Louis-Gui de Guérapin de Vauréal

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Portrait of Louis-Gui de Guérapin de Vauréal
Coat of arms of Louis-Gui de Guérapin de Vauréal

Louis-Guy de Guérapin de Vauréal (3 January 1687, Brienne-la-Vieille – 10 June 1760) was a French ecclesiastic and diplomat.


Vauréal was master of the king's chapel in 1732 and bishop of Rennes (1732–58). A major opponent of the Jansenists, he presided at five assemblies of the clergy of Brittany between 1732 and 1740. He was also entrusted with many embassies, notably to Madrid between 1740 and 1749, and was elected to the Académie française in 1749, though the only writings he has left are some church documents.


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