Livoq Lake

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Livoq Lake
Lake Gjilan, Kosovo.jpg
Livoq Lake
Locationeastern Kosovo
Coordinates42°27′50″N 21°24′55″E / 42.46389°N 21.41528°E / 42.46389; 21.41528Coordinates: 42°27′50″N 21°24′55″E / 42.46389°N 21.41528°E / 42.46389; 21.41528
Lake typeartificial lake
Basin countriesKosovo
Max. length700 m (2,300 ft)
Max. width200 m (660 ft)
Surface area0.08 km2 (0.031 sq mi)
Surface elevation565 m (1,854 ft)

Livoq Lake or Livoč Lake (Albanian: Liqeni i Livoqit; Serbian: Ливочко језеро/Livočko jezero) is a small artificial lake in eastern Kosovo. Livoq Lake is just west of the large city of Gjilan and borders the Goljak mountains to its west. The lake is fed by a small tributary of the South Morava. It is the second largest lake in the east of Kosovo only coming second to Prilepnica Lake.

Victims from Gnjilane massacre, Serb civilians killed in Gnjilane by the Albanian paramilitary group Gnjilane Group, a subgroup part of the Kosovo Liberation Army were thrown away in this lake by perpetrators. To conceal their crimes, the killers dismembered the bodies and threw them into nearby dumpsters and this lake.[1]


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