Lo que le pasó a Reynoso

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Lo que le pasó a Reynoso
Directed by Leopoldo Torres Ríos
Produced by Julio Joly
Written by Leopoldo Torres Ríos
Alberto Vaccarezza (play)
Starring Floren Delbene
Music by Eugenio De Briganti
Cinematography Carlos Torres Ríos
Release date
February 18, 1937
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Lo que le pasó a Reynoso is a 1937 Argentine drama film directed and written by Leopoldo Torres Ríos. The film was based on a play by Alberto Vaccarezza and premiered in Buenos Aires on February 18, 1937. It starred Floren Delbene.

The film was produced by Julio Joly and the cinematography performed by Carlos Torres Ríos.


Herminia Franco

  • Maria Esther Duckse as Soña Hilaria
  • Pedro Maratea
  • Héctor Bonati
  • Domingo Sapelli

Teresa Serrador

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