Louis, Duke of Guyenne

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Louis of Guyenne
Dauphin of France, Duke of Guyenne
Louis de Guyenne, dauphin of France.jpg
Dauphin of France
Reign 13 January 1401 – 18 December 1415
Predecessor Charles of France
Successor John of Touraine
Spouse Margaret of Burgundy
House House of Valois
Father Charles VI of France
Mother Isabeau of Bavaria
Born (1397-01-22)22 January 1397
Died 18 December 1415(1415-12-18) (aged 18)
Burial Saint Denis Basilica
Religion Roman Catholicism

Louis, Dauphin of France and Duke of Guyenne (22 January 1397 – 18 December 1415) was a younger son of Charles VI of France and Isabeau of Bavaria. He was the third child of his parents to hold the title Dauphin of France, holding it from the death of his older brother in 1401, when he was likewise made Duke of Guyenne (Aquitaine).

In 1412, he married Margaret of Burgundy. He was not present at the Battle of Agincourt, remaining with his father King Charles at Rouen. He died in December, possibly of dysentery (as recorded by the chronicler-monks of St Denis).

He is sometimes mistakenly confused with his younger brother Charles VII of France, who was known as the Dauphin at the time that he met Joan of Arc in March 1429.

Louis, Dauphin of France in the arts[edit]



Louis, Duke of Guyenne
Cadet branch of the Capetian dynasty
Born: 22 January 1397 Died: 18 December 1415
French nobility
Preceded by
Dauphin of Viennois
Count of Valentinois and of Diois

13 January 1401 – 18 December 1415
Succeeded by
Duke of Guyenne
1401 – 18 December 1415
Title next held by