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Los Chamos were a Venezuelan music group, formed in Caracas, Venezuela in 1979. Los Chamos were made up of six members.

In 1982, they released their second album, which spanned the international hit, Canta Chamos. This hit led them to sing at Mexico's Estadio Azteca, among others.[1] After a third album released in 1983, four group members alleged poor working conditions and left to pursue other musical endeavors. Four more boys were brought in to form Los Chamos' line up, and another album was released. The sudden, drastic line up change and new album weren't as positively received by the public, and Los Chamos dissolved soon after. They tried their hand at a fifth release in 1990, with six new members, but it went nowhere, and after that, Los Chamos officially called it quits.

Some of the former members relocated to Spain and some others to Miami.



  • Ricardo Messina (Sang in the first and second album and was replaced by Chamo Gabriel)
  • Argenis Brito
  • Enrique Couselo
  • Gabriel Fernández (Replaced Ricardo Messina in late 1982)
  • Winston Márquez Uzcategui
  • William Márquez Uzcategui
  • Walter Márquez Uzcategui
  • Jesus Mercado (Only Sang on the first album and was replaced by argenis in late 1981)
  • Raul (who was only in the group for a short amount of time and didn't make any songs with the group)


  • Adolfo Cubas
  • Cristóbal "Chris" Roges
  • Enrico "Henry" Madia
  • Gabriel Fernández
  • Enrique Couselo
  • Juan de León Santana


  • Álvaro Novoa
  • Ángel Guines
  • Bernard
  • Carlos Baute
  • Freddy
  • Lino Martone


  • 1981: Los Chamos [Original Members: Ricardo Messina, Jesus Mercado, Enrique, Winston, William and Walter]
  • 1982: Siempre Te Amare [Original Members]
  • 1983: Tu Como Yo [Original Members]
  • 1984: Chamo Soy [New Members: Adolfo, Chris, Manuel and Juan]
  • 1990: Con un Poco de Amor [New Members: Alvaro, Angel, Bernald, Carlos, Freddy and Lino]

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