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Louisville City Hall in downtown, built 1870-1873, is a blend of Italianate styles characteristic of Neo-Renaissance

The Louisville Metro Council is the city council of Louisville, Kentucky (Louisville Metro). It was formally established in January 2003 upon the merger of the former City of Louisville with Jefferson County and replaced the city's Board of Aldermen and the county's Fiscal Court (three county commissioners). Louisville City Hall houses the offices and chambers of the council.

The Metro Council consists of twenty-six seats corresponding to districts apportioned by population throughout Jefferson County. Although all cities in Jefferson County, apart from Louisville, retained their status after the merger, their residents are represented on Metro Council and vote alongside other county residents. The seats come up for reelection every four years, using a staggered process so that only half of the seats are up every two years.

Since the council's inception, Democrats have maintained a majority in the chamber, currently with seventeen members (65.4%). Democrats gained two seats in the 2010 election.

Council President[edit]

The Louisville Metro Council President is the presiding officer of the council. The Council President is elected annually by a majority vote of the entire council at the council's first meeting in January. Currently the Council President is David W. Tandy (D), who was elected to the position to fill an unexpired term following the death of the five-term President Jim King (D).

Council Presidents:

Current members[edit]

The current members of the Metro Council are (by district number):

  1. Jessica Green (D)
  2. Barbara Shanklin (D)
  3. Mary C. Woolridge (D)
  4. David Tandy (D)
  5. Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D)
  6. David James (D)
  7. Angela Leet (R)
  8. Tom Owen (D)
  9. Bill Hollander (D)
  10. Steve Magre (D)
  11. Kevin Kramer (R)
  12. Rick Blackwell (D)
  13. Vicki Aubrey Welch (D)
  14. Cindi Fowler (D)
  15. Marianne Butler (D)
  16. Kelly Downard (R)
  17. Glen Stuckel (R)
  18. Marilyn Parker (R)
  19. Julie Denton (R)
  20. Stuart Benson (R)
  21. Dan Johnson (D)
  22. Robin Engel (R)
  23. James Peden (R)
  24. Madonna Flood (D)
  25. David Yates (D)
  26. Brent Ackerson (D)


In 2006, the council passed two controversial ordinances: a smoking ban in October and the so-called "Dangerous dog" ordinance in December. In 2007, the council considered a ban on trans fats and non-biodegradable plastic bags.[1]

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