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Low Art Thrill is a UK pop group formed from the ashes of Rumblefish who released singles, 'Kilometre' and 'She'll Kill You' and a self-titled album on Island Records in 1996. They featured on soundtrack of 'Hollyoaks' (Channel 4 soap opera) in 1996, the late night special in 2003 and the ITV programme 'Premiere' documenting the creation of their artwork with graphic designers 'Fluid'. Video for 'Kilometre' showed the way for labelmates U2's 'Discotheque' with its use of silver foil and white lighting (directed by Jamie Fry of Earl Brutus with whom the band toured in UK and the Netherlands). Toured with Warm Jets co-headlining across England and Scotland. Acoustic sessions recorded & broadcast during this tour with regional BBC radio stations in Nottingham, Stoke and Leicester.