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Site of Special Scientific Interest
Lodmoor Nature Reserve - geograph.org.uk - 147849.jpg
The nature reserve
Lodmoor is located in Dorset
Location within Dorset
Area of Search Dorset
Grid reference SY688813
Coordinates 50°37′52″N 2°26′31″W / 50.631°N 2.442°W / 50.631; -2.442Coordinates: 50°37′52″N 2°26′31″W / 50.631°N 2.442°W / 50.631; -2.442
Interest Biological
Area 71.5 hectares (0.715 km2; 0.276 sq mi)
Notification 1952 (1952)
Natural England website

Lodmoor (grid reference SY688813) is a 71.5 hectares (177 acres) Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in Dorset, England, notified in 1952. The site includes a Royal Society for the Protection of Birds nature reserve. Some nationally rare bird species breed there, and it is also visited by some uncommon migratory waders.[1]

Lodmoor is 1.6 kilometres (0.99 mi) east of Weymouth, near the suburb of Preston. It is composed of reed bed, salt marsh, wet grassland and open water, and is separated from Weymouth Bay by Greenhill beach and the B3155 road.[2] The construction of a sea wall in the twentieth century has prevented regular tidal incursions, although freshwater flooding is still an occurrence, especially in winter.[1] The site is accessible via three trails.[3]

Birds breeding at Lodmoor include bearded tit, Cetti's warbler, marsh warbler and Savi's warbler.[4] A wide variety of migratory waders visit, including northern lapwing, common snipe, wood sandpiper, green sandpiper, spotted redshank and whimbrel. Visitors belonging to uncommon species of wader include jack snipe, greenshank and ruff.[1]

There are also populations of two rare insects, short-winged conehead and lesser marsh grasshopper.[1]


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