Live from Jupiter Records

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Live From Jupiter Records
LFJR 03.jpg
Live album by Fastball
Released August 1, 2003
Recorded 2003
Genre Rock
Label Jupiter Records
Fastball chronology
Painting The Corners: The Best of Fastball
(2002)Painting The Corners: The Best of Fastball2002
Live From Jupiter Records
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(2004)Keep Your Wig On2004

Live From Jupiter Records is a live album released by the Rock band Fastball. The record was sold through the now defunct "Jupiter Records" store in Austin, Texas and on their tour during the summer of 2003. The record is still available through their official website and live shows.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length Music
1 Fire Escape 3:24 Miles Zuniga
2 I Get High 3:08 Tony Scalzo, Miles Zuniga
3 Don’t Give Up on Me 3:50 Miles Zuniga
4 The Way 3:46 Tony Scalzo
5 Just Another Place I Don’t Belong 2:45 Al Anderson - Miles Zuniga
6 Mercenary Girl 2:51 Tony Scalzo, Miles Zuniga
7 Life 2:45 Miles Zuniga - Will Kimbrough
8 Falling upstairs 3:37 Tony Scalzo, Miles Zuniga
9 Airstream 3:39 Al Anderson, Miles Zuniga
10 Out of My Head 2:40 Tony Scalzo