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Littler Mendelson, P.C.
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HeadquartersSan Francisco, California
No. of offices75
No. of attorneysOver 1500 [1]
Major practice areasLabor and employment[2]
RevenueIncrease US$ 427 million (2011)[3]
Date founded1942
Company typeProfessional Corporation Edit this at Wikidata

Littler Mendelson P.C. is a U.S.-based law firm that handles labor and employment litigation as well as global mobility and immigration issues.[4] The firm has competencies in Mexico, Canada, Germany and Venezuela.[5][6] The firm has offices in Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, and Puerto Rico.[7]

History and practice[edit]

The firm remained local to the Bay Area until the 1990s, when it expanded throughout the U.S. via mergers and acquisitions.[8]

In 2010, the firm announced an international labor and employment law office in Caracas, Venezuela (this office subsequently joined Ius Laboris in 2012).[9] The firm opened two offices in Mexico under the name Littler, De la Vega y Conde, S.C.[10] In October 2013, Littler combined with two Latin American law firms, adding a presence in four additional countries in the Latin American region - Colombia, Costa Rica,[11] El Salvador, and Panama,[12] and creating a new entity named Littler Global.[13] The firm continued expanding through Littler Global, opening offices in Puerto Rico,[14] the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Peru,[15] and Guatemala.

The firm is the largest labor and employment law firm in the US,[16][17][18] and received high rankings[19][20] including diversity,[21] working conditions for women,[22] and innovation.[23]

Littler, described by critics as a union-busting firm, is also the largest union avoidance firm in the US. It has counseled and defended companies including Starbucks, Amazon, Nissan, and Delta Airlines against employees trying to unionize.[24][25][26][27]

Notable alumni[edit]


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