Loca (Arsenium song)

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Moldova "Loca"
Natalia gordienko arsenium 2006.jpg
Eurovision Song Contest 2006 entry
Finals performance
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "Bunica Bate Toba" (2005)   
"Fight" (2007) ►

"Loca" by Arsenium and Natalia Gordienko was the official entry for Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006. The song was performed in English and contained parts in Spanish (basically the title, the rhyming words and several full verses). Due to Moldova's good placing in the 2005 contest with "Zdob Si Zdub", the song was pre-qualified for the final, where it was performed second (following Switzerland's Six4one with "If We All Give A Little" and preceding Israel's Eddie Butler singing "Together We Are One").

The song is a hip-hop inspired number, with both singers declaring their love for each other and their request that they "give me, give me your boca [mouth]".

The performance on the night featured Natalia initially wearing a tight top and a short skirt. Mid-way through the song, she went behind a screen and removed the skirt to reveal hotpants. Later, the top was also removed to reveal a bikini top. A final costume change saw her emerge at the end of the song wearing a dress.

It was succeeded as Moldovan representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 by Natalia Barbu with "Fight".

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