List of townlands of County Wicklow

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This is a list of the townlands in County Wicklow, Ireland.[1][2] There are approximately 1,370 names in the list, and duplicates occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in County Wicklow. Names marked in bold typeface are towns and villages, and the word Town appears for those entries in the Acres column.

Townland list[edit]

Townland Acres Barony Civil parish Poor law union
Abbeylands 115 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Aghafarrell 12 Lower Talbotstown Kilbride Naas
Aghavannagh (Ram) 1,026 Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Aghavannagh (Revell) 2,769 Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Aghavannagh Mountain 1,523 Ballinacor South Moyne Shillelagh
Aghowle Lower 325 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Aghowle Lower 787 Shillelagh Aghowle Shillelagh
Aghowle Upper 488 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Aghowle Upper 556 Shillelagh Aghowle Shillelagh
Altidore Demesne 186 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Altidore Demesne 76 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Annacarney 168 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Baltinglass
Annacrivey 509 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Annagolan 214 Newcastle Derrylossary Rathdrum
Annalecky 125 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Ardanairy 564 Arklow Ennereilly Rathdrum
Ardnaboy 278 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Shillelagh
Ardoyne 971 Shillelagh Ardoyne Shillelagh
Arklow Town Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Arklow 45 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Ashford 71 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Ashtown 17 Arklow Drumkay Rathdrum
Ashtown 128 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Ashtown (or Ballinafunshoge) 855 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Askakeagh 832 Ballinacor South Preban Shillelagh
Askintinny 204 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Athdown 1,089 Lower Talbotstown Kilbride Naas
Athgarvan 53 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Athgreany 234 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Aughrim Lower 266 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Aughrim Upper 682 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Aurora 219 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Avondale 144 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Bahana 459 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Bahana 240 Newcastle Kilcommon Rathdrum
Bahana (King) 278 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Bahana (Whaley) 620 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Balinabarny 202 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Balinabarny 522 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Balinabarny Gap 291 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Balinabarny North 302 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Balinabarny South 112 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Balinaclash 388 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Balisland 932 Shillelagh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Ballagh 383 Ballinacor South Kilpipe Shillelagh
Ballanagh 423 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Ballard 483 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Ballard 706 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Ballard 140 Shillelagh Aghowle Shillelagh
Ballard 705 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Ballard Lower 63 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballard Upper 214 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballardbeg 242 Newcastle Derrylossary Rathdrum
Ballardpark 205 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Balleese Lower 222 Arklow Kilcommon Rathdrum
Balleese Upper 169 Arklow Kilcommon Rathdrum
Balleese Wood 134 Arklow Kilcommon Rathdrum
Balleeshal 256 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Ballinabanoge 213 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Ballinabrannagh 165 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Ballinacarrig Lower 306 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Ballinacarrig Upper 316 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Ballinaclea 302 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballinaclogh 513 Arklow Glenealy Rathdrum
Ballinacooley 439 Newcastle Glenealy Rathdrum
Ballinacor 2,117 Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Ballinacor 200 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Ballinacor 174 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Ballinacor East 271 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballinacor West 227 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballinacorbeg 452 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Ballinacrow Lower 330 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Ballinacrow Upper 256 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Ballinafunshoge 678 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Ballinafunshoge (or Ashtown) 855 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Ballinagappoge 656 Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Ballinagee 2,934 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Naas
Ballinagee 258 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Ballinagoneen 940 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Ballinagore 290 Arklow Ballintemple Rathdrum
Ballinaheese 86 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Ballinahinch 194 Newcastle Calary Rathdrum
Ballinahinch 227 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Ballinahinch Lower 178 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Ballinahinch Middle 360 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Ballinahinch Upper 736 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Ballinahown 709 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Naas
Ballinakill 319 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Ballinakill 826 Newcastle Kilcommon Rathdrum
Ballinalea Town Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Ballinalea 128 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Ballinameesda Town Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballinameesda Lower 224 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballinameesda Upper 204 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballinamona 331 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Ballinanty 69 Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Ballinapark 147 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Ballinapark 310 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Ballinard 328 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Ballinasilloge 387 Arklow Ballintemple Rathdrum
Ballinasilloge 286 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Shillelagh
Ballinaskea 1,186 Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Ballinaskea 478 Arklow Ennereilly Rathdrum
Ballinasoostia 121 Newcastle Calary Rathdrum
Ballinastoe 6,602 Ballinacor North Calary Rathdrum
Ballinastraw 159 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Ballinastraw 233 Newcastle Kilcommon Rathdrum
Ballinatone Lower 164 Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Ballinatone Upper 215 Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Ballinclare 182 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballinclea 310 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Ballinclea 356 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Ballinderry Lower 231 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Ballinderry Upper 326 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Ballindoyle 111 Arklow Kilcommon Rathdrum
Ballineddan Lower 121 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Ballineddan Mountain 383 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Ballineddan Upper 293 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Ballinfoyle Lower 312 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Ballinfoyle Upper 259 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Ballingate 625 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Ballingate Lower 525 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Ballingate Upper 854 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Ballinglen 1,047 Ballinacor South Preban Shillelagh
Ballinguile Town Ballinacor South Kiltegan Baltinglass
Ballinguile 399 Ballinacor South Kiltegan Baltinglass
Ballinguilehill 320 Ballinacor South Kiltegan Baltinglass
Ballinroan Lower 179 Upper Talbotstown Kilranelagh Baltinglass
Ballinroan Upper 183 Upper Talbotstown Kilranelagh Baltinglass
Ballinrush 569 Ballinacor North Calary Rathdrum
Ballintemple 479 Arklow Ballintemple Rathdrum
Ballinteskin 94 Rathdown Calary Rathdown
Ballinteskin 235 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Ballinteskin 707 Arklow Glenealy Rathdrum
Ballintim 46 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Ballintober 377 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Ballintombay 125 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Ballintombay Lower 439 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Ballintombay Upper 581 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Ballintruer Beg 111 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Ballintruer More 182 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Ballinvalla (or Sleamaine) 540 Ballinacor North Calary Rathdrum
Ballinvally 211 Arklow Killahurler Rathdrum
Ballinvally (Valentine) 386 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Ballinvally (Wisdom) 382 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Ballinvally Lower 188 Arklow Killahurler Rathdrum
Ballinvally Lower 251 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Ballinvally Upper 168 Arklow Killahurler Rathdrum
Ballinvally Upper 201 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Ballinashinnagh 172 Newcastle Calary Rathdrum
Ballyarthur 448 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Ballybawn Lower 148 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Ballybawn Upper 24 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Ballybeg 231 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Ballybeg 891 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Ballybla 272 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Ballyboy 1,023 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Ballybrack Beg 199 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Ballybrack More 302 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Ballybraid 897 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Ballybrew 594 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Ballycapple 252 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballycapple Hill 97 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballycarrigeen 60 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Ballyclogh North 186 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballyclogh South 93 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballyconnell 946 Shillelagh Crecrin Shillelagh
Ballycoog Lower 452 Arklow Ballintemple Rathdrum
Ballycoog Upper 311 Arklow Ballintemple Rathdrum
Ballycooleen 272 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Ballycore 266 Upper Talbotstown Rathtoole Baltinglass
Ballycoyle 154 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Ballycreen Lower 385 Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Ballycreen Upper 953 Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Ballycrone 76 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Ballycullen 1,237 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Ballycumber North 283 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Ballycumber South 584 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Ballycurragh 588 Ballinacor South Moyne Shillelagh
Ballycurry Demesne 352 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Ballydonagh 94 Rathdown Delgany Rathdown
Ballydonarea 78 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Ballydonarea 273 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Ballydonnell 415 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Ballydonnell North 560 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Ballydonnell South 1,279 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Ballydoreen 202 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Ballydowling 162 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballydowling 524 Newcastle Glenealy Rathdrum
Ballydowling 202 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Ballydowling Hill 362 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Ballyduff 146 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Ballyduff Lower 145 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Ballyduff North 102 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Ballyduff South 172 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Ballyduff Upper 310 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Ballyeustace 18 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Ballyflanigan 171 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballyfolan 848 Lower Talbotstown Kilbride Naas
Ballyfoyle 433 Lower Talbotstown Kilbride Naas
Ballyfree East 43 Newcastle Glenealy Rathdrum
Ballyfree West 254 Newcastle Glenealy Rathdrum
Ballygahan Lower 85 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Ballygahan Upper 251 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Ballygannon 322 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Ballygannon 299 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Ballygannon Beg 315 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballygannon More 315 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballygarret 55 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Ballygillaroe 132 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Ballygobban 560 Ballinacor South Moyne Shillelagh
Ballygonnell 198 Arklow Drumkay Rathdrum
Ballygriffin 263 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Ballyguile Beg 249 Arklow Kilpoole Rathdrum
Ballyguile More 398 Arklow Kilpoole Rathdrum
Ballyhad Lower 259 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Ballyhad Upper 209 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Ballyhara 123 Arklow Drumkay Rathdrum
Ballyhara 60 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballyhenry 198 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Ballyherrig 121 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballyhook 209 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Ballyhook Demesne 200 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Ballyhook Hill 271 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Ballyhorsey 55 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Ballyhubbock Lower 145 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Ballyhubbock Upper 244 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Ballyhurtim 112 Upper Talbotstown Rathsallagh Baltinglass
Ballykean (Annesley) 260 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Ballykean (Penrose) 375 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Ballykean (Stringer) 190 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Ballykelly 406 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Ballykeppoge 96 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballykillageer Lower 302 Arklow Ballintemple Rathdrum
Ballykillageer Upper 372 Arklow Ballintemple Rathdrum
Ballykillavane 284 Newcastle Glenealy Rathdrum
Ballykilmurry Lower 382 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Ballykilmurry Upper 220 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Ballyknockan Town Lower Talbotstown Boystown Naas
Ballyknockan 174 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Ballyknockan 1,112 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Naas
Ballyknockan Beg 197 Newcastle Glenealy Rathdrum
Ballyknockan Lower 153 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Ballyknockan More 392 Newcastle Glenealy Rathdrum
Ballyknockan Upper 302 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Ballyknocker 302 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Ballyknocker East 31 Shillelagh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Ballyknocker West 53 Shillelagh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Ballylaffin 190 Upper Talbotstown Rathsallagh Baltinglass
Ballylea 257 Upper Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Ballylerane 179 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Ballylion Bawn 38 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Ballylion Lower 179 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Ballylion Upper 137 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Ballyloughlin 132 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Ballylow 1,643 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Ballylug 503 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Ballylusk 336 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Ballylusk 378 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Ballymacahara 204 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Ballymaconey 217 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Ballymacsimon 419 Newcastle Glenealy Rathdrum
Ballymaghroe 686 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Ballymaghroe 352 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Shillelagh
Ballymaghroe 414 Ballinacor South Moyne Shillelagh
Ballymanus 1,077 Ballinacor South Kilpipe Shillelagh
Ballymanus Lower 152 Newcastle Glenealy Rathdrum
Ballymanus Upper 629 Newcastle Glenealy Rathdrum
Ballymarroge 393 Shillelagh Mullinacuff Shillelagh
Ballymerrigan 385 Newcastle Glenealy Rathdrum
Ballymoat 185 Newcastle Glenealy Rathdrum
Ballymoneen 418 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Ballymoneen 362 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Ballymoney 188 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Ballymoney 345 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballymoney 256 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Ballymooney 714 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Ballymorris 25 Rathdown Bray Rathdown
Ballymorris Lower 208 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Ballymorris Upper 288 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Ballymoyle 495 Arklow Ennereilly Rathdrum
Ballymurrin Lower 194 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballymurrin Upper 210 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballymurtagh 172 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Ballynabarny 745 Newcastle Glenealy Rathdrum
Ballynabrocky 3,613 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Ballynacarrig 560 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballynagran 152 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballynagran 232 Arklow Glenealy Rathdrum
Ballynamanoge 538 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Ballynamona 161 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Ballynamuddagh 470 Rathdown Bray Rathdown
Ballynapark 193 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballynasculloge Lower 376 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Ballynasculloge Upper 773 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Ballynastocka 1,504 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Naas
Ballynatona 690 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Ballynatone 108 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Ballynattin 150 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Ballynavortha 320 Shillelagh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Ballynerrin 244 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Ballynerrin 290 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Ballynerrin Lower 245 Arklow Drumkay Rathdrum
Ballynerrin Upper 187 Arklow Drumkay Rathdrum
Ballynultagh 2,889 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Naas
Ballynultagh 1,719 Shillelagh Mullinacuff Shillelagh
Ballynure 182 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Ballynure Demesne 294 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Ballynure Park 122 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Ballyorney 68 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Ballyphilip 64 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Ballyraheen 721 Shillelagh Mullinacuff Shillelagh
Ballyraine Lower 74 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Ballyraine Middle 229 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Ballyraine Upper 153 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Ballyreagh 222 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Ballyreask 266 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Ballyremon Commons 641 Rathdown Calary Rathdown
Ballyrichard 253 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Ballyrogan Lower 321 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Ballyrogan Upper 221 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Ballyronan 155 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Ballyrooaun 91 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Ballyross 352 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Ballyrush 205 Arklow Killahurler Rathdrum
Ballysallagh East 189 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballysallagh West 87 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Ballyshane 939 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Ballysheeman 93 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Ballysheeman 61 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Ballyshonog 575 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Ballysize Lower 191 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Ballysize Upper 112 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Ballysmuttan 347 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Ballysmuttan 198 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Ballyteige 131 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Ballyteige 552 Ballinacor South Moyne Shillelagh
Ballytoole Lower 267 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Ballytoole Upper 238 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Ballytrasna 165 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Ballytunny 142 Arklow Ennereilly Rathdrum
Ballyvoghan 249 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Ballyvolan Lower 216 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Ballyvolan Upper 56 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Ballyvraghan 183 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Ballywaltrin 114 Rathdown Bray Rathdown
Ballyward 345 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Baltinglass Town Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Baltinglass East 221 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Baltinglass West 210 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Baltyboys Lower (or Boystown) 1,142 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Naas
Baltyboys Upper (or Boystown) 810 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Naas
Baltynanima 629 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Balyvaltron 346 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Bannagroe 30 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Baravore Town Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Baravore 1,205 Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Barchuillia Commons 243 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Barnacashel 119 Shillelagh Aghowle Shillelagh
Barnacleagh East 190 Arklow Killahurler Rathdrum
Barnacleagh North 173 Arklow Killahurler Rathdrum
Barnacoyle Big 218 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Barnacoyle Little 21 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Barnaleagh South 171 Arklow Killahurler Rathdrum
Barnameelia 397 Ballinacor South Moyne Shillelagh
Barnamire 267 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Barnamuinga 305 Shillelagh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Barnbawn 343 Newcastle Kilcommon Rathdrum
Baronstown Lower 233 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Baronstown Upper 281 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Barraderry East 100 Upper Talbotstown Kilranelagh Baltinglass
Barraderry North 152 Upper Talbotstown Kilranelagh Baltinglass
Barraderry West 435 Upper Talbotstown Kilranelagh Baltinglass
Barranisky East 167 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Barranisky West 332 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Bawnoge 206 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Bawnoge 273 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Baltinglass
Bawnoge 146 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Bellevue Demesne 603 Rathdown Delgany Rathdown
Bellevue Demesne 15 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Bellpark 118 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Belmont Demesne 54 Rathdown Delgany Rathdown
Bernagh 165 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Birchwood 157 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Blackditch 150 Arklow Drumkay Rathdrum
Blackditch 220 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Blackditch 365 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Blackditches Lower 158 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Baltinglass
Blackditches Upper 157 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Baltinglass
Blackhill 85 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Blackmoor 303 Upper Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Blackpits 315 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Blackrock 221 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Blackrock 308 Ballinacor South Moyne Shillelagh
Blainroe Lower 273 Arklow Kilpoole Rathdrum
Blainroe Upper 242 Arklow Kilpoole Rathdrum
Blakestown Lower 138 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Naas
Blakestown Upper 152 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Naas
Blane 269 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Blessington Town Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Blessington 136 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Blessington Demesne 411 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Blindwood 142 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Bogland 109 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Boherboy 189 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Bolagh Lower 152 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Bolagh Upper 171 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Boley 231 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Boley 660 Shillelagh Aghowle Shillelagh
Boleybawn 303 Shillelagh Crosspatrick Shillelagh
Boleycarrigeen 297 Upper Talbotstown Kilranelagh Baltinglass
Boleylug 151 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Boleynass Lower 226 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Boleynass Upper 159 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Bollarney Murragh 32 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Bollarney North 139 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Bollarney South 34 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Bonabrocka 243 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Bonagrew 171 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Bonagrew Little 15 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Borkill Beg 453 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Borkill More 594 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Boystown (or Baltyboys Lower) 1,142 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Naas
Boystown (or Baltyboys Upper) 810 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Naas
Bray Town Rathdown Bray Rathdown
Bray 334 Rathdown Bray Rathdown
Bray Commons 8 Rathdown Bray Rathdown
Breagura 38 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Brewershill 88 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Bridgeland 66 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Britonstown 306 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Naas
Brittas 413 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Brittas 245 Lower Talbotstown Kilbride Naas
Brittas 626 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Brockagh 4,811 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Brockna 348 Upper Talbotstown Kilranelagh Baltinglass
Bromley 71 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Broomfield 49 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Broomfields 99 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Broomhall 168 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Broughills Hill 67 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Brusselstown 360 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Bullford 186 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Burgage More 671 Lower Talbotstown Burgage Naas
Burgage Moyle 322 Lower Talbotstown Burgage Naas
Burkeen 63 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Burrow 182 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Bushfield 152 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Butter Mountain 935 Lower Talbotstown Kilbride Naas
Butterhill 407 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Byrneshill 171 Upper Talbotstown Freynestown Baltinglass
Calary Lower 771 Rathdown Calary Rathdown
Calary Upper 554 Rathdown Calary Rathdown
Callowhill Lower 241 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Callowhill Upper 361 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Camaderry (or Sevenchurches) 4,518 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Camara 228 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Camarahill North 251 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Camarahill South 229 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Camenabologue 1,043 Ballinacor South Knockrath Rathdrum
Cannow 321 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Cannow Mountain 1,128 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Cappagh 583 Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Carnew Town Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Carnew 936 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Carrawaystick 1,178 Ballinacor South Knockrath Rathdrum
Carrick 316 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Carrig 381 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Naas
Carrig Lower 184 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Carrig Mountain 224 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Carrig Upper 183 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Carrigacurra 995 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Baltinglass
Carrigatheme 252 Ballinacor South Kiltegan Baltinglass
Carrigeenduff 3,514 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Carrigeenshinnagh 877 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Carriggower 900 Newcastle Calary Rathdrum
Carriglinneen 998 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Carrigmore 162 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Carrignagower 205 Lower Talbotstown Kilbride Naas
Carrignamuck 452 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Shillelagh
Carrignamuck Lower 231 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Carrignamuck Upper 291 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Carrignamweel 448 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Shillelagh
Carrigoona Commons East 97 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Carrigoona Commons West 102 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Carrigroe 562 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Carrigroe 329 Ballinacor South Moyne Shillelagh
Carrowbawn 164 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Carrycole 329 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Carsrock 138 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Caslteruddery Upper 199 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Castleallagh 248 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Castlegrange 306 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Castlehoward 210 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Castlekevin 1,148 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Castlemacadam 192 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Castlequarter 180 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Castleruddery Lower 328 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Castletimon 467 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Chapel 189 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Charlesland 198 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Charleville Demesne 196 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Cherrymount 106 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Churchland 81 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Clara More 323 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Clarabeg North 443 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Clarabeg South 135 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Clogga 110 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Clogh Lower 294 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Clogh Upper 176 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Cloghcastle 229 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Cloghleagh 700 Lower Talbotstown Kilbride Naas
Cloghnagaune 144 Upper Talbotstown Kilranelagh Baltinglass
Cloghoge 6,583 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Cloghoge 32 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Clohernagh 940 Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Clone 647 Ballinacor South Kilpipe Rathdrum
Cloneen 346 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Clonerkin 355 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Clonkeen 427 Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Clonmannan 688 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Clonpadden 94 Arklow Ennereilly Rathdrum
Clonshannon 202 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Clonwilliam 356 Arklow Killahurler Rathdrum
Cloon 693 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Clora 274 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Clornagh 119 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Coan 370 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Colliga 347 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Colvinstown Lower 181 Upper Talbotstown Kilranelagh Baltinglass
Colvinstown Upper 177 Upper Talbotstown Kilranelagh Baltinglass
Commons 6 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Conavalla 778 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Conlan's Hill 78 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Connary Lower 138 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Connary Upper 227 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Cookstown 300 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Coolacork 252 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Cooladangan 204 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Cooladoyle 68 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Coolafaney 904 Shillelagh Crosspatrick Shillelagh
Coolaflake 278 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Coolafunshogue 618 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Coolagad 285 Rathdown Delgany Rathdown
Coolahullin 371 Arklow Ballintemple Rathdrum
Coolakay 242 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Coolalug 529 Ballinacor South Kilpipe Shillelagh
Coolamadra 257 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Coolanearl 227 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Coolastingan 83 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Coolastingan 61 Arklow Inch Rathdrum
Coolatin 1,204 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Coolatin Park 454 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Coolawinnia 398 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Coolballintaggart 635 Ballinacor South Moyne Shillelagh
Coolballintaggart (or Coolbawn) 1,137 Ballinacor South Kilpipe Shillelagh
Coolbawn (or Coolballintaggart) 1,137 Ballinacor South Kilpipe Shillelagh
Coolbeg 371 Arklow Glenealy Rathdrum
Coolboy 257 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Coolboy 664 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Cooldross Lower 205 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Cooldross Middle 76 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Cooldross Upper 49 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Coolgarrow 485 Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Coolgarrow 234 Arklow Ballintemple Rathdrum
Coolharbour Lower 45 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Coolharbour Upper 92 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Coolinarrig Lower 336 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Coolinarrig Upper 186 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Coolkenna 975 Shillelagh Aghowle Shillelagh
Coolmoney 95 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Coolmore 148 Arklow Ennereilly Rathdrum
Coolnakilly 356 Newcastle Glenealy Rathdrum
Coolnaskeagh 125 Rathdown Delgany Rathdown
Coolroe 754 Shillelagh Crosspatrick Shillelagh
Coolross 264 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Coolross 425 Shillelagh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Coonanstown 240 Upper Talbotstown Rathsallagh Baltinglass
Coonmore 158 Upper Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Copse 258 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Corballis Lower 363 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Corballis Upper 284 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Cornagower East 194 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Cornagower West 196 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Cornan East 271 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Cornan West 121 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Corndog 136 Ballinacor South Moyne Shillelagh
Corporation Lands 358 Arklow Kilpoole Rathdrum
Corporation Murragh 67 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Corporationland 1st Div 3 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Corragh 1,579 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Corrasillagh 914 Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Corsilagh 115 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Courtfoyle 201 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Cowpasture 229 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Craffield 537 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Cranagh 112 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Cranareen 179 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Crehelp 1,263 Lower Talbotstown Crehelp Baltinglass
Creowen 40 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Crickawn 47 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Crissadaun 311 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Cronakip 138 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Cronawinnia 238 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Cronclusk 131 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Crone 454 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Crone 189 Shillelagh Aghowle Shillelagh
Crone Beg 210 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Crone Lower 191 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Crone More 118 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Crone Upper 103 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Cronebane 155 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Cronelea 470 Shillelagh Mullinacuff Shillelagh
Cronesallagh 197 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Cronroe 566 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Cronybyrne 244 Newcastle Derrylossary Rathdrum
Cronybyrne Demesne 152 Newcastle Derrylossary Rathdrum
Cronyhorn Lower 648 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Cronyhorn Upper 894 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Cronykeery 232 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Cross 329 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Cross (or Valleymount) 187 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Baltinglass
Crosscoolharbour 826 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Crossnacole 312 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Crossoge 241 Upper Talbotstown Rathsallagh Baltinglass
Cullen Lower 287 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Cullen Upper 269 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Cullenmore 54 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Cullentragh Big 933 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Cullentragh Little 304 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Cullentragh Park 537 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Cunniamstown Big 410 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Cunniamstown Little 90 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Curraghlawn 346 Ballinacor South Kilpipe Shillelagh
Curranstown Lower 221 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Curranstown Upper 209 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Curravanish 129 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Curtlestown Lower 133 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Curtlestown Upper 198 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Danesfort Lower 160 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Danesfort Upper 244 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Davidstown 264 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Decoy 209 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Deerpark 333 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Deerpark 198 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Deerpark 118 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Deerpark 341 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Deerpark 990 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Deerpark 505 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Delgany 259 Rathdown Delgany Rathdown
Derrybawn 1,711 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Derrynamuck 278 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Dillonsdown 159 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Donaghmore 236 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Donard Town Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Donard Demesne East 203 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Donard Demesne West 85 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Donard Lower 187 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Donard Mountain 85 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Donard Upper 102 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Doody's Bottoms 59 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Downings 127 Upper Talbotstown Kilranelagh Baltinglass
Downs 116 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Downshill 839 Newcastle Calary Rathdrum
Dragoonhill 226 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Drim 272 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Drumbawn 417 Newcastle Calary Rathdrum
Drumdangan 426 Newcastle Kilcommon Rathdrum
Drumgoff 1,016 Ballinacor South Knockrath Rathdrum
Drummin 3,889 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Drummin 351 Shillelagh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Drummin 303 Ballinacor South Preban Shillelagh
Drummin East 261 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Drummin West 51 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Drumreagh 147 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Drumreagh 251 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Dunboyke 187 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Dunbur Head 251 Arklow Kilpoole Rathdrum
Dunbur Lower 250 Arklow Kilpoole Rathdrum
Dunbur Upper 393 Arklow Kilpoole Rathdrum
Dunganstown East 287 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Dunganstown West 352 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Dunlavin Town Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Dunlavin Lower 392 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Dunlavin Upper 452 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Dunran Demsne 266 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Dunran Demsne 37 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Dunranhill 267 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Eadestown Hill 124 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Eadestown Middle 248 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Eadestown North 151 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Eadestown South 175 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Easthill 72 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Ecawn 129 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Edmondstown 24 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Englishtown 282 Upper Talbotstown Kilranelagh Baltinglass
Ennereilly 132 Arklow Ennereilly Rathdrum
Ennisboyne 142 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Enniskerry Town Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Enniskerry 5 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Fananierin 1,526 Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Farbreagra 441 Ballinacor South Moyne Shillelagh
Farnees 450 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Farrankelly 126 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Fassaroe 568 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Fauna 235 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Ferrybank 190 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Fiddan 191 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Fiddancoyle 219 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Forristeen 197 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Fortgranite 121 Upper Talbotstown Kilranelagh Baltinglass
Freynestown Lower 186 Upper Talbotstown Freynestown Baltinglass
Freynestown Upper 223 Upper Talbotstown Freynestown Baltinglass
Freynestownhill 180 Upper Talbotstown Freynestown Baltinglass
Friarhill 229 Lower Talbotstown Tober Baltinglass
Friarshill 10 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Furzeditch East 95 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Furzeditch West 135 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Garnagowlan 222 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Garryduff 300 Newcastle Kilcommon Rathdrum
Garryhoe 335 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Garryknock 1,263 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Naas
Garrymore Lower 270 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Garrymore Upper 177 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Gibraltar 239 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Gibstown 313 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Giltspur 206 Rathdown Bray Rathdown
Glashina 218 Lower Talbotstown Burgage Naas
Glaskenny 199 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Glasnamullen 1,828 Ballinacor North Calary Rathdrum
Glasnarget North 200 Newcastle Kilcommon Rathdrum
Glasnarget South 149 Arklow Kilcommon Rathdrum
Glebe 42 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Glebe 5 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Glebe 99 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Glebe 7 Newcastle Drumkay Rathdrum
Glebe 63 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Glenart 258 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Glenbride 2,770 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Naas
Glencap Commons North 190 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Glencap Commons South 526 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Glencap Commons Upper 354 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Glencormick North 42 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Glencormick South 129 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Glendarragh 322 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Glenealy Town Newcastle Glenealy Rathdrum
Glennacanon 269 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Glennashouk 423 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Glenphilipeen 235 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Glenteige 203 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Glenwood 252 Newcastle Derrylossary Rathdrum
Goldenfort 365 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Goldenhill 181 Lower Talbotstown Kilbride Naas
Gormanstown 212 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Gorteen 221 Shillelagh Crosspatrick Shillelagh
Gowle 597 Shillelagh Crecrin Shillelagh
Graigue 279 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Granabeg Lower 270 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Baltinglass
Granabeg Upper 242 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Baltinglass
Granamore 1,735 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Grange North 295 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Grange South 266 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Grangecon Demesne 190 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Grangecon Hill 298 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Grangecon Lower 157 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Grangecon Parks 132 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Grangecon Rocks 159 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Grangecon Upper 173 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Greenan Beg 31 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Greenan More 344 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Greenhall 176 Shillelagh Crosspatrick Shillelagh
Greystones Town Rathdown Delgany Rathdown
Griffinstown Glen 111 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Griffinstown Hill 267 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Griffinstown Lower 203 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Griffinstown Upper 252 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Harristown 142 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Hartstown 217 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Hawkstown Lower 198 Arklow Drumkay Rathdrum
Hawkstown Upper 248 Arklow Drumkay Rathdrum
Haylands 142 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Hempstown 279 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Highpark Lower 213 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Highpark Upper 203 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Hillbrook Lower 566 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Hillbrook Upper 570 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Holdenstown Lower 214 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Holdenstown Upper 240 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Hollybrook 108 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Hollywood Demesne 198 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Hollywood Lower 123 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Hollywood Upper 93 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Holyvalley 59 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Holywell 23 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Humewood 289 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Humphrystown 664 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Naas
Inchanappa North 62 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Inchanappa South 183 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Intack 80 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Irishtown 105 Rathdown Bray Rathdown
Irishtown East 86 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Irishtown Park 95 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Irishtown West 66 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Irongrange Lower 181 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Irongrange Upper 280 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Island in Broad Lough 9 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Johnstown 435 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Johnstown 79 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Johnstown Hill 216 Arklow Inch Rathdrum
Johnstown Lower 171 Arklow Inch Rathdrum
Johnstown North 212 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Johnstown South 215 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Johnstown Upper 146 Arklow Inch Rathdrum
Keadeen 361 Upper Talbotstown Kilranelagh Baltinglass
Keeloge 82 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Keeloge Lower 146 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Keeloge Upper 146 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Keeloges 67 Arklow Kilcommon Rathdrum
Kellystown 128 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Kelsha 279 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Kelshabeg 245 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Kelshamore 330 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Kennystown 201 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Kiernans Hill 152 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Kilballyowen 1,339 Ballinacor South Preban Shillelagh
Kilbaylet Lower 235 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Kilbaylet Upper 482 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Kilbeg 2,107 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Naas
Kilboy 96 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Kilbreffy 183 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Kilbride 938 Lower Talbotstown Kilbride Naas
Kilbride 139 Rathdown Bray Rathdown
Kilbride 189 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Kilbride 317 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Kilcandra 183 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Kilcandra 457 Arklow Glenealy Rathdrum
Kilcarney Lower 407 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Baltinglass
Kilcarney Upper 432 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Baltinglass
Kilcarra East 197 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Kilcarra West 480 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Kilcashel 336 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Kilcavan Lower 423 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Kilcavan Upper 311 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Kilcoagh East 1,128 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Kilcoagh West 114 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Kilcoole Town Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Kilcoole 233 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Kilcroney 218 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Kilday 234 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Kilgarran 22 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Kill 215 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Killabeg 414 Shillelagh Aghowle Shillelagh
Killacloran 1,386 Ballinacor South Kilpipe Rathdrum
Killadreenan 579 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Killaduff 582 Ballinacor South Kilpipe Shillelagh
Killahurler Lower 239 Arklow Killahurler Rathdrum
Killahurler Upper 185 Arklow Killahurler Rathdrum
Killalish Lower 306 Upper Talbotstown Kilranelagh Baltinglass
Killalish Upper 145 Upper Talbotstown Kilranelagh Baltinglass
Killamoat Lower 281 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Killamoat Upper 224 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Killarney 183 Rathdown Bray Rathdown
Killaveny 1,020 Ballinacor South Kilpipe Shillelagh
Killeagh 313 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Killeagh 206 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Killegar 656 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Killerk 16 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Killickabawn 85 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Killincarrig Town Rathdown Delgany Rathdown
Killincarrig 560 Rathdown Delgany Rathdown
Killiniskyduff 187 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Killinpark 74 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Killinure 1,767 Shillelagh Aghowle Shillelagh
Killiskey 104 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Killough Lower 128 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Killough Upper 230 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Killoughter 389 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Killybeg 388 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Kilmacanoge North 152 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Kilmacanoge South 217 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Kilmacoo 372 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Kilmacoo 154 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Kilmacoo Upper 279 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Kilmacrea Lower 249 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Kilmacrea Upper 182 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Kilmacullagh 175 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Kilmacurra East 137 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Kilmacurra West 111 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Kilmagig Lower 284 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Kilmagig Upper 297 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Kilmalin 375 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Kilmanoge 130 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Kilmartin 313 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Kilmullin 359 Newcastle Derrylossary Rathdrum
Kilmullin 348 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Kilmurry 96 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Kilmurry 339 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Kilmurry Lower 326 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Kilmurry Lower 172 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Kilmurry Middle 137 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Kilmurry North 319 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Kilmurry North 300 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Kilmurry South 368 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Kilmurry South 214 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Kilmurry Upper 125 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Kilmurry Upper 124 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Kilnamanagh Beg 337 Arklow Glenealy Rathdrum
Kilnamanagh More 466 Arklow Glenealy Rathdrum
Kilpatrick 523 Arklow Ennereilly Rathdrum
Kilpedder East 125 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Kilpedder West 33 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Kilpipe 694 Ballinacor South Kilpipe Shillelagh
Kilpoole Hill 210 Arklow Kilpoole Rathdrum
Kilpoole Lower 226 Arklow Kilpoole Rathdrum
Kilpoole Upper 175 Arklow Kilpoole Rathdrum
Kilquade 350 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Kilquade 46 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Kilqueeny 147 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Kilquiggin 364 Shillelagh Mullinacuff Shillelagh
Kilranelagh 221 Upper Talbotstown Kilranelagh Baltinglass
Kilruddery Deerpark 271 Rathdown Bray Rathdown
Kilruddery Deerpark 167 Rathdown Delgany Rathdown
Kilruddery Demesne East 71 Rathdown Bray Rathdown
Kilruddery Demesne West 348 Rathdown Bray Rathdown
Kiltegan Town Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Kiltegan 284 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Kiltimon 297 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Kiltimon 5 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Kindlestown Lower 177 Rathdown Delgany Rathdown
Kindlestown Upper 261 Rathdown Delgany Rathdown
Kingston 144 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Kinsellastown 264 Lower Talbotstown Crehelp Baltinglass
Kippure 1,450 Lower Talbotstown Kilbride Naas
Kirikee 716 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Kish 78 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Knickeen 118 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Knockaderry 405 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Knockadosan 249 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Knockadreet 296 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Knockadreet 276 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Knockalt Lower 226 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Baltinglass
Knockalt Upper 162 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Baltinglass
Knockananna 267 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Shillelagh
Knockanarrigan 253 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Knockandarragh 378 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Knockandort 151 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Knockanduff 102 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Knockanode 247 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Knockanooker Lower 235 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Shillelagh
Knockanooker Upper 338 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Shillelagh
Knockanrahan Lower 112 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Knockanrahan Upper 184 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Knockanreagh 221 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Knockanree 71 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Knockanree Lower 351 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Knockanree Upper 456 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Knockaphrumpa 320 Newcastle Derrylossary Rathdrum
Knockaquirk 42 Arklow Drumkay Rathdrum
Knockarigg 324 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Knockarigg Demesne 146 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Knockarigg Hill 156 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Knockatemple 449 Newcastle Calary Rathdrum
Knockatillane 579 Lower Talbotstown Kilbride Naas
Knockatomcoyle 1,132 Shillelagh Mullinacuff Shillelagh
Knockavurrig 187 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Knockbane 103 Lower Talbotstown Kilbride Naas
Knockbawn 155 Upper Talbotstown Freynestown Baltinglass
Knockbawn 78 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Knockdoo 287 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Knockeen 700 Shillelagh Liscolman Shillelagh
Knockfadda 1,062 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Knockieran Lower 290 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Knockieran Upper 192 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Knockloe 254 Shillelagh Ardoyne Shillelagh
Knockloe 434 Shillelagh Liscolman Shillelagh
Knockmiller 172 Arklow Killahurler Rathdrum
Knocknaboley 572 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Knocknaboley 715 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Knocknadroose 3,084 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Knocknagilky Lower 160 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Baltinglass
Knocknagilky Upper 325 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Baltinglass
Knocknagree 119 Ballinacor South Kiltegan Baltinglass
Knocknagull 201 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Knocknamohill 300 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Knocknamuck Lower 184 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Knocknamuck Upper 146 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Knocknamunnion 314 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Knocknashamroge 276 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Shillelagh
Knocknaskeagh 267 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Shillelagh
Knocknastreile 49 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Knockraheen 1,370 Newcastle Calary Rathdrum
Knockrath Big 976 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Knockrath Little 339 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Knockrobin 110 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Knockrobin Murragh 17 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Knockroe 96 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Knockroe 154 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Knocksink 40 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Knoxtershill 138 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Kyle 401 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Lackan 1,543 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Naas
Lackandarragh Lower 228 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Lackandarragh Upper 204 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Lackareagh 338 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Lamberton 126 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Laragh 473 Shillelagh Mullinacuff Shillelagh
Laragh East 2,202 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Laragh West 3,291 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Lathaleere 209 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Leabeg Lower 182 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Leabeg Middle 238 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Leabeg Upper 193 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Leamore Lower 195 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Leamore Upper 349 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Leitrim 355 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Lemonstown 686 Lower Talbotstown Crehelp Baltinglass
Leoh 1,010 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Levern 215 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Lickeen 163 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Liscolman 947 Shillelagh Liscolman Shillelagh
Lisheens 373 Lower Talbotstown Kilbride Naas
Lobawn 411 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Lockstown Lower 324 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Lockstown Upper 736 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Longhill Commons 7 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Lorrug 157 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Loughmogue Lower 190 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Loughmogue Upper 302 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Lowtown 241 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Lugatryna 252 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Lugduff 2,354 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Lugduff 384 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Lugglass Lower 241 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Lugglass Upper 240 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Lugnagroagh 227 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Naas
Lugnagun Great 518 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Lugnagun Little 120 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Lugnaquillia 874 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Lumcloon 221 Shillelagh Aghowle Shillelagh
Lybagh 381 Ballinacor South Kiltegan Baltinglass
Macreddin East 441 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Macreddin West 186 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Maghera Beg 173 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Maghera More 506 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Mangans 386 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Manger 221 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Manofwar 99 Lower Talbotstown Tober Baltinglass
Marsh 199 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Mattymount 130 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Meetings 343 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Merepark 81 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Merginstown 163 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Merginstown Demesne 198 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Merginstown Glen 303 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Merrymeeting 175 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Mill Land 117 Ballinacor South Crosspatrick Shillelagh
Milltown 257 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Milltown North 308 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Milltown South 68 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Minmore 19 Shillelagh Aghowle Shillelagh
Minmore 30 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Minmore 229 Shillelagh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Moanaspick 282 Lower Talbotstown Kilbride Naas
Moanvawn 237 Upper Talbotstown Freynestown Baltinglass
Monaglogh 297 Arklow Killahurler Rathdrum
Monalin 152 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Monamuck 446 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Baltinglass
Monastery 327 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Monatore 209 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Monduff 169 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Money Big 208 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Money Little 97 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Money Lower 485 Shillelagh Aghowle Shillelagh
Money Upper 953 Shillelagh Aghowle Shillelagh
Moneycarroll 79 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Moneylane 98 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Moneymeen 517 Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Moneymore 404 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Moneystown Hill 364 Newcastle Derrylossary Rathdrum
Moneystown North 375 Newcastle Derrylossary Rathdrum
Moneystown South 176 Newcastle Derrylossary Rathdrum
Moneyteige Middle 297 Arklow Ballintemple Rathdrum
Moneyteige North 260 Arklow Ballintemple Rathdrum
Moneyteige South 328 Arklow Ballintemple Rathdrum
Mongan 258 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Mongnacool Lower 317 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Mongnacool Upper 223 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Mooreshill 335 Arklow Killahurler Rathdrum
Moorspark 85 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Moorstown 147 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Moorstown 119 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Mount Kennedy Demesne 39 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Mount Kennedy Demesne 412 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Mountjohn 82 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Mountlusk 105 Arklow Kilcommon Rathdrum
Mountpleasant 202 Shillelagh Crosspatrick Shillelagh
Mountusher 109 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Moylisha 628 Shillelagh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Moyne 351 Ballinacor South Moyne Shillelagh
Moyntiagh 284 Newcastle Derrylossary Rathdrum
Muckduff Lower 368 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Muckduff Upper 483 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Mucklagh 784 Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Mucklagh 500 Ballinacor South Kilpipe Shillelagh
Mullanacranna 239 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Mullannaskeagh 263 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Mullans 7 Upper Talbotstown Rathsallagh Baltinglass
Mullans North 548 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Mullans South 536 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Mullinaveige. 705 Ballinacor North Calary Rathdrum
Mullycagh Lower 341 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Mullycagh Upper 394 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Mungacullin 450 Shillelagh Aghowle Shillelagh
Muskeagh 557 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Newbawn 419 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Newcastle Town Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Newcastle Lower 189 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Newcastle Middle 295 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Newcastle Upper 351 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Newcourt 369 Rathdown Bray Rathdown
Newpaddocks 77 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Newpark 211 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Newrath 267 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Newry 1,274 Shillelagh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Newtown 130 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Newtown 393 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Newtown 127 Upper Talbotstown Kilranelagh Baltinglass
Newtown 150 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Newtown 106 Arklow Drumkay Rathdrum
Newtown 393 Shillelagh Mullinacuff Shillelagh
Newtown Mountkennedy Town Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Newtown Vevay Town Rathdown Bray Rathdown
Newtownboswell 166 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Newtownmountkennedy 103 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Newtownsaunders 356 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Oakwood 1,721 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Oghil Lower 387 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Oghil Upper 219 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Oldboleys 1,165 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Oldcourt 244 Upper Talbotstown Rathsallagh Baltinglass
Oldcourt 873 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Oldcourt 316 Rathdown Bray Rathdown
Oldpaddocks 41 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Oldtown 214 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Onagh 188 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Paddock 31 Rathdown Delgany Rathdown
Park 229 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Park 469 Shillelagh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Parkmore 662 Newcastle Derrylossary Rathdrum
Parkmore 150 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Parkmore 143 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Parknashaw 164 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Parknasilloge 122 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Parkroe 532 Newcastle Derrylossary Rathdrum
Paulbeg 372 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Pinnacle 95 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Plezica 211 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Pollaghadoo 475 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Pollahoney 366 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Pollaphuca 117 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Powerscourt Demesne 811 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Powerscourt Mountain 7,590 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Powerscourt Paddock 1,017 Rathdown Calary Rathdown
Preban 277 Ballinacor South Preban Shillelagh
Priestsnewtown 347 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Prospect Lower 122 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Prospect Upper 52 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Quigginroe 193 Shillelagh Aghowle Shillelagh
Rahaval 137 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Raheen 172 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Raheen 350 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Raheen 334 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Raheen 57 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Raheenakit 205 Shillelagh Aghowle Shillelagh
Raheenavine 135 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Raheenglass 178 Shillelagh Crosspatrick Shillelagh
Raheengraney 655 Shillelagh Moyacomb Shillelagh
Raheenleagh 426 Arklow Killahurler Rathdrum
Raheenmore 27 Arklow Drumkay Rathdrum
Raheenteige 277 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Raherd 29 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Raherd 95 Arklow Ennereilly Rathdrum
Rampere 345 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Randalstown 233 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Rath 283 Shillelagh Ardoyne Shillelagh
Rath East 399 Shillelagh Liscolman Shillelagh
Rathattin 431 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Rathballylong 187 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Naas
Rathbane 336 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Shillelagh
Rathbawn 111 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Rathbran 378 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Rathcot 138 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Shillelagh
Rathcoyle Lower 359 Ballinacor South Kiltegan Baltinglass
Rathcoyle Upper 272 Ballinacor South Kiltegan Baltinglass
Rathdangan 298 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Rathdown Lower 378 Rathdown Delgany Rathdown
Rathdown Upper 497 Rathdown Delgany Rathdown
Rathdrum Town Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Rathdrum 291 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Rathduffbeg 314 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Rathduffmore 291 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Shillelagh
Rathgorragh Lower 428 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Rathgorragh Upper 241 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Rathmeague 163 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Shillelagh
Rathmoon 281 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Rathmore 194 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Rathnabo 121 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Rathnew Town Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Rathsallagh 246 Upper Talbotstown Rathsallagh Baltinglass
Rathsallagh Demesne 248 Upper Talbotstown Rathsallagh Baltinglass
Rathshanmore East 295 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Shillelagh
Rathshanmore South 225 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Shillelagh
Rathshanmore West 184 Ballinacor South Hacketstown Shillelagh
Rathtoole 425 Upper Talbotstown Rathtoole Baltinglass
Redcross Town Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Redcross 344 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Rock Big 251 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Rock Little 138 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Rockbog 88 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Rockstown Lower 114 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Rockstown Upper 258 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Roddenagh 846 Ballinacor South Kilpipe Shillelagh
Rosahane 488 Ballinacor South Ballinacor Rathdrum
Rosbane 496 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Roscath 226 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Rosnastraw 710 Ballinacor South Kilpipe Shillelagh
Rossana Lower 130 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Rossana Upper 80 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Rostyduff Lower 271 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Rostyduff Upper 306 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Rostygah 265 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Rottenhill 243 Upper Talbotstown Rathsallagh Baltinglass
Roundwood 1,208 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Russborough 431 Lower Talbotstown Burgage Naas
Russellstown 233 Lower Talbotstown Burgage Naas
Sallymount 384 Arklow Ennereilly Rathdrum
Sandyhills 229 Lower Talbotstown Tober Baltinglass
Santryhill 36 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Saundersgrove 205 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Saundersgrove Hill 189 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Scalp 350 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Scratenagh 153 Arklow Ennereilly Rathdrum
Scurlocksleap 630 Lower Talbotstown Kilbride Naas
Scurlogue 153 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Seabank 265 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Seasonpark 116 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Seaview 55 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Seskin 255 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Seskin 355 Shillelagh Mullinacuff Shillelagh
Sevenchurches (or Camaderry) 4,518 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Shankill 1,338 Lower Talbotstown Kilbride Naas
Sheeana More 590 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Sheeanabeg (Robeck) 121 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Sheeanabeg (Whaley) 127 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Sheephouse 82 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Sheepwalk 165 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Sheilstown 639 Ballinacor South Moyne Shillelagh
Shelton 202 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Shelton Abbey 728 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Shepherdshill 199 Upper Talbotstown Freynestown Baltinglass
Shillelagh Town Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Slaneypark 90 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Slate 130 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Sleamaine (or Ballinvalla) 540 Ballinacor North Calary Rathdrum
Sleanaglogh 440 Newcastle Derrylossary Rathdrum
Slieveboy Lower 321 Ballinacor South Kiltegan Baltinglass
Slieveboy Upper 204 Ballinacor South Kiltegan Baltinglass
Slievecorragh 773 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Slieveduff 263 Arklow Inch Rathdrum
Slievefoore 412 Arklow Killahurler Rathdrum
Slievemaan 571 Ballinacor South Kiltegan Baltinglass
Slievemweel 576 Ballinacor South Moyne Shillelagh
Slievenamough 354 Ballinacor South Kiltegan Baltinglass
Slievenamough Plain 178 Ballinacor South Kiltegan Baltinglass
Slievenavode 82 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Slievereagh Lower 266 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Slievereagh Upper 259 Upper Talbotstown Kiltegan Baltinglass
Slieveroe 194 Arklow Kilcommon Rathdrum
Slieveroe 513 Ballinacor South Moyne Shillelagh
Snugborough 271 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Snugborough 147 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Spinans East 180 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Spinans Hill 130 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Spinans Middle 194 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Spinans West 76 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Springfarm 239 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Springfield 20 Rathdown Bray Rathdown
Springfield 143 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Sraghmore 1,074 Ballinacor North Calary Rathdrum
Sroughan 497 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Naas
Sroughmore 376 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Sruhaun 190 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Stilebawn 183 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Stilebawn 159 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Stoops 208 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Stranahely 375 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Stranakelly 591 Shillelagh Mullinacuff Shillelagh
Stratford Town Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Stratford 341 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Stratfordlodge 277 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Studfield North 132 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Studfield South 35 Lower Talbotstown Donard Baltinglass
Stump of the Castle 804 Newcastle Kilcommon Rathdrum
Sugarloaf 163 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Table Mountain 508 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Talbotstown Lower 258 Upper Talbotstown Kilranelagh Baltinglass
Talbotstown Upper 318 Upper Talbotstown Kilranelagh Baltinglass
Tanseyclose 159 Ballinacor North Rathdrum Rathdrum
Templecarrig Lower 256 Rathdown Delgany Rathdown
Templecarrig Upper 103 Rathdown Delgany Rathdown
Templelusk 351 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Templelyon Lower 220 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Templelyon Upper 163 Arklow Redcross Rathdrum
Templemichael 174 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Templerainy 242 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Thomastown 299 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Threecastles 669 Lower Talbotstown Blessington Naas
Threemilewater 171 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Threewells 861 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Ticlash 148 Arklow Kilcommon Rathdrum
Tiglin 472 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Tiglin 122 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Tiglin 151 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Tigroney East 320 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Tigroney West 376 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Tiknock 168 Arklow Kilbride Rathdrum
Timullin 127 Arklow Kilcommon Rathdrum
Tinahask Lower 117 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Tinahask Upper 138 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum
Tinahely 216 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Tinahely Town Town Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Tinakelly 233 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Tinakelly Murragh 67 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Tinmore 299 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Tinnahinch 111 Arklow Castlemacadam Rathdrum
Tinnakilly Lower 362 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Tinnakilly Upper 586 Ballinacor South Ballykine Rathdrum
Tinnapark Demesne 309 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Tinnehinch 66 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Tinnehinch 25 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdown
Tinnehinch 49 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Tinode 1,250 Lower Talbotstown Kilbride Naas
Tinoranhill North 246 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Tinoranhill South 258 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Tithewer 687 Newcastle Calary Rathdrum
Tober Demesne 260 Lower Talbotstown Tober Baltinglass
Tober Lower 133 Lower Talbotstown Tober Baltinglass
Tober Upper 305 Lower Talbotstown Tober Baltinglass
Toberaviller 107 Arklow Drumkay Rathdrum
Toberbeg 251 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Toberlownagh 917 Ballinacor South Kilpipe Shillelagh
Toberpatrick 744 Ballinacor South Kilpipe Shillelagh
Togher 648 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Baltinglass
Togher 65 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Togher Beg 91 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Togher More 222 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Tomacork 894 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Tomanierin Lower 138 Ballinacor South Kilpipe Rathdrum
Tomanierin Upper 149 Ballinacor South Kilpipe Rathdrum
Tombreen 1,184 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Tomcoyle 464 Ballinacor South Preban Shillelagh
Tomcoyle Lower 204 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Tomcoyle Upper 128 Newcastle Killiskey Rathdrum
Tomdarragh 661 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Tomnafinnoge 537 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Tomnaskela 339 Ballinacor South Kilpipe Shillelagh
Tomriland 1,321 Ballinacor North Derrylossary Rathdrum
Tonlegee 112 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Tonygarrow 685 Rathdown Powerscourt Rathdown
Toolestown 214 Upper Talbotstown Freynestown Baltinglass
Tooman 101 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Toor 1,012 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Toorboy 467 Ballinacor South Kiltegan Baltinglass
Tornant Lower 274 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Tornant Upper 366 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Trooperstown 1,531 Ballinacor North Knockrath Rathdrum
Trudder 240 Newcastle Newcastle Upper Rathdrum
Tuckmill Hill 226 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Tuckmill Lower 278 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Tuckmill Upper 390 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Tulfarris 449 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Naas
Tullowclay 290 Shillelagh Ardoyne Shillelagh
Tullylusk 183 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Umrygar 573 Shillelagh Carnew Shillelagh
Uppertown 229 Lower Talbotstown Dunlavin Baltinglass
Valleymount (or Cross) 187 Lower Talbotstown Boystown Baltinglass
Walterstown 139 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Wards of Tober 165 Lower Talbotstown Tober Baltinglass
Westaston Demesne 206 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Westaston Hill 147 Arklow Dunganstown Rathdrum
Whitefield 130 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Whitehills 154 Upper Talbotstown Ballynure Baltinglass
Whiterock 419 Ballinacor South Kilcommon Shillelagh
Whitestown Lower 426 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Whitestown Upper 308 Upper Talbotstown Donaghmore Baltinglass
Wicklow Town Arklow Drumkay Rathdrum
Wicklow Town Arklow Kilpoole Rathdrum
Wicklow Town Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Wicklow 22 Newcastle Rathnew Rathdrum
Windgate 122 Rathdown Delgany Rathdown
Winetavern 421 Upper Talbotstown Rathbran Baltinglass
Wingfield 115 Rathdown Kilmacanoge Rathdrum
Woodenboley 390 Lower Talbotstown Hollywood Baltinglass
Woodfield 280 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Woodfieldglen 185 Upper Talbotstown Baltinglass Baltinglass
Woodlands 229 Newcastle Kilcoole Rathdrum
Woodstock Demesne 213 Newcastle Newcastle Lower Rathdrum
Yardland 90 Arklow Arklow Rathdrum

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