List of townlands of County Sligo

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This is a sortable table of the approximately 1,325 townlands in County Sligo, Ireland.[1][2]

Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the county. Names marked in bold typeface are towns and villages, and the word Town appears for those entries in the Acres column.

Townland list[edit]

Townland Acres Barony Civil parish Poor law union
Abbeyhalfquarter 247 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Abbeyquarter North 54 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Abbeyquarter South 111 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Abbeytown 350 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Abbeyville (or Ardlaherty) 105 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Achonry 3,157 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Aclare Town Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Aderavoher 34 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Aghagad 417 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Aghalenane 45 Tirerrill Tawnagh Sligo
Aghamore Far 853 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Aghamore Near 283 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Aghanagh 307 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Agharrow 206 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Aghoo 196 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Altanelvick 681 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Altans 143 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Alternan Park 34 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Altvelid 151 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Andresna 130 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Annagh 71 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Annagh 188 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Annagh 518 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Annagh Beg 227 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Annagh More 616 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Annaghbeg (or Monasterredan) 119 Coolavin Kilcolman Boyle
Annaghcarthy 255 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Boyle
Annaghcor 142 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Annaghgowan 218 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Annaghgowla Island 34 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Annaghloy 143 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Annaghmore 486 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Annaghmore 285 Tirerrill Ballysadare Tobercurry
Ardabrone 266 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Ardagh 336 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Ardboline 4 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Ardconnell 203 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Ardcotten 190 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Ardcree 171 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Ardcumber 161 Tirerrill Drumcolumb Sligo
Ardcurley 110 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Ardgallin 111 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Ardgivna 121 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Ardkeeran 106 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Ardkeeran 310 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Ardkill 74 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Ardlaherty (or Abbeyville) 105 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Ardlee 79 Tirerrill Drumcolumb Sligo
Ardleebeg 81 Tirerrill Ballysumaghan Sligo
Ardline 259 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Ardlona 127 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Ardloy 154 Tirerrill Tawnagh Sligo
Ardminnan 93 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Ardmoyle 260 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Ardnaglass 332 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Ardnaglass Lower 109 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Ardnaglass Upper 87 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Ardnaree Town Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Ardnaree (or Shanaghy) 522 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Ardneeskan 105 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Ardogelly 211 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Ardraheen Beg 99 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Ardraheen More 129 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Ardrea 161 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Ardree 174 Corran Emlaghfad Boyle
Ardsallagh 161 Corran Toomour Boyle
Ardsoreen 419 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Ardtermon 145 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Ardtrasna 410 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Ardvally 242 Tireragh Castleconor Ballina
Ardvarney 146 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Arnasbrack 507 Tirerrill Kilross Sligo
Attichree 228 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Attiduff 118 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Attiville 68 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Aughnacloy 134 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Aughris 515 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Aughris 140 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Baghloonagh 64 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Ballaghboy 718 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Ballard 124 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Ballinafad Town Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Ballinafad 124 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Ballincar 387 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Ballincastle 141 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Ballincurry 985 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Ballindoon 74 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Ballineden 437 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Ballinlig 261 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Ballinlig 283 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Ballinphull 233 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Ballinphull 111 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Ballinphull 260 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Ballinphull 77 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Ballinphull 367 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Ballinteane 270 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Ballintemple 267 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Ballintogher Town Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Ballintrofaun 57 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Ballinvally 85 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Ballinvally 234 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Ballinvally (or Roadstown) 213 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Ballinvally East 252 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Ballinvally West 66 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Ballinvoher 177 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Ballinvoher 198 Corran Toomour Sligo
Ballonaghan (or Harristown) 75 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Ballure 169 Carbury Calry Sligo
Ballyara (Knox) 383 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Ballyara (or Falduff) 239 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Ballybeg 135 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Ballybeg 86 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Ballybrennan 461 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Ballyconnell Town Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Ballyconnell 1,019 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Ballyculleen 258 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Ballycummin 220 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Ballydawley 792 Tirerrill Kilross Sligo
Ballydoogan 281 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Ballyeeskeen 240 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Ballyfahy 404 Corran Kilturra Tobercurry
Ballyfaris 125 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Ballyfeenaun (or Tullylin) 1,498 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Ballyfree 119 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Ballygilcash 259 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Ballygilgan 875 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Ballyglass 180 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Ballyglass 469 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Ballyglass 135 Carbury Calry Sligo
Ballyglass 473 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Ballygrania 218 Tirerrill Kilross Sligo
Ballygreighan 582 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Ballygreighan Barr 523 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Ballyhealy (or Hollybrook Demesne) 285 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Ballyholan 339 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Ballymeeny 108 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Ballymeeny, Armstrong 288 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Ballymeeny, Hillas (or Carrownabinna) 175 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Ballymeeny, Jones 218 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Ballymoghany 816 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Ballymoneen 253 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Ballymote Town Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Ballymote 38 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Ballymuldorry 261 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Ballymullanny 81 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Ballymurray 235 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Ballynaboll 468 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Ballynabrock 64 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Ballynacarriga 66 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Ballynacarrow North 442 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Ballynacarrow South 275 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Ballynagalliagh 756 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Ballynaglogh 125 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Ballynahowna 386 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Ballynakill 254 Tirerrill Ballynakill Sligo
Ballynakillew 47 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Ballynamona 357 Carbury Calry Sligo
Ballynaraw North 56 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Ballynaraw South 382 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Ballynary 201 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Ballynashee 1,165 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Ballyogan 540 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Ballysadare Town Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Ballysadare Town Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Ballysadare 208 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Ballyscannel 423 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Ballysumaghan 485 Tirerrill Ballysumaghan Sligo
Ballytivnan Town Carbury Calry Sligo
Ballytivnan 203 Carbury Calry Sligo
Ballyweelin 276 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Banada 915 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Barnacoghil 295 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Barnaderg 464 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Barnarobin 795 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Barnasrahy 275 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Barnsbrack 151 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Barroe 194 Carbury Calry Sligo
Barroe Lower 161 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Barroe North 140 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Barroe South 98 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Barroe Upper 284 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Bartragh 398 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Battlefield 644 Corran Toomour Boyle
Beanfield 63 Carbury Kilmacowen Sligo
Bearlough 245 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Bearvaish 257 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Behy 203 Tirerrill Tawnagh Sligo
Behy Beg 490 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Behy More 293 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Belclare 690 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Bellafarney 558 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Bellahy Town Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Bellahy 196 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Bellanaboy 2,259 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Bellanagarrigeeny (or Castlebaldwin) 64 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Bellanalack 193 Corran Kilturra Tobercurry
Bellanascarrow East 138 Corran Toomour Sligo
Bellanascarrow West 149 Corran Toomour Sligo
Bellanascarva 112 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Bellanira (or Iceford) 81 Tireragh Castleconor Ballina
Bellanode 106 Carbury Calry Sligo
Bellanurly 93 Carbury Calry Sligo
Bellarihid 279 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Bellarush 194 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Bellawillinbeg 89 Carbury Calry Sligo
Belra 185 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Belville 439 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Bernards Island 2 Carbury Calry Sligo
Billa 245 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Binganagh 104 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Bleachgreen 58 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Boleymount 193 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Bookaun (Browne) 84 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Bookaun (Tottenhan) 79 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Brackcloonagh 164 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Branchfield 501 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Breaghwy 1,420 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Breaghwy 371 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Breeoge 424 Carbury Kilmacowen Sligo
Brickeen 234 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Bricklieve 545 Tirerrill Drumcolumb Sligo
Brockagh 137 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Brougher 612 Corran Toomour Boyle
Bullaun 121 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Buncrowey 183 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Bunduff 893 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Buninna 124 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Bunnacranagh 1,329 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Bunnadober 199 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Bunnafedia 376 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Bunnamuck 150 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Bunnanilra 441 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Bunowna 135 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Bunree Town Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Bunree 41 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Cabragh 450 Tirerrill Shancough Boyle
Cabragh 854 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Cabragh 1,129 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Cabraghkeel 284 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Calteraun 260 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Caltragh 1,969 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Caltragh 151 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Caltragh 155 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Camcuill 564 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Camross 218 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Cams 376 Tirerrill Tawnagh Sligo
Cannaghanally 326 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Cappagh 173 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Cappagh 556 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Carha 1,062 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Carnaweeleen 210 Corran Toomour Sligo
Carncash 198 Carbury Calry Sligo
Carney Town Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Carney (Jones) 57 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Carney (O'Beirne) 76 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Carns 1,164 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Carns 349 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Carns 330 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Carns (Duke) 76 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Carnyarra 600 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Carranduff 361 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Carraun 528 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Carraun 350 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Carraun 275 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Carrickard 184 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Carrickbanagher 1,329 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Carrickcoola 268 Tirerrill Ballynakill Sligo
Carrickglass 118 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Carrickhawna 275 Corran Toomour Boyle
Carrickhenry 290 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Carricknagat 284 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Carricknagat 136 Tirerrill Ballysumaghan Sligo
Carricknagrip 131 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Carricknahorna East 631 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Carricknahorna West 643 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Carrickoneilleen 198 Carbury Calry Sligo
Carrickrathmullin 154 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Carrigans Lower 528 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Carrigans Upper 950 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Carrigeen 24 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Carrigeenagowna 139 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Carrigeenblike 231 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Carrigeenboy 296 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Carrigeenboy 29 Tirerrill Kilross Sligo
Carrigeenfadda 1 Carbury Kilmacowen Sligo
Carrigeengare 1 Carbury Kilmacowen Sligo
Carrigeenmore 264 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Carrigeens 70 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Carrigeens 330 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Carrigeensallagh 65 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Carroward 530 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Carrowbleagh East 82 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Carrowbleagh West 38 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Carrowbrickeen 230 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Carrowbunnaun 242 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Carrowcardin 456 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Carrowcarragh 279 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Carrowcashel 801 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Carrowcashel 217 Tirerrill Drumcolumb Sligo
Carrowcaslan 115 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Carrowcauly (or Earlsfield) 115 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Carrowclare 109 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Carrowclooneen 194 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Carrowcoller 444 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Carrowconor 161 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Carrowcor 71 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Carrowcrin 165 Tirerrill Ballysumaghan Sligo
Carrowcrin 116 Carbury Kilmacowen Sligo
Carrowcrory 561 Corran Toomour Boyle
Carrowcushely 384 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Carrowcushlaun 442 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Carrowcushlaun West 17 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Carrowdough 366 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Carrowdurneen 190 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Carrowflatley (or Carrownaglogh) 121 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Carrowgarry 328 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Carrowgavneen 648 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Carrowgilhooly 202 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Carrowgilpatrick 156 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Carrowgobbadagh 226 Carbury Kilmacowen Sligo
Carrowgun 116 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Carrowhubbock North 251 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Carrowhubbock South 552 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Carrowkeel 521 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Carrowkeel 149 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Carrowkeel 124 Tirerrill Ballynakill Sligo
Carrowkeel 464 Carbury Kilmacowen Sligo
Carrowkeel 217 Tirerrill Tawnagh Sligo
Carrowkeel 231 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Carrowkeel 213 Corran Emlaghfad Tobercurry
Carrowloughan East 92 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Carrowloughan West 79 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Carrowloughlin 201 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Carrowlustia 214 Carbury Calry Sligo
Carrowmably 173 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Carrowmacbryan 543 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Carrowmaclenany 111 Corran Toomour Boyle
Carrowmacrory 91 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Carrowmoran 115 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Carrowmore 1,157 Tirerrill Shancough Boyle
Carrowmore 494 Carbury Kilmacowen Sligo
Carrowmore 384 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Carrowmore (or Tanrego East) 167 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Carrowmorris 151 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Carrowmurray 1,185 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Carrownabanny 808 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Carrownabinna (or Ballymeeny (Hillas)) 175 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Carrownaboll 271 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Carrownacarrick 460 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Carrownacleigha 177 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Carrownacreevy 160 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Carrownacreevy 106 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Carrownacreevy 195 Corran Toomour Sligo
Carrownacreevy 1,614 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Carrownadargny 1,667 Tirerrill Shancough Boyle
Carrownagappul 132 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Carrownagark 214 Tirerrill Tawnagh Sligo
Carrownageeragh (or Stonehall) 208 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Carrownagh 870 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Carrownagilty 763 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Boyle
Carrownagleragh 182 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Carrownaglogh (or Carrowflatley) 121 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Carrownaguivna East 8 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Carrownaguivna West 35 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Carrownaknockran 102 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Carrownaleck 724 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Carrownamaddoo 406 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Carrownamaddoo 479 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Carrownamaddoo 433 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Carrownanty 125 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Carrownaskeagh 715 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Carrownateewaun 122 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Carrownaun 78 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Carrownaworan 249 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Carrowneden 208 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Carrowneden 801 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Carrownleam 227 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Carrownlobaun 264 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Carrownloughan 512 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Carrownree 297 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Carrownree 413 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Carrownrod 489 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Carrownrush 322 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Carrownrush 148 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Carrownspurraun 475 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Carrowntawa 170 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Carrowntawy 233 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Carrownteane 88 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Carrowntemple 767 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Carrowntober 651 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Carrownurlar 488 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Carrownurlar 112 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Carrownurlaur 131 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Carrownyclowan 826 Tirerrill Shancough Boyle
Carrowpadeen 143 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Carrowreagh 415 Corran Toomour Boyle
Carrowreagh 289 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Carrowreagh 256 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Carrowreagh 182 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Carrowreagh 1,308 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Carrowreagh (Cooper) 954 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Carrowreagh (Knox) 623 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Carrowreilly 390 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Carrowroe 178 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Carrowwilkin 481 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Cartron 215 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Cartron 140 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Cartron 103 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Cartron 105 Carbury Calry Sligo
Cartron (Honoria Duff) 35 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Cartron (Percival) 33 Corran Emlaghfad Tobercurry
Cartron (Phibbs) 31 Corran Emlaghfad Tobercurry
Cartronabree 126 Carbury Kilmacowen Sligo
Cartronavally 21 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Cartronduffy 143 Tirerrill Kilross Sligo
Cartronhugh 327 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Cartronkillerdoo 99 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Cartronmore 529 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Cartronofarry East 15 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Cartronofarry South 10 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Cartronofarry West 42 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Cartronplank 188 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Cartronroe 148 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Cartronroe 133 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Cartrontaylor 202 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Cartrontonlena 255 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Cartronwilliamoge 247 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Cashel 260 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Cashel North 266 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Cashel South 832 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Cashelboy 151 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Cashelgarran 457 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Castlebaldwin (or Bellanagarrigeeny) 64 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Castlecarragh (or Castlerock) 1,132 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Castleconor 239 Tireragh Castleconor Ballina
Castledargan 988 Tirerrill Kilross Sligo
Castlegal 461 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Castlegal 562 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Castlegowan 256 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Castleloye 165 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Castleore 644 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Castlerock (or Castlecarragh) 1,132 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Castletown 394 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Chacefield 153 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Chaffpool 287 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Church Hill 214 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Church Island 41 Carbury Calry Sligo
Claddagh 550 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Claragh Irish 321 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Claragh Scotch 373 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Cleaveragh Demesne 276 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Cleavry 255 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Cletty 294 Corran Toomour Sligo
Clogfin 255 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Clogh 778 Carbury Rossinver Sligo
Cloghboley 183 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Cloghcor 89 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Clogher 1,025 Coolavin Kilcolman Boyle
Clogher Beg 108 Carbury Calry Sligo
Clogher More 292 Carbury Calry Sligo
Clogherrevagh 80 Carbury Calry Sligo
Cloghmine 233 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Cloghoge Lower 374 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Cloghoge Upper 348 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Cloonacaltry 90 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Cloonacleigha 145 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Cloonacool 4,291 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Cloonacurra 471 Tirerrill Ballysadare Tobercurry
Cloonaderavally 129 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Cloonagahaun 141 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Cloonagashel 248 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Cloonagh 171 Corran Toomour Boyle
Cloonagh 948 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Cloonagh 172 Tirerrill Ballynakill Sligo
Cloonagh 315 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Cloonagleavragh 391 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Cloonagleavragh Park 25 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Cloonagun 139 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Cloonahinshin 249 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Cloonakeemoge 151 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Cloonamahan 331 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Cloonamanagh 158 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Cloonamechan North 117 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Cloonameehan South 85 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Cloonanure 240 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Cloonaraher 240 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Cloonarara 262 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Cloonarather 175 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Cloonascoffagh 75 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Cloonbaniff 371 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Cloonbannan 43 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Cloonbarry 443 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Cloonca 363 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Clooncose 361 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Clooncunny 153 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Clooncunny 324 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Clooncunny 166 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Cloonderry 215 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Cloondorragha 159 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Cloondrihara 2,168 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Clooneagh 306 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Clooneally 112 Tirerrill Ballysumaghan Sligo
Clooneen 301 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Clooneen 242 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Clooneen 109 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Clooneen 240 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Clooneenhugh 70 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Clooneenroe 102 Tirerrill Kilross Sligo
Cloonelly 123 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Cloonena 173 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Cloonerco 353 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Cloongad 153 Tirerrill Tawnagh Sligo
Cloongoonagh 880 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Clooningan 468 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Cloonkeelaun 2,264 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Cloonkeevy 224 Corran Emlaghfad Tobercurry
Cloonlaheen 346 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Cloonlaughil 1,197 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Cloonloogh 431 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Cloonloughan (or Dooyeaghny) 539 Tireragh Castleconor Ballina
Cloonlurg 478 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Cloonmacduff 302 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Cloonmull 218 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Cloonshanbally 300 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Cloonsillagh 631 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Cloonslaun 620 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Cloontycarn 760 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Cloontyprocklis 123 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Cloonydiveen 135 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Cloonymeenaghan 123 Tirerrill Tawnagh Sligo
Clooskirt 335 Tirerrill Ballynakill Sligo
Cloverhill (or Knocknashammer) 285 Carbury Kilmacowen Sligo
Cloyragh 314 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Cloysparra 202 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Cloystuckera 110 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Cluid 448 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Coagh 291 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Colgagh 490 Carbury Calry Sligo
Collinsford 244 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Collooney Town Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Collooney 257 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Commons 36 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Coney Island (or Inishmulclohy) 388 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Conor's Island 111 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Cooga 1,055 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Coolagraffy 331 Carbury Rossinver Sligo
Coolaney Town Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Coolaney 349 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Coolbeg 242 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Coolbock 253 Tirerrill Drumcolumb Sligo
Coolboy 206 Tirerrill Drumcolumb Sligo
Cooldrumman Lower 240 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Cooldrumman Upper 211 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Coollemoneen 260 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Coolmeen 172 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Coolmurly 214 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Coolrawer 1,055 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Coolreenill 1,321 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Coolskeagh 147 Tirerrill Drumcolumb Sligo
Coolteen 125 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Cooney 217 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Cooperhill 466 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Cooperhill (or Gobbadagh) 210 Tirerrill Drumcolumb Sligo
Corbally Town Tireragh Castlecomer Dromore West
Corbally 708 Tireragh Castlecomer Dromore West
Corcoransacres 36 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Corhawnagh 516 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Corhober 120 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Corimla North 333 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Corimla South 967 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Corkagh Beg 253 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Corkagh More 300 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Corlisheen 179 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Cornageeha 152 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Cornamucklagh 135 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Corradoo 164 Corran Toomour Boyle
Corradoo East 330 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Corradoo West 304 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Corray 240 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Correagh 489 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Corsallagh 736 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Corskeagh 166 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Corwillick 161 Carbury Calry Sligo
Cottage Island 13 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Cottlestown 679 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Crawhill 118 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Creaghadoo 173 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Creeghassaun 211 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Creevagh 338 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Creevaun 188 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Creevykeel 623 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Creevymore 598 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Cregg 433 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Creggyconnell 233 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Crockacullion 309 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Crockets Town Town Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Cross 98 Corran Toomour Boyle
Crossboy 438 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Crow Island 1 Coolavin Kilcolman Boyle
Crowagh (or Dunnel Mountain) 3,150 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Cuilbeg 81 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Cuilmore 1,934 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Cuilnagleragh 158 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Cuilprughlish 183 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Cuilsheeghary Beg 108 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Cuilsheeghary More 242 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Cuiltydangan 252 Tirerrill Ballynakill Sligo
Cuiltylough 146 Tirerrill Drumcolumb Sligo
Culdaly 1,827 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Cullagh Beg 204 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Culleenamore 122 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Culleenduff 107 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Culleens 2,505 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Cully 869 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Cummeen 290 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Cunghill 225 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Cuppanagh 356 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Curraghaniron (or Halfquarter) 166 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Curraghbonaun 848 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Curraghboy 306 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Curraghmore 402 Carbury Rossinver Sligo
Curraghnagap 117 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Curry 956 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Cuskernagh 78 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Cutteanta 36 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Daghloonagh 366 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Dawros 628 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Deechomade 216 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Deenodes 292 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Deer Park Lower (or Magheraghanrush) 270 Carbury Calry Sligo
Deerpark 123 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Derinch Island 81 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Derk Beg 54 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Derk More 71 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Dernaskeagh 696 Corran Toomour Boyle
Dernish Island 103 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Derreens 842 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Derrinatallan Island 2 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Derrinoghran 765 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Derroon 158 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Derry 176 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Derry Beg 117 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Derry More 79 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Derrybeg 77 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Derrydarragh (or Oakfield) 344 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Derrygolagh 940 Corran Toomour Boyle
Derrylea 189 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Derrylehan 593 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Derrymore Island 33 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Derrynagraug 183 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Derrynaneane 50 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Derrynaslieve 193 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Derrysallagh 499 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Donaghintraine 325 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Doo Beg 65 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Doobeg 742 Corran Kilturra Tobercurry
Doomore 163 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Doomore 668 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Doon 936 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Doonally 178 Tirerrill Ballysumaghan Sligo
Doonally 204 Carbury Calry Sligo
Doonally 181 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Doonaltan 384 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Doonamurray 121 Tirerrill Kilross Sligo
Doonanpatrick 1 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Doonaveeragh 196 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Doonbeakin 562 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Dooncoy 176 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Dooneen 343 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Doonflin Lower 137 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Doonflin Upper 780 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Doonfore 656 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Doongelagh 411 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Boyle
Doonierin 42 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Doonmadden 226 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Doonmeegin 286 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Doonowney 569 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Doonshaskin 190 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Doonsheheen 264 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Doorly 273 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Dooycaghny (or Cloonloughan) 539 Tireragh Castleconor Ballina
Downhill (or Knocknalyre) 60 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Dowrea 193 Tirerrill Kilross Sligo
Drangan (or Mountedward) 307 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Drimina 635 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Drinaghan 371 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Drinaghan 565 Carbury Rossinver Sligo
Drinaghan Beg 161 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Drinaghan More 206 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Drinaun 121 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Drinaun Beg 10 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Dromard 346 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Dromore 181 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Dromore 219 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Dromore 388 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Drum East 155 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Drum West 168 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Drumanaraher 78 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Drumaneel 204 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Drumaskibbole 656 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Drumbaun 1,490 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Drumbeg North 61 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Drumbeg South 98 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Drumbeg West 81 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Drumcliff Glebe 70 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Drumcliff North 216 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Drumcliff South 421 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Drumcliff West 13 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Drumcolumb 248 Tirerrill Drumcolumb Sligo
Drumcondra 217 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Drumcormick 222 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Drumderry 135 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Drumdiveen 101 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Drumdoney 90 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Drumdoney 205 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Boyle
Drumederalena 201 Tirerrill Ballynakill Sligo
Drumee 359 Tirerrill Ballysumaghan Sligo
Drumfad 640 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Drumfarnoght 138 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Drumfin 561 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Drumkilsellagh 239 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Drummacool 138 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Drummartin 569 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Drumnagoal 717 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Drumnagranshy 384 Corran Toomour Sligo
Drumnasoohy 399 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Drumraine 257 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Drumraine 203 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Drumrolla 99 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Drumshinnagh 130 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Drumsoghla 121 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Dunmoran 119 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Dunneill 451 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Dunneill Mountain (or Crowagh) 3,150 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Dunowla 3,181 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Eagle Island 1 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Earlsfield (or Carrowcauly) 115 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Easky Town Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Edenbaun 319 Carbury Calry Sligo
Edencullentragh (or Hollyfield) 81 Carbury Rossinver Sligo
Edenreagh 246 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Emlagh 109 Corran Emlaghfad Boyle
Emlagh 85 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Emlagh 117 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Emlagh 327 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Emlagh 196 Tirerrill Tawnagh Sligo
Emlaghfad 154 Corran Emlaghfad Boyle
Emlaghgissan 87 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Emlaghnaghtan 430 Corran Emlaghfad Tobercurry
Emlymoran 573 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Eskragh 564 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Everlaun 202 Corran Kilturra Tobercurry
Fairy Island 1 Carbury Calry Sligo
Falduff (or Ballyara) 239 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Falfin 31 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Fallathurteen 105 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Falleens 433 Coolavin Kilcolman Boyle
Fallougher 68 Corran Toomour Boyle
Falnashammer 73 Tirerrill Ballysumaghan Sligo
Falnasoogaun (or Ropefield) 384 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Farranacardy 66 Carbury Calry Sligo
Farrangarode 349 Tireragh Castleconor Ballina
Farranimrish 150 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Farranmacfarrell 518 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Farranmaurice 140 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Farranmorgan 206 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Farranyharpy 2,200 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Fartannan 593 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Faughts 196 Carbury Calry Sligo
Feenaghmore 106 Corran Toomour Boyle
Feenaghroe 103 Corran Toomour Boyle
Fetherneen 154 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Fiddandarry 1,929 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Fiddaun 177 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Fidwog 92 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Finisklin 123 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Finisklin 218 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Finlough 247 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Finned 665 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Finned 183 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Finnure 195 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Flat Island 4 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Flowerhill 130 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Formoyle 1,205 Carbury Calry Sligo
Fortland 546 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Foyoges 276 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Frankford 565 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Freeschool Land 1 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Gaddan 179 Tirerrill Ballysumaghan Sligo
Gaddanbeg 62 Tirerrill Ballysumaghan Sligo
Garoke 152 Tirerrill Shancough Boyle
Garryduff 81 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Gerrib Big 208 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Gerrib Little 126 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Glackbaun 228 Carbury Calry Sligo
Glebe 40 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Glebe 34 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Glebe 33 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Glen 681 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Glen 474 Tirerrill Ballynakill Sligo
Glen 518 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Glen 13 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Glen Lower 129 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Glen Upper 452 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Glencarbury 443 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Gleniff 767 Carbury Rossinver Sligo
Glennagoolagh 233 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Glennawoo 2,005 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Gobbadagh (or Cooperhill) 210 Tirerrill Drumcolumb Sligo
Gortaderry 170 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Gortakeeran 905 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Gortalough 59 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Gortarowey 506 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Gorteen Town Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Gorteen 380 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Gorteen 249 Carbury Rossinver Sligo
Gortermone 593 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Gortersluin 1,385 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Gortlownan 180 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Gortnadrass 434 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Gortnadrung 568 Carbury Rossinver Sligo
Gortnagrelly 783 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Gortnahoula 463 Carbury Rossinver Sligo
Gortnaleck 1,182 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Gortygara 347 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Graigue 282 Carbury Kilmacowen Sligo
Grange Town Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Grange 550 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Grange Beg 487 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Grange East 315 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Grange More 365 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Grange North 170 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Grange West 103 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Grangebeg Barr 536 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Graniamore 83 Corran Toomour Sligo
Graniera 81 Corran Toomour Sligo
Greenan 152 Corran Toomour Boyle
Grellagh 418 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Greyfield 264 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Greyfield 101 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Greyfield 100 Corran Toomour Boyle
Grogagh 192 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Halfquarter 78 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Halfquarter 99 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Halfquarter (or Curraghaniron) 166 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Harristown (or Ballonaghan) 75 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Hazelwood Demesne 886 Carbury Calry Sligo
Heapstown 204 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Highwood 246 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Hollybrook Demesne (or Ballyhealy) 285 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Hollyfield (or Edencullentragh) 81 Carbury Rossinver Sligo
Horse Island 2 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Iceford (or Bellanira) 81 Tireragh Castleconor Ballina
Inch Island 13 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Inchbeg Island 15 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Inchmore 21 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Inishbeg 19 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Inishcrone Town Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Inishfall 3 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Inishfree 1 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Inishmore 44 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Inishmulclohy (or Coney Island) 388 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Inishmurray 209 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Inishnagor 5 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Island 14 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Keadews 14 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Keeloges 258 Carbury Rossinver Sligo
Keelogyboy 704 Carbury Calry Sligo
Keelty 304 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Keenaghan 113 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Kilboglashy 290 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Kilbrattan 217 Corran Emlaghfad Tobercurry
Kilcat 249 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Kilcreevin 316 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Kilcreevin (Phibbs) 223 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Kilcummin 807 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Kildarganmore 96 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Kilfree 835 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Kilglass 308 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Kilkere 154 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Kilkilloge 486 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Killadoon 140 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Killala 130 Tirerrill Ballysumaghan Sligo
Killandy 125 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Killanly 316 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Killaraght 683 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Killaspugbrone 457 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Killavil 137 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Killeenduff 976 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Killeenduff 62 Tirerrill Kilross Sligo
Killerry 1,974 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Killined 38 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Killoran North 305 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Killoran South 241 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Killure 111 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Kilmacannon 165 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Kilmacowen 381 Carbury Kilmacowen Sligo
Kilmacteige 2,158 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Kilmacurkan 72 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Kilmacurkan 345 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Kilmorgan 220 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Kilnaharry 100 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Kilnamanagh 388 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Kilross 208 Tirerrill Kilross Sligo
Kilrusheighter 204 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Kilsallagh 118 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Kilsellagh 576 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Kilshalvy 510 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Kilstraghlan (or Ragwood) 294 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Kilturra 424 Corran Kilturra Tobercurry
Kiltycahill 677 Carbury Calry Sligo
Kiltycloghan 125 Tirerrill Ballysumaghan Sligo
Kiltycooly 196 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Kiltycreen 108 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Kiltykere 176 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Kiltylough 96 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Boyle
Kiltyteige 48 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Kilvarnet North 254 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Kilvarnet South 12 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Kinard 142 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Kincuillew 831 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Kingsborough 76 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Kingsbrook 236 Tirerrill Tawnagh Sligo
Kingsfort 215 Corran Toomour Boyle
Kingsfort 103 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Kingsmountain 933 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Kingsmountain (or Slievemore) 704 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Kinkillew 262 Tirerrill Ballynakill Sligo
Kinnagrelly 585 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Kintogher 386 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Knappagh Beg 116 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Knappagh More 141 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Knockacappul 113 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Knockacappul 312 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Knockaculleen 227 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Knockadalteen 245 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Knockadoo 42 Tirerrill Tawnagh Sligo
Knockadoo 808 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Knockagower 92 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Knockahoney 290 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Knockahurka 76 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Knockalass 39 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Knockalass 133 Corran Kilturra Tobercurry
Knockalough 110 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Knockanaher 192 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Knockanarrow 199 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Knockanbaun 191 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Knockanimma 143 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Knockatelly 129 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Knockatober 102 Tirerrill Kilross Sligo
Knockatotaun 273 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Knockaun 182 Tirerrill Drumcolumb Sligo
Knockbeg East 249 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Knockbeg West 449 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Knockbrack 274 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Knockbrack 293 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Knockbrack 643 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Knockbreenagher 288 Tirerrill Drumcolumb Sligo
Knockgrania 133 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Knockgrania 222 Corran Kilturra Tobercurry
Knocklough 97 Corran Toomour Boyle
Knockmore 220 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Knockmoynagh 412 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Knockmuldoney 53 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Knockmullin 408 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Knocknacross 235 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Knocknacroy 42 Corran Toomour Sligo
Knocknaganny 98 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Knocknageeha 177 Tirerrill Ballysumaghan Sligo
Knocknageeha 124 Corran Kilturra Tobercurry
Knocknagore 91 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Knocknagroagh 125 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Knocknahoo 178 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Knocknahur North 137 Carbury Kilmacowen Sligo
Knocknahur South 152 Carbury Kilmacowen Sligo
Knocknakillew (or Woodhill) 311 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Knocknalyre (or Downhill) 60 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Knocknarea North 200 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Knocknarea South 253 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Knocknashammer 228 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Knocknashammer (or Cloverhill) 285 Carbury Kilmacowen Sligo
Knocknashee Common 48 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Knocknaskeagh 309 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Knocknasliggaun 370 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Knocknawhishage 98 Corran Toomour Boyle
Knockoconor 145 Corran Toomour Boyle
Knockrawer 81 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Knockrawer 119 Corran Kilturra Tobercurry
Knockroe 209 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Knockroe 508 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Knockroe 182 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Knoxspark 155 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Lackagh 240 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Lackan 421 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Lackanatlieve 531 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Lackancahill 109 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Lahanacappul Island 1 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Lahanagh 196 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Lahardan 233 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Laragh 122 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Larass (or Strandhill) 388 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Largan 468 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Largan 798 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Larkhill 402 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Laughil 2,184 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Lavagh 199 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Lavagh 245 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Lavally 1,360 Tirerrill Ballysumaghan Sligo
Lavally 629 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Lavally 340 Carran Toomour Sligo
Lavinscartron 75 Tirerrill Kilross Sligo
Leaffony 1,484 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Lecarrow 382 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Lecarrow 377 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Lecarrow 220 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Lecarrow 141 Tirerrill Drumcolumb Sligo
Lecarrow 182 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Lecarrow 214 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Lecarrow 56 Corran Emlaghfad Tobercurry
Lecarrownaveagh 131 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Lecklasser 475 Carbury Rossinver Sligo
Leekfield 367 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Leitrim North 443 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Leitrim South 735 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Lenadoon 51 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Letterbrone 1,289 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Letterunshin 1,756 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Lillybrook 66 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Limnagh 365 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Lisbaleely 267 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Lisbanagher 141 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Lisconny 242 Tirerrill Drumcolumb Sligo
Lisconry 85 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Lisdoogan 226 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Lisduff 152 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Lisduff 275 Carbury Calry Sligo
Lisgorey 85 Carbury Calry Sligo
Lisgullaun 292 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Lisheenacooravan 53 Carbury Kilmacowen Sligo
Liskeagh 124 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Lislahelly 546 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Lislary 347 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Lislea 367 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Lislea 354 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Lismacbryan 318 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Lismerraun 198 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Lisnagore 130 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Lisnalurg 180 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Lisnarawer 195 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Lisruntagh 133 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Lissadill 634 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Lissalough 152 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Lissananny Beg 403 Corran Emlaghfad Boyle
Lissananny More 195 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Lissaneagh 141 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Lissaneena 362 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Lissaneeny 160 Tirerrill Ballynakill Sligo
Lissawully 59 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Lissergloon 164 Tirerrill Ballysumaghan Sligo
Lisserlough 148 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Lissycoyne 137 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Listrush 91 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Lomcloon 348 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Longford Demesne 201 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Loughanelteen 335 Carbury Calry Sligo
Loughannacrannoge 44 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Luffertan 136 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Lugacaha 77 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Lugatober 223 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Lugawarry 311 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Lugbaun 381 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Lugdoon 665 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Lugnadeffa 359 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Lugnagall 241 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Lugnamackan 325 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Lugnamannow 22 Tireragh Castleconor Ballina
Lurgan 111 Corran Toomour Boyle
Lurgan 119 Tirerrill Ballysumaghan Sligo
Lyle 651 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Maghera 56 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Magheraboy Town Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Magheraboy 327 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Magherabrack 358 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Magheraghanrush (or Deer Park) 270 Carbury Calry Sligo
Magheragillerneeve (or Springfield) 306 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Magheralackagh 217 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Magheranore 301 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Maguin's Island 13 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Mahanagh 869 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Markree Demesne 507 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Masreagh 279 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Meelick Park 58 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Meenagleragh 890 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Meenaglogh 994 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Meenamaddoo 461 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Meenmore 214 Corran Toomour Boyle
Monasterredan 675 Coolavin Kilcolman Boyle
Monasterredan (or Annaghbeg) 119 Coolavin Kilcolman Boyle
Monereagh 287 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Moneygold 471 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Moneylahan 501 Carbury Rossinver Sligo
Monks Island 1 Carbury Calry Sligo
Montiagh 1,446 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Moodoge 798 Carbury Rossinver Sligo
Mount Irvine 338 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Mount Temple 410 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Mount Town 384 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Mountedward (or Drangan) 307 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Mountgaffeny 71 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Moydough 181 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Moygara 1,174 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Moylough 1,497 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Moymlough 409 Leyny Killoran Sligo
Moyrush 304 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Moytirra East 195 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Moytirra West 334 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Muck Island 21 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Muckduff 168 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Muckelty 278 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Muingwore 1,086 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Mullaghanarry 317 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Mullaghcor 132 Corran Toomour Boyle
Mullaghfarna 159 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Mullaghfin 56 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Mullaghgar 62 Carbury Calry Sligo
Mullaghmore 886 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Mullaghmore 247 Tirerrill Ballynakill Sligo
Mullaghmore West 133 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Mullaghnabreena 140 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Mullaghnaneane 912 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Mullaghroe 432 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Mullanabreena 426 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Mullanashee 262 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Mullanfad 315 Carbury Rossinver Sligo
Mullaroe 117 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Mullaun 1,740 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Mullauns 154 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Murhy 298 Corran Toomour Boyle
Murrillyroe 215 Tirerrill Tawnagh Sligo
Mweelroe 234 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Newpark 216 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Newtown 410 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Newtown 154 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Newtown Anderson Town Carbury Calry Sligo
Newtowncliffony 105 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Oakfield (or Derrydarragh) 344 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Ogham 244 Tirerrill Tawnagh Sligo
Ogham 475 Corran Kilturra Tobercurry
Oghambaun 412 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Oghil 204 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Oldgrange 262 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Oldrock (or Shancarrigeen) 205 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Oughaval 187 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Oughtagorey 596 Carbury Rossinver Sligo
Ounagh 831 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Owenbeg 1,466 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Owenykeevan (or Tawnamaddoo) 844 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Oyster Island 32 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Parke 124 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Parkmore 103 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Patch 186 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Phaleesh 191 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Portaghbradagh 177 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Portavaud 140 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Portinch 184 Corran Emlaghfad Tobercurry
Powellsborough 1,041 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Primrosegrange 101 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Pullagh 216 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Quarryfield 629 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Quigabar 168 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Quigaboy 249 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Quignalecka 231 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Quignalegan 413 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Quignamanger 180 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Quignashee 555 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Raghly 169 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Ragwood (or Kilstraghlan) 294 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Rahaberna 252 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Rahelly 204 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Ranaghan Beg 75 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Ranaghan More 174 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Rannatruffaun East 199 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Rannatruffaun West 206 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Rathbarran 402 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Rathbaun 716 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Rathbaun North 108 Corran Kilturra Tobercurry
Rathbaun South 85 Corran Kilturra Tobercurry
Rathbraghan 262 Carbury Calry Sligo
Rathcarrick 134 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Rathdonnell 145 Tireragh Castleconor Ballina
Rathdoony Beg 316 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Rathdoony More 496 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Rathedmond 191 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Rathfrask 201 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Rathgeean 267 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Rathglass 336 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Rathglass 227 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Rathgoonaun 1,529 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Rathgran 309 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Rathhugh 247 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Rathkip 290 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Rathlee 928 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Rathmactiernan 143 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Rathmadder 162 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Rathmagurry 553 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Rathmeel 123 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Rathmeel 82 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Rathmoney 150 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Rathmore 368 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Rathmulpatrick 224 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Rathmurphy 104 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Rathnakelliga 48 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Rathnarrow (Brett) 218 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Rathnarrow (O'Hara) 283 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Rathonoragh 106 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Rathosey 1,012 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Rathquarter 212 Carbury Calry Sligo
Rathrippin 124 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Rathscanlan 604 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Rathtermon 271 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Rathtinaun 75 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Rathurlisk 103 Tireragh Templeboy Dromore West
Reask 297 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Rinbaun 876 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Rinn 126 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Rinn 55 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Rinn 27 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Rinnarogue 180 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Rinroe 196 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Riverstown Town Tirerrill Drumcolumb Sligo
Riverstown Town Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Riverstown 333 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Roadstown (or Ballinvally) 213 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Rockbrook 231 Tirerrill Ballynakill Sligo
Rockfinlough 260 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Rockley Town Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Rooghan 763 Tirerrill Ballynakill Sligo
Roosky Beg 58 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Roosky More 109 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Ropefield (or Falnasoogaun) 384 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Roscrib East 187 Corran Toomour Sligo
Roscrib West 141 Corran Toomour Sligo
Rosmore 332 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Ross 273 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Ross 232 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Rosses Lower 492 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Rosses Upper Town Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Rosses Upper 373 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Rover 569 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Rue 721 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Rusheen 301 Tirerrill Ballynakill Sligo
Rusheen 342 Tirerrill Drumcolumb Sligo
Sandyhill 308 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Scardan Beg 150 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Scardan More 200 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Scurmore 330 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Seafield 218 Carbury Kilmacowen Sligo
Seefin 195 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Seevness 711 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Sessuecommon 1,315 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Sessuegarry 2,531 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Sessuegilroy 1,424 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Shanaghy (or Ardnaree) 522 Tireragh Kilmoremoy Ballina
Shancarrigeen (or Oldrock) 205 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Shancough 146 Tirerrill Shancough Boyle
Shancough 237 Leyny Killoran Tobercurry
Shancrock 778 Carbury Rossinver Sligo
Shannon Eighter 174 Carbury Calry Sligo
Shannon Oughter 184 Carbury Calry Sligo
Shannonspark East 34 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Shannonspark West 10 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Sheeanmore 169 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Sheerevagh 140 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Siberia (or Slieveroe) 147 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Silverhill 149 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Skibbolecorragh 44 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Skreen Beg 96 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Skreen More 106 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Slievemore (or Kingsmountain) 704 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Slieveroe (or Siberia) 147 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Sligo Town Carbury Calry Sligo
Sligo Town Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Slishwood 374 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Slishwood Islands 1 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Sniggeen 54 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Soodry 268 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Sooey 151 Tirerrill Ballynakill Sligo
Spotfield 318 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Spring Garden 361 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Springfield 55 Tirerrill Tawnagh Sligo
Springfield (or Magheragillerneeve) 306 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Spurtown (Duke) 132 Corran Kilshalvy Tobercurry
Spurtown Lower 260 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Sragh 264 Coolavin Kilfree Boyle
Sraheens 73 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Sralea 60 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Srananagh 301 Tirerrill Ballysumaghan Sligo
Srarevagh 74 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Sroove 1,670 Coolavin Kilcolman Boyle
Stonehall (or Carrownageeragh) 208 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Stonepark 213 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Stoneparks 85 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Straduff 746 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Strandhill (or Larass) 388 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Streamstown 369 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Streamstown 200 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Streedagh 490 Carbury Ahamlish Sligo
Tanrego East (or Carrowmore) 167 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Tanrego West 297 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Tap 605 Tirerrill Shancough Boyle
Tawnadremira 1,060 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Tawnagh 146 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Tawnagh 441 Tirerrill Tawnagh Sligo
Tawnaghmore 185 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Tawnalaghta 1,109 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Tawnalion 134 Corran Drumrat Boyle
Tawnamaddoo (or Owenykeevan) 844 Tireragh Easky Dromore West
Tawnamore 1,722 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Tawnaneilleen 646 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Tawnatrohaun 1,417 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Tawnatruffaun 971 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Tawnavoultry 128 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Tawnymucklagh 626 Coolavin Kilcolman Boyle
Tawran 684 Coolavin Killaraght Boyle
Teesan 159 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Templehouse Demesne 568 Leyny Kilvarnet Tobercurry
Templenabree 55 Carbury Kilmacowen Sligo
Templevanny 177 Corran Toomour Boyle
Tieveboy 159 Corran Emlaghfad Boyle
Tiraree 89 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Tiratick 134 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Toberanania 295 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Toberawnaun 173 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Toberbride 138 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Tobercurry Town Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Tobercurry 736 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Tobernaglashy 83 Tirerrill Kilmacallan Sligo
Tobernaveen 58 Carbury Kilmacowen Sligo
Toberpatrick 183 Tireragh Skreen Dromore West
Toberroddy 233 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Toberscanavan Town Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Toberscardan 358 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Tobertelly 714 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Tonafortes 86 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Tonaphubble 111 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Tonaponra 106 Corran Toomour Boyle
Toomour 508 Corran Toomour Boyle
Toorard 65 Tireragh Dromard Dromore West
Toorboy 109 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Toorlestraun 256 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Tormore 659 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Trasgarve 426 Tireragh Kilmacshalgan Dromore West
Treanmacmurtagh 585 Tirerrill Drumcolumb Boyle
Treanmore 129 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Treanmore 437 Corran Toomour Boyle
Treanscrabbagh 411 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Trotts 47 Tireragh Kilglass Dromore West
Tullaghaglass 1,092 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Tullaghan 380 Leyny Ballysadare Sligo
Tullanaglug 579 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Tully 98 Tirerrill Killadoon Boyle
Tully 456 Corran Toomour Boyle
Tully 271 Carbury Calry Sligo
Tully 208 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Tully 122 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo
Tully More 231 Tirerrill Kilross Sligo
Tullybeg 155 Tirerrill Kilross Sligo
Tullycusheen Beg 264 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Tullycusheen More 429 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Tullyhugh 412 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Tullylin (or Ballyfeenaun) 1,498 Tireragh Castleconor Dromore West
Tullymoy 248 Leyny Kilmacteige Tobercurry
Tullynagracken North 54 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Tullynagracken South 209 Carbury St. Johns Sligo
Tullynure 743 Tirerrill Kilmactranny Boyle
Tullyvellia 1,890 Leyny Achonry Tobercurry
Tunnagh 191 Corran Kilshalvy Boyle
Tunnagh 387 Tirerrill Ballynakill Sligo
Turlaghyraun 58 Corran Kilmorgan Sligo
Turnalaydan 295 Tirerrill Drumcolumb Sligo
Ummeryroe 434 Tirerrill Shancough Boyle
Union 1,155 Tirerrill Ballysadare Sligo
Urlar 317 Carbury Drumcliff Sligo
Whitehill 159 Tirerrill Aghanagh Boyle
Whitehill 313 Tirerrill Tawnagh Sligo
Willowbrook 100 Carbury Calry Sligo
Woodfield 97 Corran Emlaghfad Sligo
Woodfield 138 Tirerrill Killerry Sligo
Woodhill (or Knocknakillew) 311 Corran Cloonoghil Tobercurry
Woodpark 18 Carbury Killaspugbrone Sligo


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