Lo-Key Fu

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Lo-Key Fu
Origin Perth WA Australia
Genres Breakbeat
Nu skool breaks
Trip hop
Years active 2000–present
Labels Dead Famous Records
Title Fight Recordings
Bijou Breaks
QStik Records
Associated acts Wax & Lo
Website www.lokeyfu.com
Members Dave Jeavons


Lo-Key Fu is a contemporary producer, performer and remixer based in Perth, Western Australia who composes various styles of Breakbeat and performs his own music as a live electronic act. He is recognised on State, National and International levels as an artist at the forefront of Australia's movement in this genre, and his music has featured on multiple solo releases, soundtracks and compilation albums.

Lincoln Street Switch[edit]

From a long-term friendship and shared musical vision with local drum and bass producer Scope (John Bamford), the collaborative Lincoln Street Switch EP was released locally on CD format in November 2000 as a limited pressing. Named after a residence on Lincoln Street in North Perth where Scope located his studio for the duration of this project, the EP contained two studio produced tracks from each artist and an additional forty minutes of recorded collaborative improvisation. This release marked Lo-Key Fu's first serious foray into live electronic music and formed the basis of techniques he would later develop for triggering and manipulating improvised loops and samples from a Roland SP-808 Groove Sampler.


Following the release of Lincoln Street Switch, Lo-Key Fu joined local original band Rollerskates as a live samplist, second keyboardist, hip-hop MC and vocalist and he remained a contributory member of this outfit until December 2003. It was during this time that Lo-Key Fu originated and developed a technique that used hand movements over the Roland infrared D-Beam technology of the SP-808 to interactively pitch bend samples in a manner that emulated record scratching as part of the band's live performance. In addition to composing, remixing and producing music for this group he also designed artwork for CD releases and printed promotional material; most notably for the successful The Movement EP.


Lo-Key Fu entered the song A New Breed into the Dance category of the National MusicOz[1] competition which resulted in him placing as the National Runner-up of this category for 2003.

Itchy Techno Finger[edit]

The debut full-length solo album titled Itchy Techno Finger was released through QStik Records and launched to a capacity crowd at Ambar Nightclub (Perth, Western Australia) in July 2004. This album subsequently received national air play on Triple J, FBi, 4ZZZ, RTRFM, Twin Cities FM, Base FM and Pulse FM. After supporting Lee Coombs and Meat Katie with a live performance at Breakfest 2004, Lo-Key Fu was nominated for Best Live Electronic Act and won the title for Best Electronic Producer at the annual WAMi Awards in 2005.[2] Soon after, he received a software endorsement offer from Ableton (Germany) via Musiclink Australia for their flagship product Live.

The Contender[edit]

In June 2006, Lo-Key Fu won The Contender, an International song competition held by Title Fight Recordings[3] and Bijou Breaks[4] for his original track Gung-Ho that included recorded vocals from singer Paula Graham. The 12" vinyl format was released internationally on 17 September 2007 featuring both the winning track, and a collaborative remix from Title Fight label owner Klaus 'Heavyweight' Hill and label manager Dopamine. Both versions of the song were then released in digital format on 24 September 2007 exclusively through Beatport.

Dead Famous[edit]

After supporting nu skool breaks forefather Rennie Pilgrem at Perth winter festival Major Break, Lo-Key Fu's first record with Bristol label Dead Famous Records was released on 22 August 2008 and continued the label's format of depicting dead celebrities on the artwork with an image of martial-artist Bruce Lee. As a double a-side release, this record features two Lo-Key Fu tracks – Tech-Resurrection and Style of the Rising Filter – with the latter incorporating recorded vocals from singer Tenille Knievel. In the first week of release this record broke into the top ten breakbeat/electro best-sellers for established British record retailers Chemical Records[5] and Juno Records[6] and over the month following peaked at number 3 and 9 respectively on weekly charts; also appearing in Juno's top 100 best-sellers for the half-year period. Following the relative success of this release, Lo-Key Fu performed an original set at the Perth leg of Parklife – a nationally reputed spring festival – along with acts such as the Plump DJs, Soulwax, Blackalicious, Dizzee Rascal, Slyde and Goldfrapp.


Vinyl Releases[edit]

  • Style of the Rising Filter / Tech-Resurrection, CAT#: DF14 (12"), Dead Famous Records, August 2008
  • Gung-Ho, CAT#: TFBB01 (12"), Title Fight Recordings / Bijou Breaks, September 2007

Album Releases[edit]

  • Itchy Techno Finger, CAT:# QS013 (CDA), QStik Records, July 2004

Media Releases[edit]

  • Radio Edits 2002, (House Of Fu), July 2002
  • Crystal Queen, (House Of Fu), September 2003
  • FortyForty, (House Of Fu), March 2005


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