick's Limerick
Hammondstown 69 Coshlea Knocklong Kilmallock
Harding Grove 354 Coshma Bruree Kilmallock
Hazelfield 150 Shanid Robertstown Rathkeale
Herbertstown Town Smallcounty Ballinard Kilmallock
Herbertstown Town Smallcounty Kilcullane Kilmallock
Herbertstown (O'Grady) 163 Smallcounty Kilcullane Kilmallock
Herbertstown (Powell) 163 Smallcounty Kilcullane Kilmallock
Hermitage 167 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Hernsbrook 167 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Highmount 638 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Highmount 284 Connello Upper Cloncrew Newcastle
Highpark 519 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Holly Island 2 Connello Lower Tomdeely Rathkeale
Honeypound 86 Pubblebrien Croom Croom
Hospital Town Smallcounty Hospital Kilmallock
Houndscourt 250 Coshlea Kilflyn Kilmallock
Howardstown North 64 Coshma Bruree Kilmallock
Howardstown South 327 Coshma Bruree Kilmallock
Hundredacres East 161 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Hundredacres West 163 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Huntingstown 27 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Inch St Lawrence 135 Clanwilliam Ludden Limerick
Inch St Lawrence North 344 Clanwilliam Inch St. Lawrence Limerick
Inch St Lawrence South 128 Clanwilliam Inch St. Lawrence Limerick
Incha 208 Connello Upper Corcomohide Croom
Inchacoomb 544 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Inchagreenoge 37 Shanid Robertstown Rathkeale
Inchinclare 257 Coshma Croom Croom
Inchinclare 240 Coshma Athlacca Croom
Inchmore 70 Clanwilliam St. Nicholas Limerick
Inishkeen 162 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Irishtown 61 Limerick, Muni. Borough of St. John's Limerick
Island Dromagh 109 Coshlea Knocklong Kilmallock
Island MacTeige 47 Shanid Robertstown Rathkeale
Islandboy 104 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Islandduane 222 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Islandea 207 Coshma Adare Croom
Issane 125 Kenry Iveruss Rathkeale
Jamestown 836 Coshlea Kilquane Kilmallock
Jockeyhall 265 Pubblebrien Crecora Croom
Keale 1,606 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Keale 652 Coshlea Kilflyn Kilmallock
Keeloges 961 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Keeloges 254 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Kells 372 Connello Upper Dromcolliher Newcastle
Kerrikyle 397 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Keyanna 228 Clanwilliam Derrygalvin Limerick
Kilballyowen 1,079 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Kilbane 210 Clanwilliam Kilmurry Limerick
Kilbeg East 41 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Kilbeg West 164 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Kilbehy 247 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Kilbradran 413 Shanid Kilbradran Rathkeale
Kilbreedy 720 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Kilbreedy 428 Coshma Bruree Kilmallock
Kilbreedy 370 Coshma Kilbreedy Minor Kilmallock
Kilbreedy East 139 Coshlea Kilbreedy Major Kilmallock
Kilbreedy West 132 Coshlea Kilbreedy Major Kilmallock
Kilcolman 291 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Kilcolman 220 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Kilcolman 137 Shanid Kilcolman Glin
Kilcolman East 449 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Kilcolman West 248 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Kilcool 147 Connello Lower Doondonnell Rathkeale
Kilcoorha 360 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Kilcosgrave 134 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Kilcosgrave 42 Shanid Shanagolden Glin
Kilcruaig 565 Coshlea Kilflyn Kilmallock
Kilcullane 724 Smallcounty Kilcullane Kilmallock
Kilculleen 527 Clanwilliam Ludden Limerick
Kilcurly 334 Kenry Adare Croom
Kilcurly 239 Pubblebrien Monasteranenagh Croom
Kilderry 508 Smallcounty Ballycahane Croom
Kilderry 121 Pubblebrien Monasteranenagh Croom
Kildimo Town Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Kildimo 340 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Kildonnell 122 Pubblebrien Ballycahane Croom
Kildromin 750 Smallcounty Kilteely Kilmallock
Kilduff 252 Coonagh Ballynaclogh Tipperary
Kilduff 167 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Kilduffahoo 862 Owneybeg Doon Limerick
Kilfergus 109 Shanid Loghill Glin
Kilfinnane Town Coshlea Kilfinnane Kilmallock
Kilfinnane 667 Coshlea Kilfinnane Kilmallock
Kilfinny 717 Connello Upper Kilfinny Croom
Kilfrush 797 Smallcounty Kilfrush Kilmallock
Kilgarriff 662 Coshlea Ballingarry Kilmallock
Kilglass 671 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Kilgobbin 439 Coshma Adare Croom
Kilgolban 414 Glenquin Clonelty Newcastle
Kilgreana 81 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Kilgrogan 237 Kenry Adare Croom
Kilkaskin 261 Smallcounty Fedamore Croom
Kilkinlea Lower 807 Glenquin Abbeyfeale Newcastle
Kilkinlea Upper 818 Glenquin Abbeyfeale Newcastle
Kilknockan 199 Kenry Adare Croom
Killacolla 666 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Killacolla 369 Connello Upper Corcomohide Kilmallock
Killacolla (Barker) 91 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Killaculleen 1,296 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Killaghteen 626 Glenquin Ardagh Newcastle
Killalee 40 Clanwilliam and Muni. Borough St. John's Limerick
Killanahan 196 Pubblebrien Killeenoghty Croom
Killard 202 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Killaready 316 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Killea 159 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Killeagh 195 Clanwilliam Ballybrood Limerick
Killeany Beg 164 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Killeany More 925 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Killeedy North 625 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Killeedy South 465 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Killeen 513 Coshlea Kilfinnane Kilmallock
Killeen 506 Coshlea Ballylanders Mitchelstown
Killeen 298 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Killeen 202 Coshma Adare Croom
Killeen 91 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Killeenagarriff 278 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Killeenavera 129 Clanwilliam Grean Limerick
Killeenavera 86 Clanwilliam Dromkeen Limerick
Killeenoghty 200 Pubblebrien Killeenoghty Croom
Killeheen 347 Connello Lower Kilscannell Rathkeale
Killeline 170 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Killinane 187 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Killinure 343 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Killonahan 320 Pubblebrien Killonahan Croom
Killonan 702 Clanwilliam Kilmurry Limerick
Killonan 218 Clanwilliam Derrygalvin Limerick
Killorath 289 Smallcounty Glenogra Croom
Killoughty 202 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Killuragh 736 Owneybeg Tuogh Limerick
Kilmacanerla North 460 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Kilmacanerla South 116 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Kilmacat 218 Kenry Ardcanny Rathkeale
Kilmacogue 227 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Kilmacow 1,078 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Kilmallock Town Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Kilmallock 31 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Kilmallock Hill 38 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Kilmeedy Town Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Kilmeedy 191 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Kilmihil 571 Coshlea Ballingaddy Kilmallock
Kilmihil 435 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Kilmore 965 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Kilmore Demesne 112 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Kilmoreen 381 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Kilmoylan 82 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Kilmoylan Lower 366 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Kilmoylan Upper 246 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Kilmurry 358 Coshlea Emlygrennan Kilmallock
Kilmurry (Archer) 351 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Kilmurry (Lane) 665 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Kilmurrybog 102 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Kilnamona 261 Connello Upper Cloncagh Newcastle
Kilpeacon 450 Smallcounty Kilpeacon Croom
Kilquane 96 Connello Lower Clonagh Rathkeale
Kilreash 127 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Kilrodane 161 Shanid Newcastle Newcastle
Kilrodane 141 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Kilrush 140 Pubblebrien and Muni. Borough St. Munchin's Limerick
Kilscanlan 349 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Kilscannell 617 Connello Lower Kilscannell Rathkeale
Kilshane 28 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Kiltanna 370 Glenquin Clonelty Newcastle
Kilteely Town Coonagh Kilteely Kilmallock
Kilteely 199 Coonagh Kilteely Kilmallock
Kilteery 579 Shanid Loghill Glin
Kiltemplan 162 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Kiltenan North 219 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Kiltenan South 248 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Kimeheer 88 Shanid Robertstown Glin
Kinard 431 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
King's Island 132 Limerick, Muni. Borough of St. Munchin's Limerick
Kingsland 216 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Kishyquirk 288 Clanwilliam Abington Limerick
Knightstreet 104 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Knock 80 Pubblebrien St. Munchin's Limerick
Knockaclugga 296 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Knockacraig 453 Connello Upper Dromcolliher Newcastle
Knockadea 380 Coshlea Ballylanders Mitchelstown
Knockaderry Town Glenquin Clonelty Newcastle
Knockaderry 706 Glenquin Clonelty Newcastle
Knockainy Town Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Knockainy East 71 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Knockainy West 1,160 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Knockananty 240 Clanwilliam Derrygalvin Limerick
Knockanbaun 295 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Knockane 166 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Knockanea 343 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Knockanebrack 477 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Knockanerry 299 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Knockanes 472 Coshma Adare Croom
Knockannacreeva 170 Coshma Bruree Kilmallock
Knockardnacorlan 240 Shanid Robertstown Rathkeale
Knockatancashlane 267 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Knockaunavad 156 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Knockaunavlyman 56 Coshlea Ballingarry Kilmallock
Knockaunavoddig 226 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Knockaundoolis 162 Coonagh Templebredon Tipperary
Knockaunnacurraha 235 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Knockaunnagun 161 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Knockaunroe 110 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Knockballyfookeen 433 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Knockbrack 992 Glenquin Abbeyfeale Newcastle
Knockbrack East 173 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Knockbrack East 16 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Knockbrack West 31 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Knockbrack West 23 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Knockbrien 74 Clanwilliam Cahernarry Limerick
Knockbweeheen 301 Shanid Kilcolman Glin
Knockcommane 293 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Knockcoolkeare 675 Glenquin Killeedy Kanturk
Knockcorragh 131 Clanwilliam Caherelly Limerick
Knockderk 412 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Knockdown 1,076 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Knockdromin 148 Connello Lower Clonshire Rathkeale
Knockdromin 101 Connello Lower Cappagh Rathkeale
Knockea 62 Clanwilliam Cahernarry Limerick
Knockeen 107 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Knockeravella 11 Coonagh Templebredon Tipperary
Knockfennell 238 Smallcounty Monasteranenagh Croom
Knockfenora 336 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Knockfinnisk 1,017 Shanid Dunmoylan Newcastle
Knockglass 658 Glenquin Killagholehane Newcastle
Knockgrean 88 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Knocklary 317 Coshlea Ballingarry Kilmallock
Knocklong 117 Smallcounty Kilfrush Kilmallock
Knocklong East 559 Coshlea Knocklong Kilmallock
Knocklong West 702 Coshlea Knocklong Kilmallock
Knockmore 225 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Knocknaboha 141 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Knocknabooly East 573 Shanid Loghill Glin
Knocknabooly Middle 225 Shanid Loghill Glin
Knocknabooly West 517 Shanid Loghill Glin
Knocknacarriga 252 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Knocknacrohy 196 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Knocknadiha 1,095 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Knocknagalty 1,754 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Knocknagornagh 1,699 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Knocknagorteeny 439 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Knocknagranshy 290 Pubblebrien Monasteranenagh Croom
Knocknascrow 1,571 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Knocknasnaa 1,825 Glenquin Abbeyfeale Newcastle
Knockpatrick 242 Shanid Robertstown Glin
Knockroe 555 Coonagh Kilteely Tipperary
Knockroe 174 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Knockroe 47 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Knockroe (Mason) 446 Clanwilliam Inch St. Lawrence Limerick
Knockroe (Wilson) 269 Clanwilliam Inch St. Lawrence Limerick
Knockrour 249 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Knocksentry 221 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Knocksouna 446 Coshma Tankardstown Kilmallock
Knocktoosh 1,100 Glenquin Killagholehane Newcastle
Knocktoran 405 Coshlea Knocklong Kilmallock
Knockuregare 357 Coshma Uregare Kilmallock
Kyle 66 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Kyleavarraga Middle 52 Kenry Adare Rathkeale
Kyleavarraga North 44 Kenry Adare Rathkeale
Kyleavarraga South 150 Kenry Adare Rathkeale
Kylegarve 320 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Kylenagoneeny 273 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Kyletaun 468 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Lack West 305 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Lacka 248 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Lacka 162 Pubblebrien Monasteranenagh Croom
Lacka Beg 254 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Lacka Lower 165 Glenquin Killagholehane Newcastle
Lacka More 310 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Lacka Upper 193 Glenquin Killagholehane Newcastle
Lackanagoneeny 286 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Lackanagrour 117 Coshma Bruree Kilmallock
Lackanascarry 89 Coonagh Ballynaclogh Tipperary
Lackelly East 153 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Lackendarragh 1,165 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Laghtane East 250 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Laghtane West 3 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Laskiltagh 43 Coshma Croom Croom
Laurencetown North 340 Coshlea Particles Kilmallock
Laurencetown South 423 Coshlea Particles Kilmallock
Leagane 152 Coshma Effin Kilmallock
Leahys 470 Shanid Robertstown Glin
Lemonfield 434 Pubblebrien Knocknagaul Limerick
Lickadoon 671 Clanwilliam Caheravally Limerick
Liffane 392 Connello Lower Lismakeery Rathkeale
Limerick City Town Limerick City St. John's Limerick
Limerick City Town Limerick City St. Lawrence's Limerick
Limerick City Town Limerick City St. Mary's Limerick
Limerick City Town Limerick City St. Michael's Limerick
Limerick City Town Limerick City St. Munchin's Limerick
Limerick City Town Limerick City St. Nicholas' Limerick
Limerick City Town Limerick City St. Patrick's Limerick
Linfield 334 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Lisbane 370 Shanid Dunmoylan Rathkeale
Liscreagh 146 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Lisduane 677 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Lisduff 106 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Lisgaugh 139 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Lisgordan 216 Shanid Rathronan Glin
Lisheen 84 Coonagh Ballynaclogh Tipperary
Lisheensheela 250 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Lisillaun 1 Connello Lower Morgans Rathkeale
Liskennett East 235 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Liskennett West 301 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Liskilleen (Dickson) 72 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Liskilleen (O'Brien) 151 Shanid Ardagh Rathkeale
Liskilly 179 Coshma Adare Croom
Lismakeery 522 Connello Lower Lismakeery Rathkeale
Lismullane 267 Clanwilliam Abington Limerick
Lisnacullia 131 Connello Lower Clonagh Rathkeale
Lisnacullia 88 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Lisnacullia 48 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Lisnafulla 240 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Lisnagry 429 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Lisnalanniv 365 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Lisnamuck 363 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Lisready (Clare) 322 Shanid Loghill Glin
Lisready (Cripps) 475 Shanid Loghill Glin
Lissaleen 199 Pubblebrien Croom Limerick
Lissamota 607 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Lissanalta 238 Pubblebrien Knocknagaul Limerick
Lissanarroor 161 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Lissaniska East 328 Glenquin Clonelty Newcastle
Lissaniska West 292 Glenquin Clonelty Newcastle
Lissard 684 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Lissatotan 286 Shanid Kilbradran Rathkeale
Lissatotan 33 Connello Lower Clonagh Rathkeale
Lissavarra 152 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Lissowen 189 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Lissurland 174 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Lodge 543 Smallcounty Hospital Kilmallock
Logavinshire 135 Pubblebrien Crecora Croom
Loghill Town Shanid Loghill Glin
Loghill 645 Shanid Loghill Glin
Loghill 508 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Lombardstown 199 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Longford 4 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Longford East 100 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Longford West 95 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Longstone 91 Clanwilliam Grean Limerick
Lotteragh Lower 106 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Lotteragh Upper 311 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Loughananna 457 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Loughanleagh 78 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Loughanstown 108 Clanwilliam Caheravally Limerick
Loughanstown 11 Clanwilliam Fedamore Limerick
Loughaun 95 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Loughgur 1,285 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Loughmore Commons 38 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Ludden Beg 243 Clanwilliam Ludden Limerick
Ludden More 437 Clanwilliam Ludden Limerick
Lurraga 155 Pubblebrien Croom Limerick
Lurraga 97 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Lurraga 25 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Lyre 69 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Maddyboy 609 Clanwilliam Clonkeen Limerick
Maddyboy 84 Clanwilliam Abington Limerick
Maelra 130 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Maghera 85 Pubblebrien Croom Croom
Magherareagh 36 Smallcounty Athneasy Kilmallock
Magherareagh 21 Smallcounty Kilbreedy Major Kilmallock
Mahoonagh Town Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Mahoonagh Beg 91 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Mahoonagh More 311 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Maidstown 380 Coshma Dromin Kilmallock
Marlbrook 37 Pubblebrien Crecora Croom
Martinstown 527 Coshlea Athneasy Kilmallock
Maryville 143 Pubblebrien Ballycahane Croom
Mauricetown 893 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Mayne 107 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Meadagh 142 Coshma Uregare Kilmallock
Meanus 298 Smallcounty Glenogra Croom
Meentolla 494 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Meenyline North 957 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Meenyline South 531 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Mellon 580 Kenry Ardcanny Rathkeale
Millfarm 212 Smallcounty Hospital Kilmallock
Millmount 241 Coshlea Ballingaddy Kilmallock
Milltown 360 Kenry Iveruss Rathkeale
Milltown 239 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Milltown 149 Coonagh Aglishcormick Tipperary
Milltown 141 Clanwilliam Derrygalvin Limerick
Milltown 118 Coshma Uregare Kilmallock
Milltown 117 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Milltown 57 Coshlea Ballingaddy Kilmallock
Milltown 51 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Milltown 30 Clanwilliam Kilmurry Limerick
Milltown North 192 Connello Lower Lismakeery Rathkeale
Milltown South 140 Connello Lower Lismakeery Rathkeale
Minister's-land 175 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Mitchelstown 127 Kenry Iveruss Rathkeale
Mitchelstowndown 133 Coshlea Ballingarry Kilmallock
Mitchelstowndown East 144 Coshlea Knocklong Kilmallock
Mitchelstowndown North 277 Coshlea Knocklong Kilmallock
Mitchelstowndown West 277 Coshlea Knocklong Kilmallock
Moanaaviddoge 96 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Moanahila 177 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Moanduff 135 Coonagh Castletown Tipperary
Moanleana 451 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Moanmore 212 Coshlea Particles Kilmallock
Moanmore 100 Smallcounty Fedamore Croom
Moanoola 133 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Moanour 632 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Moanroe 309 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Moanroe 56 Clanwilliam Dromkeen Limerick
Moanroe Beg 182 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Moanroe More 379 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Moanwing 98 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Moher 481 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Mohernagh 822 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Moig 305 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Moig East 116 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Moig East Glebe 77 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Moig North 244 Connello Lower Askeaton Rathkeale
Moig South 811 Connello Lower Askeaton Rathkeale
Moig West 218 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Moigh 209 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Monabraher 142 Pubblebrien and Muni. Borough Killeely Limerick
Monaclinoe 94 Clanwilliam St. Lawrence's Limerick
Monamuck 31 Clanwilliam and Muni. Borough St. John's Limerick
Monanooag 104 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Monashinnagh 51 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Monaster North 262 Pubblebrien Monasteranenagh Croom
Monaster South 381 Coshma Monasteranenagh Croom
Monavaha 96 Shanid Robertstown Glin
Monavaha 77 Shanid Shanagolden Glin
Mondellihy 342 Coshma Adare Croom
Monearla 172 Coshma Adare Croom
Moneen 119 Coshlea Particles Kilmallock
Moneteen 71 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Moneymohill 624 Shanid Dunmoylan Glin
Mongfune 590 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Montpelier Town Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Montpelier 263 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Moohane 170 Smallcounty Cahercorney Kilmallock
Moorestown 817 Coshlea Kilfinnane Kilmallock
Morenane 859 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Morgans North 807 Connello Lower Morgans Rathkeale
Morgans South 405 Connello Lower Morgans Rathkeale
Mornane 751 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Moroe Town Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Moroe 135 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Moroewood 241 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Mortgage 358 Smallcounty Fedamore Croom
Mortlestown 819 Coshlea Particles Kilmallock
Mountblakeney 562 Coshma Kilbreedy Minor Kilmallock
Mountcatherine 26 Coonagh Ballynaclogh Tipperary
Mountcatherine 17 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Mountcollins 1,025 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Mountcoote 310 Coshlea Ardpatrick Kilmallock
Mountdavid 327 Shanid Shanagolden Glin
Mounteagle 167 Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Mountfox 291 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Mountkennet 21 Limerick, Muni. Borough of St. Michael's Limerick
Mountminnett 286 Clanwilliam Ballybrood Limerick
Mountpleasant 172 Kenry Ardcanny Rathkeale
Mountplummer 1,171 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Mountrussell 1,134 Coshlea Ballingaddy Kilmallock
Mountshannon 318 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Mountshannon 2 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Mountsion 176 Clanwilliam Grean Limerick
Mountsion 7 Clanwilliam Dromkeen Limerick
Mounttrenchard 525 Shanid Loghill Glin
Mountwilliam 59 Coshma Adare Croom
Moveedy 121 Glenquin Grange Newcastle
Moylish 73 Pubblebrien St. Munchin's Limerick
Moymore 133 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Moyreen 509 Shanid Dunmoylan Glin
Muingacree 805 Owneybeg Doon Limerick
Mulderricksfield 178 Shanid Kilmoylan Rathkeale
Mulderricksfield 118 Shanid Robertstown Rathkeale
Mullagh 312 Shanid Kilmoylan Rathkeale
Mullans 82 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Mundellihy 890 Connello Upper Dromcolliher Newcastle
Nantinan 71 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Newcastle Town Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Newcastle Town Glenquin Newcastle Newcastle
Newcastle 697 Clanwilliam Kilmurry Limerick
Newgarden North 203 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Newgarden South 6 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Newpark 139 Coshlea Effin Kilmallock
Newpark 111 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Newtown 1,664 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Newtown 457 Clanwilliam Kilmurry Limerick
Newtown 410 Coonagh Tuoghcluggin Tipperary
Newtown 365 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Newtown 289 Smallcounty Hospital Kilmallock
Newtown 289 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Newtown 243 Smallcounty Kilpeacon Croom
Newtown 143 Coshma Bruff Kilmallock
Newtown 56 Clanwilliam Inch St. Lawrence Limerick
Newtown 22 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Newtown North 276 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Newtown South 18 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Nicker Town Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Nicker 194 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Oatlands 115 Clanwilliam Caheravally Limerick
Oldabbey 547 Shanid Robertstown Glin
Oldcourt 147 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Oldtown (Bennett) 541 Smallcounty Hospital Kilmallock
Oldtown (Ryan) 212 Smallcounty Hospital Kilmallock
Oola Town Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Oolahills East 530 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Oolahills West 73 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Oorla 97 Shanid Robertstown Rathkeale
Pallas 366 Kenry Chapelrussell Rathkeale
Pallas 270 Connello Upper Kilmeedy Newcastle
Pallas 171 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Pallas 66 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Pallas Grean Town Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Pallasbeg 492 Owneybeg Tuogh Limerick
Pallashill 128 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Pallaskenry Town Kenry Chapelrussell Rathkeale
Park 634 Shanid Dunmoylan Glin
Park 454 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Park 240 Clanwilliam and Muni. Borough St. Patrick's Limerick
Park 72 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Parkaree 51 Pubblebrien Monasteranenagh Croom
Parkatotaun 74 Clanwilliam Fedamore Limerick
Parkatotaun 49 Clanwilliam Caheravally Limerick
Parklewis 47 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Parkmore 66 Shanid Robertstown Glin
Parkmore 59 Shanid Shanagolden Glin
Parkroe 215 Clanwilliam Caheravally Limerick
Parkroe 33 Coshma Dromin Kilmallock
Parkwood 20 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Patrickswell 473 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Peafield 41 Clanwilliam Kilmurry Limerick
Pigott's Island 3 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Plaukarauka 133 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Port 1,205 Glenquin Abbeyfeale Newcastle
Port 64 Kenry Adare Croom
Portane 112 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Portane 24 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Portauns 357 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Portboy 136 Smallcounty Ballynamona Kilmallock
Portcrusha 286 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Portnard 2,123 Owneybeg Tuogh Limerick
Poultaloon 188 Smallcounty Fedamore Croom
Powerfield 22 Smallcounty Monasteranenagh Croom
Prior's-land 226 Limerick, Muni. Borough of St. Michael's Limerick
Prior's-land 61 Limerick, Muni. Borough of Killeely Limerick
Proonts 27 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Prospect 289 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Prospect 99 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Puckane 224 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Pullagh 283 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Pullagh 218 Coshma Croom Croom
Pust North 180 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Pust North 46 Clanwilliam Inch St. Lawrence Limerick
Pust South 49 Clanwilliam Inch St. Lawrence Limerick
Pust South 21 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Race 48 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Racebeg 19 Coonagh Ballynaclogh Tipperary
Ragamus 164 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Rahanagh 166 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Rahard 81 Coonagh Tuoghcluggin Tipperary
Raheen 394 Clanwilliam Caheravally Limerick
Raheen 357 Connello Lower Croagh Rathkeale
Raheen 324 Coshma Tullabracky Croom
Raheen 268 Coshlea Ballyscaddan Kilmallock
Raheen 115 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Raheenagh 895 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Raheennamadra 397 Coshlea Knocklong Kilmallock
Raheenroe 84 Coshlea Particles Kilmallock
Raheenroe 40 Coshlea Kilflyn Kilmallock
Rahina 58 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Ranahan 322 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Rath 377 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Rathanny 713 Smallcounty Knockainy Kilmallock
Rathbane North 359 Clanwilliam and Muni. Borough St. Nicholas Limerick
Rathbane South 159 Clanwilliam St. Nicholas Limerick
Rathbranagha 443 Coshma Croom Croom
Rathcahill East 746 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Rathcahill West 1,041 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Rathcannon 2,130 Coshma Athlacca Kilmallock
Rathfarra 75 Shanid Shanagolden Glin
Rathfreedy 268 Glenquin Clonelty Newcastle
Rathgoonan 66 Connello Lower Clonagh Rathkeale
Rathjordan 813 Clanwilliam Rathjordan Limerick
Rathkeale Town Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Rathkeale 302 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Rathkeale Commons 46 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Rathmale 183 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Rathmore North 718 Smallcounty Monasteranenagh Croom
Rathmore South 594 Smallcounty Monasteranenagh Croom
Rathnagore 78 Shanid Kilbradran Rathkeale
Rathnaneane 116 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Rathnaseer 483 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Rathpalantine 347 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Rathreagh Beg 171 Connello Lower Clonagh Rathkeale
Rathreagh More 300 Connello Lower Clonagh Rathkeale
Rathurd 189 Clanwilliam St. Nicholas Limerick
Rathurd 139 Clanwilliam Donaghmore Limerick
Rathwood 280 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Rawleystown 261 Smallcounty Cahercorney Kilmallock
Raymondstown 186 Coshma Dromin Kilmallock
Reanagillee Commons 320 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Reask 386 Coonagh Tuoghcluggin Tipperary
Reboge 226 Clanwilliam and Muni. Borough St. Patrick's Limerick
Reboge Island 78 Limerick, Muni. Borough of St. Patrick's Limerick
Reboge Meadows 29 Clanwilliam St. Patrick's Limerick
Reenavanna East 378 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Reenavanna West 279 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Reens East 167 Connello Lower Kilscannell Rathkeale
Reens West 169 Connello Lower Kilscannell Rathkeale
Reerasta North 72 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Reerasta South 83 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Richhill 64 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Richmondvilla 135 Pubblebrien Crecora Croom
Riddlestown 819 Connello Lower Doondonnell Rathkeale
Rincullia 151 Shanid Robertstown Rathkeale
Rineroe 431 Coshma Adare Croom
Ringmoylan 113 Kenry Kilcorcoran Rathkeale
Ringmoylan 99 Kenry Ardcanny Rathkeale
Rintulla 128 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Rivers 317 Clanwilliam Kilmurry Limerick
Rivers 118 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Rivers 21 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Riversfield 159 Coshlea Ardpatrick Kilmallock
Robertstown 285 Shanid Robertstown Rathkeale
Rochestown 465 Clanwilliam Rochestown Limerick
Rockbarton 245 Coshma Tullabracky Croom
Rockbarton 241 Smallcounty Glenogra Croom
Rockfarm 60 Clanwilliam Ballybrood Limerick
Rockfield 129 Smallcounty Ballycahane Croom
Rockhill Town Connello Upper Bruree Kilmallock
Rockstown 233 Clanwilliam Fedamore Limerick
Rockstown 52 Clanwilliam Rochestown Limerick
Rooskagh East 1,022 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Rooskagh West 921 Shanid Ardagh Newcastle
Rootiagh 274 Smallcounty Ballinard Kilmallock
Rootiagh 179 Pubblebrien Crecora Limerick
Rossard 22 Clanwilliam Ludden Limerick
Rossbane 140 Connello Upper Corcomohide Croom
Rossbrien 323 Pubblebrien St. Michael's Limerick
Rossmore 231 Connello Upper Corcomohide Croom
Rosstemple 354 Coshma Athlacca Kilmallock
Rosstemple 65 Coshma Croom Croom
Routagh 345 Clanwilliam Donaghmore Limerick
Rower Beg 250 Coshma Adare Croom
Rower More 182 Coshma Adare Croom
Roxborough 526 Clanwilliam Caheravally Limerick
Ruan 67 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Ruppulagh 1,094 Coshlea Darragh Kilmallock
Rylanes 207 Connello Lower Rathkeale Croom
Rylanes 88 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Ryves Castle 390 Coshlea Ballyscaddan Kilmallock
Sallymount 68 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Sandylane 267 Clanwilliam Abington Limerick
Sandylane 174 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Scart 234 Clanwilliam Derrygalvin Limerick
Scart 195 Coonagh Kilteely Tipperary
Scart 183 Clanwilliam Cahernarry Limerick
Scart 141 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Scarteen 242 Coshlea Ballyscaddan Kilmallock
Scoul 37 Coshma Uregare Kilmallock
Scoul 35 Coshma Dromin Kilmallock
Scrowmore 377 Coshlea Kilbeheny Mitchelstown
Seeconglas 770 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Shanaclogh 193 Pubblebrien Crecora Croom
Shanaclogh 147 Connello Upper Croom Croom
Shanaclogh East 78 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Shanaclogh West 106 Coonagh Oola Tipperary
Shanacloon 355 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Shanagolden Town Shanid Shanagolden Glin
Shanagolden 57 Shanid Shanagolden Glin
Shanagolden Demesne 259 Shanid Shanagolden Glin
Shanagolden Demesne 13 Shanid Robertstown Glin
Shanbally 265 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Shandangan 14 Coonagh Tuoghcluggin Tipperary
Shangarry 201 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Shanid Lower 552 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Shanid Upper 159 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Shannabooly 146 Pubblebrien St. Munchin's Limerick
Shannon Grove 476 Kenry Ardcanny Rathkeale
Shannonview 31 Connello Lower Askeaton Rathkeale
Shanpallas 221 Kenry Chapelrussell Rathkeale
Shanrath 343 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Shantraud 40 Kenry Adare Croom
Sheshiv 181 Connello Upper Cloncrew Newcastle
Singland 523 Clanwilliam and Muni. Borough St. Patrick's Limerick
Sixmilebridge Town Smallcounty Monasteranenagh Croom
Skagh 383 Coshma Croom Croom
Skahard 140 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Skehacreggaun 99 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Skehanagh 406 Connello Lower Kilscannell Rathkeale
Skehanagh 136 Pubblebrien Ballycahane Croom
Skehanagh 110 Pubblebrien Kilpeacon Croom
Skool 292 Smallcounty Fedamore Limerick
Skoolhill 214 Smallcounty Fedamore Limerick
Sluggary 347 Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Snugborough 169 Coshlea Galbally Mitchelstown
Spital-land 185 Clanwilliam and Muni. Borough St. Laurence's Limerick
Spittle 607 Coshlea Ballylanders Mitchelstown
Spittle 368 Coshlea Darragh Kilmallock
Springfield 414 Glenquin Killagholehane Newcastle
Springlodge 79 Pubblebrien Monasteranenagh Croom
Srahane 231 Clanwilliam Carrigparson Limerick
Srahane East 218 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Srahane West 63 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Sreelane 111 Clanwilliam Kilmurry Limerick
Sroolane 216 Shanid Shanagolden Rathkeale
Sroolane North 81 Shanid Robertstown Rathkeale
Sroolane South 20 Shanid Robertstown Rathkeale
St Francisabbey 10 Limerick, Muni. Borough of St. Mary's Limerick
St. Patrickswell Town Pubblebrien Killonahan Croom
St. Patrickswell Town Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
St. Patrickswell Town Pubblebrien Mungret Limerick
Steales 143 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Stephenstown 170 Coshlea Athneasy Kilmallock
Stokesfield 182 Shanid Robertstown Rathkeale
Stonehall Town Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Stonehall 201 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Stonepark 132 Clanwilliam Ludden Limerick
Stonetown 30 Limerick, Muni. Borough of St. Nicholas Limerick
Stoneville 191 Connello Lower Nantinan Rathkeale
Stoneville 98 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Stookeens 147 Coshlea Kilbreedy Major Kilmallock
Stradbally North 180 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Stradbally South 3 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Sugarhill 1,467 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Summerville 258 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Sunglen 131 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Sunville 37 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Sunville Lower 287 Coshlea Particles Kilmallock
Sunville Upper 554 Coshlea Particles Kilmallock
Tankardstwon 311 Smallcounty Uregare Kilmallock
Tankardstwon North 430 Coshma Tankardstown Kilmallock
Tankardstwon South 196 Coshma Tankardstown Kilmallock
Teermena 234 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Teermore 371 Coshlea Kilbreedy Major Kilmallock
Teernahilla 433 Connello Upper Cloncagh Newcastle
Teervena 104 Connello Upper Cloncagh Newcastle
Templeathea East 1,656 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Templeathea West 1,453 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Templebredon 66 Coonagh Templebredon Tipperary
Templeglentan East 789 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Templeglentan West 1,380 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Templemichael 280 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Tervoe 526 Pubblebrien Kilkeedy Limerick
Thomastown 1,027 Coshlea Kilfinnane Kilmallock
Thomastown 952 Coshma Kilbreedy Minor Kilmallock
Thornfield 101 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Tiermore 115 Shanid Shanagolden Glin
Tinnacullia 247 Kenry Kilcorcoran Rathkeale
Tinnakilla 596 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Tinnatarriff 318 Owneybeg Tuogh Limerick
Toberagarriff 265 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Tobermalug 279 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Tobermurry 230 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Tobernea 45 Coshma Kilbreedy Minor Kilmallock
Tobernea East 465 Coshma Effin Kilmallock
Tobernea Middle 211 Coshma Effin Kilmallock
Tobernea West 458 Coshma Effin Kilmallock
Toberyquin 221 Clanwilliam Caheravally Limerick
Tomdeely North 776 Connello Lower Tomdeely Rathkeale
Tomdeely South 306 Connello Lower Tomdeely Rathkeale
Tonaree 64 Coonagh Templebredon Tipperary
Tonbaun 115 Pubblebrien Crecora Croom
Tonlegee 98 Kenry Kildimo Rathkeale
Tonteere 228 Clanwilliam Ballybrood Limerick
Toomaline Lower 495 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Toomaline Upper 276 Coonagh Doon Tipperary
Toor 492 Coshlea Particles Kilmallock
Tooradoo 509 Shanid Rathronan Newcastle
Tooraleagan 250 Coshlea Ballylanders Mitchelstown
Tooraree Lower 907 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Tooraree Upper 621 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Tooreen 706 Coshma Croom Croom
Tooreen 436 Clanwilliam Carrigparson Limerick
Tooreendonnell 808 Shanid Kilmoylan Glin
Tooreennagreana 890 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Toorlougher 492 Owneybeg Abington Limerick
Toornafulla 1,544 Glenquin Killeedy Newcastle
Toryhill 298 Pubblebrien Croom Croom
Towlerton 119 Clanwilliam Kilmurry Limerick
Treanboy 123 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Treanlewis 172 Kilmallock St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock
Treanmanagh 225 Coonagh Grean Tipperary
Treanmanagh 73 Coonagh Tuoghcluggin Tipperary
Tubbrid 172 Shanid Kilmoylan Rathkeale
Tulla 774 Coshlea Darragh Kilmallock
Tullabeg 68 Coonagh Ballynaclogh Tipperary
Tullabracky 377 Coshma Tullabracky Kilmallock
Tullaha 379 Glenquin Killagholehane Newcastle
Tullerboy 583 Coshma Athlacca Kilmallock
Tulligmacthomas 677 Connello Upper Dromcolliher Newcastle
Tulligoline North 1,054 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Tulligoline South 674 Glenquin Monagay Newcastle
Tullovin 601 Coshma Croom Croom
Tullovin 100 Coshma Anhid Croom
Tullyglass 149 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Tullyleague 1,178 Shanid Kilfergus Glin
Tullyleak 141 Coshlea Kilbreedy Major Kilmallock
Tuogh 787 Kenry Adare Croom
Tuogh 733 Owneybeg Tuogh Limerick
Turagh 412 Owneybeg Tuogh Limerick
Tynacocka 47 Coshma Uregare Kilmallock
Uregare 343 Coshma Uregare Kilmallock
Waller's Island 1 Kenry Kilcornan Rathkeale
Walshestown 230 Glenquin Mahoonagh Newcastle
Waterpark 178 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick
Wellfield 25 Coshma Dromin Kilmallock
White Island 20 Connello Lower Tomdeely Rathkeale
Whitehall 99 Clanwilliam Carrigparson Limerick
Williamstown 99 Clanwilliam Fedamore Limerick
Williamstown 25 Clanwilliam Caheravally Limerick
Wolfsburgess East 131 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Wolfsburgess West 144 Connello Lower Rathkeale Rathkeale
Wonderhill 252 Smallcounty Kilteely Kilmallock
Woodfarm 456 Clanwilliam Caherconlish Limerick
Woodfield 421 Connello Upper Dromcolliher Newcastle
Woodpark 158 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Woodroad 134 Clanwilliam Stradbally Limerick
Woodstock 27 Connello Upper Ballingarry Croom
Woodstown 188 Clanwilliam Killeenagarriff Limerick


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