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Long Sault Parkway, a group of eleven islands west of Cornwall, Ontario, was created by St. Lawrence Seaway flooding in 1958. The islands, formerly part of the Canadian mainland before the flooding of the Long Sault rapids, are a major tourist attraction and source of revenue for the region, especially during the summer months when tourists, most notably from the Montreal region flock to the parkway for its beaches, camping, fishing, and boating opportunities.

The eleven islands include two beaches with picnic areas (Mille Roches and Woodlands) and three campgrounds (Mille Roches, Woodlands, McLaren).


The Long Sault Parkway runs from Long Sault to a point just east of Ingleside in Ontario. Constructed as a road connecting the islands in Lake St. Lawrence as part of Long Sault Provincial Park, it was built partly over a former alignment of Ontario Highway 2 which was flooded in 1958 as part of the St. Lawrence Seaway project. The parkway is free to access for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to enjoy throughout the summer.

Access to the parkway is from the later alignment of Ontario Highway 2 (now a county road) at both endpoints. Travellers on Ontario Highway 401 would need to use exit 770 or 778 to return to the old highway.

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