Live Earth concert, Kyoto

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Live Earth
Dates July 7, 2007
Location(s) Tō-ji, Kyoto, Japan
Years active 2007
Founded by Al Gore, Kevin Wall
Website Live Earth Japan Site

One of the Live Earth concerts in Japan was held at Tō-ji, Kyoto on 7 July 2007.

Running order[edit]

  • Rip Slyme - "Solo intro", "Nettaiya (Tropical Night)", "Rakuen Baby (Paradise Baby)", "Unmei Kyodotai (Unity of Fate)" (K 03:06)
  • UA - "Tori (Bird)", "Moor" (K 04:06))
  • Bonnie Pink - "Heaven's Kitchen", "Chances Are", "Souldiers", "Water Me" (K 05:06)
  • Michael Nyman - "Franklyn", "Big My Secret", "Silver Fingered Fling", "If", "The Departure", "Jack" (K 06:06)
  • Yellow Magic Orchestra - "Ishindenshin", "Rescue", "War and Peace", "Rydeen" (K 07:06)


MSN held the online broadcasting of the concert.

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