Long in the Tooth (Primitive Race EP)

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Long in the Tooth
Long In The Tooth Cover.jpg
Studio album by PIG, Primitive Race
Released June 5, 2015
Genre Industrial
Label Metropolis
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Long in the Tooth
Primitive Race
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Long in the Tooth
(2015) Long in the Tooth2015

Long In The Tooth is an EP by PIG (Raymond Watts) and Primitive Race released June 5, 2015 through Metropolis Records. The EP contains three new songs and various remixes by Army of the Universe, Mary Byker, Praga Kahn and more. It is the first release by the industrial supergroup Primitive Race.[1] A remix of the title track that was unable to make the release due to technical problems was released through Primitive Race's official Facebook on April 1.[2] The official music video for the song was posted on YouTube the following day.[3]

Track listing[edit]

1."Long In The Tooth"Raymond Watts, Erie Loch, Chris Kniker5:13
2."Long In the Tooth (Praga Khan Mix)"Raymond Watts, Erie Loch, Chris Kniker, remix by Praga Kahn4:08
3."Long Live Death"Raymond Watts, Mark Gemini Thwaite, Dave Brown3:40
4."Come For Deutchland"Raymond Watts4:42
5."Long In the Tooth (AK & Son Megamix)"Raymond Watts, Erie Loch, Chris Kniker, Remix by Dave Minner and Son4:11
6."Long In the Tooth (Crabbi Mix)"Raymond Watts, Erie Loch, Chris Kniker, Remix and additional vocals by Graham Crabb6:09
7."Come For Deutchland (Mary Byker Mix)"Raymond Watts, Remix by Mary Byker5:08
8."Long In The Tooth (Army Of The Universe Mix)"Raymond Watts, Erie Loch, Chris Kniker, Remix by Trebla4:52
9."Come For Deutchland (Night Club Mix)"Raymond Watts, Remix by Mark Brooks3:43
10."Long In the Tooth (Bells Into Machines Mix)"Raymond Watts, Erie Loch, Chris Kniker, Remix by Brian Diemar4:33
Total length:46:19


  • Produced by: Raymond Watts, Erie Loch, Chris Kniker
  • Mixed by: Raymond Watts
  • Mastered by: Erie Loch
  • Art Concept: Chris Kniker
  • Design & Layout: Erie Loch
  • Panorex: Jennifer Kniker


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